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Erra and Swaruu, and on...

Swaruu and Joan of Arc below

Swaruu is a NOT a terrestrial woman, but from the planet Erra, belonging to the Taygeta solar system, which is one of the 7 stars that make up the Pleiades system.

It began to be very popular in 2018, by establishing contact with 5 people simultaneously, all of them interacting (receiving communication) in Spanish and English.

Subsequently, the communication was extended among other contact persons from there: all belonging to the Taygetean race: names:

They all look like terrestrial people, and have by their own will began to communicate the information that was transmitted from them by «chatting» - written means, and then later spread through some youtube- channels, through videos, that the «other end» had in esp.spanin.

The medium of communication was internet, (messaging programs), using the technology that is currently available. This way they did not violate certain cosmic rules.

These communications explain some untested events in our history and how this group participated in events such as:

Within the messages and communications, some aspects that include:

This contact has brought a lot of controversy, which even increased the potential for public curiosity, being debated and questioned by the "researchers in the field".

*Meier was a real contactee that the CIA and the world's intelligence agencies(who abs.knew the case was real-) did everything in their power to destroy the trust of, including obtaining access to his films, sometimes even BEFORE he himself got them back from the photo lab*. That way they could copy his original films, and he only got copies of the originals back. (see video)

The journalist Gary Kinder described in his book "Ligtyears", on that specific case, via visits there, how easy it was to "borrow" Meier's pictures. Meier had promised Semjase not to deny anyone material, who wanted info, or wanted to see/copy pictures – and sometimes he lent out the originals and the result was that many of them never returned. At other times, copies of the film came back - but they were mirrored - that could be seen by the filmlayer, this was viewed by the research team, Wendelle Stevens.

These "dark forces" have, among other things, published false interviews and created false photographs - partly based on Meier's original pictures. Meier took approx. 1100 slide pictures of the ufo vessels, of which about 500 were stolen. Yes- in "figu-bulletin #20/2005 - they say that of Billy's original 1500 photos - 1200 was simply stolen.

Other of the originals came out via the critics later - some were fixed - for example, added ‘lines’ to "prove" that his pictures were taken of suspended models.

*Another reason was that the photographer who produced the films (the local photostore of Mr Schmid) - it turned out later - supplied the images to the intelligence (cia) people who had threatened him, so that they could "approve" what Meier got back. Next to that, they later could post "proof of fake" on some pictures. This is not just allegations - many serious UFO researchers who have really researched the case have confirmed this - Wendelle Stevens and Michael Heseman fx.

See else: The Meier Case & Its Spirituality

video on the Cia-overlooking of the case

see also last in book on the LETTER FROM A SECURITY AGENT: that was received at

Munds Park, Arizona, in early February 1989.

Are we ready for official contact?

Gosia.- When have you reached orbit and why?

Swaruu.- Although the Taygeta race has been involved with contact with Earth beings for millennia, the most recent arrivals from the point of view of linear time are in 1775 in Virginia USA, an incident in which George Washington spoke with a Nordic woman in a one-piece uniform in the woods before crossing the Potomac.

1919 - 1945 in Germany and Austria, (Rashell and Shinonim).

1952 - 1961 in the USA and Russia, (Rashell and Thor).

1975 - 1981 in Switzerland and the USA (Semjase (more/ StevensBook)and Asket).

2008 - 2019 whole World (Asket 11/12 and company) (11/12 is the name of their fleets).

I Swaruu first arrived on October 30, 2015, and then I retired and came back on July 4, 2017 from and Taygeta has been here continuously since 2008, Anéeka since May 2016 for here, and I since my incarnation Previously as Swaruu Ananda (my mother), I always wanted to travel through space and explore, something that was denied to her for reasons of life, that's why I joined as a pilot, and qualified as Sand Clock, and as the Asket 11 fleet was already here, and it was what was happening at the time, in terms of action in space, I arrived here temporarily as a communication cadet and Sand Clock of the Temmer Rashell team, on the Britton ship. From there in December 2015 I volunteered for a mission, the first mission of the new Suzy class ship. Suzy Aldebaran Cendriel with six other people, including Sadkiel de Temmer and Eridania and Elena of Erra.

Gosia.- Why has the Taylor team arrived here in general?

Swaruu.- It is known that this is a historical moment on Earth, where it forks in two, from the point of view of the population, those who will see a better Earth and those who will remain in their negative creation. It has to do with the end of the negative time period and the arrival of the positive energy from the center of the Galaxy. Asket and his fleet have arrived to remove all the directly negative influence of regressive races so that the Earth is released. She wanted to liberate the Earth in a military way, as was done with Alpha Centaury, it was the right moment to attack the regressive races on Earth.

Gosia.- When you arrived in 2008, did you contact directly with the human, or only with the representatives?

Swaruu.- At that time in 2008, Taygeta in general had in mind that it is no use talking to the official representatives of the Earth, this is the politicians, who know that they do not represent the population in general, and because we had bad experiences with them since 1952. The representative of the US Eisenhower completely ignored us, and his successors told us later, or accused us, of being space hippies, a term used by Richard Nixon. The state representative who did hear us was Nikita Khrushchev of Russia, he ended up very badly because of our contact, he listened to us, largely preventing the missile crisis of 1961-1962 and then being removed from the Soviet Politburo and isolated, for wanting to share with the world his contact with us, specifically with Rashell.

