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This info came from PHYSICAL contacts to spacepeople in the 60ths through Edward J. from Virginia, where he claims physical meetings with a man having seemingly lowered his body- frequency to our level, and through many physical meetings, brought him a lot of interessting info. 

Well, if you think he just invented all this, so ask why. He would get no personal gain or fame of it, as it is all-anonymously published. No, this is done as a job to get information out -  to a blinded "democratic" society, total gaged by the big media, and power/money institutions that rule our slave-world. Including the churchpower.

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 For the most part these are very misunderstood beings. The word
`angel' means a `messenger' and that has been their primary function,
coming to Earth from space ships to deliver messages. Of course, an
entity dropping out of the sky appears `divine' to unsophisticated
people, so the tradition developed that they came from `God'. Well of
course they did, `God' meaning anyone or anything with supernatural
powers such as the Gardeners of the Earth.
These flesh and blood angels became lumped together with entities from
higher dimensions, such as spirit guides and Higher selves, who can be
seen during astral travel, and Manus, who have responsibility for
cities, countries and worlds. Hence, to the unevolved, any being
beyond our limited comprehension becomes an angel- or a god 

































































































































































Throughout our Bible there are several hundred references andaccounts relating to space people coming to Earth; conversations with space people; Earth people observing space ships, and on and on.
However, the reporting of these accounts down through the ages, from word of mouth to word of mouth, and by copying manuscript to recopying manuscript – from one language into another, has seriously breeched their original coherency.

Many of the extra-terrestrial accounts’ true meanings were
subsequently changed to suit the interpreters of the day. These people who wrote about such happenings hundreds of years after they occurred, or course, knew not what a space ship was or anything about the people who came from other worlds, or anything of that sort, and so are deficient to that degree.

Besides, in many cases, the person doing the actual observing of
space craft would, through no fault of their own, give erroneous
accounts of what they thought they saw. These were people who saw things they did not understand.

There were also Biblical “contact” people, people who were on a
friendly basis with the space people, to whom the space people
imparted knowledge and wisdom. These people, in turn, taught what
they learned to audiences of curious people in the villages and
surrounding towns. Much of this information, which was given in the
form of stories and parables, was also later recorded with errors and mistakes of interpretation, and without punctuation whatsoever, into the literature of the day.

One must take into account that the average Biblical person’s
vocabulary was very shallow by today’s standards, perhaps consisting of only a few hundred words at best. Also the average Biblical person was illiterate, or could only read and write a few words. Their own phraseology was elementary.

Over the hundreds of years spanning Biblical times, there grew an
ever increasing number of stories and accounts of those many
mysterious events and circumstances that illustrated those early times.
Eventually most of these accounts were recorded for posterity in the
form of scrolls of parchment.

These were to later evolve into the many holy books, or scriptures,
that were prevalent, and circulated around the area of the Holy Land.
It was desired that a forthcoming attempt be made to consolidate these scattered writings, and put them forth into one unified work – the Bible. This was not the first attempt to publish the Bible, as there
were many versions floating about during the 1400s and the 1500s.
The contents of many of these versions often disagreed, as did the
translations. Even then the thought of centralizing and translating the many scriptures from their native languages into English was
considered highly unorthodox.

As previously mentioned, the church had tremendous power and
influence then. The 50 Biblical editors felt it was their divine duty to
impress upon the followers of the church, the importance of totally
accepting the “word of God” and not to ever question it, in their Bible publishing endeavor.

We, and all existence are a part of “God”, and likewise, “God” is
equally a part of each of us and of all existence. God is simply, All
That Is. All existence is part of the whole, nothing therefore can be
excluded. God is Creativity. There is only Creativity and Divine
expression. Why should a God that is total creativity turn around and
“take away” any part of his creations? Only mankind through illmanifested negative creativity attempts to discredit and distort true Divine Expression.

What Bible terms refer to the Space People and their craft? The
space people are referred to throughout the scriptures as “angels”, and “angels of the Lord”. Sometimes God is used to associate with the space people. Space ships are referred to by many terms, such as, fiery chariots, whirlwinds, flaming bushes, power blasts, flying clouds and rolls. Sometimes cherubs were used to describe space ships.

Many times when space ships descended to Earth for the purpose
of delivering messages (the word of God) they would hover,
motionless a few feet above ground. Sometimes this was done over a tabernacle. The messages were delivered by way of loudspeaker-like devices. To the Earthly observers this appeared and sounded like
thunderous voices coming from whirlwinds and fiery chariots.
On occasion, space ships would remain near the ground for several
days or even weeks, for the purpose of delivering their information.
The Earthly observers described how the ships would appear to them at different times of the day and night. It was said that the “Pillar of cloud” was over the Tabernacle by day, and “fire” was on it by night.

Actually the daytime “cloudy” effect was simply caused by the ship’s
electro-magnetic forcefield condensing the air or atmosphere around the ship into a fine mist – or cloud.

The fiery appearance at night was caused by the “glow” of the
ship’s force field. Sometimes, as the space people varied the force
field’s vibratory rate, vivid, striking color combinations would be
given off, resembling fire bolts.

Just how could these happenings be described by Biblical people?
How could the interpreters hundreds of years later, know what these
people saw? It was all very confusing.

