ufocontact from Acart

where the contact happend in -58 in Sarandi, RioGrande do Sul /Brazil. 

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taken to another planet in- 58 for many days - a society without money

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some summary:

-contact happened in Brazil in -58. Arthur Berlet was a man of little formal education,(only 2 years) this in contrast to the mexican professor that was picked out to have contact to the "spacewomen LYA" in the early 70s, who was an expert on many scientific themes. | link |

AB was born in -31 in the middle of Sarandi, RioGrande do Sul /Brazil. His family was of German/French blood. He was tall, bronzed skin, dark brown hair and blue eyes.

AB here never sold a book on this/tried to make money or like on his story, and the investigators found no way to mistrust his descriptions.

But the UFO clubs at that time did not understand much of interplanetary or inter-dimension travel and like, so they then as now refused to touch such stories on contactcases, to other planets as factual or real. He was simply not believed and all meant he was crazy with such a story. But he went on to tell of what he had been through, and accepted that most could not believe him.

All he experienced on this planet - he wrote down in 14 notebooks. He had not red any science fiction books before, because he was not any book-reading-man, and he lived in rural Brazil. But he was well respected by his neighbors and friends/family.

He always stood by his story, in spite of all his problems from it. The story had not been published in English, until WS got it translated and told in the 80s.

There was much UFO-activity in this area in those days in the late 50s, and many saw them, but it was from this also many rumors.

But some did investigations, and in this case; Jorge E.M.Geisel, and Carlos de Oliveira Gomes + Rui Schmidts, who arranged a meeting with Arthur B. in the house of Carlos, some time after rumors came out of his adventures.

The men/ Jorge wrote later from this:

"after 7,5 h of interrogation, we all were faced with the incredible reality; Berlet had traveled to another planet and was gone for nine earth days from 14may to 23may-58. We met repeatedly, and never had any reason to doubt the verbal account of Berlet. There was an impressive seriousness about him and he never sought to capitalize on his story."

He was told by his "travel-masters" that he was brought to planet AKART. It had two artificial "moons" or satellites or rather "platforms" orbiting in space nearby.


The abduction

"I was walking on foot on the highway in the direction of the city of Sarandi, it was already dark, when I saw this strange and luminous object near the ditch of a farm. I left the street and went closer to verify what it was, and as I saw no life near, I went still closer. Within 10m, I saw people turning a light on me that got me blinded, and I lost consciousness for half to one hour. Later they found that "the visitors" were there for collecting grains and vegetables for experiments, and they judged him to be a farmer.

"The commander decided to take me with them, despite their laws said not to do so.

'Their ship was ca 30m in diameter, moved by "solar energy".

Q: what are those people - from Acart - like?

A: on could say much like us, only more pallid. All I saw had hair color of straw, but a few had dark hair. Median stature greater than ours.

They talked in a German tongue, but could speak many tongues of earth, and had learned it as many similar races have that observes us, and can be here undetected.

  • they know MUCH about earth!!
  • They believe in a Supreme Being.

-Their BIG problem was that of super-population. And I understand it so that IF the humankind was to destroy itself- they would repopulate our earth with their already crowed planet. They had been THROUGH THEIR OWN atom/nuclear-war-period! They had their own equipment to clean up here, if any nuclear -war came, but would not interfere!

  • they can stay here on remote places having stations here
  • their ships can remain up to 1 year in space without resupply of oxygen or alimentation.
  • Their armament power was of 2 weapons; the solar disintegrator, and the solar neutralizer. The last is employed in medicine and to combat the plagues of farmers.
  • Out of the book page20, it seems as some of them also ate meat, and just that is rare of the ET visitors, but those here was not so much in front of Earth's stage, it seems.
  • He said the climate he experienced was very cold. Their day was 46 h - almost twice of ours. And a year there had 353days.
  • All transport was by air. "…I only saw vehicles on wheels on a farm and a kind of train - and this was subterran, automatic- without conductor.
  • They had some small "air-ships" for transport of 2-12 passengers.
  • No moon there- but two gigantic spaceplatforms that orbit the planet, which have thousands of vehicles stationed on them. He first believed they were natural moons.
  • Their houses and cities were some similar to here- but the houses seemed to be made of some kind like, light, laminated steel in div. colors.

More on the happening on Acart

-out of his notebooks, he made when he returned, as not to forget from this remarkable experience.

It began when he was in the local region in Brazil, where he had made some photographic job, and saw a ship with dark red light near a farm. A spotlight came on him, and he lost conscious. When he woke up, he was in a white room, reminding a hospital, but soon understood he was inside a craft. After some time he was taken out and saw a city not so different as those of earth, but the high-houses was of metal in many colours. He was imprisoned in a room, where he got some food, - meat and bread - as he was very hungry.

