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Antonio Rossi: "On a Flying Saucer I Visited Another Planet".

By Pablo Villarrubia Mauso
In addition to tractor driver Artur Berlet, Brazilian "Antonio Rossi" has also released a book about a trip to another unknown planet. 
The trip would have been very pleasant with his cicerone Jânsle, then became friends with the contact.

Antonio Rossi
Through meetings he learned about various facts he had been taught, before which he was not part of his daily life - since he was a very simple man.

See the narration of this story of Mr. Antonio Rossi's extraterrestrial contact:

He lives in the state of Rio de Janeiro, in his book “ On a Flying Saucer I visited another Planet ”. The author at the time of the facts lived in the quiet city of Paraibuna, in the Paraíba Valley. Rossi, a very simple person, was a metallurgist in the city of São Paulo.

In his book he tells quite simply his contact when fishing.

Amazing account of a trip to another planet on a flying saucer. Evolution and Progress of an advanced humanity that surpasses anything conceivable. Beings of different physical complexion, naked and devoid of sexual organs, very tall thinking about 120 kg, had only two fingers on each hand and one on the toes. Devoid of hair. His contact came with a being named Dr. Jânsle .

This is the account of a trip to another planet. It is also a story interview with the last traveler of the “ Adamskian Era ” cosmos : Antonio Rossi. After more than 50 years of that adventure, the elder confirms everything he said in his book and reveals a new contact with Dr. Jânsle, a doctor from other worlds .

There was a time when some people announced that they had traveled aboard a flying saucer to other planets. The real boom came in the 1950s, when US-based Polish George Adamsky publicly admitted that he had been contacted by tall, blond beings allegedly from the planet Venus and had traveled with them outside, orbiting. the moon and other stars.

Most doubted his words and photos taken in the vicinity of California's famous Palomar Observatory. Interestingly, soon after, people began to emerge in the US and other countries who claimed to have undertaken similar adventures. Brazil was not unaware of this situation and some citizens appeared, such as the law professor, Dr. João Freitas Guimarães (see this book) (or german) - on June 16, 1956 - or the metallurgist Antonio Rossi in 1957. The press highlighted the adventures of the academic Dr. João Freitas Guimarães, but little has been said about the proletarian who had the courage to publish in 1959 a book entitled- translated meaning " In a Flying Saucer I Visited Another Planet ."

Guimarães and Rossi's statements showed two totally different opinions: one that pointed to a possible farce or even madness; the other is that these two citizens would not have to risk their credibility in the society in which the law professor lived especially because of his condition as a public man.

If today ufology is something that many already accept naturally, it was not so for over 50 years. Courage or madness, the determination of these and other men to speak to the media of the day about the possibility of life outside the earth is, to say the least, admirable. They had nothing to gain - Rossi's book had little repercussion and most copies were presented to friends - but much to lose so much in their social realm.

These UFO -era  heroes ” have been totally forgotten. But one fine day in December 2005, I who  writes these lines was able to locate Mr. Antonio Rossi by telephone. In fact,  no longer expected to find him alive, for it had been many years since the  cosmic experience. I confess that I could not suppress the emotion by listening on the other end of the line ( I was in Madrid, Spain )- to  the voice of the man who claimed to have traveled to a strange planet inhabited by highly intelligent and developed beings.

Today, after more than 50 years since his experience, Antonio Rossi, at the age of almost 89, continues to peremptorily and naturally assert that he has lived through all that he said in his rare and forgotten book. Without changing a comma ... The subtitle of his work was suggestive: “ amazing account of a trip to another planet on a flying saucer. Evolution and progress of an advanced civilization that surpasses anything conceivable ”. This was much more than a subtitle, as it distilled a concept that went back to ancient medieval travels, when everything was “ amazing and wonderful, ” while leaving a door open for the future, for evolution and modernity.