It was extremely difficult, if not impossible for the Biblical
scholars to produce an accurate chronology of Biblical events. For
example, in the year 240 A.D., Christian scholars tried to establish the date of the Genesis creation at about 5500 B.C. Over 1400 years later, Archbishop Usher decided to officially decree that the Biblical
creation actually took place in 4004 B.C.. His assertion was accepted
and used in the 1701 edition of the King James version of the Holy

There is a valid saying that goes like this. A persons judgment is
no better than their knowledge. If someone gives an opinion, of
which they are entitled to, on a subject on which they have little or no direct knowledge, it is just that! Archbishop Usher was in no way a scientist, a geologist, or an astronomer, yet, in his hands was the
power to decree what people were to believe from that time forward.

This was the age when people in Europe actually thought that the
Earth was flat, and that the Earth was the center of the Universe. That everything in the Universe revolved around the Earth, including our own sun.

The Archbishop did not have enough information on hand to begin
to establish the time of a “Creation”, that in reality, according to the
space people, never took place in that way. There was no technology towards that end at that time. May I remind that the church was at that time extremely powerful and influential. The clergy made sure that they enforced the “will of God”.

There is going to be more and more UFO activity within our
atmosphere. More and more people are going to be “allowed” to see such activity. Soon it will be undeniable that something is up, or out there. The more the people that see UFOs, the more the awareness of their presence grows. As a result, a whole myriad of questions will be posed by people. The time will soon come to break the “chains” of “accepted” ancient beliefs, in light of new discoveries. People will want to know why. 

It is just a matter of time before the space people make their
presence known, but we are not ready yet??! There are several hundred Biblical references to the presence of the space people and their craft, and of highly evolved beings, scattered throughout the scriptures.

The following is my (the earthly contactperson EJ’s) analysis of over fifty, of what I feel are the most important, and dramatic of these references. Now I would recommend that one, if they wish, follow along with their open bibles, as I take each of these passages and give the explanation of what really happened. My space friend did mention, specifically, some of these incidents, and I have added others gleaned from my reading the Bible in search of these encounters.

The results may well amaze you, as I am sure that you probably
never thought to interpret these passages in the manner that I am about to do.

NOTE: The following astonishing revelations of scriptural passages
is based upon what I (“EJ”) was told by my space friend. In addition to that, my ideas and opinions concerning these explanations have been incorporated and expressed. Objective, literal interpretation of the Bible is all but impossible due to adulterations, inaccuracies, misinterpretations and interjections imposed upon the original holy writs.

Biblical references to the presence of the space people and their crafts

destruction of the two sinful cities of Sodom and Gomorrah

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GENESIS, CHAPTER 19. This is the well known account of God’s
destruction of the two sinful cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, and of
the two angels of the Lord, who were sent down from Heaven to save Lot and his family. Lot and his family were the only righteous people living there and they were given the opportunity to leave before the final destruction which came in the form of a rain of fire and brimstone.

The space people had determined that the inhabitants of Sodom
and Gomorrah were manifesting nearly 100% negative qualities in the way they conducted themselves. In other words, these people were a totally sinful group, and something drastic had to be done to curtail these sinful activities.

Lot and his wife and their two daughters lived in the city of Sodom
at this time. For reasons that were not given to me, other than the
above explanation, the space people had concurred among themselves that these two cities were to be obliterated. Destructive rays emitted from a large space craft were to do the “job”. The sinful inhabitants had gone way beyond the point of rehabilitation. However, Lot was the space people’s “contact” in that region, and he, along with his family. would not be destroyed.

I did not question further the space people’s decision to actually,
directly intervene in the affairs of the times. I had understood, from
my conversations with my space friend, that they have a policy of
non-interference on our Earthly “squabbles”, however, there must
have been a very good reason(s) for their taking such actions during
our Biblical times.

Two space men whom Lot knew well, secretly landed their ship
near a mountain on the outskirts of the city of Sodom. They
embarked on the journey into town dressed in the traditional garments of the times. They had encountered no difficulty entering Sodom, but as they made their way toward Lot’s house, they noticed that they were being followed. The space men psychically knew that their followers had evil intentions.

They made it to Lot’s house ahead of their followers. They
renewed their acquaintance and then told Lot of the council’s decision to do away with the two cities.
Meanwhile, suspicious townspeople had trailed the two space men
to Lot’s house and began gathering outside. It seemed that Lot was
already under surveillance by some of the townspeople, due to his
adamant position regarding their wickedness. Lot knew this, but stuck it out anyway. A vigilante group was quickly rounded up and the people surrounded Lot’s home, while the space people were inside conversing with Lot, and his family. The “Lynchmob” was actually going to forcibly abduct Lot and his family and kill them all. They despised his rightousness.

The mob attacked the front door and tried to break it down. The
space men had brought with them repelling devices for protection. It
was apparent then that they would have to make use of them. Just as the crazed assailants were about to storm their way through the front entrance, the spacemen quickly opened the door and discharged their “repelling” devices.