He was then taken into a big meeting room- where many (seemingly GOVERNMENT-people) looked at him. He saw pictures of landscapes on the walls. They spoke for 20min together, and he felt they discussed just him. He though they may be Russians, and had taken him because he had seen a new  secret weapon. (then they must have looked very white-earthpeople-like. R.Ø.rem.)

He tried to talk to them in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and then German/deutsch. This last they, or some of them, seemed to understand. (and later he found out that it was because some of them had been outplaced for some time here on Earth, to watch/"spy" and learn).

He was then taken to another place, and they brought him out on the streets, which were crowded by people walking -but he saw no kind of cars or like. He wore the cape+ a cap, he had got from them. Nothing then separated him out from the others.

Suddenly he saw up and saw a lot of crafts in the sky. One suddenly shot down from above, to a terrace of a house so quick that he was sure it would crash into it. But it had seemingly full control.

Later he was advised to a room reminding more of a hotel room, with bathroom, but from the "shower" came more like gas than water, because it was so light. He got clothes from them after the bathing, but felt like a clown in them, as they were strange, he remarks in his writings.

He was then taken into a new conference room where another group discussed what seemed to be just HIM! One of them spoke to him in German, which he did understand. This man was ca 2m tall! He remarked else a girl of ca 20 there, and all were so white skinned, as he says it seemed they had been inside for years, he remarks in his writing! Arthur's own father was German, and his mother was Portuguese- living in Brasilia. He was offered a drink, but didn't dare to drink it.

Arthur asked if they were Germans, and got the answer they were all Acartians! He said his visit there was almost accidental, nobody having planned to take any earthlings there, and that he would be brought back within 10days. Neither was they ALLOWED to bring any from Earth to their planet, so the captain, who did take him from Earth, was punished for that, he later found out! (had to work in a mine for some time as punishment)

He was then with them in a new meal, and they all talked together after the meal, but only one of them was he able to talk to - in German as mentioned. His name was Acorc.

Their way of greeting/meeting, was not to shake hands, but place a hand on each others shoulders! For persons they knew very well, they used both hands!

They underlined they believed in God and remarked that he, the visitor, was a kind of doubting.

Later he was taken into a smaller craft/ufo-like thing, with a pilotcabin and wonderful view outside, and brought to another city - the main city- called CON, a city so big and marvelous that the earthman was speechless, and also by all the crafts flying around….so near, but never collided, as he supposed many times. They looked more like small, flying camping-trailers in view. He was later told that these ones could go up to 10.000km/h.

They landed on top of a big house (big roof as a sportsfield he says…) which was where his host lived with his family. Well, each flat seemed to have terrace as a personal landingplatform for those personal flying "camping-trailers".

Inside he got a demonstration of a kind of apparatus where his host could talk to a women seeming living "inside" - it was as a shock for Arthur to view. (Well not so strange today- now we also have picture-phones, but theirs seemingly was of 3d kind…remember this was in the late 50s, when only primitive black-white TV's was seen rarely in this land. rø-rem.)

This women was his wife, who soon came in. She was also quite tall, blue eyes and shoulder -long hair of straw colour. The child with her was of ca 12 years -their son, and he was clothed just as he was from our earth, and he was very curious on the stranger from earth. Both the boy and his mother also asked questions to Arthur, that Acorc translated. The boy stayed with them much of the time he was by visit of this family, in spite of he didn't understand his talking/German, though his father translated some of it.

Arthur also saw that the furniture in their day-room, was fixed with the walls…

Then he was shown more of the big city they were in.

They called the governor ("spiritual ruler" of their planet,R.Ø.rem) "the son of the sun"

Later he told him of their long ongoing spacetraffic- most of it to earth, for collecting plants and other materials.

He gave him this comparison between the 2planets:

One Acartian year is similar to 675 days of Earth -

One month of Acart is similar 61days, 8 h of Earth

One Ac. week is similar " 9days 14h of Earth

One Ac. hour is similar 7h,40min of Earth

Planet Acart rotates more slowly than Earth, around itself, so a day-night(døgn) was much longer than here on E.so the nights/sleeptime were ca 17h normally!!

Their main purpose for visiting earth was to try to develop plants for more effective production of food, and especially wheat, which they seemed to have problems with "there" according to what they told. They thought that he was a farmer planting wheat, and that they could learn some useful from him! They told him they had given him a sort of narco for him to sleep during most of the trip, lasting some 36hours.

The commander of the ship that had taken the decision to bring Arthur to Acart, had done this against the orders of not touch or kill any earthling, neither bring them off-earth. So he was punished and had to serve a year in mine, where they took up steel, according to what they told him.


