the APU UFO Contact of Vitko Novi

Vitko Novi or Victor Kapetanovic (here later picture) from northern Peru worked as an Electrical Engineer in the Central Hydroelectric Plant at Huallanca on the banks of the Santa River in the beautiful Callejon de Huaylas.

Then on the march10,1960 he told he exp.this:

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Shirley MacLaine skriver mycket om Vitko Novi sin bok Allt beror på spelet.

"I finished the day of 10 March 1960 in the Hydroelectric Center for Huallanca, see picture- established in a tunnel by those fine masters of modern engineering, in the rocky escarpments of the Peruvian Andes on the right branch of the Rio Santa,
Callejon de Huaylas. All of the equipment was functioning harmoniously. I thought that my turn of work for this night, as Chief of Mechanical Operations would pass with no problems nor power failures, those that occasionally occurred because of the heavy rains and violent winds that assaulted those high peaks of the Black Cordillera where the high tension lines transported the electrical energy from Huallanca to the distribution center for the small city of Chimbote, some hundreds of kilometers distant.

Suddenly a sparrowhawk flew above the generators and perched upon a nonferrous overhang in the upper part of the wall. It turned its head agitatedly from  side to side. I was surprised by the actions of the bird since the interior of the tunnels and the blockhouse were well illuminated, and it must have come zigzagging among the cables, tubes, and other installations the length of the tunnel which began at the bridge over the Rio Santa and led to the machine room, a distance of 114 meters in rock. The bats, swallows, and other small birds, visited
frequently by way of the secondary tunnel though which passed the power cables to the transformer banks, and through which only passed the technicians once every two days when they inspected the functioning of the electrical installations.

Observing the hawk and its unsettled demeanor, I deduced that that was its
first visit to the machines room for which it was unaccustomed to the noise
produced by the generators. Meanwhile I went to the internal service telephone
to notify the operator of the control panel about the unexpected visitor, when the
current interrupted and the blockhouse were plunged into darkness. I understood
that some strange overcharge had originated some malfunction in the
switchboard. I hurried to check on the refrigeration of the high tension
transformers, connecting the current of the auxiliary power plant that in these
cases of emergency supplied the internal wiring and motor of the water pump
furnishing the refrigeration to those machines. I took the hand flashlight that we
used when failures occurred, and ran to the patio of the transformers located at
the entrance, to confirm that the machines were receiving adequate refrigeration.
When I came out of the tunnel I was confronted by a surprise. Despite the
current being interrupted for which I expected to find the nocturnal darkness of a
cloudy sky, I saw that the surroundings, in a circle of about 500 meters diameter,
were illuminated like day.

As the site of the entrance to the Central was almost enclosed by rocky
elevated peaks, I could not describe, at first, from where the strange light came.
I went forward toward half the distance to a point where I could observe the view
of the river below, more open by the separation of the peaks there. As I walked I
looked involuntarily toward the horizon. There in the distance a star was shining
through a small opening in the overcast sky. That began to clarify in my mind, an
idea that that incomprehensible splendor could come from a meteorite fall
accidentally in that place, occasioning the malfunction of the power central.

When I got to more or less the center of the bridge there, I discovered that the
light was coming from an ovoid object, similar to a gigantic lens, posing on a
small platform placed between the union of the Rio Kitaragsa with the Santa.
That platform, molded by the channels of the two rivers over centuries of time,
took the form of a triangle of unequal sides. It was part of a small plain where
they began the work of construction of the Power Central, the tunnels, the
blockhouse and the patio for the transformers, having served as an encampment
and supply base for materials, until almost all was arrested by a flood in the

The luminous apparatus did not surprise me too much, because the sciences
of man have advanced with much acceleration and new machines of different
forms are appearing every day. But the color and the intensity of the light that it
radiated was surprising.

Despite my looking fixedly at that light, my retinas did not suffer any damage;
on the contrary, I experienced a very agreeable sensation and desire to continue
observing. Who, when and for what had brought this strange machine and installed 

it in that place, which seemed to me to be so insignificant?

That was my questioning. I imagined that the Army, with the intent of
scientific investigation, had enclosed in some spheroid of glass of color, a
reflector of extraordinary potency, for some reason.
I put my flashlight out (which I had forgotten about in my surprise) and walked
down toward that luminous object. Enroute I passed and checked the
refrigeration pumps of the transformers, and assured myself that they were
functioning correctly, and then proceeded…

At the end of the patio I encountered the guard on duty, named Quiroz, who
guarded the Arsenal at night. I saw him looking as tranquil as if nothing
abnormal was taking place. By the tranquility of the guard I began to doubt my
psychological state. I felt that my mind had suffered some kind of disequilibrium,
and that for that reason I was seeing things not real. This frightened me.
"Hola, Quiroz, I thought we were in darkness." I said in a soft tone so as not to
give evidence of my alteration.

