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of Elisabeth Klarer
(contact to spacepeople from ALPHA CENTAURI . . .)

on the 50th anniversary of Elizabeth Klarer's love-experiences with Akon - seemingly from our own cosmic family -  a ufocontact from the 50s;

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Elisabeth Klarer writes about her contact to "Akon" from AlfaCentauri in her book BEYOND THE LIGHT BARRIOR - but she claims in that book that her first contact to spacepeople was from Venus. Scientific views say that no life exist on Venus in our dimension, but acc.to other material, they are in a higher dimension/frequency - but can adjust to our reality by the help of both technique and spiritual power. 

Here fellows a chapter from her book on the contact in 1954. In that era did spacepeople from higher levels (with multidimension mental body/frequency-control) many attempts to warn us against the nuclear/atom-madness, as also told  in other "frequency-adjusted-contacts" to Venus, as well as other galactic sources in the 50-and 60ths. EK had her first adventures and observations of the AC-ships when she was flying high in her aeroplan, Tiger Moth. Also with her husband- but had also seen them when she was a child. She tells that she once had an explosion-accident in an aeroplane-hangar, where she experienced an out-of-the body-experience - under which she had a meeting with those spacepeople, through the then "liberated" astral-body.

Those contacts occured in the mountains of Drakenberg in South-Africa, and here she writes on here pregnancy where the father was her soulmate from AC.


< her dokumentar om hennes kontakt.

see also this video:  Memories of Elizabeth Klarer & Akon from Meton of Alpha Centauri Star System Valerie O’Hogan


extract from CHAPTER VI:
"...An exhilarating happiness filled those days of quickening life
within me, halcyon days filled with joy, with a life so precious, a
part of Akon to be nurtured, protected and loved, a life from another
planet to be encompassed with the essence of love and joy that a
woman knows and gives to the quickening child within her womb
when the embryo stems from the seed of love. This is the spark which
creates the divine soul in human life, a divine soul born in the offspring
of a true mating between a man and a woman, that true and
complete love of a man for a woman and a woman for a man, which
is so rarely found among human beings on Earth, who misunderstand
the functions of mating and procreation in the higher octaves
of sensual delight.

Then one golden day I sensed the nearness of Akon and my
heart became restless as I awaited a sign in the evening sky. The full
Moon rose over the line of hills in the east and the still and tranquil
hush of evening light spread over the darkening mountains to the

Quietly I kissed May goodbye. 'I know you will care for David.
Bless you!'
And I was gone in the MG along the mountain track winding to
the top of the hill behind the homestead beyond the oak wood.
I had not long to wait. The beautiful ship of light appeared
moving silently through the moonlit atmosphere. Opalescent and
ethereal in the moonbeams she quietly settled on the hilltop. Bluish,
unearthly light streamed from her portholes, as she remained silent
for those brief moments before the automatic doors opened - and
then they opened and Akon stepped through.
Coming to me, he picked me up in his arms, holding me close.
'Now I am really going to carry you off with me to another
planet,' he whispered with his lips in my hair, as he carried me into
the spaceship.
Sheron smiled a greeting from his control desk, and Haben was
there too.
'Hallo my dear,' he said. 'You look beautiful and well.' And
as Akon put me on my feet. . . 'Also large with child as we hoped.
It suits you and there is a radiance about you; the child is due to
be born.'
'When a child is born, we must reach for the stars,' Akon replied.
'We have just moved from Mars and must now be off again to
Alpha Centauri.'
'But my car! I cannot just leave her out there on the hill.'
'We will take her along too. We never had piston engines like that,
besides, the engine needs some adjustment and Ishall attend to
that myself,' Akon said.

I saw a ramp slide out from an opening in the hull, when Sheron
pressed a lever beside the control panel. Suddenly, a brilliant beam
of white light enveloped the MG and she was lifted and suspended
within the beam and drawn swiftly forward onto the ramp and into
the hull of the spaceship. The ramp instantly slid back leaving no
trace of an opening in the side of the hull.
. 'The MG is quite safe in the hold my beloved one. You won't
need her on the home planet, there are no filling stations there and
no roads. Such an antiquated mode of transport would appear out
of place,' Akon smiled.

Sheron adjusted the push buttons on the control panel and I
sensed again that fantastic vibration, like a shudder from outside
the sealed cabins as in instantaneous anti-light harmonics,
stepping up the frequency interaction of C and speeding up the
geometric of time, altering the frequencies controlling the matter-anti-
matter cycles - the geometric matrix of space-time.
I closed my eyes and relaxed on the comfortable bench as Akon
placed his hand on my forehead and I felt an harmonic affinity with
all substance, a resonance tuned to matter and anti-matter in alternate
'You understand now, my beloved, the nature of our propulsion
systems. The equation is now quite clear within your mind and you
can move in harmony with us and know the beautiful simplicity of
nature as we alter the micro atoms of light, the basic building blocks
of all energy and matter, pure electromagnetic wave-forms, the
key to the Universe and all life, where all protons and neutroas
are built up from microatoms. Can you visualize it all now in your
mind ?'

'Yes indeed! I can see it all so clearly in all its glorious simplicity
- assemblies of microatoms throughout all matter and antimatter
consisting of three within four in alternate pulses. The
whole Universe is a pulse of energy, resonating in harmonic interaction
to form different wave-forms. Physical matter, like this
spaceship and ourselves, is nothing more than a concentrated field of
force. We are made up of these wave-forms. And we can feel and see
similar wave-forms which resonate within our range of frequencies.
Our spaceship achieves a shift in space-time simply by stepping up the
frequencies of light and time between each pulse of physical matter,
which is a planet formed by three spiralling wave-motions in space,
and repositioning herself within the spatial dimensions of the planet
by decreasing frequencies between pulses and thereby, appearing in
the time-geometric of the planet which can be anywhere in space -
in the sun's system or in another solar system altogether. Created
by the harmonic interaction of the unified field differentials emanating
from the spaceship herself in terms of light, or pure electromagnetic
wave-form, the unified field equation manifests in perfect
harmony, and I can see now the simple equation which creates
it all. The letters and the figures are clearly seen in my mind; there
is no need to write the formula down. The mathematical precision
and placing of the numbers and letters will remain forever within
my mind, as it is already within the mind of our child who will now
be born with this knowledge of highly advanced physics,' I replied.

'Good. This is how it must be. You are an excellent pupil, my
dear, and indeed worthy to be one of us and the mother of my

And Akon held me close in his arms, pressing my head against
his chest with his left hand so that I could feel the strong beat of his
heart in rhythmic perfection.

'There are two of you to look after now. My child within you
is stirring and will be born as soon as we reach my home. Your
bloodstream has been cleansed by the pure fresh air in the spaceship.
Despite your living for many months on the farm where the air was
clean, the amount of pollution in Earth's atmospherc has reached a
very dangerous level, which now encircles the entire planet. Because
of this measure of pollution, we only land on the high remote areas
of mountains. Come, there is a bath and change of garments for
you in the small cabin.' 

Holding me close and whispering words
of love, he went with me into the smaller cabin.
The single garment I put on hung in rich and soft folds of silk
to my ankles, simple and free, concealing the thickening of my
waist in hanging from the shoulders with wide loose sleeves like a
kaftan, shimmering in golden yellow with threads of green.

'The golden silk matches your amber eyes,' Akon softly said,
as he cradled my feet in his big hands. 'Your feet are small and
broad, no need for the restriction of shoes.' And he fitted a beautiful
pair of silken sandals the colour of the sapphire sea, to my feet.
Then he changed out of his silvery suit into a garment of soft
glowing silk with sandals the colour of the sapphire sea, like

Haben called to us to come and watch the viewing lens and as we
moved towards the shining curved wall, our thoughts triggered the
electronic doorway which slid open at our approach.
Catching my breath with excitement, I caught a glimpse of
tremendous colour in the lens. The most awe-inspiring spectacle
was taking shape - suffused in brilliant yellows, rose-red and blue with
vast streamers of soft rose-red reaching out into the silken darkness
of fathomless space. Then, the brilliant colours cleared and two
gigantic stars glowed in the far reaches of the void. . . one with deep
blue radiations and the other in a glory of rose-red, while a third
and much smaller star vibrated in soft golden light radiations in a
wide orbit around the two.

Alpha Centauri, seen in all the glory of pristine radiations -
the great waxing stars balancing each other in the prime of their
life-span and harbouring a race of people who tame the winds of
space to propel their beautiful spaceships. Through the filtered lens,
I watched stupendous prominences looping out and shifting in
continuous agitation, but with rhythmic waves and branches of
light emitted outwards from the photosphere in dense radiations.

Stupendous energy filled the vast reaches of space surrounding
the splendour of this triple solar system as the glory of Akon's
home system filled the lens with magnificent colour and movements.
And then I saw her - another brilliant sphere, another home of
life, another island moving in the vast void of space, another Venus.
Meton, or Venus II the home of an advanced race of people
A world of gentle climate and gentle people, a world of vast seas of
sapphire blue and emerald islesin an atmosphere
similar to Venus
when she lived and harboured the beginnings of this fantastic race
of people.

Other planets could be seen, with their bright atmosphere, moving
in a slow and graceful purposefulness around the small golden
star, which moved with her retinue of seven planets in orbit about
the two great stars, but well within the tremendous corona or
atmosphere of this magnificent star system known to Earthmen as
Alpha Centauri. .