No countries on Acart

All the planet had for long time been ONE country or region. He told that ca 100y back - also A had many countries -hundreds. From that many wars- but a last enough of them, and they began co-operating and went together into ONE.

They said they had been observing earth with equipment and cameras so good that they could take pictures of a nailhead from 200km up. They captured radio-and TV-programs, and took all into their computers for help and study. In some 10y they had learned much of earth- incl. German language. Others had also learned Russian, Spanish and English he told.

Arthur asked how they could collect all this, without being seen, and got the answer that they could make themselves invisible - i.m neutralize the vision.

Some from page55 in the original book:

"after reaching a height of 200m above the buildings, we flew in a straight line toward the north for some two minutes. Suddenly, we stopped abruptly and began to descend. We descended to a narrow street full of pedestrians (streetwalkers). The machine hovered near the side of an alley, where there were also an infinity of people. There we jumped down and mixed with the multitude. What I felt was unusual about those people, was that it seemed that nobody was in a hurry, not the haste that is so peculiar to the great cities on Earth.

idea  of those glorious cities on Acart - but there the buildings themselves radiated diff.colors

"Another aspect that drew my intention, was the manner of dress of those people. I never saw anybody ill-dressed or shabby. Almost all of the men wore clothes more or less like what I wore, in material as well as design. (page 55 I old book, 64 in ebook) The small variations were scarcely noticeable. The dress of the women was in similar style. Another thing that intrigued me was the fact that none of them paid any attention to me…"

Arthur remarked also that it was quite cold when the sun set, but his guide there didn't seem to freeze, but so did Arthur. He said they had no seasons, same all the time. And he remarked the sun didn't shine from any blue sky there- more like cloudy all time. (well, that was the first day, later a morning he saw the sun rise in clear). Some day later he experienced this cold after sunset again, but he was SO impressed by the view of the city at night, that he almost forget the cold. This when he saw the splendor of the houses -seemed to shine colors of all kind, but at night those effects were much stronger, and the sight was very impressive for the earthling.

No money used there - free of that slave medium

-after another, later, visit to a kind of cafe - where they had got some warm to drink - Arthur went up to "cafehost" intending to pay, because he saw his fellowman didn't pay. It was then he found out that money or "paying" in our way, do not exist on that planet!

(more on that later)

In the evening, he again got some time for himself thinking if this could be possible, but rather he "could not wake up" from any dream either, so it had to be real..…so then he got a form of panic, when he began thinking all this through. He also had 2small children of 1-2years back on earth.

Then Acorc came in with a wine -drink he had made of fruit, which also contained alcohol, and he said that drinking such was not allowed in public places, only in homes. He said the government there had converted all the factories that earlier made harmful things like alcohol- into producing beneficial matter.


Frequent meals

The meals were frequent, and fish was always on the menu, plus a dark bread - looking like our rye bread, and he said that their fish and oceans were just similar to ours here on earth. "Despite all that I had eaten there, it seemed to me then that I could not weigh even50kilos there" (he was 90kg on earth). He remarked that they never began a meal, without first praying and thanking for it. When he went to bed (a very comfortable) one evening, he came to study his footwear he had got, and it was a kind of sandal - which description in the book reminds me of these health-sandal with uneven surface, sole, and those also had springs inside. But it was very comfortable, as he says he could hardly feel his feet when walking…

The room he slept in when he was as a guest by them, had no windows, lying in the centre of the house, and next morning he woke up, without knowing which hour/time it was. He put on the local clothes he had got from his host, not to stand out. He then went out to the terrace, and looked at the radiant, beautiful city he was in, waiting for his host to awaken.

Else was Acorc, his host, not sure of how much he could explain to the visitor, regarding all the details of life and government.on Acart, until he had been guided by the authorities/the "son of he sun". The opinions diverged among the council on this he experienced the following day.

That day he took on his earthly clothes - before meeting "son of he sun". They went to the balcony where the flying machine stood, pressed a button, so that the fence went down, and flew away to the seat of the government.some 60km away. He then understood that his host didn't live in the centre of the city, for just that was where they now flew, and landed on the roof of the government.building, where many similar crafts stood parked. They went down an elevator to a meetingroom. Arthur saw that the gathering had big respect for Acorc- his host there. He told him that the council was of more than 500people, and both of them were nervous. The house was round, and so was the room they came into. But one straight wall where a big table + chairs stood in front of the curved seats in many levels. This council of 9men, incl. "the son of the sun", was gathered when necessary, and now the earthman was the first thing to discuss. ."the son of the sun" was picked out of many thousands, out of his human-/understanding/wisdom- qualifications. They should discuss whether Arthur should be returned to earth.