The preface to the work was written by General Levino Cornelio Wischral, ​​an important army officer in the state of São Paulo. He said: “We know the author perfectly. Metalworker, simple man, hardworking, helpful, virtuous character, exemplifying both at home and on the street *. For this reason, worthy of study is Antonio Rossi's account, especially in the light of the Gospel, which tells us that " in my Father's house are many mansions " ... St. Paul, April 12, 1957. "
But let's see, finally, what happened to Antonio Rossi.
*and precisely these qualities of a noble person, were probably the reason why he was allowed to experience this - for IT was like nothing else - based on chance. rune comment

Inside the flying saucer.

It all happens one spring afternoon in 1954, when Rossi was 35 years old. Along with some metallurgical/metal-worker- friends, he goes to the north of São Paulo state, Paraibuna, on the banks of the  river. The young man was engaged in fishing when, turning his head, he bumped into two strange creatures about 30 meters away. The fisherman's first impression was of dread. When the ones get closer he could see that they were absolutely naked. They had no apparent sex organs, were tall, two meters tall and had only two fingers on each hand and foot, being devoid of hair. The body was athletic, no sign of bones.

Rossi calmed down when he realized both characters were smiling. They had exaggeratedly large eyes and yellowish pupils - no eyebrows - and from their faces emanated an air of kindness. The nose was tiny and flat. The ears were small and the head a little larger than ours, oval in shape.  Want something? ”, he asked, but the entities did not answer him.  However, Rossi noticed some 'sounds inside his head', although the beings did not speak with their  lips. “Heard” something like they came in peace and were inhabitants of another planet.
- “ Have confidence in us that we came to invite you to visit our world. We are not demanding, we just invite. If you accept, it will be of your own free will; in a few hours we will get there!

We guarantee to bring you back with the same health and disposition you are in now; then you can report to your friends -  everything you saw and learned ... "- said one of the beings, as related in the book.

After much hesitation, Antonio Rossi accepted the invitation, trusting the honesty of his strange interlocutors. That's when they led him to a real pale gray flying saucer about 30 meters in diameter. Its height, in the central part, where there was a dome, would have been about 30 feet and hovered in the air, free of contact with the ground, half a meter above ground. Rossi came in through a door, up a ladder, and inside he found another being with the same characteristics as the previous ones.


When I visited Rossi in July 2007 at his humble home in a peripheral neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro, he remembered that impressive adventure.

- One of the beings held out his hand with a kind of cup, filling it with a thick liquid like honey. He told me to drink it, as it was essential to be prepared for the long trip. I wondered if it was poison or something real to prepare, withstand the space crossing. I drank, because I thought that a dead "me" would be of no use to them… ”Antonio Rossi told me, an affable elder whose face and outward gestures overflow with serenity and kindness .

The room where the three beings stood was eight meters in diameter, completely round, smooth-walled, with a dome-shaped curved ceiling, and well-lit. Despite the clarity, Rossi could not trace the perfectly homogeneous  intensive and diffuse at all angles  - light source . No shadow was cast on any sides, giving the impression that light came from all the walls of the flying saucer.

It is interesting to note that in other cases or invitations to travel on spaceships - supposedly extraterrestrial - these two conditions are met: that of the passenger drinking a liquid to prepare  for the crossing and the existence of a homogeneous illumination that seems to come from all sides ... simple coincidences?

Let's return to the description of the interior of the ship. In the center was a circular table two meters in diameter and a dozen stools fixed to the floor six inches high. They was a width of a  foot,  spread symmetrically around - except on the side of a mysterious panel. It was three meters long and 1.80 meters high and had a series of “ striations, levers and buttons, with in the center a oval screen of about 70 centimeters from end to end ”. Following the description, the buttons were like tuners, some opaque and others brighter. As much as he looked, he could find no wires, connections, pointers, sockets, or instruments like those used on our planes.

- It seemed that everything was made from a single block of the same material. The levers seemed to be running in splines or tracks, and there were other unknown devices with underscores underneath.  Rossi remembers squinting, as if trying to see better inside  . .

Surrounding the room were a series of small windows, interspersed with dividing lines. They were oval shaped, about 25 centimeters, arranged at a height of 1.80 meters. In vain Rossi tried to find a door,  but its recesses had disappeared as it closed. Everything Rossi could see had round shapes, there was absolutely nothing square or right-angled.