What these devices were was ultra-high intensity strobe lights that
emitted intermittent blasts of light, so bright as to temporarily blind
anyone standing in front of them.
The light blast was designed not to affect anyone using the device.
Needless to say the intruders were rendered completely harmless.
They staggered about, in a daze, unable to see anything. The effects
of the light blasts lasted for about two hours, which was enough time
for Lot, his family and the spacemen to leave town.
This confrontation occurred a few hours before dawn. The rest of
the mob upon seeing what happened, something they had never
witnessed before, were so frightened they ran in all directions as fast as they could and hid about town.

Lot and his family made good their escape to the nearby mountain
where the space ship was hidden. Lot took up residence there along
with his family and lived there for quite some time after.
Contrary to the popular legend, Lot’s wife was not “turned to a
pillar of salt”, because she disobeyed the word of God and looked
back towards the destruction of the two cities. She and Lot’s to
daughters were righteous people just as Lot. Lot would have known if she was otherwise, for Lot was a highly developed psychic being.
Had she been of evil nature, she would surely have been left in the
city to perish with everyone else.

The later Biblical editors and interpreters, in order to instill fear of
the Lord into the people, literally interjected this Godly destruction of
Lot’s wife, into the story.

The contradiction here is just what is the sense of saving a good
person and turning around and killing them after all. This fear of the
Lord’s retaliation really kept people in line several hundred years ago.Their minds, bodies and souls practically belonged to the “church”.They were properly intimidated.

EXODUS, CHAPTER 16 ALL. This is the well known story of the
manna, or bread sent from Heaven to feed the children of Israel as
they made their way through the desert between towns. This story is
couched in allegory. The manna from Heaven is a symbolic term.
The food was actually an array of fruits, vegetables and breadstuffs
provided by the space people and delivered by space ship to Earth.
This was usually done at night and up a distance from the caravans of Israelites. The manna was found the next day and eaten. Due to the spoilability of this food, there was obviously no refrigeration then, it could not be stored for any great length of time. This is why it was stipulated that the food must be immediately consumed and not hoarded. More was periodically supplied as necessary.

EXODUS, CHAPTER 33, VERSES 9-23. Moses is at the
Tabernacle, the holy area of the camp generally designated as a sacred place where praying and religious ceremonies take place. A space ship descends (from Heaven) and then a space personality (the Lord) emerges, and they enter into counsel. They conversed face to face.

EXODUS, CHAPTER 34, ALL. Moses is frequently approached and
counseled by the space people. He is asked to provide stone tablets
for the Lord (space people) to write upon. The tablets are symbolic
for the written laws of the Israelites.

EXODUS, CHAPTER 40, VERSES 34 TO 38. This passage plainly
refers to a space ship (cloud) hovering over the Tabernacle and the
presence of the space people were felt by all. A cloudy, condensation would form around the ship by day, and it appeared like fire was on it by night. These appearances that the people saw and tried to describe were caused by the ship’s electro-magnetic force field coming into contact with atmospheric conditions. At night, the ship’s force field glowed, as if “fire” was on it.

There are many Biblical references to space people “coming”
down in space ships which would “hover” over the Tabernacle, to
give their messages to the Israelites. Many times the messages were broadcast directly from the ship. This was accomplished by use of a “loud speaker” system. These happenings were scripturally recorded as the “Lord” talking to the children of Israel.

NUMBERS, CHAPTER 9, VERSES 15 TO 23. Again, his is a good reference to the space ship (cloud) descending over the Tabernacle.(picture left or up)
This particular time it was night when it arrived, and it was said to
have had the appearance of fire, until the morning. This time the ship stayed (hovered) for many days as the congregation had pitched their tents all around.

describes a conversation between a space person (the Lord) in the
space ship (out of the midst of the fire) and an Earth person.

JOSHUA, CHAPTER 6 ALL. This is the well known story of the
priests tumbling of the walls of Jerico. Here, the priests blew their
trumpets to bring down the walls. The trumpets are symbolic of the
use of certain ultra-high frequency sound devices. The space people
had allowed certain special “contact people” to utilize these devices,
as a “miracle” production, and as a show of strength in their
confrontation with the people inside the walls of Jerico. They in this
respect succeeded eminently.

JUDGES, CHAPTER 6, VERSES 11 TO 24. this is a reference to a
conversation between Gideon, an Earth “contactee”, and a space
person (angel of the Lord). Ships would land directly in his presence.
He was a spiritually gifted go-between.


I SAMUEL, CHAPTER 17, ALL. This is the well known story about little David who slew the Philistine giant, Goliath, with his slingshot.
This confrontation actually took place. The scriptural account filtered
down to us with amazing accuracy. Actually, Goliath, the giant was
one of the last remnants of a tribe of such giants. His forbearers’ tribe was one of the original twelve that were brought to Earth previously by the space people. 

Some of those original tribes contained people
who were large in size, as well as people who were smaller than
normal size. Because of their unusually large size, these giants did
not “blend” well with their shorter contemporaries. They were always the object of prejudice and ridicule. In many instances these giants were hunted down and killed by angry mobs. Many of these giants were righteous people, also. However, in the case of Goliath, this did not hold, for he was truly a heathen. We all know the rest of that story.

II SAMUEL, CHAPTER 22, VERSES 8 TO 16. This is a rather
vague description of a space ship approaching Earth, and is seen by
people who cannot understand what it is they see, much less
accurately describe it. The symbolisms used are very confusing and

I KINGS, VERSES 10 AND 11. Here a space ship (cloud) hovers
over the “holy place”, as priests convene for counsel.

