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Meeting the dark powerpeople behind - those controlling the  bank- computers of this world and so steal as much money as they "need"
Staging false abductions
revealing lecture from - 91- of a "leaking informator"- BILL COOPER - NOW KILLED BY CIA!!  - On the coverup and its ufo-ramification;  in mp3-downloadable by rightclicking + save as | +nov2015fromGreer

PARADIGMEPODDEN ny episode nr. 42- norsk terje toftenes intervjuer steven greer

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Classified Alien Encounters Revealed By Traumatologist at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CiKT2z5HiDU

From chapter3 : Out Of The Shadows - page37

-creating a false "alien threat" :

Here on how "they"  try to create a false "alien threat" in the purpose of getting more open and hidden dollars into the military and weapon-industry and also about the (stolen) ET-crafts/weapons they have - but hidden:

"…this assessment comes from having interviewed numerous military people inside the organizations dealing with this. I've been told point blank that this has been an ongoing agenda since at least the 1950's. These operations have used something called "alien reproduction vehicles," manufactured by a consortium of companies that include Lockheed Martin, Northrup, SAIC, E-Systems, EG&G and Mitre Corporation (among others). These are man-made anti-gravity devices that we've been using since at least the '50s, along with other powerful electronic weapons systems and "programmed life forms" or PLFs. These are biological, artificial life forms being produced to look a lot like these so-called "greys" -- that are not from outer space. They're m7anufactured in a few facilities, one of them located in the four corners area near Dulce, New Mexico.

This is a concerted effort to create a false "alien threat." If someone comes forward with a dissimilar story they're blacklisted from lectures and subsequently unable to get their story out to the public or the media in book form or through any other significant channel. But those who create terrifying messages - akin to the movie "Independence Day", or certain abduction books, - receive high dollar advances along with big publishing deals and film contracts. This is assuredly by design.

The power elite want those alarming stories seeded into the mass consciousness, and for the truth to be buried. I have met with people who are funding abduction cults in the United States and Europe. Aside from having interviewed military people who've perpetrated these pseudo-abductions, I've personally been told by no less a figure than the reigning member of a European royal family that he helps fund these efforts. He reasons that the frightening stories need to be out there, to make the world aware that these "evil aliens" exist and must be fought.

He went so far as to say that, in fact, every major Earthly problem since Adam and Eve is attributable to the machinations of these demonic extraterrestrials. He genuinely believes this! And he is also the chief funder of Opus Dei, which is the sensitive right-wing group at the Vatican with an internal secret cell operating these programs. Additionally, I was told that his reason for terminating support for a prominent author in this field (who will remain unnamed here), is that his stories weren't sufficiently alarming. He was portraying interaction between humans and ETs too positively - the sponsor only wanted the most terrifying tales put out to the public!

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from page 74 in the book Hidden Truth - Forbidden Knowledge:

chapter 10- "tone of creation"

here on one of DrGreers ufo-experiences from march-90:


"in meditation I showed them (the ETs) the house and the large front yard and its exact setting. It was a three-story Tudor house, about eight thousand square feet, and set among huge beautiful trees. I showed the ETs all the details and then I went to sleep.

I woke up with a beautiful craft semi-materialized out in the front yard of the house, in the wee hours of the morning, and found myself consciously floated on board. We were all in a quasi-materialized astral state, and as we floated out and went out into space I could look back and see the beautiful earth receding away, floating in infinity.

arts up/down is just illustrations- not from book


Then we went by what I am assuming was the moon. There wasn't a sign there that said, "This is the moon, Welcome to the moon, population 39," but it looked like the moon to me. And there were enormous ships that were hovering over the moon. They were oval with struts that came up from a large craft with two other similar shaped oval discs above and towards the rear of the main ship. They were just floating silently along where the terminator section of the moon is, between the light and dark side of the moon. An incredible amount of energy; like magenta colored plasma discharges, were going between the surface of the moon and the underbelly of these ships. They were enormous and as we passed by I was told by these ETs that these craft were there making preparations for the coming decade or so. This happened in 1990, so it is clear that they were making preparations for major events for around the time we are in right now.

We went further out into our solar system, and the experience transformed so that the material aspect of the ship disappeared - it was just like in 1973 when I was 18 when everything became translucent, and I was out in space without a craft around me- and yet somehow it was still there. It was very multi-dimensional, but at this point transcendence beyond linear time/space became the dominant perception. It's like the most perfect fiber optics: Imagine the walls of your room completely disappearing, even though they are there and you are still protected in a controlled environment. At that point, I went into a state of meditative awareness and transcended into unity consciousness; I was infinitely awake and the entire cosmos was awake and perfectly synchronized as one.

As I entered that state I began to gaze around the solar system and saw that every planet was surrounded by space which was filled with infinite energy and light. The empty space was actually teeming with light and energy I could directly see the baseline energy of the universe - the field of energy and light from which the entire material cosmos emerges from Infinite Mind - from the Godhead.