At some point, the beings called the passenger to look at the dashboard screen. A greenish ball then appears in the center of the image that slowly approached, where you could see rivers, mountains, lakes and soon what seemed to be the city of São Paulo with its buildings and Congonhas airport with amazing clarity. and proximity.
(probably was a form of a  3d "screen"/R)

While discussing the trip through space, the beings " talked " mentally with Antonio Rossi. They said they also play sports on their planet, and enjoyed outdoor life and was healthy eating. In fact, the beings were vegetarians and abhorred the flesh of animals and had horror of insects.

Getting to the planet

As the ship approached their planet, Rossi glimpsed an oval-shaped city that seemed to be made of glass. The ship landed softly and outside there was an entourage to receive the guest from earth. He was still dressed in fishing trousers, torn shirt, rolled-up sleeves, and old rubber shoes with a machete at his belt, and  was uncomfortable with such ragged clothing. Men, women, and children welcomed the visitor, waving and smiling. Some approached and hugged him.

- At that moment I noticed a total absence of noise, seeming to be all wrapped in a subtle and mysterious music. I also noticed that the streets were shaped like tubes of glass-like material, perhaps 180 meters wide and sidewalks about 40 meters wide. The houses were invariably round, transparent, equidistant, with flower gardens but no windows, Rossi recalls .

At this point the terrestrial man noticed the difference between men and women by the most gentle female behavior, although they had no apparent breasts and other external sexual signs. Nor did he see obese/thick, fat people. He observed numerous vehicles on the streets or avenues. His hosts later told him that the "collective transport  " circulated at 1,500 km per hour. They resemble a five-meter-high vertical 'cylinder' topped by a dome, ten meters in diameter. They are semi-transparent and there are numerous round stools that are located on the periphery. In the center is a round table, and there is no need for conductors: each one marks its destination on the panel buttons.

In the center of the avenues there are platforms where the flying saucers land. To cross the wide avenues, the inhabitants use small transparent vehicles, about 4 meters in diameter. On the planet there are no private vehicles, only collective vehicles. In fact, the visitor would later learn that the people of that extraterrestrial world were living a kind of advanced socialism* that " facilitated the moral and physical recovery of those less fortunate ." In fact, that civilization uses no money and almost all services are collective, free. There are no wars or extreme disputes between them.

*and this is probably one of the main reasons for the numerous information about contact to  such 'all-through socialized societies" are being kept secret by the earthly authorities, where private interests still have the main focus of the great powers that dictate the world./R comment

since they there did not have external sexual organs, the "incarnation" for the fetus to materialize a body with the help of the parents' etheric bodies to release enough substance for this to happen - perhaps with the help of methods described on the link here. ( THE VOICE OF VENUS Chapter XVI)

Martinus, in his cosmic visions, saw how reproduction changes as we exit the pure animal realm, and interestingly is also that they point out that kissing is of great importance in this, which we also increasingly see in the earth human's sexuality

-  one of the activities most appreciated by the inhabitants of that planet is growing flowers. They are of unparalleled beauty - reports Rossi .

In the parks, which he would visit later, the trees had reddish-yellow leaves, as if they were almost dry. They were profusely flowered, with flowers the size of a plate.

Another curious aspect of the cities is that they are illuminated at night with projectors called “ futuores ”. They throw up strong jets of flames that ignite, producing cold light and establishing a great vault some 100 meters high. Brightness penetrates the transparent homes- may be similar to those of Thiaoouba, who also was inhabitated by people most dobble poled- with balance of the sexes in one and the same body.

In relation to food, the beings on the planet of Jânsle ( whose name did not want to reveal ) make use of “ vitamin juices ” produced by fruits of the trees. They have no teeth and taste the food in their mouth for a few minutes. Nor do they have a liquid or solid excretion system. (yes- just as the forementioned danish martinus was able to 'see' and tell in a logic way, after his cosmic initiation in year 1921 regarding the transformation of 'earth-man' thru the coming ca 3000 years. rø-rem.)
Jansle took the visitor to a hospital. There he marveled at a " totally clean " surgery .