II KINGS, VERSE 11. This is the well known reference to the
prophet Elija who was taken up by a whirlwind into Heaven. Elija
was a great Master, a highly evolved being whose Earth assignment
was to spread the word of the space people. He was considered a
prophet, or teacher, by his deciples. The whirlwind is the symbolic
term for the space ship. At other occasions when he was “picked up”, the space ship was referred to by other symbolisms as, “a chariot of fire”, and “horses of fire”.

If Elija was seen being taken during the daytime the reference was to a whirlwind, likened to a cloud hovering over the Tabernacle. If he was picked up at night, the reference was associated with the ship’s brightly glowing force field, as a “wheel of fire”. This is also a heavily allegorical story. The space people “ferried” Elija, sometimes from place to place to “hurry” his itinerary of places to teach at.

II CRONICLES, CHAPTER 7, VERSES 1 TO 4. This passage refers to a space ship (the fire came down from heaven) descending to Earth.
Unfortunately, its meaning is obscured in the symbolic distortions.
Animal sacrifices were never consumed by the space people in the
space ships. Sacrifices were sometimes symbolic terms to mean quitedifferent things, as a gesture of respect for someone, for example.
And animals were not necessarily killed in these instances.

II CRONICALS, CHAPTER 32, VERSE 21. Here is the reference
to the Lord (space people aboard a mother ship hovering, out of sight, high above the Earth), sending down an angel (a space person in a space ship) to Earth. The distorted and confusing symbolisms make this story hard to follow.

NEHEMIAH, CHAPTER 9, VERSE 6. Believe it or not, this
passage is a highly distorted reference to the existence of other worlds and other people. The Biblical editors tried to alter this one, but surprisingly, some of the real meaning filtered through anyway.

NEHEMIAH, CHAPTER 9, VERSES 12 AND 13. Another good
account of a visitation. A good attempt to describe the atmospheric
effects apparent on the outer shell of the space ship (cloudy pillar by
day, and at night a pillar of fire):

12 "Moreover thou leddest them in the day by a cloudy pillar; and in the night by a pillar of fire, to give them light in the way wherein they should go.

13" Thou camest down also upon mount Sinai, and spakest with them from heaven, and gavest them right judgments, and true laws, good statutes and commandments,,,

JOB, CHAPTER 1, VERSE 19. This is a very disorganized reference
to a visitation, and it is quite vague. Here the symbolism for the ship
is “a great wind from the wilderness”. What it was is that the ship did
not descend straight down as many did, but it came in on a parallel
course with the ground. The viewers saw it coming and reported it in
this manner.

JOB, CHAPTER 22, VERSE 12. This is a fairly accurate reference
to the revelation of the existence of populated planets numbering
many throughout the Heavens. An attempt was made to give some
reference to the scale in distance as to how far away these other
worlds are. The Biblical editors “cut” much revealing information
here as they “decided” that it was in the best interests of religion to
delete references to things they could not explain.

"Is not God in the height of heaven? and behold the height of the stars, how high they are!13 And thou sayest, How doth God know? can he judge through the dark cloud?14 Thick clouds are a covering to him, that he seeth not; and he walketh in the circuit of heaven.

JOB, CHAPTER 36, VERSES 22 AND 23. This is a confusing
reference that tries to explain the space people’s vastly superior
intelligence and perceptiveness compared to that of Earth people.

JOB, CHAPTER 37, VERSE 9. This passage clearly tells of a space
ship (whirlwind) approaching the viewers from the South.

JOB, CHAPTER 38, VERSE 1. This is yet another reference to a
space ship (whirlwind) whose occupant, the space person (Lord)
spoke to Job. Job was another “contactee” for the space people.

1 Then the LORD answered Job out of the whirlwind, and said,2 Who is this that darkeneth counsel by words without knowledge?3 Gird up now thy loins like a man; for I will demand of thee, and answer thou me.


JOB, CHAPTER 40, VERSE 6. Again, Job is conversing with space
people (the Lord) who are in their ship (whirlwind).

ECCLESIASTES, CHAPTER 1, ALL. The original ideas put forth
by this highly evolved teacher (the preacher) have been completely
reversed to reflect just the opposite ideas. This gifted teacher is trying
to demonstrate the multitudinous, unlimited, creative abilities
humanity possesses. Instead, the meaning was changed to show how
evil, limited, ignorant and uneducated the people are, and how weak
they have become on their own.

It is extremely unfortunate that later Biblical leaders and
interpreters, in their insatiable thirst for power, money, and control over the minds and bodies of their followers, had these derogatories and blasphemies inserted into the scriptures. This was the result of a religious conspiracy.

VERSE 10 – Originally taught people to open up their minds and
understanding to universal proportions and begin to learn and grow
and spiritually progress. Instead it infers that there is nothing to be
gained by doing this, so why bother.

VERSE 11 – Informed people that they had inherent psychic
abilities, and that they could perceive other existences by using this
inner power. It taught the individual to seek within their own vast,
unlimited, inner-being, which was the fountainhead where all
knowledge surfaced, their answers. Instead, it told people to “drown
out” their inner-voice and not to trust it.