"Ah, Senor, I saw you, I am more illuminated than if I was in the Plaza San
Martin in Lima." Responded the smiling guard.
"Do you know what is happening there?" I asked again, taking some steps
toward the luminous object.
Quiroz grabbed my left arm and nervously said to me:
"Senor, If you are afraid; another time they came down there with their flying
machine. They are good beings, and don't mean any harm to anybody. You can
not imagine how friendly they are, but please leave them alone. They may leave

With the information of Quiroz, I came to make deductions very important to
me. The first, was that he also saw what I imagined I was seeing; and the
second was that the presence of that inexplicable and rare apparatus was
already sufficiently familiar to him, that only thus could I be sure that its crewmen
did not harm anybody.

"Listen, Quiroz, please explain better, who has landed there? What do they
want here? Did they give you any trouble?"
"No, and don't shout, Senor. Speak with a low voice. They don't bother with
me. They say they are inhabitants of another world very distant. They come to
these heights where there are shepherds. They come frequently."
The explanations of Quiroz made me believe that he and I were both
suffering a momentary mental unbalance, a product of who knows, but
sufficiently strong to see flying discs. That alarmed me, but despite all, I
continued advancing.

The horrors, tortures, terrors and destruction of the Second World War, in
which I participated from beginning to end, had corroded my opinion such on
human altruism, that I could not believe in the existence of any other being more
astute than man to confront. As I had learned, 'the attack and defense
strategies', I walked without fear toward that gigantic luminous lenticular. Quiroz
remained standing, begging me in full voice not to approach the strange machine.
Some 100 meters beyond the patio of the transformers, and perhaps 200 feet
from the object, I met two beings.
They were tall, with proportionate bodies and sloping shoulders. They were
dressed in suits of fine finish, well fitted to the body, and of rare color, that at first
seemed to shine like the fur of a seal. The one on my left greeted me in my
native dialect. I answered in Spanish and continued with a question.

"Who are you and what are you doing here?"
"Don't be alarmed my friend, please", and he continued in my native dialect,
"We are extraterrestrials, from the planet APU. We come here from space, and
when we pass by this galaxy, we visit the Earth, fraternally. We pray you will
forgive us, as we will go soon."
"Go to the Devil and tell that about 'extraterrestrials' to your grandparents, and
see if they believe you, but never return, because with your machine of witchcraft
you have provoked the disruption of service and have caused heavy danger to
the Siderurgica of Chimbote by interrupting the electrical current."

I spoke thus because with their telling me that they were extraterrestrials, and
that they came from another world to visit a place as far removed as Huallanca, I
did not believe any of their words. I thought they could be spies of some
technical nation that were joking with me, pretending to pass for extraterrestrials.
"Say what you like, but the interruption of the current was not caused by us.
Your Central has light. My friend, we ask that you not judge us bad, and pardon
us. We will not forget. All for others." They said almost together, turned and
returned to their ship.

I observed the machine and saw that it rested on three gigantic supports of
beams of light. Each of them terminated in great circular cushions of light of the
same luminosity. A stair that terminated like the landing cylinders joined the
center of the lower part of the machine with the upper part. Those strangers
ascended that stair and it, retracting itself, carried them to the interior. Then the
beams of light that supported the machine also retracted. I heard a soft scarcely
perceptible hiss, like a breeze, and the apparatus rose vertically at first, and then
zig-zagged rapidly and disappeared in the clouds above.

"Of what nationality do you think those men are?" I asked Quiroz as we slowly
returned to the patio of the transformers.
"Those men are not from any country, sir; they just are extraterrestrials, as
they said. Above, in the regions of Champara and Milwakocha, the shepherds
and the rustic villagers are seeing them always. This is no trick nor novelty, sir."
He emphatically contested.
"What happened to you, Quiroz?" Is it true that you can believe that they are
extraterrestrials? Do you believe what you are saying?" I interrogated in strong

"Pardon, Sir, I will tell you nothing more, but please do not tell anybody about
them. They are good men. To expose them would be a mistake." He implored,
offended by my comportment.

The manor in which Quiroz replied gave me to understand that he wanted to
compel me to hide the presence of these strangers. This made me laugh inside,
but I said nothing.