- Disaggregated parts of an injury, such as blood and damaged tissues, were suctioned out by a device. With another instrument, with the nozzle, ejected a colorless liquid that covered the wound, completing the disinfection. With a third instrument he projected another clear, sticky liquid that accumulated in the wound cavities, a kind of plasma that healed the wound, Rossi recalled .

Religion and sport on the planet Jânsle

Of course, Doctor Jansle spoke about religion to his earthly host. Spoke of the " infinite greatness and power of God " which they approached with a greater knowledge of the universe. Their " churches " or " field of worship " were made up of forty large rounded shelters with no side walls, whose domed roofs were supported by symmetry columns.

These shelters held hundreds of chairs arranged in rows like in our churches. On a higher level, there were eight larger chairs arranged in a straight line where the people were accommodated. In the center, on a round table, was a kind of television set (“ headphone ”) projecting images of religious teachings, such as “ love one another ”, for example.

They consider that “ life is one and eternal , and make “ stages  going through the “ phases of life on the various planets, almost always repeating lesson three, four, eight and even ten times, living in the same orb/dimension, ” according to Jânsle's words. 

The doctor also explained that space  volitors ” can reach speeds between 2,600 and 85,000 kilometers per hour. On exceptional occasions, they would reach 300,000 km per hour.

Leisure activities do not escape the inhabitants of that world. Rossi was taken to a kind of stadium where a curious game was developed. Above the field were circles equidistant to 90 cm, distributed over the whole surface. Each team had 23 players, 12 attackers and 11 defenders. The game consists of fast and constant movement of the players over the circles throughout the field, with the defenders preventing the attackers, who jump from circle to circle, from reaching their goal, located at the final half moon of each end of the field. The attacker must always step inside the circles and, if stepping over the edge, is penalized.

Although they do not use weapons, they have a kind of “ laser beam ” called 'guitric rays'. They would be like very powerful, low and high frequency light rays with high destructive power. It would be able to disintegrate the earth in 20 minutes. But the inhabitants of the planet of Jansle, thanks to their pacifist behavior, never used these weapons for destructive purposes.

Dr. Jânsle also showed his guest a room with 12 helmets that functioned as " mental projectors ." A light struck Rossi's face with his helmet on his head, and at that moment he was suggested to create a " mental drawing ." The terrestrial thought of the Corcovado Hill in Rio de Janeiro and, opening his eyes, saw on the screen in front of a table the outline of the Corcovado with Christ the Redeemer at the top, as he had thought ...

The return

The time had come to return to Earth. Just as on the way out, Rossi took the same viscous liquid for his preparation. Jansle advised the terrestrial to write a booklet describing his adventure on that planet somewhere in the universe. He promised to return in the future to give him another trip to visit three other planets. One has 96 percent of the water-covered surface, where residents struggle with food shortages. These are excellent swimmers and divers, but they face terrifying and devouring sea monsters, similar to extinct brontosaurs and dimetrodons.

On another planet Rossi should visit - the promise has not been fulfilled to 'this day' - its inhabitants are " semi-material ". They live about 3,600 years and dispense solid or liquid foods, but they absorb nutrients from the atmosphere through respiration. Their activity is basically mental.

The spaceship or “ volitor ” returned to the same place on the river where they had taken up Antonio Rossi. In fact the earthly man said goodbye with tears in his eyes. He checked the clock that read precisely 5:06 pm the day before and was standing still. By the time of the sun, it should be about ten o'clock in the morning. He estimated that his outward journey took about 4 hours, so many to return and that four more were left on the planet. The stunned metallurgist walked a little until he found the fishing companions who worriedly asked where he had spent the night, for they had not found him.

Rossi fell silent as he promised Jansle to keep his adventure a secret for the eight days following the trip. Undercoverly said he spent all night fishing in another part of the river. After these days, the metalworker decided to gather his business friends over coffee to tell them what happened.

- They told me that I had dreamed; others who only feed on liquids would not do… that is, nobody believed my story, ”Rossi told me with a shrug.