VERSE 13 -- Tries to say that God does not want us to find the
answers to our questions on our own – that we should only listen to
what God says we are to do.

VERSE 14 -- Tries to state that humanities’ creations are worthless
and of no real value, and are the result of anxiety and folly
VERSES 16 and 17 -- Is cunningly phrased to attempt to show
that if anyone were to receive inner-knowledge, that it is just the result of folly and vexation. That your inner-being is there only to deceive and confuse you. That you should not listen to it, only to the selfexhaulted religious leaders.

VERSE 18 – This is the real clincher. It purports to show that the
pursuit of knowledge and education brings only grief. That increasing ones knowledge and education increases his sorrow. What was really put forth was that those who elevate their consciousness through education elevate their awareness, likewise.

ISIAH, CHAPTER 30, VERSE 8 -- The knowledge and information
passed on to the people of Biblical times by the space people, was
definitely intended to be preserved. It was given with the hope that
such wisdom would survive and be recorded for posterity. The only
way to disseminate information, given by word of mouth (by the
space people) was to pass it along by word of mouth to word of
mouth, or to write it down on stone tablets or scrolls. This way news
got around from village to village, and eventually to neighboring
cities and countries. Reference to this intent is noted in this scripture.

ISAIAH, VERSE 16. -- Here again, is another similar reference to
the “book of the Lord” (the space peoples messages), being given to
the public to be disseminated.

16 But ye said, No; for we will flee upon horses; therefore shall ye flee: and, We will ride upon the swift; therefore shall they that pursue you be swift

ISAIAH, CHAPTER 40, VERSE 22. -- This passage reveals much
distortion in translation. Here Isaiah is referring to the space people
within their ships as likened to a “sphere”, hovering above the Earth.
He many times observed even several of these ships floating in the
sky, as this is symbolically likened to a multitude of “grasshoppers”.
There were on occasion, so many ships that they, “stretched out over the heavens as a curtain (the ships descended in a tight formation), “and spreadeth then out as a tent” (the ships broke formation and separated and went in different directions. In the viewer’s eyes this spreading out over a large portion of sky was likened to a tent).

ISAIAH, CHAPTER 45, VERSE 18. -- This passage attempts to
explain that there is intelligent order to the scheme of the Universe
(Heavens). And that much thought and purpose is behind what we
see. It is referring to the vast, unimaginable energy gestalts that
literally “think” matter into being. Of course such information could
no be bestowed upon Earthly limited mentalities.

ISAIAH, CHAPTER 55, VERSES 8 AND 9. -- Here a space person
(the Lord) is trying to clearly demonstrate, in the phraseology of the
times, that he knows much, much more about life, and religion, than
his audience does. His (space person’s) thoughts are not the thoughts of the Earth peoples, nor are his ways. He says that his perception is much more highly developed, which is scripturally recorded as the heavens being higher than Earth. The space person is lecturing to a group of interested Earth people, and surprisingly enough, the Biblical account is accurate.

ISAIAH, CHAPTER 65, verse 17. -- This is a rather vague
reference to the existence of life on other worlds and other realities.
And that human life, as well as spirituality never cease, but continue
without beginning or end, forever.

JEREMIAH, CHAPTER 4, VERSE 13. -- This is a good,
descriptive reference to a space ship. They symbols have not been too obscured, and the account has filtered down to us fairly accurately.

Clouds, chariots, and whirlwinds, all refer to space ships. Jeremiah, a
gifted, and highly evolve prophet. Attempts to associate the speeds of these ships as swifter than eagles.

JEREMIAH, CHAPTER 10, VERSE 12. -- This is an excellent
reference to the existence of infinite, other worlds, and the life that
bursts forth in all directions. This passage makes the distinction that
life is not restricted to this planet only. I can’t imagine how this story
got by the Biblical editors without being changed around.

JEREMIAH, CHAPTER 32, VERSE 17. -- Another good reference
to the existence of life on other worlds. That the vast, creative energy gestalts are unlimited in power and number, and in creativity.

Art of EZEKIEL of  PETER ROBSON - and as interpreted in this article the wings of the "angels" does symbolize they could be taken up and down in a "beam-lift" - generating anti-grav. -which the primitive people then of course didnt understand - so they had to give them wings.

EZEKIEL, CHAPTER 1, ALL. -- Now this whole chapter is quite
undoubtedly the finest reference to an extraterrestrial visitation during Biblical times. Unfortunately, however, when whoever later wrote of the account got finished pouring all the symbols in, the beautiful story became very distorted and confusing. Based upon the literal Biblical account, artists have tried to reconstruct just how the “whirlwind” appeared to Ezekiel. Their results portray – of course, a hideous, multi-winged and legged creature. “The heavens opened up” (a space ship appeared) and visions of God appeared (the ship descended), at which time Ezekiel was sent psychic messages. The ship then came
down, from out of the North for a landing. The sun sparkled its rays of light from the ship’s shiny surface (the color of amber). It appeared so dazzling and bright that it was likened to fire. The ship made a direct landing near Ezekiel, and four space people exited from the craft (in the likeness of living creatures). 