Upon taking my leave from him I remembered the phrase "All for others."
Which was pronounced by the strangers as they turned to go. It seemed to me
rather gracious and released an outburst to full voice.
I meditated upon that unexpected encounter and became convinced that
those strangers spied on some business in favor of a powerful organization that
possessed in secret the marvelous flying machine constructed in the form of a
plate, and that they had converted Quiroz to be their accomplice. For this he
tried to make them pass for extraterrestrials to deflect my suspicions.

Whether terrestrials or extraterrestrials, their presence was inexplicable.
"To tell this would be to fall into ridicule," he said to me, and I decided not to
speak of the event to anybody.

Upon entering the blockhouse, the technician of electrical works told me that
the disconnect had been caused by a vulture, upon shorting the circuit when it
tried to perch on a post that supported the high tension cables near the
distribution center at Chimbote.

The day dawned with a clear sky of a singular blue color. The high peaks of
the Ancash Mountains, mostly unknown and unexplored by man, imposed
themselves majestically and displayed their folded escarpments. It was a most
delightful morning that announced a day quite appropriate for my accustomed
excursion through the surrounding heights.

I spoke to a young man names Adrian Perez, an amateur hunter who
belonged to a group of maintenance workers that knew all the mountain roads.
We met at his house and remembered to explore the Los Cedros Wash at the
end of Duck Canyon, going from Huallanca to Caraz, because it contained
shepherds and that zone had seen bears and guanacos, animals that are rarely
seen in the region of the Callejon of Huaylas.

We departed his house, taking a route by the left bank of the wash that
carried the name of the stream. We had been walking almost from morning, ascending toward the peak of the mountain that seemed to touch the sky. By midday we were at the beginning of a plateau, some 4,000 meters above sea level, and decided to rest some few minutes and eat something. During the pause we agreed to advance to the other side of the plateau and later return to our encampment, After recuperating our
strength we resumed walking.

The rocks and crags abounded in that place in such manner that we were
obliged to leave signs of our passage to be able to return by the same route and
not get lost. Suddenly Adrian stopped in surprise, and remained immobile in place and
then gave me a sign with his hand to come closer.
I went forward some steps, and when I got to him, I looked toward where he
was indicating and saw at the center of a small flat area without rocks, the same
machine shaped like a deep plate, that I had seen the month before in front of
the Hydroelectric Center at Huallanca.

Several weeks had passed since that first night when I sincerely believed that
the unknowns were spies, and that had not come to mind since, but when I saw
this lenticular form again I remembered that I had thought they must be
dedicated to some form of espionage, or something else illegal.

Around the landed disc was a circle of goats and some sheep. At one side of
the little clearing I saw several people, men, women and children. I discovered
that they were shepherds with their families, and I decided to approach them to
see some of their customs and learn how they lived in a place so separated, and
at that altitude of 4,000 meters, near the peaks covered with perpetual snow.
I mentioned this to Perez and he agreed to participate and so we went
forward. On the way, Perez began to tell me that this zone was accustomed to
the descent of those flying discs from space, piloted by extraterrestrials, good
people who helped the shepherds in many ways. I compared the explanations of
Perez with those of Quiroz, and thought that both of them, in some manner, were
accomplices of those strangers. I said nothing of what I thought; nor was he
paying any attention to what I might say, and proceeded walking forward without
speaking. Some minutes later we arrived at the place seen.
Around a small rustic home we saw four men seated, three women and four
children, and the two strangers that I had seen on that first night at Huallanca
when we experienced the malfunction, about a month before.

The strangers smiled upon seeing me, but those residents seemed to be
bothered by our presence. One man with a beard stood up looking at me
aggressively, and said to me:
"What are you looking for here!?"
"Nothing, my friend," I said, "We are hunting pumas, and passed this place
quite casually. That is all." I said.

One of those extraterrestrials extended his hand to me and I did the same.
Then he did likewise to Perez, and this calmed the farmer who opposed our visit.
We sat down there around that house with the rest.

The protest of the shepherd who asked me the question and the menacing
looks of his companions confirmed my prior thoughts, that all those people were
in some way there "conspiring" with those strangers, and for that reason feared
their discovery. As it was still day I had no hurry, and I could observe those
strangers with greater attention, to be able to discover their nationality. They
were tall. By their stature one could not distinguish them from one Earth race or
another. The only thing was that their shoulders sloped differently and their
figure was well proportioned, but they also had other different racial
characteristics that one could believe had been formed by a mix of all the folk of
Earth. The form of their faces resembled that of Arabs; the eyes were similar to
those of the Mongol race; the nose to those of the Nordics; the beard gave the
impression of being of the Hindu type, and the color of their skin was a rosy

After these observations I came to the conclusion that the greater percentage
of their features seemed similar to the Mongolian race. They both radiated a
very agreeable personality, and that induced me to think that this could be one of
the races from which those shepherds descended.
For some moments nobody spoke. One of the shepherds approached me
and in a lowered voice said something. I understood nothing because he spoke
in his native tongue, in Quechua. Perez understood the language and turned to
me and said:
"He said that we must go now, because they do not want us there."