During almost two days with Antonio Rossi and his wife, I confirmed that he was a man of normal life, and I was surprised by his vividness and prodigious memory despite his age. He told me that in part this was due to the liquid foods he had eaten on the distant planet, which gave him such a breath that he still feels strengthened to this day.

Doctor Jânsle's prophecies

Jânsle also advanced some "prophecy" to Antonio Rossi, as in the year 2030 there will be a "true moral and physical metamorphosis, along with a radical change in all sectors of human life. "

The extraterrestrial doctor has ensured that the country where a simple riveter is an engineer, the vegetable grower a doctor, or the radio repairer, a teacher, will dictate the peace of the world. “Evolution is obtained by doing good deeds, by tolerance and mental goodness; in short for our love for our fellow man, a quality we are obliged to use, if not by free will, ”Jânsle would have told Rossi.

The birth of a new terrestrial race, by merging the existing ones, was another of the points analyzed by the cosmic doctor. In the future, the new breed is expected to consume only seven percent of its current food intake. If you eat a pound a day today, for example, you will be satisfied with only 70 grams a day. The current icy zones of planet Earth will become fertile lands and natural resources could rationally cover the needs of 16 billion human beings who could live some 40 years longer than the current average.

The alien doctor warned of the protection of terrestrial fauna and flora - already in the 1950s - and that we should avoid the devastation of the jungles. We should also abolish meat in our diet.
One of the most interesting things revealed to the earthman was that cancer would be caused by viruses and that medical research should be directed in this direction.

The return of Doctor Jânsle and Rossi's unpublished book.

Four or five years after Antonio Rossi's trip to another world, while he was already living in Rio de Janeiro, he was meeting a neighbor on Sepetiba beach when they saw a UFO approach. Thinking it was his extraterrestrial friends, he ran to meet him, but, disappointed, saw the object take off and move away, disappearing ...

It would not be until 1987 when I would receive another visit. It was two o'clock in the morning of January of that year when Rossi woke up ...

"My brain got a flash, like the flashes I get when Dr. Jânsle guides me. My head seems to get bigger, like when we receive an anesthetic injection to extract a tooth, but everything is clear and easy to assimilate, ” says the old man .

Then images began to form in his mind of a quarry, some buildings, and on the left side of a rushing river. Gradually these images became clearer until they became very clear. Suddenly Rossi recognized the place, as he used to go through it once a week to deliver mineral water to various companies. It was a mound of columns of stone and concrete, thrown by the road between two factories.

After identifying the place, the image of Doctor Jânsle appeared in Rossi's mind, smiling.

- I jumped to my feet, put on any pants and shirt that came to hand, put on a pair of, all this quickly, splashed my face, straightened my hair, picked up my car, an old 65th, and left with soul and mind flying through space ... I thought I was going to see Doctor Jânsle and travel with him again through space - he says, recovering the emotion of that moment.

When it entered Rio-Santos, the car went at 100 per hour and Rossi's heart at "a thousand per minute". In the industrial zone of Santa Cruz ( outskirts of Rio de Janeiro ) it passed several factories and stopped near the"in his head",  or mentally seen debris. It was then that he saw Dr. Jânsle standing on a small rock. He approached unceremoniously, clasped his  hands and they hugged each other emotionally.

- Apologizing for getting you out of bed, he said to me: "We were passing by and, thanks to this clear moon, we can talk for two hours, following up our first date ." So I asked him about the flying saucer and its crew. In response, he told me that the disk was nearby and within two hours they would come for it, ”the ex-metallurgist reported.

After the allotted talk time, the cosmic doctor said goodbye to Rossi who asked when they would see each other again. The answer was, “This will happen hundreds and hundreds of times, whenever we want. It will be when we are stripped of matter at the later level of evolution' .

From that new conversation, Antonio Rossi wrote a new, unpublished book (publishers attention!) Entitled " The Woman: Teaching of  a Doctor from Another Planet" , which deals with such varied subjects as the importance of women in our society, governments and armies, the education of the childs, and the possibility of " reforming man and obtaining a higher being ."

P.V. Mauso, who  did this orig.article, is the author of the book “ Mysteries of Brazil ”.


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