The confusing part of them having four faces and four wings, simply meant that viewed from any
angle, the men still appeared as men, as this was a figure of speech.

They did not have wings, as this was interjected into the story to give credence to the fact that four men came down to Earth from Heaven and the only way that could possibly be done was to “fly” down like birds (wings).

The space men were wearing dark colored boots that were likened
to the color of burnished brass. The men had normal looking human
faces, and again, the wings were interjected into the story. An attempt was made to describe the four men’s facial expressions as they conversed with Ezekiel. This was likened to various animal facial

This encounter lasted long into the night, whereupon the space
men’s appearance silhouetted against the brightly glowing space ship (visible force field) looked like “burning coals of fire”, and lightning.

At times, the space men had to return to the ship to perform various
duties, during their contact with Ezekiel. This was described in verse
14 accurately. In verse the ship is likened to wheel, because wheels
were obviously round, and the strange craft was round. A further
attempt is made to try to describe the ship’s superstructure and
underside landing gear configuration. Incidentally I was told that this
particular craft was a large scout ship, about 180 feet in diameter. The tri-ball landing gear was likened to a wheel within a wheel. The
ship’s four power coils, which straddled its waist, were accurately
described in verse 18, as likened to four rings.

In verse 19 the ship’s and occupants departure is given. When they
left, or course the wheels also went with them. Verses 20 and 21
describe the feelings of the crowd who had watched this “happening” from a safe distance, as Ezekiel was the only person to engage in conversation with the space people. The space ship left the ground and then momentarily hovered just above the heads of the crowd (about 100 yards elevation) and this is told in verse 22.

The ship’s departure was explained in verse 24 as Ezekiel heard
the noise of their wings. This is likened to the audible “swish” sound
made as the craft sped away. The ship sparkled as it departed, and
before it disappeared, the space people broadcast a message to all
present. This was like a loudspeaker set-up. It was evidenced in
verse 25.

EZEKIEL, CHAPTER 10, ALL. Later on in time, Ezekiel has yet
another encounter with the space people and ships. This time the ship is symbolized as a Cherub, and Cherubium. From the explanations offered in chapter one, one can digest this chapter and read “between
the lines” to understand the meaning of Ezekiel’s contact here.

DANIEL, CHAPTER 6, VERSES 16 TO 28 This is the well known
story of little Daniel, who was thrown into the lion’s den. He was
now miraculously left alone by the animals.

This story is heavily steeped in allegory. It is, however, a true
account of what really happened, and it is told beautifully. Daniel, is
an adept psychic, and a junior one at that. But great things are in store for him. What happens here, in short, is that Daniel actually mentally communicates with the lions consciousness and “sooths” them. The lions understand him and they do not harm him. It is as simple as that. There was a time on Earth when humanity easily “talked” with the animals.

DANIEL, CHAPTER 7, ALL. Here is an account of space ships that
appeared in Daniel’s dreams. This story is highly allegorical and also
symbolic. What happens is that Daniel’s consciousness actually leaves his body, while asleep, and experiences the “vividness” of other realities, and other beings.

In this altered state of consciousness, Daniel is tutored by highly
evolved beings, who are to be considered his teachers. These
instructors demonstrate all kinds of things to Daniel. Much
knowledge and wisdom is passed on to Daniel, as he will need this
information later in life.

ZECHARIAH, CHAPTER 5. Zechariah constantly sees space ships.
This is an excellent account of his eyewitness observation of a small
mother ship. He tries very hard to accurately describe what it is he
sees. He does not quite know how to do this. He uses the
phraseology of the times, in describing the long cylindrical, cigarshaped object. He likens it to a flying roll, as this is the closest object he knows of that he can relate it to. The roll, he knows, is a scroll, rolled up. The space ship looked like one. He even goes so far as to try to ascertain its dimensions. It has a length of twenty cubits, and the breadth (thickness) of ten cubits. Very good, indeed!

ZECHARIAH, CHAPTER 6, ALL. Zechariah continues to see space
ships. This time, he observes not one, but four ships (the symbols
here are chariots) emerging from between two distant mountains. He is amazed at the sight. He follows them as they pass overhead, and they begin to descend right over the place where he is standing. The space people then broadcast a message to Zechariah, who is startled, but he is not too scared to shout back replies. A lengthy conversation then ensues where Zechariah receives much information. The Bible meaning is, however, distorted and hard to follow, as the symbolisms abound.


Biblical references to the presence of the space people and their crafts – in THE NEW TESTAMENT

MATTHEW, CHAPTER 2, ALL. This is the well known story of the
birth of Jesus, and of the bright star up in the sky that guided the three wise men to the town of Bethlehem to see Jesus. The star is symbolic of a mother ship that was purposely brightly glowing over Bethlehem.
That ship acted as a beacon.

MATTHEW, CHAPTER 24, VERSES 30, 31 AND 35. In these few
passages Jesus tries to explain to his audience that there is human life elsewhere throughout the Universe. And that some of those people do visit Earth for the purpose of bringing knowledge and wisdom to us.

In verse 35 Jesus tries to relate to his followers that physical and
material possessions are only temporary manifestations. Whereas
consciousness, and knowledge and intelligence are permanent and
lasting manifestations.