'The star of our system is known to Earthmen as Proxima Centauri and all 

these planets are inhabited by our civilisation. We
live in constructive harmony and peace. 'We moved from Venus
in the Sun's system to make our home here, which is now permanent,
because we can control our environment. Our science and under-
standing of stars, planets and solar systems has advanced considerably
since we lived on Venus. Venus, to us, is still the home
planet, the cradle of our race, and it is for this reason that we come
into the Sun's system to touch down on her surface and bring her
to life again. For beneath her desert-like surface she still lives and
thrives, and the beautiful mountains of rose-coloured rocks will
again breathe an atmosphere of cerulean sky and the moisturegiving
clouds spread out over the surface to form the seas again.'

'And the variable star of her system, the Sun. Can you now tame
the Sun?' I asked.

'Indeed yes. This is what we are in the process of doing.'

'Will it change the climate on Earth?'
'Of course. All planetary weather is controlled by the star of their

'And a triple system like this one?' I asked again.
-These are stable, waxing stars without magnetic anomalies, and
thereby, they interact with harmonic resonance, creating equable
climates over the planets. This also makes it very much safer for
our spaceships to operate in harmonic interaction with the unified
field of matter and anti-matter. Anomalies for instance, in
Earth's atmosphere, have caused fatal accidents to two of our spaceships
when the matter-anti-matter cycle of the propulsion systems
shifted frequencies while moving within the resonating fields of the
system, resulting in a tremendous explosion releasing a high level
of radiation. Our scientists, at the instant of alarm detection within
the spaceships, set course over remote, unpopulated areas of the
planet Earth, where the explosion occurred in the atmosphere
and an unusually high level of radioactivity has been found on the
surface,' Akon explained.

'So that clears up the mystery of the Tungus Taiga, where an
explosion overhead ripped the forest to bits,' I whispered with
awe. 'And of course, the crew simply disappared. Oh. . .' 

I couldget no further, and moved closer to Akon.
The splendour in space of the great stars and the glory of Akon's
home system filled the lens, like the electric mirage I had seen long
ago in the vintage mothership who could bring this fantastic scene
to her peoples far away in other and strange solar systems, to keep
in touch with their time system through the far reaches of interstellar
space. The Venusian mothership still retained the highly
civilised contact with her peoples as she did in the days of yore,
no matter where in the Galaxy they had now migrated to.
Moving within her environment as a natural celestial object,
our spaceship smoothly appeared high in the atmosphere of the
speeding planet Meton or Venus II, the second planet outwards
from the golden star, Proxima Centauri. 

- A great glistening cloud billowed up over the sea with a curtain
of rain trailing and thickening at its base, the radiations ...?the
three stars striking a golden radiance out of the huge cumulus heads
spreading out across the sapphire seas.

(picture of jim nichols - not from the book)
We landed on the circular roof of a home made of glistening
material like marble. The beautiful building was set on a dais of
surrounding circular steps perfectly symmetrical, rising from emerald
lawns of shining grass and scattered semicircular beds of brilliant
flowers. Trees with bright green foliage scattered the landscape like
a great park.
The spaceship silently settled to the rooftop, her shining surface
untarnished by vast distances or the atmosphere of planets. Moving
beyond the velocity of light, as Earthmen understand it, she overcame
the power of the Universe, annihilating the unfathomed
seas of space in her swift passage through time, going with the
pressure force of the Universe, or gravity, attaining the higher
octaves of resonance by the absorbtion of light itself and thereby,
annihilating the light barrier.

How afraid Earth scientists were when they attempted to annihilate
the sound barrier in the atmosphere with aircraft, I thought.
And yet it had all proved to be so very simple - no trouble at all -
as it is now with the light barrier.
To reach another solar system within seconds, almost instantaneously,
proved the simplicity of faster-than-light spaceships or
flying saucers.

I remember in years past how afraid they were of the sound
barrier, not knowing what to expect or how to overcome the problem
of speed through the atmosphere of Earth when Geoffrey De-
Havilland's DH Swallow exploded in an attempt to break the sound
barrier. And now, even some of these beautiful spaceships have
exploded in breaking the light barrier.

picture from the JANOS-contact

Sheron pressed a button on the control panel to nullify the spaceship's
systems and we waited those few seconds for the field differentials
to dissipate, before Akon walked towards the shining wall and
the door slid open to his thought.
I heard joyfull voices and laughter and the next moment Akon's
family came into the spaceship to greet us. Then, taking my hand,
Akon led me down stairs leading into the home from
the landing ramp.

A circular balcony, curving round the building, made of delicately
carved railings glowing with the lustre of pearl against golden walls,
brought us to the second floor where I could see the great living room
far below - a vast circular room full of the glorious colours of the
spectrum, on the floor, the walls, the couches and the divans.
The spiral staircase curved down the centre of the circular building,
the bannisters hand-carved into a lovely delicate tracery of
flowers and vines, made of the same glowing material I had seen
in the spaceship. Putting my hand on its smooth and lovely surface,
..-as we slowly walked down, I said:
'But this is pearl! Real pearl! It's uneven in places too with that
natural pink lustre. It's alive and giving out light!'

We all paused to admire the lovely carving as Akon explained,
'Our aqueous atmosphere here and in the spaceships keeps pearl
alive and vibrant as in its natural habitat, the sea. We use pearl
for the building of our homes and for the construction of our space-
ships. Pearl lives on with vibrant light and we farm this beautiful
living substance within our vast seas. We live with it always as it
generates the light of the Universe for our energy needs.'
'How beautiful to live with! I have always loved pearls.' 

And I looked up into Akon's eyes as he put his arm about my waist so
that I could lean against him and take the weight off my feet.
'My beloved, I shall give you pearls to wear always close to your

And Akon opened a casket attached to the bannister and lifted
out the most beautiful pearl necklace I had ever seen - two rows of
evenly matched glowing pink pearls with a clasp of seed pearls,
eight of them surrounding a lovely ruby.
I stood spellbound in the centre of the stairway as Akon placed
the lovely glowing pearls around my neck. Their soft and smooth
coolness caused me to gasp with pleasure and I put my hand up to
press them against my throat. .
'Their light will give you light always. Wear them always with
the ring, and our communication will remain unbroken forever.'

And Akon put his hand under my chin, lifting my face up to his.
'My chosen one, these pearls were left in the casket by my mother,
for my chosen one. . . for she knew you would come from another

Pleia and Haben came to me and put their arms about me,
hugging and kissing me on both cheeks.
'Welcome home dear one, we are your family, your kin.' Pleia
said as Theton came forward to welcome me with a hug and a kiss
on both cheeks with his mate Lyra and their three children.
'How wonderful and lovely you all are.' And with my heart
brimming over with love for them all, I hugged and kissed each one
of them again.
'Thank you for letting me come. How happy I am to be here.'
And turning to Akon, who gathered me up in his arms and carried
me down the stairway, we all went into the great circular living

Its beauty took my breath away. Akon stood in the centre of the
room, still holding me in his arms, and I looked up at the perfection
of design of the domed ceiling paintcd with the three stars of Alpha
Centauri, shedding their life-giving rays through out the home in a
natural lighting emanating from the glowing luminous substance
of pearl. I absorbed the beauty of the atmosphere within the home.
The colour vibrations were particularly strong, with no pare or insipid
colours. But everywhere, the bright and glorious colours of the
spectrum of nature blended with a deep silky softness, while delicate
music played upon strings wafted through the room from the soundboard
of the dome above, music of such purity and perfection of
composition that its magic thrilled my soul and my body responded
with ecstasy to the vibrations.
Gently, Akon set me down and my silken sandals sank a little into
the firm and soft carpeting.

'Music is a universal language,' he said. 'We feel the vibrations,
the harmony of composition. And glorious colours also give out
vibrations for our well-being. Plants, as you see them growing in this
room, thrive with love, harmony and the vibrations of our music.
We live with beauty and comfort and our homes are not more than
three storeys high, but we only live in the ground floor and the first
floor; the second floor is used for the kitchen and storerooms. We
prefer to live and sleep close to the ground; it is healthier and there
is no need to do otherwise. "Yethen retain the magnetic impulses
emanating from our planet which are conducted by the circular
construction of our homes and released within by the moulded

'We have no tensions or aggressive thoughts. 'we maintain our healt
and longevity. Because of the advanced conditions for living and our

 way of life where no monetary system is necessary, the beauty
and comforts of life are acquired by all our inhabitants, resulting
in time for the cultivation of the mind and the attainment of a great
cultural foundation and background. All knowledge and wisdom
is channelled into constructive work and recreation. The arts and
sciences are acquired by all and produce a greatly advanced and
constructive civilisation where violence and wars are completely

'Come my dear. . .' 

And we sat down on a low, very comfortable
couch with a high back supporting my spine and shoulders, as Akon
lifted my feet and placed them to rest on a soft high cushion. Then
Akon continued. . .

"'\Ve maintain harmonious contact with other races on other
planets, but close contact or Iniscegenation (??unknown word -must bescanning-mistake)

 is unknown among our race beyond this solar system. 

This is why only a few are chosen
for breeding purposes beyond this solar system to infuse new
blood into our ancient race. Then only, do we select those few whom
we know to be reborn from the mother planet, Venus, and you,
my beloved, have this race-memory. Your ancient lineage goes back
many thousands of years in Earth time. We have traced your ancestry; 

and it was all arranged when you were born.'
'You know so much!' I wondered. . . 'Even to the birth of your
son. . . and not a daughter. How did you know?'
'By taking you at the right time when I detected your vibrations.
This had to be done twice; to make love to you twice was the most
beautiful experience, because to have a boy is a lot more difficult!
Male-bearing sperm lasts only a few hours, so I had to be accurate
within hours about your time of ovulation.'
'It was the most beautiful experience of all my life,' I whispered
AS I kissed Akon.