Instead of the darkness between stars and planets, there was an enormous light and energy with solid planets moving as islands of energy in this field of energy and power. Then, As I gazed at each planet, I directly perceived that each one was awake and conscious and had a specfitc tone and personality. Each created sphere had a very specific tone -and if I were more musically inclined I could recreate it. They were all pure tones and very specific. As I looked at Mercury I saw he was rather androgynous but more male; Venus was definitely female. Jupiter was just fantastic. And Mars is definitely male. The Earth: Definitely female.

As I gazed at Earth, there was a very beautiful tone emanating from her. Remember, each planet had its own tone of creation -- no two tones were alike. Some much higher and some very deep and baritone, but all were beautiful tones. As I gazed at the Earth, I connected with her as an awake conscious being and she communicated to me this infinite and crushing - I use the word crushing because I couldn't tell the story for years without weeping - love. And there was a sense of melancholy also, for what was happening to her and the damage being done to her and the suffering of humanity upon her. It was profound and beyond words. It was one of the most emotional and moving experiences of my life.

Earth was very clearly saying how great her love was for her children and that her purpose was to be the womb for creating life that could become enlightened and grow towards Divinity. But she was also suffering tremendously from the recklessness and selfishness of her children. So there was this enormous melancholy - a sadness beyond my ability to convey in words. And yet, towards the end of our communion, she made it very clear that this suffering would not continue for much longer. Earth made it clear that this burden would be lifted suddenly.

By now I was in such a state of deep love and emotion that my heart chakra opened fully and an enormous love and celestial perception dawned. This celestial perception of the cosmos caused me to see the light of creation and all things suffused in love - the pure love of God. And as I went into that state, I heard all the distant worlds, every star and planet and the entire creation, singing as one - like a trillion tones blended into the one pure tone of the creation.

At that point, I transcended into a state that I cannot describe. It was a state where I heard a singular tone that was the perfectly harmonized tone of the entire creation humming, singing. It was the primal tone emanating from the earliest manifestation of relativity out of the infinite mind of God that maintains creation. It was the most beautiful experience of my life.

As I transcended into that - I became one with that state and stayed within that state of Being. I don't know how long I was in that condition. But know that this is what is all around us. The music of the spheres is a reality - and within the tone, one can transcend to the infinity of the cosmic Being.

This primal tone wasn't "Om", per se. I believe that is a human attempt to reproduce this ancient experience that is the perception of the sound of the primal thought emanating from the Infinite Being that creates the entire creation. It was on the level of the near death experience in terms of the transformative effect it had on me. After I stayed in that state of complete unity consciousness and God consciousness, my individuality dissolved. All that existed was infinite Being - and even the creation and Creator were one, the same, infinite awake-ness. I stayed in that state with it vibrating through me - just permeating me - for what seemed like eternity. Because I was beyond space and time, it is meaningless to talk about it in terms of how "long" it was. But after, I found myself relatively conscious again. Suddenly I was back in my bedroom and became aware of the glowing outside the window where the craft was. I layed there peacefully and went to sleep.

The next day I learned that one of our children had a lucid dream with little ET children, who were teaching her games ET children played on their planet! This daughter did not understand the games, so she began to give the ET children rides on the back of her banana seat bicycle, up and down our driveway! This child had never heard me talk about ETs or any of these experiences! It confirmed what happened to me as real. And it became very clear to me that I was supposed to pick this whole issue up again just as I had heard two months earlier in January, 1990.

At that point, I began wondering: What am I going to do? How am I going to do this? (getting the information out)

I decided that I would just start looking into the subject again and find out what was out there. I found out there was an organization that was having a meeting in Florida where there had been many UFO sightings, the so-called Gulf Breeze Sightings near Pensacola. This meeting was in July of 1990. I had the concept of what I wanted to do and that was create in the world interplanetary ambassadors that would be doing what is now called the CE-5 Initiative, the Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind Initiative. I went to this meeting, and started sharing these ideas and concepts, and the right people suddenly just surfaced and came into my life mysteriously who said: No, don't do it through any existing entity, create your own reality.

Then a man who had been involved in national security issues connected to this subject for years and who was a lawyer came up to me and told me what I needed to do: "Form an organization; hermetically seal it so it can't be penetrated -- in other words, no open board and no open membership; avoid, if you can, being obscure; and as quickly as you can, given what you are going to be doing and what your role is - get out in the public. You must let millions of people know what you are doing -otherwise you won't survive. If you are obscure, you are dead." He gave me the best advice ever.

I knew that much of the information at this conference was false, that was disinformation. I immediately recognized that.