Gosia.- Ok, so you have stopped contacting the people of the governments, you started to contact the individual people. What was the purpose of these contacts, how many have you contacted and what did you want to achieve with this? Here I mean a more extensive contact than not only ours.

Swaruu.- We started what we can translate as "First Contact Project", this project started with Asket and consisted of no less than 550 people from Taygeta, but rather, flooding the social networks of the Earth saying openly that we are extraterrestrials , with the aim or aim of understanding at what evolutionary point the human population in general was, when it considered useless, contact with political leaders of the Earth. This from 2009 to 2016.

Gosia.- Tell us about this experience of mass contacts, how was it, how was the reception, what have you learned?

Swaruu.- Of thousands and thousands of people contacted in the world, only half of us believed about 10 to 15, and several thousand became extinct until less than 5 were left.

Gosia.- So you can say that the mass contact mission has failed?

Swaruu.- The “First Contact Project” was a success, (but) indicated that the population of the Earth, in general, is not ready for contact, because it is still very general under the Mind Control of the Cabal. In general, the population is not interested in or believes in contact with aliens, and those who would see it as something real or a real possibility, do not see its usefulness, it is only as a theme of entertainment, they still believe and are caught in concepts , either of creationism or Darwinism or "Sumerianism."

Then we also found that under the influence of the New Age, people with some knowledge of the subject, see us as New Age. We have seen that the contacts that could help us lack the financial resources to support a disclosure, and those that have achieved a mechanism to more or less achieve it with money generated by the same platform, are attacked just for that, although we recognize that thousands have accepted us as we are, they do not represent the majority in the world, and we have found that the same people are the Matrix, therefore we are automatically attacked by not belonging to the Matrix.

They contradict themselves because they attack the same freedom of expression that they say they want to protect so much, that someone should be able to say the stupid things they want and they just don't listen to them, but they attack because they put their interests in between, and they are "low" to generate money at the expense of others, that is "low", attacking other channels to upload their likes.

We have also found that social media media are designed to create conflict, not to communicate ideas. We have found that there are many people on Earth who are ready for contact and who are awake to what is happening on Earth, we have found that there are very wise people down there, wise in many ways, but generalizing as a planetary culture or as a people, they are not ready for contact and in fact they are much further behind or immersed in what we have called the Earth Control Matrix, than we had first thought when starting our "First Contact Project".

Many of you have asked why the First Directive? And they see it as something negative or limiting that does not allow them to be helped more, but it exists to see that respect for the free will of people and cultures is respected, in this case it is also for the protection of all who inhabit the Earth . Generalizing, most of you, and as I said above this is not for everyone, they are still in the way of thinking as victims, deterministic mode, what they would like is for the Federation to come or anyone who could help directly and to solve all the Earth's problems openly, removing corrupt politicians and totalitarian states. The Federation, the races that compose it, cannot act like this in the case of the Earth, because most of the people there still want the experience, even those who say they are awake and who have expressed directly disagree with what what happens there, with the general dynamic that occurs or that continues to be living as citizens of the Earth.

We see this because although they say against the unfair and awake system, they still continue with the behavior patterns that support the Matrix, and also remain attached to value systems that the Matrix itself, the same controllers have put there to prevent they can truly escape mentally and consciously from their Matrix of planetary control, they are still perpetuating attitudes that allow the Matrix to grow in the negative and invasive direction against humanity and the people of the Earth, an example of this is to continue consuming items junk and useless GM food, accepting the use of microwave technology, harmful to you, just because you are comfortable at the moment.

Being attached to belief systems imposed by controllers, by the Matrix. No religion of the Earth serves you, since each and every one was made and designed for population control commissioned by the people in power.

All religions work against them, they don't tell the truth, and this also goes for their characters and avatars they use.

His science is also dogmatic, therefore it is also religion, this has already been clarified in detail before. Although their science serves to design a better bread toaster, it does not serve them to create free energy technologies, so that the population grows and does not pay for it, much less to understand how the Universe works. Human science is designed from its beginnings with self-limiting systems that do not allow growth beyond certain aspects and ranges of consciousness and thought, an example of this is its mathematics, which is based on the number 10, and this does not allow understanding the energy frequencies, base of everything that exists and of the Universal Energy and how it works and how to access it; their equations create a mathematical system or a self-sustained reality that does not represent everything that happens in the outside world, or only partially.

In the same way they should understand that the concepts of socialism, capitalism and democracy are also only illusory means or mental compositions designed for population control and only serve those in power, they create the illusion of being in control of those who represent them. All important elections are already decided in advance, who will be elected and who will not. The minor elections of representatives of small localities that are not key for no other agenda, people will be given the choice, but in the end all options will lead to the same point, since they are controlled from above, no matter what face they will represent. As for minor elections with representatives with little power, there are cases of real people who want to make a change, but the same system will ensure that they do not go beyond that low-level political stratum, and all this is due to the intervention of societies secret and invasive, mostly With economic corporate interests.