Pleia came into the room bearing a silver tray of refreshments.
She brought me a bowl of fruit juice and said, 'drink it all down.
it has been out in the light of the stars absorbing the life-giving
radiations xltered through the thick atmosphere. I am so happy you
and Akon have mated so perfectly; it rarely happens with other
planetary beings. Your son will indeed be very special and unusual.
It is very necessary after all these aeons of time; our race has become
very inbred, despite our way of scientific breeding.
'But love will be your bond forever, and your soul belongs here
now, although your body still belongs to Earth, so when this body
dies on Earth, the soul remains here. Your physical body is merely
a shell around you to protect the soul of energy and when that falls
away, the real you, the divine spark of life, moves on into infinite
timelessness in the cycle of evolution.' 

And Pleia kissed me tenderly
as she went on . . .
'The cycle changes again and you become mass again, born into
the physical body as you are at present. This process is the cycle of
evolution in the soul and mind and the race-memory is retained
always within your subconscious, until you gradually evolve through
all the dimensions of time into eternity when the body-cells cease
to degenerate. Mankind is a part of eternity. We found this great
truth when we moved into the far reaches of space beyond the light
'We all have eternal life in time, the ever-moving present. It
only changes vibrations when the balance is achieved, and then
we do indeed find the joy in life forever. I can see in the spectrum
of time, my dear, your soul's transient hold on Earth will soon be
broken and you will join us again here forever. It will not be long
to wait. Whereas on Earth one's heart-beat remains tuned to the
lower vibrations of time and a slower pulse-rate is recorded, here
on Meton the heart-beat becomes tuned to the higher vibratory
rate in time and the timing of your heart-beats will go out of rhythm
in an endeavour to keep time with the vibratory rate of the time
continuum on this planet.

'These herbal juices I have just given you, will regulate your
heart-beat and prevent any distress. It will allay the effect of our
atmosphere on your heart until we have delivered you of Akon's
son, so that he may be born on this planet and become attuned to
the environment where he belongs. You know and are happy that
he may never breathe the harsh atmosphere now imposed by mankind
on Earth, where they are polluting their environment.' And
Pleia finished with a flourish of her hand to emphasize her point
of view.

Looking through the long open doors of the living room, I saw
the deep sapphire blue of the sea. The waters sparkled in gentle
waves onto the white beaches, the pulse of energy propagated
through the water by the oscillations of water molecules moved
through the water in rhythmic swells from the far horizon. A gentle
climate reflected in tranquil seas.

A race is affected by the climate in which it lives. Not here, on
this planet, could the ruthless and prodigious march of storms across
land and sea occur, leaving a swathe of destruction, chaos and nervous
tension with chaotic changes in magnetic frequency. Spawned
by the high winds of an unstable atmospheric pressure, the mighty
storms of Earth rule the skies and men of that planet bow in awe and
fright before the onslaught of hostile clouds. Yet these living cells
that multiply in the ...?depending on noise and destruction
for their progressive, march across the face of a planet, can be tamed
and bereft of their destruction, become gentle and provide the soft
rains so necessary for the life of a planet.
Man of Earth live in a world of chaos and destruction which is the
height of their understanding and hydrogen bombs are the limit
of their power. The unstable conditions existing there cause low-
pressure waves to trigger off faults within the crust of the planet
and the resulting devastation of earthquake and heaving seas is a
clear indication of the extent to which the Earth's surface breathes
the sky.

On Meton, the balanced radiations of her star mingle with the
tremendously beneficial radiations from the great binary stars. This
planet is enfolded within the enormous corona of her triple system
and the collisions of these radiations from the three balanced sources
creates a far deeper ionosphere surrounding the planet. This shield
is formed when a planet is within the temperature range of stars
to create these conditions. Magnetic seas encircling a planet protect
the lower atmospheric envelope and life as we know it exists on the
surface, in the air and in the seas and waters.
In the higher atmosphere beautiful clouds shimmer and shine.
The lower nacreous clouds composed of ice crystals shine with a
mother-of-pearl iridescence and the higher noctilucent clouds'
composed of cosmic dust shine and reflect a silvery white radiance.

From space, Meton looks very bright from the reflection of star
radiations from these high clouds, like Venus looks from space in
Earth's system.
The peace and silence of the atmosphere blew into the lovely
room bringing the fragrance of the land and the tang of the sea,
and I longed to go out into the clear fresh day.
'Come,' said Akon, taking my hand. 'We shall go to the hilltop.
Refreshment for the soul is vital for you my dear.'
Walking quietly through the lush green grass of the hillside to the
gently rounded top, we sat down in the fragrant grass and flowers
beneath a lovely tree. A tree of vast height, reaching straight and
tall into the deep blue of sky. I ts graceful branches with dark green
shiny leaves swept out in a symmetry of curved strength from the
rose-red bark of the trunk.

A gentle breeze from across the sapphire sea fanned my checks
and with it came the elusive and exotic fragrance of this sea that I
had known in the spaceship, as well as many years before on Earth
when it came to me as I lay dying in Groote Schuur Hospital in faraway
Cape Town - the fragrance that revived me and gave to me the
breath of life again as this glorious scene un[olded about me. And
here it was in all its lovely reality, after giving me a new lease on
life to fulfil my destiny here.
'How long will I be allowed to remain here with you on this lovely
planet? Will it be possible to stay even a little while? I feel reborn
and rejuvenated as if my life is now really just beginning.' And
I threw my head back and looked up into the eternal depths of
sapphire blue as the fragrant breeze swept up the slope from far
across the sea.
'My beloved, I want you to remain with me forever. But this i
not possible at present because your physical body will be unable 

to acclimatize to the higher vibratory rate within our atmosphere -
caused by the radiations from three stars, which will affect the 
rhythm of your heart. Your heart has an electrical timing device
attuned to the star of your system, the Sun, as we here on this planet ~
are attuned to the frequency of these resonating vibrations. I can
control the electrical rhythm of your heart for a limited period, 
which will amount to four months of your Earth time. I intend to
keep you with me for this period, not only for my sake, but for the
sake of our son who will need his mother's close presence, and for
your sake too. You will need the close presence of your child and
your mate. This is natural and very necessary in life, otherwise it
creates psychological trouble and illness that has a lasting effect
on children. Hence all the throat the tonsillar illnesses of children
on Earth, simply because they are breathing a polluted atmosphere
and are left far too much alone by their parents, resulting in fear and
lack of security, causing nervous tension and insufficient sleep and
rest. So the body gets out of rhythm and illness is the result, through
lack of love and constant close proximity, harmony and quietude.
The peoples of Earth are poisoned and sick as a result of their way
of life.'

'My belovcd, how simply wonderful! Now I can really live and
enjoy every moment of my life here. It's going to be the most wonderful
four months of my life. It will give me the strength to carry
out my destiny in the future, and to go back to Earth with hope and
love in my heart for all things,' I said with joy as I hugged and kissed
Akon. '

'Your heart though, dearest, will never recover. It will always go
out of rhythm now, even back on Earth where the solar wind or
flares will affect it badly at peak periods o[ the sunspot cycles.'
'Oh! But how well worthwhile it all is! To love you and have
your son, and to live with you for four months! Any sacrifice is
worth  all this!' I cried to the wide open skies as I flung my arms wide
to the Universe.
'Yet, it is no such thing as a sacrifice; that only applies to Earthmen's
ideas. This is life, real life - and my life! Oh, how happy I
am! Nothing and nobody can ever take all this away from me.
It is my life and will live with me forever, to give me strength and
a reason for being - why I am I - so that I could experience all this
wonder and beauty, and to give me a reason for living at this cycle
in time. It was all meant to be, and nothing can change this - the
inexorable law of the Universe,' I answered with awe and wonder.
'And the Universe will take care of you, my dear. As you think and
live, so the Universe will respond,' Akon gently said as he put his
arms about me to lift me from the emerald sward.
The beautiful tumbling country rolled on up to great mountains
topped with glowing rose-red rock faces, the grass slopes dotted with
golden trees, while sparkling clear rivers glistened in the star-drenched
atmosphere cascading their way to the sea, with exotic flowers in
brilliant colours growing everywhere and masses of lilies flowering
like a carpet in the woods, where nature rules in an abundance of
luxuriant flora. Fish and mammals abound in the seas, lakes and
rivers. There are no large flesh-eating types such as sharks, or carnivorous
creatures on the land. The land creatures are herbivoro
and live on the lush green vegetation. Overstocking is solved by
removing surplus creatures to other planets where similar conditions
prevail so that no destruction of life occurs.