A debate followed where he was interrogated. 

this from the book;

"…we have transformed our planet from a hell of theft and robbery, lies, usury, speculations and shame, to a paradise of love, fraternity, understanding and progress".

The next was that the "son of the sun" wanted a meeting with this man from Earth:

He himself lived in a flat as most of the others - no need for a palace with 100rooms. His flat where he lived with his family, was almost identical to that of Acorc. He also got to meet the family of the "son on the sun" there. All had this pallid (blek) colour on skin, almost white. He had a son of ca 12, and a daughter of ca16, but he felt no attraction to her, rather opposite. But his wife he found more attractive. He also got to eat with them, and remarked that nobody talked while eating.

Then the "son on the sun" told him to write a narrative of his visit when he came back to earth, but also said that nobody would belive him those first years, but after some 20years, that would change he said (now it is half a century - 50y- since this occured). They told him that they would show him much of their planet in the few days he was to stay there, before being taken back to earth.

After the visit to the "son" he was showed the marvelous city from the top of the roof, where they had landed with this flying wagon for this visit.

One of the big differences to Earth he remarked, was that it was no noice there, only some hum from the small ships.

All the walking for the people happened on narrow (because of little space) pedestals, but other transport happened on subsurface/subways. He said that on this planet they had 20billion on the same area as on E had 4billions - 5times more than the density on E. in -1958!! 

 So a very overpopulated planet.

Later on that day they flew him very quick to see around the planet. They flew to a farm, where he was shown farming in terraces /steps, like those they also some similar use in rice farming on Earth in the east, but the vegetable they had "down there" on Acart -that they flew over-  were some similar to potatoes he was told. 

The small hill that was made up of these steps for this cultivating, had steps of 20to100m wide. The "agri-tractors" were not making any noise, only low hum. He said it was driven by "solar power" (supposedly electric.R.Ø.rem.)

The living houses were then placed on hilly/rocky places, because where it could/was possible to  produce food, it had to be utilized.

insert  akartfarming.jpg


Later they flew over flocks of grassing buffalo-kinds of animals, but these were twice as big, and only one horn, of half a meter.

As Arthur had not flown on E. it was an impressive thing to see all this, also from above. They passed big mountains, and when he later saw pictures of highflying from earth, he recognized it. But they also flew over a city, which looked to be ON a mountain! Yes -it was built on just a mountain, out of the need for space as said before, and up there, they could not place a farm! In this mountain were also the biggest mines for solar-steel, so there was also a lot of production going on in or around this mountain city. "..when we flew over its centre, its ends were lost from sight, and it was built completely on top of rocky mountains. There were hills like the "sugar loaf" in Rio…"

Then they landed in this mountain-city and ate a meal there, while his host seemed to be well known for those people. He also then remarked that their custom was to only pray before eating when in private, home, and where many were gathered, they prayed inside only instead, out of practical reasons. Ned s.121

Then he was taken to an enormous factory where the SOLAR STEEL was treated. He telles it was 0,5x10km in area!-and so looked like an airfield. "there were thousands of similar ships there that were flying, hovering and parking. I asked:"why is it that they only arrive, and almost none are leaving?" -because it is almost the hour to begin work.

"But, who are those who arrive in those ships? Are they all workers?"

"-yes, except for some who live near by, all come by these ships.."

"Are you saying that all who work here are rich, since one of those ships must be very expensive?"

"-no, they do not cost. And here being an Acartian citizen and a worker, is enough to have a right to one.

"I don t understand". - but you will understand before you return to your Earth.

insert  acartfactory1


Then he says that he was not able to understand the processes he saw in that super-factory; "all what I saw in that factory, could only be done if I were an engineer, scientist, designer or other expert." (but he tries to give some descriptions, and those technical interested -would have a good time to read all this many details, about this automatic factory and its production, in the ebook. In that factory they also produced flying saucers, and he was given an explanation on how they operate in the atmosphere, and in space. There they also made laserlike weapons, which made our weapons to nothing, but they warned against the atombomb - this was the time when the military arming was very strong.

He also told him some of how the system of "power" of the ships worked - so this is inserted of a scanning from page 131 in the ebook.

insert acartshipengine.jpg

Visit to an astronomic observatory with also defense use/function.

Then he was taken to atop a mountain, where he saw a tube/funnel reaching 200m up, and they landed there -but it was terrible cold, and Arthur said he was very tired at this time. By way of this equipment, he was shown a view of Earth! But those observatories had also the opportunity to shot neutralizer-beams into space onto any hostile incoming ship from eventually aggressors. So these observatories were place around the planet in a net - as defense-system.