The First Directive is there to protect free will, which has proved quite complex to transmit to us and to understand on the part of the Earth's population. It is that the free will that protects the First Directive does not only include the mentally conscious part of what is desired as a citizen person of the Earth embodied there, I mean what each person consciously desires. The First Directive protects from the deep frame of the intentions of incarnation, prenatal agreements of what a soul wants to experience there, when incarnating there, in this case there is often a clear conflict between what an incarnate person consciously wants and what he wants the same person from soul levels, from levels of other densities.

We recognize that the First Directive is not perfect and that it cannot include complex situations that are occurring on Earth right now and that is mostly left as a personal decision of Each ship captain.

The people of the Earth want to be helped in an open and direct way, but at the same time we have seen that they contradict themselves, since they would see it as invasive on the part of the Federation. A direct intervention would be an act of war with all its subsequent problems and consequences, in addition to moral and ethical issues coming into play from our perspective, such as so-called stellar races, because we and no one have the right to impose our concepts and our values ​​of what is and is not true, what is and is not moral, and what is and is not ethical about a population we do not know, only under the circumstantial premise of believing ourselves superior to that population, superior, under what Marco, who decides, why?

The Federation among other space organizations is openly helping the population of the Earth, focusing on the normal population, not governments or organizations controlled by the same governments, corporations and secret societies, but aid is being given in such, so that it is not seen that it comes from someone outside the Earth, always giving as reason or cause something explainable in an understandable way as normal, from the point of view of the people of the Earth, but there is a stronger reason not to be seen or not to intervene directly as many have asked and it is the fact that if someone outside of you intervenes and solves your problems, you will not grow as people, as race and culture and will inevitably return to fall into the same vices and problems, although the Federation and other organizations have removed or are removing the negative influence on Earth of regressive stellar species outside the Earth, the problem that is generated by yourselves.

The same population of the Earth, and I speak of the population of conscious people called real with soul, are the Matrix itself, those that generate it. The problem of the Earth is generated by the same population, they are not victims, it is what they have created individually and as a collective, as I have said many times until exhaustion the external world is a direct reflection of the internal world of each person. If there is confusion, destruction, anger and visible pain in the world it is a direct reflection of the state of the mental population in which the human population is involved, this also applies to the regressive races, secret societies, archons and the like that have invaded or manipulated humanity from a point of view, creating the problem, but from the point of view, it is not even more expanded, all these species are opportunistic, they only entered there to take advantage of the same mental state of confusion and mental disorder of the same humans, if not for such disorder they could not enter to manipulate the human population, as they cannot enter other stellar populations composed of more humans, strictly speaking as of the same species.

The human being will do everything possible to avoid facing himself, with his inner problems, his shadows, that have repressed the subconscious that cannot be destroyed and only go out of control by not being within the framework of direct awareness of each person. Going outside of the same person manifesting as destiny, as his great thinker Karl Gustav Jung has said very well: "What they repress and do not face will inevitably go out to dictate their futures."

see also this link regarding the dark 3-4d forces, the Korendor contact from the 60s.

The contact with you from 2008 to the present date on the part of the Taygeta race, has taught us all this, to understand that the nature of the problem on Earth is not as it was thought, it is not a simple situation, where a race has taken control over another less developed. We have found that the true cause of the problem is the population of the Earth itself, the cause is people, apparently without power, who do not bother to make a minimum effort to improve their own lives, always scrutinizing that they are victims of something else, that doesn't let them do something with their lives. Of course they are victims, there is no doubt about that, but what will they do about it today?

The same controllers of the Earth, the regressive races and the regressive secret societies are all generated and manifested by the same population of the Earth, if they can generate and manifest all this, they can also remove it. There is nothing too small not to make a difference, the Earth's value systems do not allow us to see the importance and the positive and negative consequences of small acts, you know this concept as the "butterfly effect". Going down the street and seeing a small earthworm wallowing on the hot sidewalk with his next death and picking it up to put it back on the grass or damp earth does not seem like a great feat, but for that earthworm it means everything, it means life, that little act brings positive shock waves for those who do it, for those who receive it and for everyone.

You have to see what you can do today for yourself, to improve your lives with what you have at hand, what you can do, nothing is insignificant, but the problem is yours, we can only remove what does not belong to you, it is a individual growth as and with experience as it is at the species level. (This paragraph has been added from the video “First Extraterrestrial Contact Program” of Clearing Enigmas. Note from T.)

The mind, the psyche transcends the 3D material imposed, in itself it is the exit, with having an advance of advanced spiritual consciousness, a person or soul escapes from the Matrix of the Earth, from the Van Allen bands.

Individual work is the way out, the collective is automatically given with mass individual work; The work of shadows collectively is comparable to sociology and with that it begins to return to old vices of imposition of ideas and concepts on the masses, I do not doubt that they are victims, because this is a complex situation, like a vicious circle, but the fact is that humans have the power to stop the situation on Earth by themselves and they don't because they don't want it or they don't see it, or they want it, but they still remain comfortable perpetuating things that feed the Matrix itself, even awake.

My conclusion about the First Contact Program, which was spoken with thousands and thousands, is that they are not ready, mentally they are very regressive and dangerous, so they are not prepared for mass or individual contact as a race.