Then, in August of 1990, I was in the upstairs den adjacent to the master bedroom, sleeping because Emily was up and down with the youngest baby and I had a 24-hour shift at the ER the next day. Around 2 am I awakened - and was calmly super-aware, very awake. In the corner of the room was a cluster of scintillating lights that was hovering near the ceiling. I acknowledged it, and immediately sat up and picked up the pad of paper beside the bed. I then wrote out the entire plan and concept for everything we have been doing for the last 15 years. This included the CE-5 Initiative protocols, the plans, everything. It was as if this scintillating light had awakened all the organization and plan within me and they were just pouring through me. This lasted for an hour or so, and then I went back to sleep and got up around 6 am to work in the emergency department for 24 hours. It was then that I formed CSETI, The Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence, came up with that name, the concepts, the CE-S Initiative, the need for disclosure, and the entire interplanetary ambassador program. All of it just unfolded in that one night. So things can come in packets of knowledge, all at once, mysteriously.


Here from chapter 16 named

"Circles of Power"

on page 119 in his book, on a meeting with the power-/BIG-money-people behind- - those controlling the top bank- computers of this world and can such steal as much money as they "need":

"…I got an invitation from a group of rogue insiders to go to Phoenix in the winter of 1994. The meeting was at the Wrigley Mansion; the old, fabulous mansion that the Wrigley chewing gum family had built. It had been taken over by a cell within this covert group. Present were a number of shadowy corporate people. It was a very late night meeting.

A prominent industrialist who was involved with this cell was kept on drugs and was kept under some kind of mind control while this cell milked him of his money. They then used his money to support this particular operation. The methods and motives of this group are beyond dark. I tell people: More than 10 or 15 percent of what I have seen and learned you don't want to hear - It's so damned disturbing, most people would commit suicide. And many people have, by the way.

We all gathered around a conference table in the Wrigley mansion. The discussion was about disclosing UFO information and making contact with ETs. One man, during a break, took me out onto a balcony and said, 'You know; we understand you've had this meeting with the CIA Director and are providing information to the President, but you need to know that those people don't know anything, and they're never going to know anything. You should understand that -- well, you should be talking to people like us. The people dealing with this are people who do a lot of contract work for the government, under "Work For Others -"WFO" - contracts. And you should be talking to certain think tanks. And you should be talking to certain religious orders and certain orders ofjesuit priests who have control over the technology transfer. And you should be talking to ..." He gave me a whole list.

Well, I thought the man had certainly gone 'round the bend'. But it turned out that every single word he said was true - it all was confirmed in the following months.

It gets more bizarre. This group or cell within the Shadow Government was attempting to intercept what we were doing. Remember, now this is '94. A former head of Army intelligence - a member of that group - had offered me a board seat in '92. So, things are progressing, and I'm not straying from my course, because that's how I am.

So this man said, "We can really help you." I asked, "What do you mean?" He said, "Well, you know if you want to be supported in this, St let us help you." I said, "How do you intend to help us?" "Well, you're a doctor, right? So, you have really good credit. We've checked out." And I said, "Oh, yes, the best."

He said, "Well, we know you have platinum cards and gold cards. Just maximize all of them, every month: $50,000, $100,000, whatever. Get as many of them as you want. And give us the numbers. And since we run all the super computers that back up and monitor the banking system of the world, we'll simply erase those account balances to zero, as paid each month."

This is a true story. I'm telling you, every word is true. Put me under any drug; hook me up to any machine. What I'm telling you is true.

I said, 'Yes, but then if I did that, you'd own my ass, wouldn't you?" He just had a twinkle in his eye.

I was much too wise to take that bait, tempting as it was -- this has been an enormous financial strain and struggle for those of us trying to do this with virtually no funding. But no way was I going to do that!

Then he said, "I understand you're going to Europe soon to meet with certain people connected to the British royal family" --which I was. He knew everything I was doing! And I said, "Well, that's true." He said, "It so happens that, I'm going to be over there meeting with the Rothschilds and the people who control the Volvo Corporation and some of the other big industrial concerns, because they're working with us." I said, "Oh, I'm quite sure that's true." He suggested, "Let's rendezvous while we're in London together." I said, "Okay, that's fine."

He proceeded to tell me, "One of my friends, who's really interested in what you're doing, is one of the leaders of the Council on Foreign Relations, Ambassador Maxwell Rabb. Would you like to come to a meeting with him?" I said, "Well, sure, if he wants to help us." And then he said, 'And also, the Petersons" - Mr. Peterson was head of the Council on Foreign Relations and his wife was head of the Tri-Lateral Commission -- are also working with me, and maybe we can get together with them." So I said, "When we have our next event, I'll invite them."

He said, 'You need to know that all these people are reading what you write and are very interested in all of this." And I said, "I know that."

Look, everyone puts their pants on one leg at a time. I view all humans as educable. And everyone has a role to play in this whole cosmic drama. But this shadowy contact was essentially, again, inviting me into the inner leading circle of the cabal. While I had no intention of being controlled by them, I have no problem sharing perspective and knowledge with them.

He also said that there were many top people that he worked with in the media and that his group worked with Bono and U2, the Moody Blues, Pink Floyd and various other groups. And they were receiving what I was writing. And I just said, "Well, I appreciate that." He said, "They love what you are saying and doing..."

Later that winter, I went to Europe and met with some very good friends of Prince Charles and Prince Philip. One of Prince Charles' best friends is very supportive of the work we are doing.