As they was so many, they had to use the food-resources in fish, which made up ca10% of the food supply. Artificial rivers were made for irrigation, where they also grew fish. They flew by this channels as his host described it all.

Later they arrived Acorc's home, where they said goodnigh, but Arthur woke up early next day (remember the nights was abnormal long, compared to what he was used to). He went out to the terrace and watched the bauti of the city in the night-light, but it was very cold outside, but he HAD to see this sight.

The next day, they flew to a holyday-centre at the cost, where the landed on the roof of a very long block building along the cost, which reminded of the Chinese Wall when they saw it from high - but much bigger and 20km long, but it was a continuous holiday-block along this coast. (ca 100m vidth, and 500m from the shore/sea). A lot of crafts/ships arrived together with them. On the other side of this long "wall" was a city along it.

When the left their ship open, Arthur had not yet habituated to the (moneyfree) situation there, as he expressed concern for leaving the craft "unlocked". There they also ate in a "bar" where he says he meant roomed perhaps 1000 tables!! There he again remarked that nobody seemed to pay for the food:


"...After that, we went to the trees and sat down comfortably on some stools similar to chairs that rotated. I put my hands behind my head and, thus remained for some minutes. But in that calm, I commenced to reflect and I saw in my mind an infinity of things that I was still unable to explain satisfactorily. Brusquely, I raised my body and remained seated, resolving to ask Acorc to explain some of these things that I did not understand.

One of these was that, since I had come to Akart, I still had not seen anybody pullout money to pay for anything. We had just eaten a meal with nearly 1,000 people and nobody had paid anything.
With relation to us, I had some kind of explanation, since we had that paper, which could perhaps be a form of requisition by the government; but... the rest?
To clear up this doubt I asked:
"What kind of money do you have here?"
He raised up and sat in the same position as I, right in front of me and said:
"Money? We have no money here on Akart."

I almost fell on my back, stool and all.
"But how?! But how do they buy things, and pay their employees?"
He gave a sigh and responded:
"Well, this is a very lengthy affair, but I will try to explain to you. Akart was all divided up into countries and each one had their own type of government and money. That being the case when they began to feel the problems of overpopulation, those better off commenced to acquire every palm of our land and thus, those who had money obtained and owned more space than they needed to live, while those less favored by fortune were banished to the streets. This resulted in dishonesty, robberies, several wars, and all the rest.


Always because of the evils of money. The whole planet was an inferno; a few survived and others in greater number died of hunger, misery and pains. Then when it seemed like all was lost, there emerged the greatest scientist of all times here on Akart."

"And what did he do?"
"He discovered the means to take advantage of the very energy of the Sun."
"What did that have to do with the money situation?"
"Many things. Once discovered, he and two more of his followers, invented the arms which we still have."
"Was he rich or poor?"
"Very rich, but he spent all his fortunes on investigations and experiments which resulted in benefits for all."
"In what manner?"

"In the following way: When he succeeded in inventing the neutralizer (beam weapon), he told nobody of his invention, but gave adequate proof of what he could do with such a weapon. He threatened all of the countries, that if they could not find a common denominator for their differences, he would use the weapon. He presented a global plan for the salvation of the planet. Then all or almost all accepted and obeyed him. His first step was to abolish all the frontiers, making all of Akart only one country; the second was to level all of the cities to equal rights and obligations. To obtain this, he had to get rid of the money, and this automatically ended profits, speculations, robbery, usury and many other things, proceeding from money."
"Then he must have been some kind of dictator?"

"No, he did not become directly the Government, but nevertheless gave ideas to others who then put them into practice."
"Certainly he depended on the support of some strong country?"
"No. It is as I said. Ninety percent of the population of Akart lived in oppression and misery, and thus they understood his ideas and supported him. The remaining ten percent could do nothing, and finally, they accepted also. And as the people helped to install this regime, the sane people had the right to select their governors. They proposed that the scientist be selected, but he would not accept, however he indicated one son of his. That one was selected and became the first Governor of all of Akart. Since the scientist was called the man of the Sun, thanks to his discoveries, his son was called the Son of the Sun. From this proceeded the tradition of calling our president the 'Son of the Sun'."
"Ah! For that reason?"
"That is it."
"I thought it was a sacred name."
"No. It is not, as you can see."
"When and for how long is the governor of Akart then selected?"
"Every three years (Akartian)." (= 5 Earth years and 6 Earth months.)