MATTHEW, CHAPTER 26, VERSE 64. here, Jesus is again trying
to convince people of the life on other worlds.

MARK, CHAPTER 13, VERSES 26, 27 AND 31. This is Mark’s
version of similar information to that of Matthew 30, 31 and 35.

JOHN, CHAPTER 8 VERSE 23. This is a classic passage that
clearly states Jesus telling of his coming to Earth from another place,
through rebirth (reincarnation). This original was slightly changed to
be understood as Jesus came from Heaven. He was from above
(another world).

23 And he said unto them, Ye are from beneath; I am from above: ye are of this world; I am not of this world.

ACTS, CHAPTER 2, VERSES 2 AND 3. This is a symbolic
reference to an extraterrestrial visitation. The sound from Heaven and the mighty rushing wind are likened to the swishing sound the ship made as it approached the ground, and was heard by the observers.

This was a night sighting, and it was continually described as a fiery
flow (the ship’s force field).

ACTS, CHAPTER 11, VERSES 5 AND 6. Here Peter describes
being approached by a space ship (a certain vessel descended) and
having engaged in conversation with voices coming out of the ship.
(The space people’s broadcast system was used). Unfortunately, the
symbolisms distort much of the account.

5 I was in the city of Joppa praying: and in a trance I saw a vision, A certain vessel descend, as it had been a great sheet, let down from heaven by four corners; and it came even to me: 6 Upon the which when I had fastened mine eyes, I considered, and saw fourfooted beasts of the earth, and wild beasts, and creeping things, and fowls of the air

ACTS, CHAPTER 12, VERSES 7 TO 9. Peter was being held in
prison. He was visited by a space person (an Angel of the Lord came
upon him) who removed the chains from his wrists and tells him to
get dressed, that they are leaving. The Angel actually caused himself and Peter to become invisible. This is symbolized by the “Cast thy garment about the and follow me.” In other words, the Angel’s act of making them invisible was likened to covering them with the garment (concealment).

meaning of this passage was purposely changed to reflect just the
opposite. The original intent of this passage was to explain the unity,
and brother/sisterhood of all consciousness. That all people are
brothers and sisters, and are spiritually related, and interdependent on one another for their existence. Instead, it was rephrased to show division, discontent and segregation among all manifestation. Most unfortunate.

HEBREWS, CHAPTER 13, VERSES 1 AND 2. It is revealed here
that Angels (space people and highly evolved beings) are no different than ordinary people. What happened to the wings. And that on occasion ordinary people have had conversations (entertained) with such people and highly evolved beings, and were unaware of it. Quite simply, these Earthlings were in the company of people of other worlds and they did not even know it! (as today!!) Fortunately, the symbolisms in this passage were not hard to understand. The editors overlooked this one.

1 Let brotherly love continue. 2 Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.

trying to say here is several things, but they have all been confusingly intermingled. The whole book of revelations is so heavily submerged in allegory and symbolisms that it is all but impossible to understand.

John is trying to demonstrate the evolutionary cycles of celestial
bodies, in regards to the birth and death cycles of planets, stars and
solar systems, etc., that in time all physical worlds come and go, but
the energy continues. He discusses the reincarnational cycles of the
consciousnesses as they progress from one planet, and then on to
another, and yet another, until there is no more need for human

John is also receiving messages directly from the space people, and
he, in turn, relates the information to his listeners. The symbol for this knowledge, in his passage, is the Tabernacle, and God is likened to the conscious spirit.

REVELATIONS, CHAPTER 22, VERSE 19. Refer to this
explanation again, if you wish, on an earlier page in this chapter.
Many miracles were “performed” throughout the scriptures. Allow
me to clarify some points concerning “miracles”. Naturally this term
suggests something obscure, mysterious, and enigmatic, but, however, miracles had very logical explanations. They were “performed” for very special reasons and purposes by the space people and other highly evolved beings.

Stop for a moment to think and realize that we, today, can perform fantastic, unbelievable, miracles, seemingly impossible. Let us see.

I will plan a trip to Australia. When I arrive I will venture to the backlands of the place. I will travel to where very few “outsiders” go.
I will enter a village of primitive native aborigines. They will be  curious as to who I am. I don’t look, or dress, or speak like any of
them. I have brought with me some very common items from back home. I open my case. I demonstrate to the curious natives gathered all about me, some of my items. I show them a little box, a small transistor radio. I turn it on and music comes out of it for them to
hear. They are fascinated. Their mouths drop open.

I strike a match to burn a piece of paper. The natives are quickly taken aback, as they watch from a more distant vantage point. They
are awestruck. I then play for them, recorded conversation on a small tape player. They can’t believe their ears. They start to inch closer to
me. I have brought a mini hand held battery TV set. I turn it on. The natives gasp in mental shock. They strain their eyes to grasp the
transmitted image. They look at all my items. They look at me. They begin to mutter among themselves. They rush back to their huts.
They soon return with armfuls of food and carved idols. I am being offered liquid and small animals. They place these at my feet. They
all line up in front of me. They begin chanting. They play musical instruments. They are starting to bow down to me. I am being
revered as some sort of God. Am I?