She wanted to receive some of the materials that I had put together for the CIA Director and the President, so she could share them with Prince Charles and others. But remember, I'm squeezing this in between my emergency shifts. I literally, at times, went over to Europe for two or three days at a time, and would come back and have to work a 24-hour shift in the emergency department!

In a sense, it was our own little shuttle diplomacy operation. I did meet with this shadowy Phoenix contact in London. He was still in the mode of courting me into his operations. So I would listen and learn, -but never capitulate: This group is the largest Mafiosi and organized criminal enterprise on the planet.

more on ufo-healing

see also copy on: http://www.stealthskater.com/Documents/Disclosure_02.pdf

revealing lecture from - 91- from a "leaking informator"- BILL COOPER - NOW KILLED BY CIA in 2001 !!  - On the coverup and its ufo-ramification;  in mp3-downloadable by rightclicking + save as

Here some from chapter17:"Legacies Lost"

Staging false abductions


-on the theme on how an earthly quasi-miltary under-cover-group, stage and do abduction on high rank people in the intention of making hatred and fear regarding extraterrestrials:

Here Greer tells he met a prince - SA - in july-94, who's brother had been falsely abducted and thus hated all about ETs:

"…the prince did not know that the abduction done by a covert paramilitary operation. This was investigated by a NASA researcher who I've worked with for years but who doesn't know that I learned that this NASA researcher is part of the shadow government and is' an eschatological, fundamentalist, end-of-the-world Christian. He interfaces in the UFO world as an objective scientist investigating serious UFO phenomenon, but that is not his real role. This particular NASA scientist told me that the Prince's brother had been abducted from the castle in his country.

Now what he didn't know is that I have a source inside the covert paramilitary operations who do abductions who told me that, 'Yes, of course, we abducted him so that this particular powerful family and the banking empire would be on board with our program to fight the aliens." Prince S.A. told me these extraterrestrials had been the cause of every conflict on Earth since Adam and Eve and that they were the ones enforcing the secrecy!

I asked, "Really? Why do you think they appear over us with dozens of witnesses, interacting and signaling to us and appear over major cities of the world, if they're wanting to be so secret?" He had no answer for that.

I said, "I have to disagree with you I think it is a very human group that wants to keep this secret, because to disclose it would mean the end of the entire centralized power system that exists, all fossil fuels, and the entire paradigm of anthropocentric religiosity."

We had a frank but courteous exchange of ideas, and then we agreed to disagree. It was clear that the Prince viewed the ET presence as something to fear and hate - and that he supported military action against them.

But in the course of this, he told me, "President Bush(Senior) wanted to do this, as well. Around the time of the end of the Cold War, a group that I was involved with that included Gorbachev; President Bush, the United Nations Secretary General, Perez de Cuellar, were meeting to plan the release of this information to the public."

This was in 1989. He said, "But one night, during a late night planning session in New York, the Secretary General of the United Nations, Perez de Cuellar was coming back from a meeting where the plans were being put in place to make this announcement about ETs, and a UFO appeared, stopped his motorcade, and abducted him out of the limousine! They took him on craft, and told him that if they didn't stop this plan to disclose extraterrestrial presence, that every world leader involved, including United States President, would be abducted and taken off this planet and that they would stop the process!"

This is the famous case where an abduction researcher talks about a

major international figure being abducted, along with a civilian who witessed it. What they didn't know is that I knew people in the cell operating the alien reproduction vehicles and the psychotronic weapons systems, that were set up and conducted this abduction. In fact, a relative of the infamous red-headed sergeant at Roswell who threatened everyone, was there to coordinate the event. He was inserted as part of the security detail for the Secretary General, and he set up the electronics at the site of the Secretary General's motorcade, so that this late night pseudo-abduction of the U.N. Secretary General could take place.

The goal of the operation was to stop this entire attempt by the world's power elites, including Gorbachev; to disclose the truth to the world.

Now Prince S.A. really thought it was an alien abduction, just like he thought his brother was abducted by aliens. He didn't know that those abduction events are paramilitary operations run by humans, using things that look like UFOs and even having creatures on board that look like extraterrestrials but are either disguised humans or manmade creatures.

This is called 'stagecraft', and I have a document that describes these operations. It is from one of the private institutes involved in the simulation of alien abductions. This has gone so far that they have engaged in the abduction of world leaders to try to cause them to hate extraterrestrials and support Star Wars. It also convinces these leaders to shut down any effort to get the information out...."

clip from

e-book "Unacknowledged" av S. Greer

extr.from part, "UFO SECRET FILE"
Zero-Point-Energy of Steven Greer (in spring of 2017.)