The cattle are a select few, scientifically bred for milk. They have
no horns at all and are pure white. Very gentle and friendly, with
large soft eyes, they love to lie in the waters of the lakes. There
is always a clean fresh smell about them and they are never herded
into buildings of any kind. They are milked out in the open fields
,,,,hencalled and their milk has a delicious flavour, high in protein
and essential minerals.
The white horses prance and gambol over the emerald grasslands,
full of fire and spirit, but gentle and loving. Trained to respond to
thought, they came trotting up to us and gently nuzzled for tit-bits.
I caught my breath at their beauty. Here were the true equines,
the fabled creatures of the heavens drawing the golden chariot
of Helios across the aura of the stars, who spawned the Arabians
with their delicate heads and breadth of brow between large gentle
eyes, the classic curve lending grace to breadth of nostrils, and with
rounded pure white bodies shaped in perfection of bone. Bred in
the cradle winds of heaven, the mark of lineage is cast in a gentler
mould, like their human friends, who also spawned a race of people
on Earth, whose mark of lineage is also cast in a gentler mould
capturing the texture of the clouds from heaven's purity.
Fascinated, I watched their graceful movements on the slope of
the hill as they cantcred to the stream below.

visionary idea from a planet in the ACstarsystem- made of rune in 2006

The birds were the most beautiful I had ever seen. Brilliantly
coloured, they abound throughout the lovely land singing the magic
carols of birdsong in th~ higher octaves of sound. Perfectly tame, they
fly dovvn from the skies or the trees to settle with a flutter of importance
on your out-stretched hand or shoulders. With an abundance
of natural food and water, they came for love and affection as
through centuries of time they had been encouraged to do by this
civilisation. They regarded me with a friendly unwinking eye, head
cocked to one sIde, then bursting into a trill of enchanting song,
liquid and clear, accepted me as a part of the scene as they fluttered
and hopped over the grass.

Sighing with relaxed contentment, I lay back on the thick couch
of soft grass. Great golden bees hummed and droned among
the flowers and they lulled me to sleep.
Akon let me sleep on and on. He was still sitting beside me when
I awakened, and looking through the branches to the deep blue
beyond, I watched a silver ship move across the sky.
'How beautiful!' I murmured. 'Real peace, with the soothing
rhythm of nature.'
Akon smoothed my hair back, as he leaned onto his elbow with
his face close to mine.
'Our way of life is very simple, a serene and direct approach to a
things in life. Truth cannot be hidden and there is no subterfuge
in our attitude of mind. we have no politics, therefore there is peace
and harmony in all things controlled by our civilisation, and like the
birds, we like to relax and sing at times.'
Akon then lifted his head to the heavens and sang a haunting. melodyin a glorious deep and rich tenor.
Stirred by the beauty and romance of his voice, my eyesfilled with
tears of emotion. How wonderful is life, when one forges a bond that
transcends all other needs, an affinity and sympathy so perfect when
one becomes a barometer to the thoughts and actions of a loved
'My voice will always sing to you, singing in the distance of
another environment, for we are as truly in the Universe and in the
skies as any of the other bright spheres we see beyond our systems.
Beyond Alpha Centauri are many other bright orbs where other
citizens of the Universe have their being, singing - singing on
forever to the music of the stars. The everlasting beauty of our love
singing out in harmony with the celestial glockenspiels resonatingthrough
the unfathomed reaches of space will fortify the many
windows of your soul, and there will be no sadness left, only happyness
in our eternal unity.
'We all have to play our part in the shaping and evolution of
mankind in the Cosmos, and you my dear, will need to have courage
and be brave to go back to Earth and do what you have to do.
'Back on Earth your heart will not revert to the slower time-beat,
your pulse-rate will not remain tuned to the lower vibrations as it
was in the past. Your immersion into our time continuum has altered
all that. It is possible to gradually acclimatize oneself to a higher
vibration merely by diet and breathing exercises. This of course,
takes time and concentration in the natural way as we have already
prepared your heart to cope with our space-time continuum. When
I take you back to Earth though, you will have to live on a drug to
regulate the rhythm of your heart-beat.'
I impressed the scene in my mind. I would have to live with it
through all the time to come, a source ofstrength for the future back
on Earth, a fountain from whence my courage could be replenished
during the long years ahead back on a hostile planet.
But the high vibratory rate within this atmosphere was affecting
my heart and I felt my pulse with alarm as the arrhythmia remained
ominously high.
Akon immediately massaged my chest on the left side under my
breast with firm, gentle pressure, and gave me a herbal tablet to
swallow. Feeling better, I listened as Akon said,
'We have always maintained the delicate balance of radiations
between the living brains of mammals and the living stars of their
systems. Mankind can live as long as his brain cells are regenerated
by the true balance of the life-giving radiations from the centre
of all life, the star of their system. In this way, they are able to tune
in and tap the vast power and influence emanating from the nucleus
of the Galaxy, the everlasting life-force of the Universe - a prodigious
intelligence of light waves continually transmitted from the
depths of space.

'Mankind with his large brain is able to contact and retain from
this vast reservoir, the knowledge and wisdom, intelligence and
longevity which is the hallmark of a spiritually advanced race.
His brain emits radio waves to connect with the radio waves emanating
from his star. If a star is a variable, like the Sun, where the radiations
bombard the planets with unsteady radiations, the brain cells
of living creatures dcgenerate. This is the cause of the aging process
and these creatures become aggressive and prey upon each
other, aging rapidly because the vital brain cells are affected and
begin to decay.
'How different would the story of Earth become, if the people of
that beautiful living sphere could change their attitude of mind -
for an attitude of mind is a product of environment, and climatic
changes can be induced and controlled. We are not over-populated.
We have a method of birth control by merely using a simple plant
which grows in the woods here. This herb is added to the diets of
men and women when needed and the effects are temporary. In
fact the herb has great health properties and is a beneficial addition
to the diet. We do not believe in overcrowding and haphazard
population, which is very retarding to mental expansion and health.
As men of Earth moved out to other countries across their seas,
so we move out to other planets within the Galaxy, and in this way
retain a balance of population.

'Vibrations are most intense within Earth's atmosphere and the
minds of all living creatures and the sensitivity of plants are attuned
to these vibrations, which are out of harmony and harsh because of
the widespread swarm of humanity crowding the land-masses and
cities of the planet. When discords are most intense in the lower
octaves and resonance is most damaging to the delicate cells of the
brain, a major hazard is rapidly building up in the lower atmosphere
to the mental health of millions of these people. Supersonic
vibrations of high-speed aircraft press on the brains although unheard
by the cars, as the danger increases in the resonance of
inaudible higher octaves.
'Well, there is none of that sort of thing here, so I want to forget all about 

the behaviour of people on that planet. I have you
here with me now, and my son.' And Akon kissed me long and

A great white seabird settled beside us, ruffling snowy feathers and
regarding us with bright golden eyes, head aslant as she gracefully
folded her vast wings into place. I stroked her head gently and gave
her a piece of oat bread - oat of Akon's pouch. She fastidiously pecked
it up with a delicate air of grace and then waddled off through the
grass, content and quietly chirping to herself.
How lovely for the birds! No extremes of winter cold and summer
heat. No destructive storms to batter their feather-light bodies
about the sky, but seasons that are gentle and temperate, controlled
by the scientific methods of a great and wonderful people,
who remain quietly within their own domain of peace, a Utopia
that really exists. Therefore, they do not wish to make contact with
outside civilisations, who could destroy this gentle way of life.
Experiencing the mode of living conducted by civilisations on Earth,
I understood fully why Akon's civilisation kept its distance and
refused to have any contact with the Governments of that planet.
'Here come the horses,' Akon reminded me. 'Forget about the
barbarians, they will never reach our system here. We moved out
of the Sun's system because of them. They are already probing onto
Venus and Mars and transmitting radio signals in an attempt to
communicate with us, but this is a highly dangerous exercise for
them to make their position known in the Galaxy, for there are
other, and ruthless beings out there highly advanced in science and
technology, who may decide to decipher these signals and follow
up the invitation and colonise Earth instead of making friendly
advances as Earth scientists hope. We have no intention of being
involved in all that.' - 'Of course, your civilisation would be destroyed if you did,' I
answered, watching a beautiful craft, glinting and flashing in the
golden radiance from three stars, skimming over the top of the sea
and then rising up towards the hilltop. 

Floating in the sparkling
air, she looked ethereal as she stopped and hovered over us; then,
dipping down in greeting, she flashed away again. We waved back
to the people in her and the horses nuzzled round us for oat bread.
Akon lifted me onto the back of the mare standing quietly beside
me. Her back was soft and comfortable and I buried my hands into
snowy, silken mane and gripped her warm sides with my knees. Akon
vaulted onto the back of a glorious creature who had neighed and
trotted up to him and we moved down the hill, across the stream,
and headed towards the mountains. There were no such things as
bridles and saddles; the horses responded by thought and voice, and
the fleet-footed creatures seemed to skim over the soft sward with a
very comfortable and graceful pace. Jumping the smaller streams and
hedges in their stride, we soon reached the foothills and slowing,
the horses ambled and paced up the slopes with a swinging motion
that was quite natural and untiring to them.
It was second nature for me to be on the back of a horse. All my
life I had med their foul' legs instead of my own, as I had ridden
horses since the age of one year old.
Reaching the sheer cliff faces of rose-red rock just as the clouds
cleared away, Akon lifted me off the marc's soft and broad back.
The horses went to drink from a clear, crystal stream bubbling over
smooth stones. On the bank we found a picnic tray left there by
Habcn as he hovered over the stream in his small circular craft,
always so thoughtful and kind. We found a delicious repast prepared
by Pleia's gentle hands.

