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In 1961, the engineer Enrique Castillo Rincon works with two telecommunications technicians in San José / Costa Rica at an installation on the Irazu Volcano -when suddenly appears two unidentified flying objects on the horizon. When they are approached to ca 60 meters, the volcano has an ash eruption. The both 45 m wide and 12 m high discs fly around the volcano several times -as they would film the eruption, then remain in 300 m height - observing. Castillo and his staff can accurately identify around two rows of windows -in which to see lights. As CASTILLO wants to be close to the spacecraft, he finds he can not move, as he is paralyzed, as the others is also.

After a short time, both objects fly away with audible high-frequency hum in the air and disappearing into the clouds. That experience impressed CASTILLO sustainable -he speaks repeatedly of it. He borrows books, but get ridicule from his colleagues and friends. Though he goes on reading every available book on UFOs.

In 1969 CASTILLO is sent by his company to Caracas / Venezuela. In a movie theater - addresses him a blond young man, who introduces himself as, "Swiss Cyril WHITE". They become friends, meet often, talk about a variety of topics. Just always, when it comes to UFOs, 'WHITE' dodges - is evasive. It would be yes- but not enough evidence.

Cyril does not drink alcohol or coffee, does not eat meat, do not smoke. As Enrique takes him to a soccer game, - he feels it is just dumbfounded - and says to him: "I do not like disputes and violence - look only at the faces of the audience, then you can see how the violence transmits to them."

After about a year, explains this "Cyril" Enrique, that his company has recalled him to Switzerland, but  it was also possible that he would get a new assignment in Colombia.

1971 CASTILLO is set in Bogota / Colombia, where he makes himself - ca a year later - a small business for telecommunications - independently. So in 1973 CASTILLO gets in contact with a woman who told him the come, as she would tell him a personal message from extraterrestrials. Since he is often teased because of his 'UFO folly', he considers the matter as a joke, but agreed nevertheless to meet her.

The lady gives him a message from "Martians who once lived in Mexico". She tells him about this: "You have been chosen for a special mission. I am a medium and manage a small group that meets in the home of a retired Colombian Air Force General and take in medial messages that extraterrestrials sends.."

Enrique evalute joining, but at the first meetings no things happen. Only when he learns that the beings from Andromeda, have repeatedly asked for him; "search up Enrique CASTILLO again" - he gets curious. He goes - and the medium there then announces the arrival of UFOs in the next few days.

The group gathered at the appointed place, but nothing happend. Then the police comes and says, some people have called -because any strange apparatus, were to land - they thougt of a helicopter. So then CASTILLO took it as an indication to take it seriously agin - those throughs from the medium.

Two months later, the medium tells that he should be at 12.00 clock on 11 October 1973 at noon at home - just alone, and he would receive a message. 1973, October 11, CASTILLO followed the instructions, puts himself at given time in meditation, listening at about 12.00 clock to a voice - "brother Enrique, write!"

Without knowing from where the voice comes, he takes a pencil, sits down, writes two pages full of incredible news -about the risk of a third world war -the future of his country -Other brothers come to Earth now, brothers of Andromeda,  of the the Cosmic Sun confederation, they belong. He is instructed - "Gather together tomorrow for the known time.

 1973, October 12, in the evening, the group gathered at 20.00 clock, waiting for the medium as Enrique suddenly by the inner command received - "Enrique write"-statement.  This time, he wrote three pages, then he realizes that he will get the rest of the message orally. Two hours and 25 minutes "he speaks it" -without stops, thru CASTILLO, and flawlessly - aslo about a spiritual society in the High Peru's. In addition, Enrique is to get a physical contact and to be ready on November 3, 1973 around 20.00 clock, at or by a lagoon near Bogota.



then from Chapter 6: The Preparation

Introduction: Enriqe Castillo Rincon was in a ufo-studygroup in Bogota, Columbia that for some time (1972) had received telepatic and - automatic-writing -contact to some Andromeda- and Pleiadian spaceships near Earth. At a time they had been told to go to a place to see them, but the group had been watched and others fellowed them - concealed. Police and the army. But they all saw some "lights" that some thought to be helicopters - others that they was reflected lights from cars in clouds. Here we enter when these policemen appeared:

"One of the officers asked what we were doing there. They had been warned by some peasants who had called the central police station after seeing a strange "helicopter" hovering over the fields. They thought it could be smugglers and decided to warn the authorities. At that time, Colombia had not yet been afflicted by drug trafficking.

"I immediately associated the strange lights, which we had blamed on cars, with "flying saucers." There was no doubt, the country people had seen the same objects! They were not cars, they were…..

Richard Deeb, the oldest in the group, approached the commander of the patrol and identified himself. As a coincidence, Richard carried a calling card from a friend of his, a general of the Republic, when the officer looked at the card, speechless, he saluted him, thinking he was the general himself.