 (utilize the cosmo-magnetic magnetics)*

• Richard Doty, Special Agent with Air Force Office of Special Investigations
• Master Sergeant Dan Morris, NRO Operative/Cosmic Clearance

• Lieutenant Colonel Charles Brown, Project Grudge

Commentary from Steven M. Greer, M.D.
The compartmentalization of Special Access Projects; i.e., secret projects dealing with ETs and UFOs, was exponentially increased by the early 1950s when those in charge suddenly realized exactly what it was that their scientists were reverse-engineering. In essence, these downed UFO craft contained a Rosetta Stone to a new physics―an energy generation and propulsion system responsible for interstellar space travel. This new system could easily replace all existing energy generation and propulsion systems on Earth―and with them, the entire geo- political and economic order on our planet.

Let’s take a moment and digest this last statement.
Essentially, a select group of individuals had acquired access to a technology which could provide every home, business, factory and vehicle with its own source of free abundant power. Translated:

• No more external fuel sources.
• No need for oil, gas, coal, nuclear plants or the internal combustion engine.
• No need for roads. These energy devices could yield an anti-gravitic effect resulting in zero mass, allowing for above-surface transportation (yes, flying cars).
• And no pollution. Period.

The source of this energy―defined as the zero-point field―is what made interstellar travel possible. And yet this extraordinary and infinite source of energy was not unknown to man.

Zero-Point-Energy: A Quick Tutorial
Our third-dimensional physical universe is literally swimming in an all-pervasive sea of quantum energy; only like ignorant fish, we remain unaware of the water’s existence. For scientists, the clues have been around for over a century, but one has to think outside the box in order to understand them.

Dr. Harold Puthoff at Cambridge University was one of the first to conduct a search for this quantum sea of energy. Minus 273 degrees Celsius, or zero degrees Kelvin, is the absolute lowest temperature in the universe. According to the laws of Newtonian physics, all molecular activity should cease at absolute zero and no energy should exist. Of course, scientists used to say the same thing about the bottom of the ocean―no light, no energy―no life. And then we actually sent a submersible into the depths to check things out for ourselves and, lo and behold, we found energy spewing out of hydrothermal vents and an entire food chain existing on chemosynthesis―the primordial soup that led to the origin of life on this planet.

Dr. Puthoff made a similar discovery. When he measured absolute zero, instead of an empty vacuum, he was shocked to find a “seething cauldron” of energy―a plenum of space where every square centimeter was filled with matter. Appropriately, he named it zero-point-energy. It is zero-point-energy that causes subatomic particles to jiggle and then literally jump in and out of existence. What is actually happening is that the photons collide and are absorbed by other subatomic particles. The process excites them into a higher energy state, creating an energy exchange between the fourth dimensional zero-point field and our third dimensional physical world. Although they appear for only thousandths or millionths of a second, their appearance is yet another indication that something truly magnificent lies just beyond the physical realm and the limitations of our five senses―an endless supply of free energy.

Two more experiments have proven the existence of the zero-point field. The first is the Casimir Effect. By placing two plates made of conductive materials in a vacuum facing each other, Hendrick Casimir theorized that if the zero-point field actually existed, the total amount of energy between the surfaces of the plates would be less than the amount elsewhere, leading them to be drawn together―which is exactly what happened.
A more dramatic experiment, and another example of what quantum physicists have dubbed “Weird Science and Freakin’ Magic,” involves a ZPE-related phenomenon called sonoluminescense―the transformation of sound waves into light energy. If you fill a small spherical glass with water, resonate it with harmonious sound waves of 20 kilohertz, and then blow a very tiny air bubble into the center of the flask, the air bubble will rhythmically heat up to an incredible 30,000 degrees Celsius before imploding in an ultra-short flash of light.

Third Dimension vs. Fourth Dimension Electrical Circuits:
Constructed within the walls of your home is an electrical circuit made up of copper wire. Flowing through the copper wiring, like a river of atoms, is an electrical current, its movement
generated by the separation of positively-charged protons heading one way, and the negatively- charged electrons moving in the other direction. Plug a lamp into a socket and the electric current flows through the copper wires into the bulb’s filament, and we have light. What initiates that separation of atoms is a dipole―an electromagnetic device.
All of our current sources of electricity, from batteries to coal and nuclear power plants, share one basic problem: When the electrical current is fed back to the source that initiated it (the electromagnetic device or dipole), it destroys it. As a result, the energy in the magnetic field dissipates, leaving only about a 30% return for the load, making the systems we’ve been using for over a hundred years incredibly inefficient. Of course, the power company wants the circuit to be inefficient, after all they’re profiting from every amp we use. And the fossil fuel and nuclear industries also get a nice chunk of that change since it’s their fuel that powers the dipole.

To figure out where things went so wrong when they could have gone so right, we go back to the turn of the twentieth century and Nikola Tesla, a brilliant scientist who realized that humans may exist and think in three dimensions, but nature (and electricity) actually prefers to work in four dimensions―the fourth being time-space. By applying a high-voltage system to an electromagnetic field in a counter-rotating vortex, Tesla allowed nature to reorganize the flow of protons and electrons within the vacuum of a generator at the speed of light, essentially incorporating the fourth dimensional aspects of zero-point-energy. What’s more, instead of the energy output fading, Tesla discovered the flow of protons and electrons in the vacuum would continue forever without losing so much as a drop of its load. Think of it as tapping into an oil well; once you hit a geyser you no longer need a drill; the pressure simply takes over. Tesla also figured out that, by using a permanent magnet as the dipole, the flux would pass back through the permanent magnet―preventing it from being destroyed, provided it was welded into the material.