"But how can you get along without money to buy or sell the things? How do you do it?"
"Here, nobody needs to buy or sell anything. There is enough work (for those who are apt) that they can have all that they need or desire, without the immoralities. Here, it is a crime for anyone to refuse to work. We came to the conclusion, that money is the work of the evil doings. Without it many evils are avoided."
"Are they obligated to work until after they are old?"
"No. The people work so many hours per day or night and for the hours that are left, they can go where they like, eat or drink in any public place, without extravagances, and do as they please. In every year there is a period of rest; then they can travel throughout all of Akart -- and see and do what they please, traveling by whatever means they prefer. For this there is enough available, which is furnished by the Government. And they have more: What one citizen has, they all have, because here all that is produced obeys a global plan; such as homes, the ships, dress, alimentation, etc."

"Up to what age do they have to work?
"It is like this: Until 11 years (Akartian) they have to study; from there forward they are going to work in a profession which was approved by the schools; They work until 36 years (Akartian) and after that retire. Then, they can stay in one place the rest of their life, or travel wherever they want, live in one fixed place or live in a hotel, or various hotels, as they choose. They have all the assistance and attention they require for the rest of their life."
"Is this law also for women?"
"Well, the women also study up till 11 years; and after that then they may marry and care for a home, or if they do not want to do that, they are obligated to work according to their profession." ...
(Note: When they go on interplanetary voyages, their laws stipulate that it is a crime to bring back terrestrials on the planet they visit, back to Akart. The commander of the ship that brought the earthman, Artur, to Akart, he was demoted in rank to an operator.)
"I don’t understand how the commander of an interplanetary ship, of such high position, could pass to become an operator, because of an unfortunate such as I? "

"Yes, because our laws concerning the terrestrials is as follows: We must not touch nor kill, still less bring one from another planet back to Akart, as it your case. Here the laws are made by man, and those that disobey must pay for their disobedience. "
"I thought that a functionary of such high position would have some rights."
"No! Here we have neither highs nor lows. All are as equals, even the Son of the Sun (their governor). When he finishes his days as governor, for which he was selected by all the people, he will return to the plow the fields, if that is from where he had come. "

"What are these mines of solar steel? "

"Solar steel is a special steel whose utility, I believe, still has not been discovered on Earth. It is of that which we make our solar ships, like that in which you traveled with me, and other things as well. It has many other uses." ...

He was again told of their problem of overpopulation, and how it could be nessessary to move out part of their population to earth - after an evt.atom/nuclear-war had wiped out much of the earthmen, and they had the means to clean up the environment rather quickly with their advanced technology. They seem to have observing bases here, esp.on the moon, as also the Korundors talked about. And yes- they then meant that an atomic war was unavoidable in -58. (but seem to be out of insight into the watching of our earth from MUCH more advanced races, which make up a kind of "guardian angels" for our planet Earth. R.Ø.rem).



The Akart ETs spoke very briefly in the 1950s about the then three
factions. Today, there are four factions.
Until the 1950s prior, there were two rival factions. Emerging
later was a third faction, but the third was still sketchy.
The Akart ETs have been silent for many years now. They are still
monitoring the planet Earth. They believe that we waste too much
time fighting, and should have been at peace long ago.


"We are not exactly unaware that there on your Earth, there exist two or more factions which are in conflict, and all possess atomic bombs, with high destructive power, and they continue to make more all the time, and of greater scale. If instead of using the nuclear energy for destructive
ends and they used it constructively, our hopes would be nullified."
"What hopes?"

"To inhabit the Earth."
"Are you saying that you intend to invade the Earth?"
"Yes, but as I have already said, not on those terms. Let me explain in what manner. You must be aware that an atomic war on Earth is inevitable, and, even if we wanted to instigate it, we could, since it  would only be necessary to intercept an airplane or ship of either faction, that the one would judge that it was the other. But, we are not  going to intervene in any such manner, because we have come to the conclusion that they would not resist for much time the curiosity to see
the foul-up that caused the situation, and, when this happens, none of  them will escape the devastation, because with only a few of those bombs, the whole terrestrial globe will be contaminated. Once this happens, we can peacefully take over the whole planet, because those few
who remain will be in no position to offer resistance; on the contrary, they will welcome us."

"But what future is there when the terrestrial globe contaminated by destruction and radioactive poison?"
"Whether it is contaminated constitutes no problem for us."

"Why not?
"Because, here we have an apparatus which neutralizes the malefic effects of radioactive poison, transforming it into fertilizer for the soil and other things."

"If such a war happened, how much time would you wait before going into action?"

"We would go into action as soon as the war ended, because it would cost us to wait, as the vegetation would all die in the zones of conflagration."

"And if there was a victor who had not suffered either human or material destruction?"

"There is no victor in such a war. They would attack each other mutually; we are certain of this, because we know all the secrets of the terrestrials, against which they know practically nothing concerning us."

"But if I tell them what is here, and what I have seen and heard on Akart?"