To them, I have performed “miracles”, therefore, I must be a God.
To me, I understand their understanding. I do not reprimand them for their actions, for I feel nothing in my heart but kinship and warmth.
Are these poor natives no less my brothers because I have trod the “path” a little farther ahead of them? I will stay with them for a while
and teach them some things to make their lives a little more enjoyable.
I will tell them that there are many more people like me where I come from. That I live in another land, across a vast distance these natives can not even comprehend. And if they ask me for proof, I will perform more miracles. My task will be to show them the way. They
will surely follow. My helicopter arrives on schedule. The natives take cover. They peek out from behind bushed. I enter the airship,
but before I do I turn to my brothers and sisters and smile and tell them that I will return someday. As we pull up and away I hear their
chants inside me.

Most all of the Earth’s present day religions were originally
founded upon Divine principles. Judaism, Islam, Hinduism,
Buddhism, Confucianism, Christianity, and others all teach that there
is but one God who is just and knows all. As discussed, most all of
the early religion’s founding fathers were incarnated, highly evolved
beings sent to Earth for the purpose of spreading the word of God (the space people’s messages as well).

Those righteous men, of course, did not live forever. They chose
certain deciples to carry on the doctrines that they had instigated.
Those righteous men were highly perceptive and made good choices.

However, these entrusted successors, over future generations, one
after another, began to periodically delete, change or add to the
original teachings. These future successors held much power, and
they allowed their egos to get in the way.

In diluting the Divine teachings, they changed the meanings and
ideas of various laws to suit themselves. Usually this was done in a
conspiracy to gain, yet, more power and wealth for themselves.
However, the belief in a one God, or supreme being, or a diety,
was retained. The followers of these religious leaders, whom by that
time were self-made, were intimidated into believing the holy
scriptures that were altered to reflect what the religious leaders wanted them to believe.

These poor farmers, serfs, peasants, and even members of the
educated classes, believed on sheer “blind faith”, never questioning
the “word of God”. They would be condemned as heretics, and
banned from society if they did not do so. Naturally they fell in line
like sheep following a shepherd.

There were great, lengthy, and bloody wars, battles and crusades
fought over religious ideals. Do you think God condones this?
NEVER! In reality, these conflicts were not fought over God’s
words, as the participants thought, but over what some religious
leaders thought God’s words were or should be.

Unfortunately, to this very day, an awful lot of people are still
believing, through no fault of their own, in these distorted religious
doctrines. They are still captivated, and intimidated by fear. This fear
has been instilled in us from family to family, from generation to
generation, and it has come down to us from century to century.
I feel that contemporary religious leaders ought to have to sit up
and pay attention and begin to teach Divine Law from a Universal
approach, rather that preaching the same old, dull boring hum-drum.
As I look around, I notice the younger generations not giving as
much attention to religion as their parents and grandparents did. As I look into church congregations, I notice that they are filled
predominantly with older people. The small children have no choice
as they are forced to go with their parents. The very churches and
religions themselves realize this plunging drop in young attendance
and admit it. Why are these young people seeking their answers
elsewhere? Perhaps it is because these young adults were brought up and educated in a space world of discovery. A world that challenges age old traditions, beliefs, and customs, and asks why.

Sooner or later, with the advent of the space age, and the growing
awareness of the present intelligent life on other planets, these
religious leaders are going to have to change their approach to
teaching religion. Else they no longer will have any congregations to
preach to.

I hope that I have clarified some of the Biblical mysteries and
enigmas, as they were explained to me, by bringing to light some f the information expressed in this chapter. I in no way, feel that I am
being disrespectful or critical of this great work. I am however, being
critical of those who blemished its true purpose and ideas and real
meaning by willful adulterations. The people of other worlds want
nothing better than for every person on the face of this Earth to grow and prosper, and be creative in a positive, spiritual manner.


(Rolf Telano had contact to "Boreaslis" - claiming coming from a level of Venus.
(had seemingly contact through radio-transmissions).

His contacts to "Borealis" told him (translated from the Swedish - which is the language of the book on the case I have): 

"…you can simply not adjust our channel. And yet still we are solid og real. There is sound your ears cannot hear and colors your eyes cannot see. Yet those are in reality as real as those you CAN see with your senses. The limits for OUR ability to perceive is much bigger than yours, but the difference in level is so big that we normally also is unconscious about you. We are able to enlarge the limit down to your level, but for most efficient observation, is it necessary for us to transform or readjust to your lowlevel-frequency.

"THIS CAN BE DONE EITHER DIRECT THROUGH THOUGH-CONSENTRATION or through artificial way - by a mainpulse-generator on the moon which envelops earth in a wave of the spesific frequency to create a conversion of our bodies to your level. All of our observators in their crafts on your earth have a small mecanism, which make it possible for them to lock into syncronisation with this wave. This automatic regulates the suitable level - without any thoughtconcentration from their side. They can disappear from syncronisation anytime and switch to mental control if they wish to alter their level a little...")

-that book in pdf

"the anderson affair"
audiobook of  andreasson...
(One of the most documented and believable cases in UFOlogy is the experience of one woman's abduction aboard a UFO.
Her name is Betty Andreasson Luca who is a devout Christian. During her abduction, she was taken before a being of intense light and love called "the One."
This description of this being is remarkably similar to descriptions of the so-called "Being of Light" encountered in near-death experiences.)

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