Richard explained to them that our presence at that place and hour was part of certain contemplation and meditation exercises that were to be practiced outdoors. The officer was satisfied and, after looking at the faces of each one in the group, allowed us to go our way.

We breathed freely again. At least, for a short while, we had forgotten the purpose of our visit to La Calera. Several countryfolk around the soldiers stared at us with curiosity. We were a rather unusual sight, at midnight in such a place. We walked down to our cars, without a word, and once inside them agreed to follow exactly the instructions given by the "beings from Andromeda."

Each of us would await a message the next day at our homes at noon sharp, and at 8:00 p.m. we would meet at Richard Deeb's home to compare our information. Then we left for our homes.

I arrived home very late that night. My wife didn't ask anything. She assumed that I had been busy working late, perhaps installing a computer or taking care of some important business. She had no idea where I had been.

The next day was October 12, "Dia de la Raza" (Race Day), a holiday in Colombia, celebrated with special ceremonies about the "Discovery of America." Minutes before noontime, I tried to persuade my wife to leave me alone in the house for a couple of hours. I lived in the barrio "Santa Isabel" in Bogota', well-known because of the many emerald traffickers who lived there. My wife protested angrily, and in a moment of rage, confronted me with this statement: "Enrique, if you get involved with those "Martians", you are going to become insane!"

She slammed the door and left with my dog Dingo, who, happily wagging his tail, ran away after her.

I was finally alone. I disconnected the doorbell and retired to the bedroom. I readied paper and pencil and sat on the bed, starting my relaxation and concentration exercises. I removed my watch from my left wrist. It was almost 12:00 noon. Time passed quickiy, but nothing happened. I decided that I was not one of the chosen ones and that I should end the concentration. I got up and walked towards the window.

I looked at the sky and asked myself: "How can a 'flying saucer' possibly arrive at my home, at 12:00 noon, on a holiday, and with all these people on the street? Nonsense!"

I had barely thought about this folly, when I heard a voice: "Enrique, write!" I turned around and, surprised, ran for the bedroom door. I opened it, but there was nobody in the living room.

"Enrique, write!" the voice repeated.

As fast as I could, I took paper and pencil. I looked around, trying to locate the source of that order. Then I felt the strangest sensation I had ever felt: a steady, buzzing sound, like the sound of bees, affected my ears. Panic got the best of me. The voice persisted.

At the center of my brain, I heard a rhythmic drum beat. My breathing sped up abnormally. I held the paper on my legs and started writing what the voice dictated. This was at l2:2 p.m., October 12, 1973, a Friday. Minutes passed, and I wrote. It was my first communication with extraterrestrials.

Tears, or perhaps perspiration, dripped on the paper. Pages were filled at the speed that my hands permitted. A strong shivering affected my whole body, and a strange force took hold of me. I was so moved that I could no longer think.

The notes had to do with a "Third World War." They ended by telling me that there would be no contact that night, but that other space brothers had already arrived. "Continue with the group," the voice said. "They will get in touch with you. Goodbye!"

The voice also stressed our poor behavior during the preceding night, during which basic rules of conduct had not been respected, such as when we had argued furiously over the incidents just described. According to them, this line of conduct did not help the group. I trembled when I heard this observation.

The communication ended. I stood up and went into the bathroom.

I turned on the faucet and looked at the image in the mirror. My eyes were bloodshot. My arms and legs still shook. It was not perspiration that had fallen on the paper. They were tears, which streamed from my eyes uncontrollably.

Around my nose and my nails, a purple line appeared. My body itched all over. I washed my face and returned to the bedroom, rested for a while, then gathered and ordered the sheets just written, reading them over carefully. I was deeply moved. I then folded them and put them in my pocket. Then I lay on side of the bed and rested again.

Much refreshed, I went back into the bathroom and could see that the purple lines were gone. I washed my face again and felt renewed. I arranged my clothes, reconnected the doorbell, and opened the door of the house. Then I whistled, calling one of my sons, who was playing soccer some fifty meters away.

When my family returned, Beatriz could not control her temper. She asked me why I was so pale and again criticized my activities with the UFOs. I had spoiled the lunch hour. At this moment, my brother Roberto arrived, and offhandedly I showed him the written pages.

"Enrique, where did you get that?" I didn't explain anything to him, and he said, "I know that the Third World War is being held back, but it will come, no matter what," and that was all.

I put the pages back in my pocket and left, seeking the company of a friend of mine, to whom I could relate the recent events. I invited her to the movies, and while there told her about the message. She listened, surprised, and suddenly cut off my monologue with a warning at what she termed as cheap spiritism or imagination. I decided that I would rather not continue with my story.