While resting in a lovely dell, with a vast and glorious view of
land and sea, a small piece of rose rock dropped from the cliff face
above and rolled against my sandalled foot. Picking it up, I held it
in my hand, a piece of a beloved Meton, weathered and nurtured
in the rock face - more precious to me than the most precious stones
of planet Earth.
'It is for you - a piece of your own world, to have and to hold
always - a talisman, to give you strength when you are far away.
Even this planet knows you belong here my beloved,' Akon quietly
said as he looked up at the rock face.
I placed the glowing fragment of rock in the pouch with the
oat bread, covering it with soft green moss from the stream bank -
and then I saw the maidenhair fern. . .
'Oh!' I exclaimed.
'Of course you may.' Alcon answered my thought and very gently
he gathered up the fern with its roots and placed it in the pouch.
'When we get back, I shall place the fern in a special container where
it can grow and thrive. These plants live forever as we do and you
can care for it always.'
.'So now I have the rock, the soil, the flora and the fauna, which is
within me. Oh, my beloved, how wonderful it all is . . . and you
are my love and my life,' I whispered to Aton, my voice trembling
with the depth of my emotion.
Calling the horses, Akon lifted me again onto the marc's back and
we rode quietly through the lovely countryside, on through fields
of waving corn and wheat growing as natural grasses. Further on
there were fields of oats and barley. Corn, or maize, grows in abundance
everywhere, while various types of fruit and vegetables grow
in areas set aside for such cultivation. There is never any shortage
of food, and the vegetation maintains a steady growth without the
retarding effects of the weather or a Moon.
Luxuriance of vegetation creates a high oxygen content within
the troposphere, and the animal life balances this with carbon
dioxide expiration absorbed by the plants. There is nothing, no
pollution, released into the atmosphere to deplete the vital ozone
layer. This is safe-guarded against ultraviolet penetration.
The atmosphere is fresh and invigorating, one feels full of
power.Of mind and body. To become tired is unknown; one feels
relaxed and completely without any nervous tension.

There are vast agricultural farms, supplying the fresh food necessary
for the sustenance of life and health throghout the planetary
system and for the great spaceships to transport to other planets,
where colonists are improving conditions for future generations beyond
the confines of Alpha Centauri.
The temperate climate of Meton and the other planets within
the system, has naturally helped to evolve to great eqlanimity the
minds of the inhabitants. Electric storms, affect the emotions
because of changing magnetic fields, occur beyond the eqvatorial
zones in the southern and northern hemispheres. The vagaries of
climate have been controlled, with the result that no extremes of heat
and cold penetrate the temperate and equatorial zones of the planet.
The rainfall is high with moderate humidity because of the vast
expanse of seas. Vegetation is lush and green, covering the surface
of the land; large and small islands make up the land-masses which
are inhabited throughout the equatorial regions. The polar caps
of the auroral areas provide the wind patterns to temper climatic
conditions over the surface of the planet.

Earthquakes are unknown. The shifting of land-masses has been
halted through the magnetic balance of the entire solar system, nor
is the surface exposed to varied and sudden atmospheric pressures.
Every now and then, the mare I was riding picked a mouthful of
swaying oat heads. She was very deft with her nimble mouth and
never slowed down from her fleet smooth pacing. Having small
stomachs, they like to eat little and often, and Akon told me that
these lovely creatures were indigenous to Venus in the Sun's system
and it was his civilisation that had brought the white horses and
white cattle from Venus to acclimate on Earth and Mars prior
to moving out of the Sun's system altogether. Loading them into
vast motherships, they brought them to Meton where they now
thrive as they did in the days of yore on Venus, the atmosphere,
vegetation and seas being similar to the mother planet.
The descendants of these white horses still exist in the strain of the
Arabians on Earth. The cattle still exist in India where they are
regarded as holy creatures and the Zulu tribes coveted herds of
white cattle.

We passed by a silkworm farm where thousands of enormous
worms lived on vegetation within enclosed areas. Others ready to
spin were in large containers where they proceeded to spin a lovely
golden thread, fine but very strong, around a wooden peg. Nearby,
the silken threads were woven into shimmering material and made
up into simple patterns and people came to choose the colour for
gowns and tunics. I felt the delicate folds of my own silken gown, so
smooth to the touch and a pleasure to wear next to my skin.
A natural, eonstmctive and energetic race, each doing the work
most suited to and loved by each indiviclual- and indced they are all
individuals, no two alike, and all completely free and happy without
restrictions of any sort. How different to Earth, I thought, where
people are mass-produced to comform to fashion and a11 look alike
and have to think alike too, otherwise they become something apm~
and are shunned by the herd.
Back home, we let the horses go and watched them gallop away
to the sea, snowy tails streaming out in the wind of their swift passage
into the breeze. Joyfully we embraced Pleia and Iaben who
were anxiouly waiting for us, knowing that the ride and exercise
would hasten the birth of Akon's son.
We all sat quietly in the lovely living room to watch a scene
materialise like a curtain across the room. It was a scene in history,
back in time, a breathtaking scene in the electric mirage. It showed
a fair-skinned people with almond eyes surveying a new planet and
talking among themselves in a strange and beautiful language.
The land was tropical and overgrown with lush vegetation and great
trees festooned with creepers, which encroached to the edge of
broad sandy beaches where long glistening breakers crashed on the
golden sands in foaming agitation indicative of a restless atmosphere.
Wild creatures chattered and screamed within the dense foliage,
which was alive with the sounds of teeming life, virile and ruthless in
the fecundity of such a warm and humid atmosphere. The sky was
dark and stormy with long clouds scudding across, and behind the
people, a small circular spaceship rested on the wide beach.
'Our first scientific survey ship had just landed on Earth, landing
on a strange planet for the first time,' Akon said.
'The great land-masses were harsh and primitive with many vol-
canoes and the seas were tempestuous and ruthless. The planet took
many, many years of taming before we could live on the surface.'
The scene shifted again, showing the surface of another planet, a
very different planet, with a beautiful curve of beach meeting a vast
and deep blue sea, tranquil beneath a sapphire sky. The emerald
green of rolling grass-covered land sloped up to mountains topped
with rose-red cliffs. Great trees dotted the landscape and many
coloured flowers carpeted the rich terrain, as an elusive and haunting
fragrance mixed with the tang of the vast seas. The fresh foliage
and flora of the land touched my senses with delight and I took
deep breaths of it.
Venus. . . her glory lived again in the electric mirage, her deep
atmosphere reflecting the intense and close radiations of her star,
the Sun - reflecting the light out into space, with only the beneficial
radiations filtered through to her surface by the vast ionosphere
in which she is encased, a protection against lethal radiation from
her star, with a wide ozone layer below. Cosmic dust attracted
into the vicinity of the Sun forms high noctilucent clouds around
the planet, adding more light to her reflection.
She is a home of life in the vast void of the heavens, where there is
no darkness in her slow rotation. Her proximity to the Sun keeps the
upper depths of the atmosphere illuminated through the night with a
glowing twilight.

Then, Theton was speaking in the beautiful language of his
people, the translation coming directly into my ears from the high
back of the couch Akon and I were sitting on.
'Cradle of mankind, the mother planet, brought forth the human
race from out of vast warm seas covering her surface with sapphire
blue. Spawned in the salty seas, our blood still harbours her brine.
Our life-blood is but a legacy from the salty seas, and it was during
the early middle age of this solar system that the dawn of human
life evolved. The emergence of humankind in a supernova created
an adaptable species of life, retaining always a love for the seas
from whence they came, the womb of our creation with the life-giving 

liquid still running through our veins.
'For we are the remnant, the descendants of these human being who

developed a great and glorious civilisation on Venus, stabilized,
by peace and harmony amongst themselves and with nature and the
Scattered isles, like gems of emerald, slumbered in the filtered
rays of a waxing star. A deep reflective atmosphere of cerulean sky,
with snowy clouds to bring the rains of a gentle clime, gave breath
to our forebears who swam in the warm seas breathing the fresh
oxygen of the moist atmosphere. Hair or fur on the body was unnecessary
as the warm climate and stable atmosphere gave protection
within tranquil seas. Long and very beautiful hair on the
head protected the brain from cosmic rays, the hair being full of
static electricity for this reason, blond or golden to reflect the rays.
Pubic areas of the body were also protected by hair, as they would
lie out on the golden sands when coming out of the sea, to sleep
during the twilight hours.
'Through aeons they lived in the seas and on the islands of breathtaking
beauty getting their nourishment from the plants of the seas
and the land. The radiations from the star were filtered through
a dense atmosphere during daylight when our ancestors spent their
time in the seas. Thereby, there was no pigment in the skin which
has remained white and delicate as it is with us to this epoch in
'We have this natural longing for the sea, handed down to us
through the ages and we care for our white skin against the damaging
radiations of stars.

'Evolving through peaceful existence in harmony with nature,
our science and technology expanded and we explored the higher
atmosphere anxious to discover what lay beyond the high clouds
of cosmic dust. Our scientists perfected sky ships filled with helium
to float beyoad the limits of the atmosphere, where we discovered
other worlds shining with the reflected light of their star, the Sun.
We then wished to explore these other worlds and perfected spaceships
to cross the far reaches of space to a neighbour world, a binary
system, which seemed most interesting, with the larger planet
harbouring life. After landing on Earth, which we showed you in the
first reflection in time, we continued into space and landed on Mars,
thereby encompassing the three inner planets of the Sun's system
where the temperature range from the star permits the existence of
active life as we know it.
'These three planets of the Sun's system flourishe in peace and
harmony through aeons of time. But ever alert to protect their
heritage in a violent Universe, the scientists of this Utopia detected
flaw in the rhythm of theif star, the Sun. As the star aged, it became a 

variable and expanded with lethal rdiations in cycles of time in its path of evolution,

the cycle  frequently as
the star .....??and looses the pressure balance witin.
'Our scientists travelled outwards in their starships, away from
the mother system, to seck a new and waxing star system to harbour
the peoples of their civilisatioa and perpetuate their race. Vast
spaceships were constructed to travel the fathomless reaches of
interstellar space and carry the millions of people away from the
Sun's system. Our scientists found a neighbouring system where
they landed and set up headquarters on four young planets capable
of harbouring life as we know it. In time our civilisation improved
conditions on the remaining three planets of the system and now we
occupy the entire solar system known as Alpha Centauri.
'The spaceships used to take our civilisation to Alpha Centauri,
are known as motherships, vintage ships still in use to this time. We
carried the horses, cattle and other gentle types of animals in these
spaceships to their new homes in the system of Alpha Centaun,
and also many species of birds.