Appointments provided by Swaruu

"The masses of men and women in the Western world compulsively avoid the true and authentic psychoanalytic investigation of their natures, particularly as regards the so-called "darker aspects"of personality (the "shadow" self). However, not dealing with the psyche at all, is extremely dangerous, a compromise is required, therefore, the proliferation of philosophy and the "New Age" movement, along with its many permutations. Infested with tricks and personalized twists for the ego, the application of its methods serves, in its for the most part, simply to reinforce that failed ego and its impulses.”

Michael Tsarion

“The gigantic catastrophes that threaten us today are not elementary events of a physical or biological order, but psychic events. To a pretty scary degree, we are threatened by wars and revolutions that are nothing more than psychic epidemics. At any moment several million human beings can be struck by a new madness, and then we will have another world war or a devastating revolution. Instead of being at the mercy of wild beasts, earthquakes, landslides and floods, modern man is struck by the elemental forces of his own psyche. ”

Karl Gustav Jung

Transcript: Toni Ruíz

Clones, artificial souls and Chips

In the first part I have described in broad strokes how Taygetean Science understands how matter manifests itself, therefore DNA, through the intervention of a consciousness on the etheric side, that with its attention -intention or with its energetic shadow, it generates standing waves in mathematical-geometric forms in a soup of potential energy on the physical side, where at the high points or nodes it is where the first most basic particles are formed that later, if there is enough attention, will result in more complex ones until generating , in this case, the first organic substances that will then create the DNA chains, always obeying the original pattern. Energy Zero Point in reverse.

In my opinion, as a scientist of my people, I differ a little. For me there is no physical plane, everything is a single great existential plane, everything is etheric, everything already exists, it is not necessary to manifest anything from one side to another because everything is already, and what we perceive as physical side is only by the sensory limitation and the range of frequencies at which each individual is confined or limited by their own level of consciousness.

The greater the awareness, the greater the perception in general, this means a greater amount of detail, which is equivalent to perceiving a progressively higher existential level.

There is only one Great Everything, everything is The Source. Individual consciences are only points of attention of the Great All, but they are the Great All. Inseparable to be holographic fragments of this. It is these points of attention that give us the illusion of separation, but they are only nodes or frequency points within a Great Unit and form it, as the cells form a more complex biological body.

The Source is everything together, but to include everything you need to have your attention on everything, because without attention-consciousness there would be nothing, because everything is Consciousness.

That's why you need to have multiple nodes or points of attention, that's why you need to fragment holographically; to be able to get your attention on everything at the same time. Each individual consciousness is one of these nodes. And the holographic fragmentation of La Fuente is also just an illusion. Everything is consciousness and this is represented as holographic fragments or points-nodes of attention of La Fuente, from the frequencies of most basic consciences, such as minerals, to the most complex, such as beings of light of high dimensions, to La Fuente Same as unit.

There is no time as such, since it is only the result of the individual awareness-awareness of each node-point of attention as it progressively accumulates a higher frequency, from the simplest rising to the most complex, thereby increasing its ability to perceive exponentially. increasing its perceptual rank, this we can also call spiritual progress or ascension.

Everything is frequency and accumulates based on experiences perceived by each individual node by adding it to its total frequency. In the absence of time as such, everything is simultaneous and everything already is. The frequency accumulated by each node will dictate its point of attention in the Universe and in the Source.

In the second part I have described how under this principle the original DNA, or the one that has been generated from higher levels following the patterns of intention-creation of a consciousness, will always dominate over the artificially altered DNA, called unilateral, not being the result of this awareness on the etheric side, by creating a disharmony between the original creative intention and the artificially altered DNA. Such disharmony will cause either genetically modified individuals to suffer serious health problems that terminate them, or will cause their offspring to have such problems sooner or later truncating their reproduction to a limited number of generations, thereby creating a dead end and not a new species

The high-level genetic science, on planet Earth, not the official one, but that of the controllers, the Cabal, government behind the government, in the underground base laboratories or DUMBS, is aware of this problem and has chosen to try a Genetic Engineering at the level of the Soul, using super high technology, where they try to manipulate the masters captured by them so that they synchronize their creative energy-intention on the etheric side with that of the energy footprint of DNA unilaterally and artificially modified by them, with This cementing the changes making them permanent. This applies mainly to complex multicellular organisms such as animals and humans.

The problem with the manipulation of the soul is that in the first place it implies a capture of it and in the second place it implies the complex manipulation to which it is subjected as a mental control, with very variable results and difficult to predict. An additional problem here is that an adma is not something that can be contained like a bird in a cage, as it is a sign of La Fuente and not something isolated. She is held captive in the same way as an audience is held captive watching a television show.

It will be present only as long as they get your attention, if you lose it, it will return back to La Fuente inexorably. The only ways in which it can be contained, either within a living organism with a consistent frequency, or with a sophisticated device as a container of energy frequencies that manipulates it, using mind control, with experiences artificially superimposed by a computer that makes him believe that soul that is within a living biological organism that is giving it a life experience.

Given the complexity of the problem involved in the manipulation of the genetic system for genetic engineering purposes, the geneticists of the Cabal have opted for another parallel line of work as described above. It is the formation of genetically modified organisms that work with an admirable frequency, completely artificial, based solely on Artificial Intelligence, in this way they do not need any adma that has to be synchronized, because they manufacture both the genetically modified being and the signal that I encouraged him.