Tesla’s last challenge was figuring out a way to catch this forever-flowing river of free energy. His solution was fairly simple―he found a material that separated the magnetic field from the magnetic field vector which flows unceasingly from the magnet, yielding a current of energy that could last a billion years and beyond―a true over-unity system.
In 1901, Tesla was preparing to use the planet’s own magnetic field as a giant dipole in order to broadcast electricity to ships at sea without wires―an experiment that would lead to free energy and change the world ... only J. P. Morgan intervened. It seems the wealthy industrialist had invested in copper wire to be used to deliver electricity to homes and businesses, and he decided that giving energy to people without charging them was simply un-American.

Before Tesla could conduct his experiment, J. P. Morgan got his pals in Washington to shut it down and confiscate all of the scientist’s papers and inventions, leaving him destitute.
It’s a pattern that repeats itself throughout our history―every scientist who has ever figured out how to create a true over-unity device has been bought out, shut down, or silenced (killed) by the powers that be. Remember, it’s not enough to invent a true over-unity system, you also have to sell it to the right people who won’t quash it, otherwise you must manufacture the design yourself, and that requires a lot of money. Either way, you’ll need a patent, and therein lies the second problem. The U.S. Patent law allows the government to arbitrarily determine if a technology or device poses a danger to our national security. Over the years, elements within the Department of Defense, CIA, NSA, Federal Trade Commission, and the Department of Energy have abused this interpretation of the law in their attempt to safeguard the world’s status quo (big energy profits), denying thousands of patents.

T. Henry Moray’s breakthrough work was ignored by the patent office, his lab ransacked. T. Townsend Brown, one of the founding fathers of electro-gravitics, discovered that he could access zero-point-energy by utilizing high voltages of 20,000 to 200,000 volts. The effect caused his charged capacitors to lose their mass and literally levitate off the ground―just like a UFO! Big Oil wasn’t too keen on the competition, so the authorities denied Brown a patent and confiscated all of his work.

Other inventors have been lured into partnering with bogus companies, only to see their inventions locked up (black shelved) indefinitely. John Keely, Viktor Schauberger, and Otis Carr were harassed and murdered. Professor John Searl, another electro-gravitics physicist, was set up by two CIA agents who attempted to poison him. The same thing happened to Adam Trombly.

Back in the 1980s, Stan Meyer was working as an engineer at a plant that built microwave systems; the scientist had observed that at very low frequencies water would go straight into hydrogen and oxygen. Based on this observation, his twin brother Steve helped him develop a circuitry where he could put an electrode in water and, at a certain voltage, create what is called Brown’s Gas, a magnetically-charged hydrogen and oxygen mix that essentially replaced gasoline with water. To prove it worked, the Meyer boys retrofitted a dune buggy and word spread.

Enter the CIA, who claimed they wanted to hire Stan to retrofit a Lear jet. Stan was nervous (rightfully so) and insisted on meeting in a public place―a local Cracker Barrel restaurant―for lunch. Stan took one drink of his beverage, grabbed his throat and rasped, “I’ve been poisoned!” He ran out to the parking lot, collapsed and died.

more on him/Stanley M.

By the end of 2010, there were 5,135 inventions that were confiscated under national security orders (Secrecy News, 10/21/10).

It’s important to understand that these free energy systems already exist, and we, the people are the ones who paid for it in trillions of tax dollars’ worth of secret black op programs. All the hundreds of trillions of dollars in assets in coal, oil, uranium ... they’re all obsolete. Some people might say, “Doesn’t that mean the secrecy’s been a good thing?” That would be like arguing we should have never come out with the automobile because it would have forced the horse and buggy manufacturers to go out of business ... or computers because Royal Typewriters would have gone out of business.

The macroeconomic order of fossil fuels and the privileged few feeding from its trough simply will not allow free energy systems to gain a foothold―no matter how many billions of boats this technological tide can raise, not to mention save our planet. And if you take them on, you’ll run into the mother of all buzz saws.
We are proposing to solve this conundrum through the creation of the New Earth Energy Incubator―an open-source research and development project on zero-point-energy (ZPE), with no patents or Intellectual Property. [See The New Earth Incubator Fund; Concept.]

** *

Richard Doty was a Special Agent for Counterintelligence for the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI). For over eight years, he was specifically tasked with the UFO/Extraterrestrial issue at Kirtland Air Force Base in New Mexico, and also at Nellis Air Force Base (the so-called Area 51), and at other locations.
Later in my career, I read a document in Washington that explained the U.S. scientists’ understanding of the rectangular Plexiglass-like object found aboard the ET craft. It was an energy device that used zero-point-energy. And it was connected in such a manner that this device could power from a very small flashlight to an entire city. Each craft had one, though the vessel that crashed in Horse Mesa out west had a larger energy device than the one found in Corona. I don’t think they understood why, but the devices operated in the same manner.