I thought to get myself up to leave, but one of those strangers came over and
sat down by me Saying to me:
"Stay, my friend; If you would like to talk with us. Perhaps we can clarify
some of your doubts with respect to us."
"My only doubting relationship with respect to you is, Why are you here? And
who do you pursue?"

The stranger smiled again. By his smile I knew that my crude comportment
had not caused any bother. Picking up a little stick and observing it he said:
"We know that you do not believe what I am going to explain to you. This
behavior toward us is natural, because the cells of your being are rejecting us.
But we would be thankful if you could stay some minutes with us to converse.
Also you need not be afraid, you are armed and we not."

While the stranger spoke I could see that his suit was a coverall, well fitted,
with a plate that covered his chest. It had 15 buttons in 3 lines of 5. Around the
waist, the ankles and the wrist cuffs, there was a row of small pouches without
openings attached to the material like pockets, one closely beside the other, and
their shoes were simply the ends of the coverall. The suit had the head covered
by a hood, closely fitted, that was a part of the coverall, leaving the face from the
forehead to the collar free.

"I see that your friends don't welcome my presence." I said, referring to the
shepherds that looked angrily at me.
"Don't worry about them, they will not harm you. They are egoistic, or as you
say, 'jealous', but not aggressive."

You are thinking that we are terrestrial spies. It is not important. Continue maintaining
this thought until your cells come to understand otherwise, which is your right."

With that he stood up. Then with a helmet of delicate transparent material, he
covered his head, face and neck. I noted that from the part that covered his ears
emerged two small points of brilliant material not more than two centimeters long.
For the first time I saw that those strangers covered their faces with a material so
transparent that it did not alter in any way their form or color, and this surprised
me. The stranger who was seated at my side looked at me and smiled:
"This apparatus and those gloves, we utilize only when we make individual
flights, without flying machines, to protect the face and hands." He explained.

I answered nothing. Nor did I ask him any question. I looked again at the
stranger who was preparing to fly, and saw that he was just putting on his gloves,
white as snow. Soon he moved some meters away and pressed one of those
buttons on his chest plate. Suddenly I noticed that the small pouches around his
waist, his ankles and wrists, began to inflate, taking the form of a truncated
cone. I heard a breath of wind very softly, and the stranger rose into the air at
great velocity, and disappeared among the clouds above!

I thought that to raise himself at such velocity, he must have used those
auxiliary gadgets that proportioned in some form, the propulsion necessary, and
that he would return falling, by the use of a parachute. But it didn't happen that
way. While I waited for the strange flyer to fall vertically, like he went up, Perez,
who was talking with another of the shepherds, came over to me and
enthusiastically said:

"Look! Over there, Senor!"

I looked in the direction he was indicating and saw the stranger returning,
gliding above the trees and crags, flying horizontally at an altitude of some 200
meters above them, like a bird.

I was surprised by such a strange demonstration. Never had I heard or read
until then, that any of the scientists had discovered some useful means for
persons to be able to fly individually, like birds, without flight machines. The
action of the stranger originated in me a great surprise, but this did not change
my opinion about the existence of those extraterrestrials, and much less that they
were visiting our planet. The foreigner descended like an eagle, without making
any sound, and stood at my side.

He looked at me, smiled and said to me:
"Tell me, friend, what you have just seen. Can your terrestrials do this?"
"How did you do it?" I asked.

"This apparatus that I have around my belt, ankles and wrists are full of
positive ions, and when they begin to function we degravitate. This permits us to
obtain the velocity desired, and the possibility to realize vertical flight, horizontal
flight, or zig-zag, and elevated us and allows us to descend. On APU all of us fly
individually. This is one of the procedures we use to move about on our planet,
from millions of years ago."

"I don't know what an ion is; nor from where has come the scientific
knowledge of man in this sense, but what you have just shown me is sufficient
for me to change my opinion that you are utilizing secret inventions by us for
which to surprise all that see you, and thus achieve your ends."