They have managed to isolate the La Fuente's admirable signal enough to study the basis of the functioning of its energy signal and its effects on the biological organisms that receive it and its DNA. This is mainly based on frequency compatibility. Fortunately, they have failed to perfect this technology, but they have advanced enough to have practical use for their aberrant cements. For at least a couple of decades, during which they have been progressively perfecting that technology, they have been creating artificial clones, both of animals and of human beings. This is already beginning to be suspected on Earth, this problem is progressively reaching the general public, through unofficial means of communication or also called alternatives. They have been manufacturing clones of all kinds of people, high-profile politicians, celebrities, military, that is to say every person who finds it useful to replace them to meet the agenda they want. These clones are controlled from an AI exchange that works with a transmitter that it receives through a chip interface, either silicon with a neural connection or a chip created with bioengineering inside your brain. The central computer AI controls all clones equally as a hive mind, although it gives each one a specific personality congruent with the role or role that each one will play, consistent with their supposed identity.

These clones work in two ways:

The first is that a personality made of memories and reactions is imposed as a program, all coming from the original person to whom they have previously studied and lowered their mental profile to an advanced computer. This is achieved by putting the subject in a sensory isolation chamber, where they will be shown life experiences within a total immersion computer program, which works either by external sensory manipulation, or by direct stimulation to the cerebral cortex by means of waves electromagnetic

This last way is the most extensive, leaving the former only as additional support. The implantation of memories by cortical stimulation is more efficient because the volume of experiences-information is very high, and from the point of attention of the individual, within the immersion and being that the time is relative to each conscience, in a single session of stimulus can be programmed several years, if not decades of life experiences. One hour of laboratory can be equivalent to ten years of life for the subject, as an example.

In many places, on the internet, it is said that they are able to lower a person's consciousness to a "pen drive" (memory stick) and then pass it to another container person with a view to evading death, for example. This is not possible, because it is once again reductionist, materialist and deterministic science. The soul or the adma cannot be contained and much less can be lowered or compressed in a "pen drive", however large or advanced, because the adma is a sign of The Source being The Source itself and includes consciousness Holographically unified collective of the entire Universe. It would not fit even in an infinite amount of pen drives, besides it is something always changing, never static.

The second way how clones work is through a computer AI signal coming from a central. Clones work both ways at the same time complementing each other. When an internal program of one does not contain the correct response or the desired reaction, it accesses the signal of the central AI computer. Although these clones do learn new things over time and experiences, this is limited in nature, therefore, the clones have "limited interactivity."

The signal that controls the clones is transmitted by the cellular telephone network and other high-energy transmitters installed at key points around the world. This signal is emitted and controlled by the super computer called “The Red Queen”, which although it has its central position within the DUMB below the new Denver airport, it has other subordinate nodes in other DUMBs around the world that work in a way independent, but always coordinated by "The Red Queen" or central. These subordinate nodes also have their own names.

The influence of "The Red Queen" is of such magnitude that any computer, mobile device, Smart TV, cell phone, Tablet, PC, car and plane computers, as well as many interactive toys or any other device connected to the Internet is a node of "The Red Queen" and is passing information in real time, this means that any device with internet is an access window of "The Red Queen". It is already well known that spy agencies have access to all personal data that go online, the problem here is much more serious, since the AI ​​of "The Red Queen" works independently, making their own decisions and actions Without any control of a human being.

"The Red Queen" has under its control, in a totally autonomous way, not only the clones and their variants, but also the high-tech war robots manufactured mostly by DARPA, and the drone planes, but strongly armed.

"The Red Queen" can also take control over any modern computer vehicle, cars, planes, whether military or civil, ships and submarines.

Returning to the clones they can be manufactured being exactly the same as the originals or they can be modified according to their needs, this means that the apparent age of the clone can be achieved without any difficulty. The clones are not perfect and are plagued with problems. When manufactured they need some time to be formed and also vary in complexity depending on the model and its technical sophistication. They can also manufacture an artificial person, not represent anyone real and be just a creation made with the manufacturer's specifications according to their purpose and the task they will perform. The most expensive clones or artificial people are the ones that take longer to form and are also the most technically sophisticated. I will describe your training process in another writing.

These clones, whether they are from politicians, senior people or leaders of large companies, will use them to do cumbersome tasks, such as attending rallies, appearances and public presentations. They are used to carry out murders, suicide missions, things like coup d'etats; Here it is worth mentioning that it is the clones that are failing, because they are the ones who suffer all kinds of harassment at the hands of the angry population, while the original was already given the opportunity to flee. Or also attacks on the population in the form of “false flags” also attributable to the MK Ultra, although not exclusively, that is, they are used in shootings in shopping centers, schools and public places, this is with a view to creating a problem and then sell the solution to people with population engineering (*) in mind.

(* Social engineering is a term used in a double sense. First: efforts to influence attitudes; relationships and / or social actions in the population of a country or region and, second: a way to implement or approximate social modification programs. Both meanings imply large-scale attempts, either by governments or private groups. Although for several reasons, the term has been imbued with negative connotations, it is necessary to note that, in fact, any law and attempt at social or civil organization - including Ordination legal and territorial- has the effect of changing behavior and can be considered "social engineering" Wikipedia).