That night, among nightmares and insane thoughts, I barely slept. Flying saucers landed at my house, doors slammed, footsteps echoed through my dreams. The next day, a Saturday, I was late arriving at the office. It was nine o'clock. Four people from the group were waiting for me. One of them spoke up for the rest, saying, "Enrique, Karen is offended. Why didn't you go to the meeting? Several of the group received messages, ordering them to go to such and such places. We were at Fontibon, El Rosal, LaCalera, Choachi. We waited in vain until 3:00 a.m. Nobody showed up."

I listened to them silently. Calmly, I answered that the reason for my absence was due to the message received the day before, in which the beings from Andromeda informed me that there would be no contact that night.

My friends looked at each other. I handed them the handwritten pages, and they read them eagerly. An idea crossed my mind. I warned the four members of the group to maintain their silence about the messages I had received until that night's meeting. I wanted to discover for certain whether anyone else in our group had received a message such as mine. That night, at the moment of reading the messages given to each one, no other messages were announced.

All agreed that I had been selected in some way by the beings from Andromeda to relay a message, and that mine was the true message. With this unexpected result, I read aloud the message. No one discussed the truth of my report; it was self evident. The others didn't want to talk much about the subject, and the meeting proceeded quite like any other. Sitting in our usual places, at 8:15 p.m. on Saturday, October 14, 1973, we started our relaxation.

I was sitting with my back to a window that opened to the street. I was dressed in informal clothing, wearing a blue shirt, scarf, and leather jacket. All were looking at Chela. Ten or fifteen minutes elapsed with no communication. Then I felt that same buzzing sound, same as the day before. A voice, this time very tenuous, said, "Enrique, write!"

The message started this way: "We are messengers from Pleiades; the same who gave knowledge to the Inca and other races."

Shuddering, very uncomfortable, almost breathless, I tore open my shirt and tossed the scarf away, which landed on Marjorie Hollman's lap. This time we were connected to beings from the Pleiades, not Andromeda!

I fell into sort of a mediumship spell, with my tongue tied. All my friends noticed it and rubbed their hands and placed them on my head. A new message started, and at that point I lost track of time and place.

I remembered nothing. After half an hour, I opened my eyes. Marjorie and Maria Teresa wiped perspiration from my face. Karen was holding my head, and without thinking, I asked, "Karen, what happened?"

She replied categorically, "My child, you were gone very far away!"

The message read that I was the one selected in Colombia by the extraterrestrials to make direct physical contact on a date that they would give soon. Until then, I was the only person in the country to undergo this experience. Paulina, Richard's wife, brought me a cup of warm milk with brandy. I stood up with the same drowsiness as the day before.

Marjorie and Jorge Eduardo rubbed my arms vigorously. I was put to bed. Luckily, there was a doctor, Rafael Contreras, who, after examining me using his stethoscope, said that other than a slightly elevatedheart rate, I appeared to be in good health.

He complained bitterly about not having a movie camera to capture the moment when I drew some strange symbols in the air with my hands. Much of the information given made reference to a golden disk, hidden in a temple in Peru, and to some papyri and manuscripts. Everything had been recorded on tape, and this allowed us to end a small argument over some misinterpreted words. Then we agreed to meet again the following Tuesday.

A throbbing headache tormented me each time that communications were received. It was no longer Chela who received the messages; it was I who had to bear the consequences of the communications. The terrible headache forced me to skip work for two days. Twice I reflised to receive more communications from the extraterrestrials. They said that after two or three more sessions, the headache would go away.

left to right picture from 1992 Garciela Torres - (Chela) - who first received the ET-communications. Enrique C.Rincon and mrs. Majorie de Hollman in whose home many instructions and messages were received in Bogota.



At one time I heard that they were taking measurements of my brain. They even gave a figure. According to them, the vibration rate of my brain was 829 "valiums." I thought maybe that was a voltage, the natural frequency of my brain. However, they never clarified this point.

It is extremely difficult to put into words the full depth of the meaning of these experiences, because most of the time, with all the attendant reactions and consequences, the impact was blended and interwoven on many levels with internal events, invisible to the eyes of the other people in the group.

Karen's role was not clear anymore. She had been the initiator, but once her mission was completed, the shine of her "aura" faded. Karen insisted on my need to strengthen my bonds with the "OVERSELF."