'Scientists left a remnant of their people on Earth to father a new
race of mankind adapted to a flaring star. They maintained the
lands in the far northern hemisphere of the planet, as natural up-
heavals through the aeons changed the face of the lands and the...
of these people are now so interbred and sorely affected by continuous
cycles of climatic and environmental changes and extremes
of weather, as to be almost unrecognisable, except for some of them
here and there, to the tall golden-skinned race of mankind with
aquiline features and almond eyes, who were our forebears from
Venus, and who were far removed from the present savagery of the
human mind in the intensity and depravity of the present time on

'Violence and annihilation will be the outcome for men of Earth,
unless they change their attitude of mind and become enlightened
to the truths of the Universe in which they live, and follow their
forebears into space to find the escape route to the stars and their
'Harsh, precarious existence is endured by the inhabitants of
Earth where rigid social laws have to be maintained, or others are
trampled beneath the rushing feet of their avid companions in a
world where politics and a primitive system still exist.'
Aha, I thought, now is the time for straight talking and the
truth - as Alcon began to speak. . .

'According to Earth scientists, stellar distances are expressed in
parsecs; one parsec being the distance at which the angle of parallax
is I second of arc (30 billionkilometre or 3,26 light-years). The parallax
of the nearest star to Earth, Proxima Centauri, is 0,76", corresponding
to a distance of 1,31 parsecs or 4,3 light-years. To use the
light-year, since light travelling at 300 000 kilometres a second
covers some ten billion kilometres in a year, this means that the distance
between Earth and Proxima Centauri is about 42 billion kilometres.
Theton mentioned before, when we were in the mothership, that
these stars, a triplet system, are of type G or K, similar to the Sun,
and that this star system known as Alpha Centauri is 39 billion
kilometres or four light-years from Earth. Therefore, this star
system is closer to Earth than astronomers have calculated. Stellar
distance determination is difficult even in the case of the nearer
stars, with present instruments. Astronomers classify a star by its
spectral lines, then its intensic luminosity can be inferred and hence,
its distance estimated from its apparent brightness in the sky.
'Twinkling stars seem to be related to star-like objects and not to
extra galactic nebulae. Astronomers thought that these objects
might actually be stars. A radio source lies in the direction of the
constellation Centaurus from a distant galaxy of unusual mass and
brightness. This galaxy possesses a nucleus equivalent to a hundred
million suns concentrated in a volume of space smaller than that
occupied by the solar system. The twinkling radio source is coming
from this galaxy out in inter-galactic space.

'Earth scientists still cannot grasp the concept of cosmic knowledge
and understanding. One's mind needs to encompass the
entire Universe to realise and know what it is all about. Instruments
are still limited and affected by the Sun's corona. It was mentioned
earlier, when we were in the mothership, that the Sun's tenuous
corona extends so far from the visible disc, that the Earth and Mars
are enveloped in it. This simply means that Earth and its atmospheric
sheath is not moving in a perfect vacuum at all, and that the
tenuous corona or outer atmosphere of the Sun, known as the ecosphere,
is at a temperature suitable for the existence of advanced
life. In other words, the three planets, Venus, Earth and Mars are
within the temperature range of the Sun which permits the existence
of active life as we know it.

'We can't see the corona encircling the Sun like a halo, the pulsing
streamers of the Sun's atmosphere. Further out it becomes more
tenuous and invisible, which is the outer atmosphere or ecosPhere.
The corona is best observed from Earth during a total eclipse.
The Sun's coronais a dense concentration of theparticles that radiate to the
outer regions of the solar system.
'Exoplhm is the outer atmosphere of a planet. All this data is
observed by us from a cosmic understanding; it must all be observed
as a whole. It is no good observing and understanding your environment
in the Galaxy by what goes on in the bottom of your
garden. We do not feel the effect of cosmic storms at the bottom
of our garden because we live at the bottom of an ocean of air that
provides a stout shield against the rays that bombard our planet.
Solar flares burst from the surface of the Sun. These flares are responsible
for the "solar storms" that bombard the Earth with abnormal
amounts of radiation. This also occurs from the surface of
stars in this system, but owing to the distance between our star
Proxima Centauri and the binary system of Alpha Centauri (we
call the entire star system, a triplet system) we are not unduly
affected by solar storms The average separation between the stars
in a spiral arm is 8 light-years.
'Our science and knowledge of these distances of course, is quite
different, because our civilisation and achievements are far in advance
of anything known on Earth.
'I am outlining these simple explanations in Earth terms, so that
when you write this down my beloved, the average person on
Earth will have an understanding of their environment within the
Cosmos. Their minds are,' as a rule, restricted to their back

'Do you think it would help to give them more information?'
I asked.

'Definitely not. They would only use it for political and military
purposes,' Akon sternly replied, as he continued. . .
'So you see, this star which is nearest your Sun lies at a distance
of more than 4 light-years, which is roughly equal to 39000000000
000 (39 billionkilometres), according to Earth astronomers as their
calculations vary. Alpha Centauri is a binary system and Proxima,
at 4,2 light-years, is a far-out member of the Alpha Centauri
group. Alpha Centauri they calculate as being at a distance of 4,3
'All this makes Venus and Mars very close by to Earth people,
and Earth lies near the centre of the Sun's ecosphere region, which
gives it an advantage over Venus and Mars. There is thunderstorm
activity in the atmosphere of Venus as the upper atmospheric
layers are cold, while those near the surface are very hot.We are
now improving these conditions to cool the atmosphere to surface
level in order to bring about precipitation from these thunderstorms
and thereby, moisture and the cooling of the land, and then flooding
to create lakes and seas.

'Mars still has active volcanoes, which are the breath of life, an
her river beds will run once more with the waters oflife as we take 

over these planets again to prevent the wanton destruction which can if
be their lot, if humankind from Earth take over.' -

'Oh . . . I am so glad,' I softly said.
'There is much much more to tell you, but that rnust wait now,'
Akon said.

The fantastic scene shimmered away into nothing. I was stunned
and overwhelmed by the magnitude of it all, and above all, by
these wonderful people who had overcome fear of the unknown
and moved out into the vast reaches beyond their home system -
out, beyond their known ken to explore and prepare for future generations
and then, to bring the magic lease of life back to Venus and

The orange disc of Proxima Centauri lowered in the sky towards
the mountains with the slow rotation of Meton. The trees cast long
shadows over the emerald sward and the vast expanse of sea darkened
in its blueness, but night did not come. The magnificent twin
stars of Alpha Centauri rose over the sea filling the atmosphere with
a golden light, and the swelling chorus of many birds.

The fresh tang of the sea filled the room, as Pleia went on to tell
me, 'we do not have books, but keep our history in visual sound
libraries such as these magnetic rolls which, when electrified, show
the scene portrayed across the room. These rolls go back in time to
when our scientists perfected such means of reflections in time, like
photographing images in the atmosphere such as thought-form,
and planetary scenes of the past, present and future. We can hear
the hissing breath of a planet vibrating in the soundwaves of time,
fanning out beyond the light barrier, sounding on the harmonic
cords of the heart rhythm of the parent race, and we go to gather
it back into the fold.'
'And that is what you are now doing to Venus and Mars. How
wonderful to have this awareness of a planet's life, that a planet is a
living entity and entitled to care and consideration like anything
e1se,' I reflected.
'And you my dear, were ready to come out into the depths of
personal experience and have therefore attained this priviledge of
being witness to other worlds beyond your own. We are affinities in
mind and closer than sisters.' And Pleia put her arm about me,
lifting me out of the soft couch.
'Come,' she said. 'I will take you to your bed where you must now

I'Ve went up the gently sloping stairs to the first floor and into a
room leading off the circular balcony. Half of the circular wall of the
room was open to the fresh air and a low oval divan lay in the
centre of the room, covered with rose-red silk. A toilet-room opened
in the wall with a large sunken bath, long mirrors and exotic plants
grovv'inground the glowing walls. The sunken bath was in the middle
of the room, made of mother-of-pearl.
Pleia slipped my silken gown off and gently, but very firmly,
laid me down on the divan and proceeded to massage my back with
long firm strokes.

I stretched out on the firm comfort of the divan and felt every
muscle in my body relax, and then Akon was there bending over
me and he kissed my forehead. I knew the time of birth was at hand
and relaxed in mind and body as Akon calmly organized the birth
of his son by endearing words and mass3ge veith his healing hands.
I felt the power of his hands on my body with gentle massage ove
my tummy and down my thighs, encouraging my confidence,
erasing all tension and creating an atmosphere of joy and conten~
ment by his loving care and attention.
Gently, turning me onto my side again he massaged my back.
No pangs of contraction coursed through my thighs. There was a
silence so deep, as I felt Akon's hands turn me onto my back again
and he tenderly stroked my hair back and told me to go to sleep.
,"Vondering in my half asleep state where I had heard him say this
before, my mind was illuminated suddenly with the vision and
knowledge of our perfect unity and I knew we had always been
together through the pastures of time.
Again, Akon spoke softly to me . . .