** *

Dan Morris is a retired Air Force career Master Sergeant who was involved in the extraterrestrial projects for many years. After leaving the Air Force, he was recruited into the super-secret National Reconnaissance Organization, or NRO, during which time he worked specifically on extraterrestrial-connected operations. He had a cosmic top-secret clearance (38 levels above top- secret) which, he states, no U.S. president, to his knowledge, has ever held.

UFOs are both extraterrestrial and man-made. The guys that were doing the UFOs―they weren’t sleeping―and T. Townsend Brown was one of our guys who was almost up-to-speed with the Germans. So we had a problem―we had to keep Townsend Brown ... what he was doing on the anti-gravity, electromagnetic propulsion ... secret.

Even back in Tesla’s time, we had free energy that we could transfer. All you had to do was put up an antenna and place a stake in the ground, and you could light this house and have all the energy you needed. But what do we run on? For the last century, we’ve run on petroleum. Who’s in control of the petroleum in the world? A lot of people think that Iraq, Iran, and Saudi Arabia are in charge. They aren’t. We control it―us and the Brits. Well, some people refer to this as the secret government: a group of the richest men in the world who control petroleum. You don’t need cars unless you have an internal combustion engine. Well, if you have one of these [zero- point-energy] units that’s about sixteen inches long and about eight inches high and about ten inches wide, then you don’t need to plug into the local electric company. These devices burn nothing―no pollution; it never wears out, because there are no moving parts―what moves are electrons in the gravity field; in the electronic field; and they turn in opposite directions, okay? You put one in a car― the car would rust and fall down around it before it would ever wear out.

What’s that going to do to the world economy that runs on petroleum?

** *

Lieutenant Colonel Charles Brown, U.S. Air Force: After returning from WW II an Air Force hero, Colonel Brown worked in the Air Force Office of Special Investigations. He was assigned to work on Project Grudge where he was responsible for investigating UFOs.
I knew from engineering manuals and from research done at MIT that if we went from totally dry air to totally saturated air, you should improve the efficiency of an engine by about 2%. Well, by humidifying air [through this process we discovered], I was getting 20% to 30% improvement in the efficiency of an internal combustion engine.

Engineering people and scientists just wouldn’t believe it. So I went ahead, not knowing any better, I started selling these devices which improved engine performance so remarkably. Well, some strange things started to happen and government agencies moved in, and particularly the Federal Trade Commission. The EPA was satisfied that it worked. But there was no government support. Finally the administrator of the EPA had asked the director of their research lab in North Carolina if he would work with me. So I showed up, without knowing that he had called him, with a diesel vehicle. Very spectacular results in that, so far as I know, it was the first diesel ever tested in a United States EPA laboratory that simultaneously reduced all aspects of measured diesel emissions, plus improved fuel economy up to 23%. As far as I know, no one has ever equaled it.

The Federal Trade Commission later performed, literally, an illegal act. The precise statement made to the attorney for a large dealer in Washington was, “We don’t care whether it works or not. We just don’t want people buying these large American cars.”
I could not, when I got that report, imagine an officer of the United States government [in 1979-80] saying that.

So I flew to Washington and went to the Congress. I saw a Senator with the Science and Technology committee, and met the General Counsel. He questioned me at length. I had documentation. He then said they would act. When I pointed out the unfairness of the FTC aspect, they wrote a scathing letter to the Chairman of the Federal Trade Commission and sent me a copy of it.

Within three weeks from that date, I lost my vehicle, about $100,000 worth of equipment, and a test vehicle was stolen. I had sponsored the U.S. Army race team on a little Sprite racing car. They stole my unit off of that car after we had just won the race. The Captain of the Army race team was a Master Sergeant in the Army. We’d created a super car. And they stole that car from the U.S. Army in Van Nuys, California.
So in three weeks, I was financially and psychologically wiped out. This is no longer just talk. There’s a real world out there. And as someone who had engaged in, been in and around a combat zone nine years of my life, to have to come back to this ... It was quite traumatic.

We also had a project with the Maritime Administration, which was very successful. The conclusion was I could either add 20% in horsepower or 20% in fuel reduction, at the same time while reducing emissions by 40%.
Two months before the end of the project they said, “Our agreement is off. We are going to cancel the project.” I said, “You can’t do this.” They said, “We’ve done it.”
So I said, “Well, I’m going to finish the project,” and I paid for the last two months of it.
They said, “We are not going to distribute the test results. We also want all of your notes and all of your records.”

I’m saying, “You really don’t have a right to those.” And they say, “Yes we do. We paid for them.” You don’t argue with the government. So I made copies of everything I had―several copies, and distributed them at various points, and sent them the originals of all of this. What I did not know at the time, I put in a call to the chief engineer who had set up the project, and he was never available. The number two engineer was never available. So I finally called the comptroller. And he said, “They are no longer with us.” I said, “What are you talking about?” He said, “They have eliminated the research division in the Maritime administration.”
So someone did not want this concept to be successful.