The stranger was silent for a moment, and then smiled at me and said:
"We come from a planet we call APU, located outside the Milky Way Galaxy.
We are protectors of the cells and the life. For this we are traveling through
space to aid by different modes the planetary beings, but not to impress (you) with the
result that you believe in our existence and 'extraordinary powers'"

He continue with the narration, and told me of the explosion of APU, of the
formation of galaxies, of the problems of Earth and of other planets. This as well
as many other things unknown to us and impossible to believe rationally.
Those stories of the strangers originated in me sentiments of ridicule and
sympathy at the same time.
It was already late. We had passed several hours listening to the
inconceivable explanations, and I stood up, called to Perez, and we bid Adios to
those shepherds. When I said the same to the stranger at my side, he looked
firmly into my eyes, and took my hand with emotion and said:
"All for the Others"; Then the other came up to me and did the same with
enthusiasm. In the same manner they bid goodbye to Perez, and we departed
to return home.

On the way I thought deeply on what I had just experienced that day. The
demonstration by the strange being, flying horizontally, had impressed me, but
not enough to convince me in fact that they were human beings from some other
place in space, and that some of them had come here to help the shepherds in
the Peruvian Andes.

Then I thought again that a man who had invented such an apparatus to fly
individually and used it like those strangers was impressionable. For one
moment I imagined that they could have used hypnosis to make me see such
unrealizable things. And finally, upon examining the situation, I decided to talk to
Perez about this.

"Friend Perez," I said determinedly, "tell me all that you have seen while we
were with those extraterrestrials."
Could it be that I had remembered all those details?

"Senor, how can it be that you can not account for such rare things? Here it is
not so rare to see that they come from other worlds. For many successive years
they have been coming here. At first they came in those ovoid machines, like
you have just seen. Later they began coming in those others similar to

"Then, also, have these strangers arrived in other types of machines?" I

"Yes, sir, and some of those other machines are much faster. About those
flying discs, when they rise, one can see them for some moments, until they
disappear in the distance. But these that look like little airplanes disappear in an
instant without one seeing how. Those are called 'viento' (wind) and for good
reason - because they disappear like the wind. When they land they can be
seen, but in the majority of cases they arrive imperceptibly. In a moment least
thought about, those in the little airplane, appear as if it popped up out of the
ground. (comment; supposedly magnetic/optically screened or that they just change the vibration and or enter into the next level/dimension. R.Ø.rem)

"Are you saying that the other machines are not as big as the discs?"

"That is it Senor. Effectively they are little. Smaller than those little airplanes
that carry passengers. Some have very strange wings. They are extended and
pulled in as they desire, like some birds. Others are like butterflies and some
cylindrical, like cigars. Also there are some similar to leaves of Clover; but all,
when they rise up, pull their wings to their body. They are fast, such that they
disappear without one seeing when or how. In one place the people there that
see them think they are machines of the Army, because they look like those little
light airplanes, but when we see that they can fold their wings, and these visitors
fly about like birds, cure the ill in a most rare manner, make it rain from a sky
without clouds, and other such miracles, we believe that they are angels from the
skies. They say that they come from a distant planet, APU, who knows. Most of
them are the same angels that you have seen. The only thing that we can be
sure of is that they are good people, giving aid to all and they do not harm
anybody. But who they are and what they are doing here I do not really know for

"And you, Perez, you have seen them before?" I asked in surprise.

"Yes, Senor. Last year I went where an acquaintance lived by the Rio
Kitaraqsa, and he took me to see one of those little airplanes that was there
momentarily. But the people don't speak of them to anybody. The majority of
the residents say that those people come from the sky. They fear that the
authorities will become aware of their presence and the Army could come and
detain them. The campesinos don't want this to happen!" He said emphatically.

The conversation with Perez confirmed to me once more that the shepherds
had mythological beliefs and depended on the flying discs coming from the sky,
and for that reason their occupants were friendly. They lent assistance and
possessed superhuman powers. We got back home before dark.
I did not tell my wife anything about what had happened so as not to originate
a presentiment that I was suffering some mental disability. So as not to disrupt
the peace of my family life, I decided to talk to nobody about this event.

Some days later Perez brought me reports and daily's of past years, in which
the great powers indirectly attributed their paternity to the flying discs. These
and the accounts mentioned by Perez on those little airplanes, confirmed still
more my opinion that these strangers were spies of some country on Earth, and
to avoid being considered an accomplice in a possible crime, I decided to
interrupt for some weeks my fondness for hiking and exploring the peaks.

But as time passed, every morning desires to engage in my preferred sport
plagued me. Then I decided to revisit those peaks again, going by way of the
right bank of the Rio Kitaraqsa again, to places well removed from those where I
had met with the strangers previously.

In those days, Perez was on a trip and I could not count on his company, and
this worried me. One day before, at work, a youth by the last name of Quispe
told me that he knew the routes of the region that I had selected for my next
exploration, and he asked permission to accompany me.
I accepted his offer and we agreed to make the trip the following Sunday.

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