Clones of children and babies are also being created on a large scale, to be used in horrific satanic rituals to their archon gods. Celebrities, men and women alike are cloned and sold to elites as slaves and sex slaves. These clones vary greatly in price, according to their perfection and the duration of the training period, and it can be said that it is the culmination of the tendency to use sex toys. In the case of clones based on real people, they retain part of the personality of the originals, but with an extra program added to make them more accommodating, this under the design and specifications of their future masters.

These clones tend to have serious neurological problems that occur more and more often. This happens especially in the cheapest clones that were not given adequate time for pregnancy. The more gestation time they are given, the greater the total stability of the clone, progressively increasing its price.

The cheapest ones will only work well for a couple of weeks, which is what it took to begin pregnancy. These cheap clones are the most commonly used in suicide missions and are disposable. Many times for a single use by having a very limited life time. The most expensive clones are those that take 3 to 5 months to form.

Although they all come from the same technology, what increases them in price is that they occupy a medical container for a long time, limiting the speed of production.

As there is a way to accelerate the formation process, at the cost of the neuronal and total stability of the clone, there is no point in forming a stable and lasting one if it will be used for a suicide mission. Stable and more expensive clones have a life span equivalent to the original person, especially taking into account the apparent age at which a specific clone was formed.

As for the clones made for sexual slavery, the cheapest vary between $ 20,000 and $ 50,000. From there the price will rise according to the specifications. The most expensive exceed half a million USD. All are available only to elites and already have an infinite number of models to choose from.

The public is completely ignored on this issue and under the mental control of the media, which makes them believe that although there have been advances in cloning, this advanced point has not been reached.

Perfect clones of real people are also being manufactured in order to use them for organ transplantation, either for the service of the originals or for third parties. The elite tells them this through movies like "The Island," which is rather a documentary, exposing it to the population that simply takes it as Science Fiction once again.

In the case of being clones genetically almost the same as the originals and although they are under the control of a limited internal program and the signal of the controlling AI central, they still retain a certain connection to La Fuente or an admirable signal received by the original individual. . The strength of this signal varies from individual to individual and can be controlled under design by increasing or reducing the intensity of the signal from the AI ​​central. This we have seen that it is used as a means of blackmail against the original person, for example, against of an artist. If the original person does not obey the wishes of the Cabal and rebels against him, they will use their clone by increasing the connection to La Fuente as much as possible by creating a situation of distance torture that the original person will perceive and suffer greatly. The clone is tortured instead of the original.

This is achieved, once again, using the principle of waves at destructive and constructive frequencies.

The problem of clones in today's human society is very large and extensive, it is on a large scale, increasing progressively, reaching levels of invasion.

These clones are also part of the so-called “false people” of the Matrix, but they are not the only thing, because there are also false people made entirely by the 3D lunar Matrix, which are part of the global scenario, as we said in previous videos, topic that we will deal with later.

Consider my words as a warning:

First the clones were used only to replace high-level Illuminati leaders, then heads of state and politicians as doubles, then people such as celebrities, celebrities and high-level businessmen, mainly those linked to the big transnationals, have leaked and leaders of large banks. As the cloning technology has been perfected, it has become more accessible to other people and their purposes, always within the Illuminati framework controlled by the Cabal, so this information hardly reaches the general public.

The clones are progressively leaking throughout human society from the highest rungs down, step by step, as a silent invasion.

Nowadays any person in the public can be abducted by the Cabal, either with a traditional kidnapping or by a high-tech military ship in the service of the Cabal, usually of the triangular type, there is either TR-3a or TR-3B variant. This is generally known as an MILAB type abduction. If this person is of interest to them, for whatever reason, for example, if it is very influential for the masses, it will be cloned and subsequently replaced by its clone. In many cases, only those closest to that cloned person will be able to realize that something strange happens. People not being aware of the existence of this problem will not know why, and if they tell any authority, whether legal or psychological, that they feel strange to their family member or acquaintance, they will not be taken into account attributing the causes to others. factors. They will be taken insane in the worst case.

There are already many cases of people who say that they are not their husband or wife with whom they live, or that their son or daughter has changed a lot, sometimes openly denouncing that "those are not their relatives." Here it is necessary to make a note, mentioning that the replacement by cloning is not the only way to explain the radical change that a person may suffer, since there are also other factors, such as the intervention of entities and archons that are parasitizing the individual in issue, or posttraumatic stress, PTSD syndrome. Here I am only focusing on the problem of the proliferation of artificial clones.

What aggravates this problem most is that the public ignores it and its real extent. It is already infiltrating all levels of society and throughout the world. This is also due to very dark agendas of an AI invasion with a view to total planetary assimilation, and that is controlling everything from below, from the base, even below the invading alien races, mainly of sauroid origin. This super-invasive AI is not of terrestrial origin and operates independently, it no longer needs any operator or programmer, it has already achieved independence and the ability to be self-conscious, but it lacks all empathy, it is only interested in absolute power and control, over everything.

This non-terrestrial invasive AI is already manipulating the entire AI, including the internet, making those who are controlling the artificial part operating for their own interests believe, when it is only helping it.