"Not tomorrow, I give you all the reason when I say that nobody is going to want to believe you."

"What suddenly interests me is that which awakened the Son of the Sun and the Council, when from one moment to the next, after finding danger in my return to Earth, he asked me to make a written account of all that I saw, heard and felt here, and to try to divulge it? Perhaps it was to test my loyalty?"

"I can tell you that it was not for that; we are interested in a large part of the terrestrials having knowledge of some possible narrative of yours in this respect, and, as is to be hoped, nobody is going to believe it at this time."

"Why not at this time?"
"Because they are only going to believe when some of these facts have been confirmed."

"How will this benefit them and when?"

"When they come out of the war and we appear on the Earth. The few who survive, due to your knowledgeable aid, will know something of our system of government, our manner of life and being, and thus will not
offer us resistance, which would be useless to try."

(NOTE: The Akartians maintain a base here on Earth for some centuries now. And ever so often they rotate their staff there. They have built a huge space platform several miles in diameter some distance away from
their home planet. This station they use as a stop over point, to station thousands of space ships, etc. Their spaceships travel over 311 miles per second or over 18,660 miles per minute. This group has anti-matter beam weapons.

Earth terrestrials will not have anti-matter beam weapons
until about the year 2990 A.D. and it is this weapon they will use to vaporize the planet Mars from the Sol System in a brutal interplanetary war.

It will be the last war the earthman fight, before he realizes peace is the only way.)

"I would like to broaden the question on one point: Are you saying that you are going to come as owners of the house, and not as rangers,

"Well, I have already said that we are not going to do anything bad to anybody. Now, once you have done the mischief by your hands, nothing is more logical than that we benefit you. We Akartians, by force of circumstances, have learned to be realists. This question is comparable with a fable that my father always told when I was a boy, which is as

"A man who had innumerable cages thought it well to place birds in almost all of them. He had two hanging one beside the other. In these two cages the birds were multiplying; one came to the point where there was no more room for more, but they lived well adjusted and were each
contented with a place to sit. Thus all those that the man allowed to hatch, also were given the means to live.

Contrary to the first, the second, had plenty of space, however they commenced to quarrel; each one
wanted the better place; the stronger lived comfortably and the weak had to get used to the corners and be satisfied with the crumbs. The roost there was left to the strong. Each one wanted to be better and to control. Finally a struggle broke out, so fierce that they mutually destroyed each other, and with them also most of the weak ones, who had
nothing to do with this.

The man, on seeing this, gave access to those
of the other cage of which he moved half to the first. These went there and reconstructed the broken nests, resuscitating some of those who had
escaped with their lives, and thus they were able to live in peace for many years, without worrying about the problem of space, as much in one cage as the other."

"I understand the moral, unhappily for us terrestrials, perhaps this same thing is going to come to pass. It is somewhat similar to Earth and Akart." I said with my head down.

After some minutes of silence between us, I asked:
"Do you, sir, not feel that you have erred in showing and explaining to me, all this with respect to your arms and means of locomotion? Since once I return to Earth, if I am given the time to do this in the manner
in which you have explained all, I think the government would give me the necessary means, and I have the impression that I could come to a

He swallowed dryly and leaned back to respond; and then between reprimanding and fear, he said:
"Well, in the first place, I believe you are not even thinking of doing this; and second, the terrestrials at the moment do not have materials to this end at their disposal. But, please, do not speak to me of similar things anymore, because if anyone here suspected what we are doing, perhaps you would have to live here on Akart the rest of your days of life.

 I cannot say anything more, because I cannot judge their
capabilities, neither in one thing or another."

Only then was it that I saw where I had put myself with my foolish suppositions, and I responded:
"But it is not that I judge myself capable of this. It is scarcely a supposition."
"This I know, but you are not going to want to nuke these suppositions known to the Son of the Sun and the Council!"

Saying this, he stopped talking, and remained with the fingers of his hands interlaced, pensive.

End of this quotation.


The criminals there

At one time he came to see a seemingly "poor" man there – who seemed to have fallen outside. His clothes was unusual compared to the others, and seemed to be dirty also. And they described to him that he was a criminal. But as they had no prisons, those went around free, but had to beg for the living, as they had no longer any access to the advantages the society gave the rest. All got their sentence from what they had done. Those could not enter any public establishment to obtain what they needed. The "prisoners" was marked with a medallion to wear around the neck, and could not be taken off until the penalty had been through. They could neither travel by any of the public transports when they went on this "prison" – only to walk around, begging for food. Some sat out food for them, like to wild animals, and it was indeed humiliation. Those married of these, could get some help from their wives or children – evt. parents.