'Push down gently, take a deep breath and push again. . .'
There was no tension, no pain, no sense of labour or strain,'
as Akon placed my feet flat on the divan bending my knees up and
holding them wide apart. I had a sense of comfort and well-being, as
if I were floating on a cushion of air, yet I was aware that I was full
dilated and ready to give birth to our son. Then suddenly, with no
effort at all, just a deep feeling of achievement and pleasure, he was
born gently and smoothly, coming away with the placenta. Akonl
extricated him from it and Pleia dried him  and
moisturised with the fragrance of the sea. -
'A beautiful son for you both. He is perfectly formed with your
golden hair and eyes. Born naturally and easily, his debut into the
outside world is completely without shock to his system.' 

And Pleia placed him in my arms to suckle.
His smooth golden skin was without wrinkles and as I gathered
his warm naked body to my breast, Akon put his arms abour us

My beloved brought me back to the Universe and the knowledge
of who I am through the golden glory of love's light, and the un-
fathomed seas of space revealed the truth of life where love and
creation is the secret.
We all rejoiced in the happiness of our unity as many friends and
relatives came from far and wide to see Akon's son. He is unusual
and very special; he will become a great scientist, they said.
His growing period was full of wonder for me. He gently suckled
the milk of life from me and as his beautiful white teeth formed, he
turned to the natural diet we all shared. At no time, did Akon and I
leave him alone. He shared the music with us, he went with us
on Akon's back for walks or when we rode the white horses to the
mountains, or bathed in the sea. The pure air and healthy climate,
with delicious foods and water full of vitamins and trace elements
soon restored my health. Akon made us have long periods of sleep
stretched out on the comfortable divan, and my son would snuggle
into my arms. He never  cried as Earth babies do, he was -
happy and contented but always full of life and intelligence, taking
note of everything around him. Nothing escaped his discerning
golden eyes, his rapidly forming intellect, as he grew into a beautiful
child, gentle and considerate. He slept long hours on his own
divan in our room where he was born, the beautiful room open
to the sky, while Akon and I spent our time together tending the
gardens, the horses and the birds, or playing lovely music on
stringed instruments, and lying together on the big divan for hours
of peaceful slumber and love.

I played an instrument with a keyboard like a piano and found
that I could create the most lovely music by just playing the notes
in the same fashion as a piano keyboard. The white notes were made
of pearl with a pink lustre and the black notes of deep red garnets,
that looked black without light underneath. It was a lovely little
musical instrument like a Celesta, hand-carved from the golden
wood of the mountain trees which gave it a harmonious soundboard.
I loved it so much and wished I could always have one, and
Akon would gently say: 'Perhaps you will, my beloved.'
The days were serene and glorious. Sometimes great cumulus
clouds would build up bringing the rains across the land and the
seas, and Akon would take us away in his planetary craft, a small
replica of his scientific spaceship, to other parts of the planet
and show us the beauty of the islands and vast seas. We hovered
over glistening polar caps and then would land on an island covered
in green parklands where homes in low circular buildings glistened
in the golden daylight. We often landed on the top of one of the
homes to visit friends and spend some time with them, sometimes
for days. I had no idea of the time as we keep in on Earth, but I
sensed the time going so fast, so very fast, and I dare not think of
the future. I just lived for the glory of the moving present.
'I have attuned your heart to the higher vibratory rate emanating
from the radiations of light in this system, which has stepped up the
time continuum on Meton, that you are now sensing,' Akon answered
my thoughts.
There were no cities or skyscrapers as Earth people know there
anywhere on Meton. Homes were scattered in park-like grounds
with flowering shrubs and beds of brilliant flowers and smooth green
lawns that needed no cutting or trimming as the grass covered the
ground like a springy moss.

There was an abundance of all things needed by the civilisation -
food, water and all materials for building, an unlimited supply of
energy on tap from the atmosphere and the Universe, no shortages
of any kind and no monetary system at all. A perfectly organised
way of life with an abundance of all things as the inhabitants
tend and care for all aspects of life within this great and powerful
civilisation. There are no films of violence, horror and murder, no
drugs, drinking or smoking, no comics for children full of the horrors
of life on Earth, a corrupt civilisation whose past and present is
satiated with cruelty and slavery, with a horrifying record of
shooting and violence. All this type of thing, a way of life on Earth,
is tabu on Meton. Nobody wants to see it. It is not necessary. It is
only for barbarians, where loathsome and savage foes howl at the
gates of their ncighbours.

Akon's civilisation had created an Utopia and kept it entirely
apart from contamination by other civilisations. A way of life, a
way of thinking, an attitude of mind, a high level of existence, all
these things had to be protected from destruction by others thus
evolved. There is the vital matter of hygiene. . . this must not be
vitiated by contact with less advanced peoples.
How lovely it was to live amongst these wonderfull people and
watch our son grow and start running about, and hear him call me
mother. That was simply thrilling for me. There was always so much
to do of great interest and excitement and it was such a pleasure to be
able to create so much - so much beauty to last through time.
Sometimes Akon would take us to visit the other planets of the
system where, through aeons, the people had turned them into
fertile lands with many lakes and seas. All inhabited by people
and gentle animals and with no over-population. Many beautiful
birds, large and small, lived amongst the woods and forests, and the
harmony and happiness of all flora and fauna could be felt and
sensed with delight.

Back home on Meton, we settled to quiet relaxation in our lovely
circular house.
'Our son needs a name,' Akon said. 'A name that means something,
something for you and something for me . . .'
'Shall we call him Ayling, as his name must begin with A like
yours? And it means "noble" - a prince of the royal blood - for
indeed, he already has that bearing and manner, together with,
gentleness and humility,' I suggested.
'My beloved, so be it. You have chosen well. The name sounds
like our names and we shall now gather everyone here to name our
son and to celebrate this wonderful occasion. Pleia dear, where
are you?' Akon called.
'Coming. . .' She answered from the garden. . . and they discussed
plans for a celebration.
'Let's have it out in the garden. . . it's so very beautiful. I need to
preserve every precious moment of my life here. . . only four months
of Earth time. . . and it is going so quickly. . . but then, there are
no years, months or weeks here for that matter. Time is not marked
off in intervals; therefore we simply move in the stream of time
which makes us ageless,' I said with wonder in my voice.

'My beloved, you are ageless
now without the restriction of months
and years. Because of the stream of time on this planet, it will seem
like only four months to you when I return you to Earth,' Akon
gently answered. 'Time is of no consequence here on Meton. There
is no night or day, or the marking of intervals of time. In fact, the
higher vibratory frequency of light you are now immersed in will
restrict the aging process of your body, and you will be younger
when you return to Earth. Four months are only applicable to Earth
time. The aging process in days, weeks, months and years does not
apply in the higher range of frequencies where the passage of time,
and the span of human life, is so changed that the myth of Methuselah
seems pale in comparison. Mankind, like the microatoms of
light, can be stirred from their lethargy and attain eternal life
through the electromagnetic nature of mankind. Through this sky we
are able to renew themselves physically every seven years through
the element of pure thoughts and love, by simply strengthening
electromagnetic energy and by adhering to that which they

'Time is not a factor in our lives; we live in timelessness. Our
stars are eternal and constant in their output of radiation, the spiral
wave form of light and time moving in harmonic frequency.
'The Sun's system is not harmonically balanced, because the star
itself is a variable, and because Jupiter is another star with its
retinue of planets and satellites, also variable in its output. As a
forming sun, Jupiter retains the radiations of a star, and thereby its
closer planets benefit ftom this output.
'We describe the Sun's system as a cluster system, a solar system
within a solar system,' Akon explained. 'All stars and planets affect
one another and in return affect all flora and fauna throughout a
system. Galaxies exert magnetic influence on all solar systems and we
use these wave-lengths of light for navigation purposes.'
The celebration took place in Akonn's home and many of 

(some txt is missing here) ---great civilisation came from as far afield as the constellations of
Lyra and Cygnus where solar systems with inhabited planets exist,
as these scientists had, through aeons, improved conditions there.
They all loved Ayling and his beauty as a young child was some-
thing quite remarkable. His high intelligence and perfection of
manner impressed even these great people and they wanted to take
him away with them to the constellation of Cygnus.
'This is a fantastic success with a woman of a planet like Earth.
We would like Ayling to visit us in our part of the Galaxy. He will
become a great scientist and benefit our civilisation,' they said.
'Oh no, Cygnus is too far away - at least one thousand five
hundred (1 500) light-years from Earth, to Deneb. 

Vega -/ Lyra is much closer, only abo'at twenty six (26) light-years from
Earth. Please don't take him to Cygnus, there is going to be a
supernova in that constellation,' I told them.
'No dear, there is no need to be upset, we did not mean Yo-..I to be.
We will not take your son to Cygnus if you do not wish it. But we are
very interested in your prediction of a supernova taking place in
that area. We believe you and are aware of the star in question.

Iintuition and knowledge of the future is heightened with your
son involved. Now we know the truth, we must ask Akon to accompany
us back to Vega in Lyra to observe this very important
occurrence. We have just sent a message to the home system in
Cygnus to warn them to keep a watch on the star. This will mean
the birth of another solar system,' one of the scientists said.
I looked at Akon, and his eyes reassured me and gave me courage,
as I took Ayling's hand and we quietly went upstairs together.
The timing of my heart-beats had started to go out of rhythm
when the scientists had suggested taking Ayling away to Cygnus
and now Akon would be going to Lyra, and would take Ayling
with him to educate him to the mysteries of the Universe. And I
would be taken back to Earth, where I must impart all this know-
ledge to a struggling humanity, and in so doing, be parted from my
beloved ones.