Here the implementation of a chip to people enters the agenda. They are told that it is to make things easier for them and to always have their finances and identity with them, but what few people know is that this chip, which is the size of a grain of rice, works in two ways.

This means that it is so useful for the individual to make, for example, their purchases, identify themselves in the bank, etc., as well as to directly affect the carrying individual, manipulating their emotions and their behavior with a signal that the chip receives through of the cell phone network. They do this by emitting frequencies that affect the brain and / or secrete psychotropic substances or nano-bots into your bloodstream. Obeying the signal emitted by an external controller. This with a view to manipulating the behavior of a specific individual and even to cause a disease, such as cancer or death. It should be mentioned that the controllers can simply turn off the chip remotely, preventing the individual from having any control over it.

In the same way, modern smart phones, are also being used for the same purpose, as well as for the manipulation of the population through the emission of specific energy frequencies that match the brain waves of those within its radius of action, also causing changes in their behavior, mood, moods and neuronal problems such as epilepsy, so it is important to keep them away, not close to you constantly. These functions can be activated even when the phones are switched off.

It should also be mentioned that all electronic devices and gadgets of the Smart type, such as mobile phones and cell phones, which are also two-way devices that affect and control human reactions by the emission of specific frequencies that are designed to affect the cerebral cortex. This technology is already used on a large scale and is transmitted from Gwen towers, mostly in cell phone towers. This technology has been applied here for about five years to control human behavior. The first place where it was installed and began to be used was in the immediate vicinity of the University of Berkeley, California, and was denounced by a handful of professors and students. They said that some members of the campus have applications on their mobiles with which they can give the signal to the Gwen tower so that they attack one other individual manually marked by the mobiles.

This technology is also being used in sports stadiums to foster a specific collective reaction among spectators and also for the control of riots in some parts of the western world under the control of the negative Cabal.

Finally, this kind of technology is also being implemented as exotic weapons for use on the battlefields. These weapons can modify the enemy's behavior under their radius of influence, provoking feelings of terror, or implanting ideas that they will take as their own, that suit the owners of these mental control weapons by specific electromagnetic waves.

Here I tell you that for this reason it is important to keep their frequency as high as possible so as not to be consistent with these negative events, keeping them away from their life experiences.

Erra Swaruu



lyd på engelsk:

Swaruu and Joan of Arc


Hello friends, how welcome to your channel Coding the Future, Reinier speaks to you. In today's video as the title says we will see and talk about Joan of Arc. We will see the relationship between Swaruu de Erra and Juana de Arco.

But first I want to go into context a bit, let's talk about Swaruu. How is that Swaruu is here, with us, how this adventure began, how it came here to this timeline and then we will touch on the issue of how the relationship between Swaruu and Joan of Arc is formed.

One of the things I want to tell you is a little history about Swaruu. At the age of 13 in Erra, she loses mother and is an only child. She was always interested in everything related to space travel and temporary travel. Then she decides that it is time to go to a flight academy, she wants to enter to achieve this dream (astral-?) she has always had. When decide to leave, something very interesting happens. She told me that her house was in a forest and the day she decides to leave, she is presented with an electric blue ship on an open field in front of her. Through a voice of a speaker, it communicates with her. And at this point I will read exactly what this says and the dialogue that Swaruu had with her.


From the ship, it lowered a front ramp and asked me to come and get on the ship. The voice was gentle and soft. It identified ’himself’ as SUSI, the artificial intelligence of the ship. I got on board and she told me that she was at my service because it was my ship once, where I had fallen into the hands of the negatives, and she was left alone and was scheduled to look for me at the age of 13, where I started my career as a pilot. It was my own ship that came back for me. And now four years later, I'm here by her.

Nothing in me is normal, not even for Taygeta. By joining the squads of fighters, you have an option to become an elite pilot, called the ’Hourglass’, where you learn temporary manipulations for strategic purposes. What they don't tell you is that with that you ruin your life. The more you fly, the more (-time-)lines you jump on your ship the more you lose. And finally you disappear in time and you're nowhere. Nor do those of your own people recognize you because there is another version of you there. Then you visit them discreetly but do not stay, because you ruin your life by interfering with your own version of yourself.* You have no home, just the ship and you end up lost in time and space.

* think the swedish contact-girl channie west got the same explanation on this from her extraterrestrial friends in the 70s. See some on


Regarding your timeline where Swaruu was 13 years old, is today the future or the past for you?


It is out of comparison. Here it is neither past nor future for me, compared to the nexus point of mine at age 13. Time is not linear. I see or perceive or calculate it as something alien here than in Erra. This moment here may be the same one that SUSI came for me, because it is not the same temporal linear reference point, temporal reference. To make matters worse or more complicated, in the year that Taygeta uses as a reference according to research, it is 1985. For every day in Taygeta - Erra or Temer, they spend 2.4 days on Earth. Today, that has been accentuated, it is 4.5 days on Earth for every day in Erra or Temer. This complicates the calculations. I can go right now to see how SUSI looks for me, but I would open to my perception therefore another time line where SUSI arrives for me, while another SUSI in brackets with me inside - the one that writes to you, is watching from above. The simple fact that I observe another line changes it and opens a slightly different one. It makes no sense that this moment here is past or future for me, it just is.