Then, later on a business trip, at two minutes after midnight, just into my birthday, a call comes into my hotel room when I’m just getting ready for bed. A voice says, “Please get out of your room immediately.” I said, “Well if you tell me who you are and why, I’ll get out.” “This is the desk clerk. We just got a call that there’s a bomb in your room.”
I hung up and went outside. By this time they were evacuating the whole motel. And so I said, “I’ll check in to a Holiday Inn,” which I did. I parked in a lighted area, right in front, in this beat up old car. I had several thousand dollars of equipment in it and was taking it over to Purdue University to do some air tests.

Anyway, next morning, at a quarter of seven, I look out of my window, and there’s a blank space where my car was. They had stolen my car. Police recovered it two or three weeks later, and found drilled holes in the gas tank and all of my test equipment gone.
I had built a prototype carburetor ... gone. And psychologically, again, it sort of zapped me.
So we have a call that there was a bomb in my room. Somebody was following me. My phone was tapped. No question about this. And there was no logical reason for it. My unit was offered by this car dealer free with every new American car, truck, or van purchased. I made that stipulation it had to be American-made.

There are combustion-stimulating molecules and radicals generated in this process. It creates a thunderstorm in a bottle and creates molecules which greatly increase fuel efficiency and decreases emissions.
My concept can work as a retrofit item on older vehicles for people who want to keep them. But in particular, on the major polluting vehicles, which are eighteen wheelers, diesel automobiles, diesel buses in cities, tow boats, and ocean-going vessels. I think the potential is there for power generating plants, based on research done in Europe, in England, and by Max Planck in Germany. You would not see white smoke coming out of one. I’m 90% certain this can be made to happen with a minimal investment.
So anyway, my concept adds oxygen to the air, among other things. Everything it adds is an oxidant. It helps the planet. It even reduces CO2 when you use less fuel, CO2 is reduced. So far as I know, it is probably the most fault-free concept.

And in essence, I was advised by an agency of the United States government a few years ago, if I can do what I say I can do, it was a new field of science. Well, I’ve known it’s a new field of science since I can find no competitive concepts. It is a method of enriching the combustion air, or charged air on any heat cycle engine. I’ve tested it on propane and done extensive multi-million-mile testing on diesel and gasoline. I’ve tested it on gasoline from 75 to 125 octane. I can run a vehicle that normally requires 92 octane on 75 octane without knock.

And I have done so for a period of three months. In terms of the potential of this technology I’ve just scratched the surface.
Had the oil companies gotten fully behind me 25 years ago, it might have extended the useful life of existing oil on this planet, which is a finite resource.

“According to some estimates, we cannot track $2.3 trillion in transactions.”
―Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld September 10, 2001

“We have, indeed, been contacted―perhaps even visited―by extraterrestrial beings, and the U.S. government, in collusion with other national powers of the Earth, is determined to keep this information from the general public.”
―Victor Marchetti, former Special Assistant to the Executive Director of the CIA


and also listen to him here stevenGreer_secretGov_nov2015_1.mp3

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Pnorsk Toftens interju  m.Greer PARADIGMEPODDEN ny episode nr. 42


(utilize the cosmo-magnetic magnetics)*=read some down- not from this greer-book:

here below are some ill. on those  inter- planetary connections-lines - a conception or term the norwegian Tore Alfstad (torealf A me.com) - uses in his book AN ALTERNATIVE COSMOLOGY. But the pictures here are on the same theme from a book on spacecontacts where the communication was both physically, directly, and later happened via a radio that they - the spacepeople- "rebuilt" for the contact person. This happened in South Africa in the early 60's. see:

 UFOCONTACT FROM PLANET KOLDAS  and those picturs show those magetic 'space-corridors that they utilize in the socalled spacetravel (but is a kind of teleportation thru a higher world-level/dimention) which connects the planets in the galaxy as galactic 'nerve-tracs'

illustrasjon fra

from book UFOCONTACT FROM PLANET KOLDAS shows the same magnetic corridors that connects the planets and galaxies into a natural macrocosmic nervous system, which are ORGANS in the awesome BIG-BODY that our superunivers make up - and similar to our "small" body on the physical level, of bodily universe and its nervous systems - which also conducts LIFE Impulses between the planets / organs.All these 7 images here are from the same book and talk on the same phenomenon - but with other names or terms.These pictures will be a bit bigger and thus easier to read in the book on the link here




revealing lecture of a "leaking informator" on the coverup and its ufo-ramification - in mp3-downloadable





picture up; only a little bit have so long been leaked about this super-secret matter - if all came out at once- all the open and hidden gov.people would have to run...as MANY of them have known this for a long time, but now fear the breakdown of this "old society" and  their  loosing power over people.

down- illustration-ideas