The herbal juices helped to regulate my heart, but in its endeavour
to maintain the vibratory rate of the time continuum on Meton,
its rhythm became worse, and I had to remain indoors within a
pressurized room suitable to the timing of my heart-rhythm. Akon
did not wish to implant a timing device, which would have regulated
my heart to the electrical frequency of Meton for all time, because
I had to return to Earth and my heart's rhythm was tuned to Earth's
electrical field through the influence of the Sun. But even then, back
on Earth the rhythm of my heart would never be the same again
after living on Meton. I would never regain my health again
either way. Not by the implant of a timing device or even the implant
of a living heart, because the metabolism of my whole being
was changed and subjected to a higher frequency rate in a different
time dimension, which it can never recover from. The rhythm of the
heart-beat varies in changed time-field conditions through having to
maintain normal circulatory pressure within the atmosphere of alien
planets where light or gravity pressure varies.

How worthwhile it all was though, I thought. How wonderful. . .
and I had really lived to the full as the divine essence of truth encompassed
me and the golden glory of Akon's love and Ayling's
love would remain with me forever, never, ever to change.
The trees outside were enveloped in the hazy mist of their respiration,
releasing an abundance of oxygen into the atmosphere.
How fresh and invigorating it was. All life responded and grew in
abundance within such harmonious environs.
To be a part of this life would be a joy forever to come, and to
tune in to this essence, to become one with it, would always be my
priviledge. I knew that when events and happenings on Earth became
too much for me, I could always escape within myself and time
in to Akon and my son on their beautiful planet beyond the restrictive
time-field of Earth, and they would know of my need for

Going back to the soil of Earth held a poignant moment. . .leaving
my golden boy, who would grow up quickly with Pleia and Haben,
a little boy whose gentle eyes already have the look of distance, the
far-away look of wisdom seeing beyond the limited horizons of
Earth-bound people. Within his eyes is the knowledge and wisdom
of the Universe - a four-dimensional vision into the hearts of
mankind. A little boy conceived by love, nourished and quickened
within my body on Earth, born on another planet beyond the light
barrier to acclimatize his heart to a higher frequency rate in the
electromagnetic wave-form, where the How of time and the speed
of light are harmonically interacted by the stars of his home system.
He will grow up much quicker than Earth children and will not
experience the darkening hand of death.

There was no sadness or emotion as Akon's spaceship flashed from
the lovely planet. I knew I would be back again soon. . . soon.
I was only going away to Earth for a while to do the work I had to do
- to bring the truth of the Universe to the peoples there. To help
expand their consciousness, to make them aware of their existence
in an energy Universe, why they were born and why they are they,
and why they must overcome their continuous strife.

The darkness of space filled the viewer, except where bright stars
gleamed and passed in the flow of time. Shel'on concentrated with
relaxed confidence on the course of the spaceship, his mind attuned
to the radiations of Earth's star in telepathic,vaves of alpha rhythm,
brain waves of a particular frequency, for celestial navigation.
His handsome face was a study in complete composure, with a lock of
fine chestnut hair across his high forehead giving him the appearance
of a legendary god in deep thought, his golden eyes meeting
mine in a flash of understanding.

Bluish radiations from the Sun filled the viewer and I saw her
retinue of planets spaced out reflecting the light of their star. Only
Jupiter shone with an internal radiation, her planets and satellites
bathed in and reflecting the light from the star of their system
and from the Sun, a solar system within a solar system, where
forms of life have their being, similar to elsewhere, their way of
life attuned to the finer shell of atmosphere around their small

Then, before I could say anything, we were in the region of
Earth's exosphere, then in the ionosphere, and in that instant I
saw her face reflecting soft blue radiations dappled with white
clouds as the spaceship smoothly changed frequency-rate and
appeared hovering over the mist-shrouded hills of Natal, to land
gently beside the winding mountain track.
Africans returning to the homestead after a day in the fields,
scattered with fright like a covey of quail. Their shouts of alarm
cuold be heard far away on the mist-covered mountain.
'The sky wagon from ...(Cathkin),' I heard them call
to one another in Zulu, through the viewing lens, as the winding
mountain track lost itself in the white mist and a telephone-post
stood grey and ethereal on the far bank of the track.

'maDedelele . . .' echoed through the hills - 'make room for me',
as the mountain of Cathkin pushed into the main range of the
Drakensberg, and the wagon of the sky had returned pushing
into the atmosphere. Their descriptive words faded in the distance
when the viewing lens was switched off.
I had no fear of the Zulus. Only the white men could harm me
for the knowledge in my mind. When I was a child, a prancing
Zulu warrior had saved my life by picking me up onto his shoulders
on the path of a vicious snake as it rose up to strike at me. The
great cobra buried its fangs in his cow-hide shield as he flung it to
the ground, and he killed it with his assegai (spear of hard wood tipped
with iron). Chanting a war song, he ran with me on his shoulder
back to the house and into the arms of my mother, whose premonition
had sent her out looking for me. My white nanny had scolded
me and put me to bed for riding on the shoulders of a black savage!
The wind breathing in the swirling mist seemed to penetrate the
earth as the long green grass flowed in waves to its touch. The
wind of Earth, blowing as it has always blown throughout all time.
I could sense it howling round the dome of the spaceship in its
attempt to gain a foothold on the smooth and shiny surface.
Akon moved to the wall on the lee side, and as the door slid open,
the wind could not reach within the cabin because it was expelled
away by the push of pure air within.

Only when we stepped out on the hull could we feel again the
blast of Earth's wind against our bodies, ripping at my hair like a
live thing, spawned by a wilderness of magnetic imbalance and the
vibrations of violent thoughts, pushing its strength against the
mountainside in the brute-force method of all things on this planet.
Taking a breath of the dust-laden atmosphere, I choked and
Akon had his all-in-one suit on, even to covering his head and
face with only slits for his eyes, and the slits were covered with an
invisible material. I had changed back into the cashmere twin-set
and tartan kilt with knee-high stockings and walking shoes, and
tied a scarf over my head for warmth.
'Breathe slowly and not deeply at first,' advised Akon. 'Always
stay in the fresh air and you will adapt again gradually. Although
your heart will not retain Earth time rhythm anymore, these
tablets will maintain an even rhythm if you take one each Year.
Your heart is not strong and the effect of the time change will
always be felt. Hearts are time-pieces for the electrical vibratory
rate of each individual within the environment of birth.'

'Is there any way to ensure lasting and natural heart transplants?'
'Indeed yes, by matching a heart with the same time-beat, rhythm
and vibratory electrical pulse-rate, as blood needs to be matched.
At the moment I have an electronic timing device attached to my
chest to regulate the rhythm of my heart-beat in this changed timefield
condition, to maintain normal circulatory pressure within this
atmosphere. This device is inserted within the suit I am wearing
and therefore, enables me to move freely out of my spaceship when
landed. We do not perform actual physical heart transplants though,
as we have found this to be quite unnecessary and contrary to nature.
All we need is this device to control the pulse-rate, as the heart is
merely a pump that needs to work efficiently all the time.' --
'Then why couldn't I have a device to regulate my heartbeat in
changed time-field conditions,' I said.
'My dear one, your heart is unstable and would fly into a wild
chycardia unless we take the precautions we have already taken.
There is nothing more to be done.' - 'Nothing is handed to one just on 

a ...

For the real things in
life, the things that really matter, one must know how to behave
and be courageous enough to carry on,' I replied, as I felt myself
slipping into that dire devastation of aloneness that nothing can
ever alleviate, a dreadful sense of abandonment on the soil of a
hostile planet. But I checked it before my senses could give full rein
to it. .

No, I thought, there is nothing more to be done, but it has
all been so worthwhile, so wonderful, no mattcr what price I must
now pay with my health. Akon had told me what to expect and
of the suffering to come before I could find peace.
'It depends on you, my beloved,' he answered my thoughts.
'We all achieve
spiritual advancement only through dire experience
and deprivation. But remember always, my love will be with you
for forever and our telepathic link remains on the alpha rhythm be-
tween our brains. And our son Ayling will come to fetch you home
again. 'This physical parting is only temporary. Now, you must go
back to care for your Earth family.'
And removing his mask for a moment, he kissed me with a lingering
'My beloved, I will always take care of you and watch how you
fare,' he whispered, putting the stretch-mask on again as the wind
tore at us.

'I shall live for you only, and my love for you will give me
strength,' I softly replied, as the MG appeared from the open hold
suspended in a beam of white light and was gently deposited on the
dusty track facing uphill. The wide opening in the hull closed silently
as I caught a fleeting glimpse of Sheron within, and a last wave of
hand and flash of white teeth.
Akon stood still and watched as I stepped into tlle MG and drove
her slowly up the track to get out of range of the spaceship.
Switching off the ignition, I put on the handbrake. Opening the
door I got out and looked back. Akon was gone and the spaceship
was scaled. She started to pulsate and glow with an unearthly
radiance in the lowering mist, and then she was gone.
Thc beautiful starship was gone, and my life and my love had
gone with her.

I drove on up the dusty track over the mountain-top. Back to the
farmstead nestling in the trecs on the north side facing the Mountains
of the Dragon, where a warm welcome and a happy greeting
always awaited me, no matter what time of day or night I
arrived, no matter how long I had been away, or where. I had
come back again - that was enough - my room was always ready
with the bed turned down, and old Muti hovering in the kitchen
with a steaming silver pot of tea and fresh honey from the hive -
and some of his special wholewheat scones with Jerscy butter.

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