Below their cities there, ran parallel automatic subways, which ran at different speeds. When they reached the end station they went back - all operated automatic, and the passengers could make it stop at the station they wished. It all operated on electric power.

On his last day on that planet he was also taken to a sport-like arrangement, where two teams fought a pushing competition, never seen like on earth. But they also had a footballike competition. It is to remark that this sportfield had artificial grass, something that the was not yet made here on our Earth at that time in -58.

After the sports-visit, and a farewell -greeting to the "son",he was taken back to the family of Acorc, and said goodbye in a short manner to them.

He was also told the problems they still had regarding space-travel, and was told it was best to stay unconscious under part of this trip when he, and his body, was not yet used to it. We must remember that this race was in the first steps regarding interplanetary trips. Their depart from the planet Acart was also made in the same place that he had arrived some days before -in the city of "Con". It was a special kind of "airport".

He slept on the part of the trip to their "space-station"- some 50.000 km out in space, so it was not much time used to reach it either. This was an enormous platform in space. Almost a city there, but only houses like "iglos", and all out had to wear special suits.


ill.not from book

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On the returntrip he was also showed around the ship, which had 3 levels. The first and 3d - had less rooms than the 2nd. The lower had small ships, and some kind of solar weapons also. The middle - by which they reached by an elevator- had laboratories, rooms and corridors. "in the various compartments we entered, we always found humans seated in front of super-complicated apparatus, covered with instruments of all types.

The "motorroom" where they created the propulsive force was ca 5x5m, and in the middle of it were 6motors, about the size of a barrel of gasoline, arranged in 2 rows or3- one above the other. He was told that these captured and transmitted the solar energy moving the ship. Only 2 worked at the time, the rest for reserve, in case of malfunction of the others: "all made of matter is possible to malfunction…" he was told. The ship had other motors used in the atmosphere. He was told the ship had a normal crew of 32persons.

After many days in space, the ship came to earth, but first they landed in a icy place he was told was on the pole, and he drew the conclusion to be the south. From then on, only short time till they let him out some kilometers from his house, to where he used long time walking, because he felt so heavy being back on earth. After some "confused" days inside his house, he began writing down all this he had experienced, and what is then reported here.

But they went on with some further contacts with Arthur after this also. But as he got terrible trouble locally when he told of this first experience, he just reported those later to the investigators of the case..

End of report      |   Portuguese ,brasil-pdf,   áudio-livro

The book was published in Portuguese in nov.67-by Walter K.Buhler, and translated by Wendelle Stevens, and published in-87, but have been sold out for long time, but used copies may be found, but he now sell it as cheap e-book.

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the book on the case  in pdf
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Extra in the book:


This is one of the earliest cases of being taken to another planet, and happened 4dec-49- also in Rio in Brasilia, but the case was not published until-68. In this case he was away for 4months! When the interview happened, Mario Restier, 40, lived in Volta Redona with wife + 3 children, and had worked at a steel plant for 15 years. The trip had happend when he was 17.

On 4dec -49, he was on the way to his father when he noticed a strange discshaped craft. It came low above some trees without any sound at all, and landed 15m from the road. He was then talked to from the ship, on Portuguese, not to be afraid. He went onboard, in spite of being afraid. Inside he saw two persons of his own size, in peculiar clothes. He asked them if they belived in god, and got the ansver that god "is one only". This made him more safe. He was shown around the ship, and told to stay in a special room, where a liquid was that they said was necessary to be through the accelerations. He later found the ship to be 15 m in diameter. Then he fell asleep. When he awoke, he saw gigantic transparent domes, kilometres in extent, covering the whole city in such a way, that where one ended, another began, and they were connected. He got some "fruits" in a room where he was taken, reminding of tropical fruits, which they said was an highly purified food, with no need for wc-visits later.

Those people said they lived ca 300 years pr incarnation. Their eyes were blue or green, and the mouth small. He noticed no hair on their skin. He saw also women and children there. But the craftmen on the return ship made him think more of robots than of people.

He was shown diff.factories, when he asked to be brought home. So he was, but when he came back he was very amazed that he had been away for 4months!! His father was very angry when he came back, because he had just disappeared without saying where. He had looked after him in Rio, seeking all he could for him. For Mario, it all seemed to have taken max 3 days! And he was allowed to take back some peculiar material - a sheet of special metal.

 Portuguese ,brasil-pdfáudio-livro


other sex-contacts with Et-girls in the same timewindow in South-america.

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(report made of rune ø. in oct-08 from the e-book, kindly lent out from the Norwegian ufo-researcher Ole Jonny Brenne, who has an enormous private ufo-library and also supply the Swedish/Scandinavian AFU-library in Sweden with information)