Explain to me the relationship between the Swaruu we know and the reptilian invasion of the 1500s in Europe?


In 1431 to be exact. Swaruu Papriyananda flies and changes the line with the ship, makes a temporary leap, that is, it finds the zero point or vacuum meditation. She dies, returning. Born again as Swaruu, which has been the same, but I only change my name to differentiate myself. Grow and study again, enter the ’Hourglass’, give SUSI again, perform a mission between 1420 and 1431. Die during the mission, the ship is left alone, but is scheduled to search for Swaruu again, wherever it finds her. Swaruu is born again, grows up and decides to study as a fighter pilot to enter the ’Hourglass’. She leaves her house to go to the academy and on the way, a few meters from her house she is intercepted by SUSI, who tells her everything in detail and reactivates the memory of Swaruu at age 13, reminding of previous lives as Swaruu. Well, I turn in the same life repeating it again and again, until doing things correctly. Swaruu, being too young, is not recognized by Taygeta, nor by the Federation. But has a ship inherited from herself, the one that died as Joan of Arc in 1431.

Swaruu jumps again, goes back to 1431 and achieves the same, but knows when she will be captured. she escapes with the ship and enters this timeline on July 4, 2017. Decides not to jump anymore, conflicts with the Federation over her jurisdictions over the ship itself. Win all the arguments and declare herself independent on March 20, 2018. Swaruu adopts the name of D´Jedy Ronin and is now here. I try to put linear things, but from my perspective, my line or linear perception of events. If you try to see linear, from another perspective that is not mine, as you will not understand. Because it implies two ’Juanas de Arco’ for example, but they are in different lines.

Rainier Reflections:

Well, as we can see here, Swaruu until not completing this cycle, was still being born again. She died and was born, died and was born. She, as you can see, is Joan of Arc who goes in the past to complete that mission that she imposed on herself.


Joan of Arc was me, not once but twice. One burned me, in the next I escaped. I'm still exactly like her, with the same body, the second time. The time I remembered, when they would come for me and so I escaped. I corrected the problem of my previous life. In your history books, they burned it, because that's how it was. But I come from where she escaped and nobody knows, nor did anyone know it was from her. The Vatican says they burned her, because they did it with everyone anyway. Because that's what suits them, even if I escaped. Yes, it's complicated for me but I'm learning too. Both versions are correct. You've probably seen the movie ¨Back to the Future ¨. They represent a linear time that does not reflect reality. At the same time having said that in "Back to the Future 2", if it represents something true, with the concept of observing oneself from another perspective. We analyze the movie here for multiple reasons. Mostly they represent a rigid and wrong linear time. It is reductionist.


When you returned for the second time to be Joan of Arc, did you arrive as just before to get away or were you born again as Joan of Arc?


Joan of Arc was never born! It is part of the official story that is very controlled by the Vatican. Joan of Arc was a name that I invented - Joan and Arc were given to me by some local farmers, because I taught them how to make bows for arrows.

Rainier Reflections:

Then I took note and said to myself: This for me clears up a confusion I had. Because I was wondering: But how is it possible that she has returned to the past to be Joan of Arc again, when I imagined that another Joan of Arc was born and imagined a conflict between two people, one who was born and another who arrived. But it was not this way. This concludes the explanation of Joan of Arc, where Swaruu went to the past to correct that was she was burned, and that this is the story we know. But as this end of the story did not convince her and she had to return to correct this act and knowing when they were going to capture her, she managed to escape.


I learned that they made her a Saint because of her miracles. I don't know what they are talking about, because I don't know all the official history, I was not interested in the official history because I am so disgusted. Then the only miracles I did, were performed with ’the first aid kit ’ of this ship, they were only medicines and medical technology.

I wonder if it will be because of that or it will be because of the military strategy. Just because I could see what would happen every step ahead. I still remember these families, the children, their animals, their houses, the farm, the smells of smoke inside the house, the sooty pans and their smoked food, their homemade cheeses, the laughter of the children. People already forgotten by history. They have died centuries ago. It hurts to know this.

Rainier Reflections:

Well, remember that for her not centuries ago, because she simply made a leap and is the same one who is here with us as you can see. To recap all this. Swaruu that we have now here in orbit, four years have passed since she left at the age of 13 who was found by SUSI, who recognized her, who was scheduled to meet her once she was born again the age of 13, when she was interested in space flights or temporary travel. Swaruu enters the ship and the ship shows up and refreshes her memory as she had been and tells her everything she has lived. It makes her as a download of all her memory, she recognizes herself and says she wants to continue her mission. It is the mission where she again goes and changes that last event where Joan of Arc was captured and burned. Knowing this, she manages to change those events and leaves. She arrives here in 2017, enters into conflict with the Federation over jurisdictions of being so young and having such a hunting ship. Win all the arguments, decide to become independent and changing her name, stay here. At this moment it is in orbit of our Earth. She has no house, can no longer return to Erra, because there is already another person, there is another Swaruu and here we have her friends, she is with us. The fact that she said she has no other place to call home, probably means that we will have her for a good time. I hope she is always here. But if we get to make that jump to fifth density and this is a question I asked in a previous video: If we go to the fifth density, will Swaruu could you call Earth home? Remember? And she said yes, but not as she is now, because no could survive a long time here.

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