I carried out, step-by-step, her recommended techniques for contacting, but I felt frustrated, for I realized that I lacked the paranormal faculties of others. I tended to blame it on the "unconscious." Certainly, I did not know about the forces that dominated us. Anyway, our group was organized, at first with seventeen people. Later it grew to twenty-seven members. Because of the importance of the events that sequentially took place, I will give the names of the initial group:

1. Mr. Richard Deeb

2. Mrs. Paulina Deeb

3. Marjorie Hollman

4. Maria Teresa Paladino

5. Graciela Torres (Chela)

6. Alfonso Blanco (Poncho)

7. Cosme Mejia

8. Heberto Cediel

9. Dr. Rafael Contreras

10. Pedro Avila

11.Gloria Avila
  1. 12. Alba Avila (daughters of Pedro Avila)

13. Alcides Camelo

14. Victor Rodriguez

15. Fernando Ma' rquez

16. Jorge Eduardo Silva

17. Adriana Turner (Karen)

18. Enrique Castillo (myself)

Sometimes the group grew as a result of invitations made by some of the members. The opposite also occurred. As time passed, several of the members left, convinced that what was going on was fraudulent, or the manifestation of witchcraft, spiritism, or insane minds. Others left because they expected something more spectacular. We met regularly, Tuesdays and Fridays, at 8:00 p.m.

During another communication, we were told about an old temple in ruins in Peru', where the true history of humankind was hidden. But they said that not only in the Peruvian temple was there such information: It was also hidden in different locations in Central and South America, where there are lost cities, located somewhere in the Andean mountain ranges.

Once the riddle is put together, with the information taken from temples, pyramids, and forgotten cities, humanity will have no other alternative than to accept the facts of this knowledge, which is quite different from what we are presently taught about the history of the planet. All of this was news to us. We were excited about the possibility that we might be the first to receive such information. In a way, we were a privileged group.

Still, sometimes, in spite of having the evidence at our fingertips, we doubted. By the end of October, 1973, the "emissaries" from Pleiades announced the date of a physical contact with them.

The moment had arrived, and we were prepared!


The Contact

By LATE OCTOBER, 1973, during one of the telepathic sessions with the "Emissaries from Pleiades," they announced to me an appointment for November 3, near a non disclosed lake. Having been chosen as the only person in Colombia to undergo such a relationship, I suffered a series of experiences related to its preparation. The first one was during a dream.

During four successive nights, I repeatedly saw faces pointing to a lake surrounded by forests and lowhills. Unable to explain this to my friends of the group, because they probably would attribute it to abnormal influences over the subconscious, I decided to keep it to myself and to follow through on my own with whatever directions I received. It would have been impossible to explain something that by itself seemed illogical, anyway. Besides, many doubted, given the failed attempt at La Calera, which in spite of having been careflilly analyzed, still evoked certain suspicions as to its authenticity.

My friends from space, anticipating this, and interested in the success of the mission, intensified their personal communications, detailing the exact coordinates of the place selected for the meeting. Besides this, they gave me a plan to follow, once I arrived at the lake and the forest that surrounded it. I was told to follow the instructions from the dreams, for finding a clearing. There should be a tree, and under its roots, hidden by a medium-sized stone, I should find a sphere, take it in my hand, and walk to the designated place.

They set the time for the meeting at 8:00 p.m. They forbade me to carry any knives, etc.

I got up early on Saturday, November 3, and afraid of some unforeseen event, alerted my wife and associates to expect a possible absence of a few days, without further explanation.

I had lunch as usual and, around one in the afternoon, headed for the bus station. The bus left at 3:30 p.m. and was on its way without any unusual incidents, except for the folkloric activities of the many peasants who boarded or left it along the way.

After two-and-a-half hours, I got off the bus. It sped off; leaving behind an annoying cloud of dust. I watched it until it faded in the distance, while reviewing in my mind the sequence of events that would lead me to the physical encounter with the extraterrestrials.

My apparel was simple: cotton trousers, working shoes, a ruana, and a hat, property of Richard Deeb, which made me look like a country man, so as to avoid arousing any suspicions. After taking a look at the scenery and gathering all my forces, I began walking determinedly. For two hours I walked, stopping only to regain my breadth. The path was difficult, and the effort made my heart pound.

I recalled with some fear my childhood difficulties with asthma. The region was very fertile. Its green color contrasted with the blue sky. Nature's noises didn't predict anything unusual. Once in a while, the acute yell of a woman who was not visible, protested for something that I could not perceive, and disturbed my thoughts.

Approaching sundown, I arrived at the edge of the lake. Stepping on soft ground covered with abundant vegetation, I sank into the mud and got my boots and feet wet, forcing me to climb back to firm ground and take a detour via a seldom used "bridle path." I realized that there were two forests, separated by a finger of the lake, which stretched between them. The water was calm, breaking quite softly against the shore, driven by a very weak but chilling breeze.

I checked my automatic watch, trying to figure out if I was going to be on time, and made a renewed effort to move faster. The groups of trees were in front of me; I recognized the first one and walked fast in its direction. When I entered it, I was impressed by the density of the grove. No wonder the extraterrestrials looked for lonely places such as this….


The first contact is described on separate site.


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