Extract from the real out-of-sale-wisdom-book - which is not channeled - but written ca 20y ago - in the early 90s, after a deep personal experience - also including ufo-contact + out of deep insight. Was in this life born in Germany - seemingly in the 50s - but says he had to be anonymous. My intuition evaluate this as "truth" and he is not running after fame or a personal ego trip as his name is not given.

This is about the esoteric (hidden) agenda on the karmic drama thru world war 1&2 and how the dark (materialistic /capital) pole in earth's consciousness was used to trigger this necessary karma experience for the macro-being of Earth, and its cells; the earthpeople, where the cosmic laws and the HIGHER SELF's regulates it so that NOBODY get any lesson which is not necessary for it to grow spiritually.

a long video on all parts were online pr.january 2022

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link; Bøker og forfattere som omtaler Atlantis

what means the expression THE LAST DAYS?- well acc. to the Danish wiseman Martinus (1890-1991) - it means the last 'days' of the 'life of the animal-mentality' inside of us - it HAVE TO be removed by our own effort thru the coming times. And he saw 'that the periode of the socalled JUDGMENT DAY - startet with worldwar 1 in 1914,and continued thru ww2, and now thru the final "war" - which primary rage INSIDE every man  in those times, plus now (2022>on) the start of ww3, in on  or more phases. Yes, he also 'saw' it would culminate as an outward worldwar - like Elia predicted in these book - right. But how devastating it would be - would be acc.to the human level reached by ca the the year 2028 (acc.to the Erra-pleiadians) - and Martinus said in ca.1980, that the coarce-cleaning would take ca 500 years from ww1. That means would not be 'finished' until ca.year 2414.

a long video on all parts were online pr.january 2022

THE LEGEND OF ATLANTIS - 2011 Eliah's prophecies on THE LAST DAYS

Here on the "unknown" or esoteric background for the dramas through last hundred years - and especially on the "hidden" history of world war 1-2 -on how the powerfight and karma of the priesthood's on Atlantis, was continued through the leading intelligence-nations of today (the German and the Jewish group-souls) - all in the light of the big evolution in cosmos and the ongoing inside struggle betveen the "animal" and "the angel"  - IN  each and every person right now!


The Forgotten Mysteries of Atlantis - Book front cover

about this book above;

"In 1993 and 2011, after being imprisoned by the dark forces for 10 years, L intervened and set the seeker free. He was then free to work further on his karma and the destiny that involved many people in a deep and long-lasting imprisonment by these forces. During the travel something unusual happened. He met two entities who were coming towards him. They were two very small men, which proved later to be pure bred Leprechauns, native to Ireland, who in Norway are called "Gnomer" or "Nisser". They urged him to travel one special road.

After about 90 minutes of driving, just before he came to Longford, he spotted a grass fire on the left side of the road, about 200 meters away. The flames were high, fierce, and it seemed that the fire was out of control. He stopped the car at a small passing-place on the right side of the road, rolled down the window and looked out. Again something unexpected happened. The flames shot up in the air, changed direction and came directly towards the car. They entered through the open window and made a spiraling movement around him, encircling his head and upper body. He was not burned, nor did he feel any discomfort, he only felt a strange feeling of being invaded by something. He was immediately transported to another realm of existence. This book is about this experience and what it led to.

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(This on how The 'Thule Society' organization for more than 100years ago- secretly made great plans to release mankind from this capital conspiracy/control they saw as the cause of the "darkness".)

"…mankind will have to rewrite history when it examines who
financed the Napoleons wars, 'Lenin's' communist revolution
and all political parties of the World War I.

Towards the end of the 18th Century, in Europe, especially in Germany, a new movement was founded which was interested in deeply spiritual matters. Especially the real origin of mankind and all the secrets of Atlantis were of particular interest.

These spiritual groups were inspired by invisible masters who taught European scientists in India and Tibet in mediumism.

The foundations for these secret esoteric teachings were the secret writings of Helena Blavatsky. At the beginning of the 19th century, various esoteric groups such as the "anthroposophists" with Rudolf Steiner emerged from these teachings. They mentioned the coming of a new age which would preceded by a great battle between Good and Evil.

The teachings by the invisible masters of Shambhala were mixed by contemporary fellowers with other religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism and German myths.

Many newly founded occult sects discovered that there were esoteric lodges before them such as the Freemasons, the Rosicrians and the ILLUMINATI orders, who were pulling the string of world politics.

The new 'occultists' at the turn of the century were all waiting for this 'New Golden Age' and like various sects today they all thought of themselves as the 'chosen ones', who would inherit eternal life and the 1,000 years empire after the apocalypse and Christ's Return.

("Christ's Return" - means that the way of being and acting as Christ demonstrated, will be adopted in the ripe ones, and that they can let their inside "angelic or pure spiritual pole govern their earthly  life - as I see it. rø-rem)

At a time of turmoil many longed for an 'Enlightened leader'. Some of these 'occultists' emerged from the Germanic Order founded by Rudolf von Sebottendorf in Bad Aibling in 1912, whose ideas would later trigger the great tragedy. They saw in the old Freemason and capitalistic lodges the personification of the Evil enemy. In 1918 after the German defeat of the World War I, this Germanic Order in Munich, merged with a whole group of sects into the 'Thule Society' . They also invited recently discharged officers of World War I. to join them.

At this meeting they discovered that they were used as Cannonfodder for the plans of the Zionist capital lodges. One can only assume that they saw the personified Satan in both the Freemason and the capitalistic lodges, who had financed the war.

Thus World War II was already preprogrammed. For many years people had worked on the illusion of ridding the world of a Satan and to triumph over evil in a last battle, making way for the ThousandYear empire along with Christ's Return.

The ' Thule Society' organization secretly made great plans to release mankind from this capital conspiracy. To them the Illuminati, Freemason lodges and Zionistic financial connections represented a World Dictatorship which had to be fought and defeated. But it would still take some time until they found a suitable political candidate with whom they would rise to power.

The 'Thule Society' and its more than 50 organizations as
well as Hammerbund and Germanenorden and home defense movements, were responsible for giving the order to form a political party and to secure political influence for the whole movement. Because of the deep Christian and occult character of the Thule Society, which meant something like 'The Society For Research on Atlantis', its members searched in all ancient prophecies for when the Dark Age would come to an end.

In his last days Jesus revealed something about the days to come.

These old secret prophecies that were revealed by Jesus to his apostles said that the beginning of salvation would spread from a country behind large mountains, where a great leader by the name of Elijah would be born.

Jesus turned around while talking and pointed the Roman
legionnaire Longistus who was a Germanic mercenary. As a result the German Lodges believed that from this secret revelation this land could be interpreted as Germania, the
'large' mountains' being the Fortress of the Alps, and that
the mentioned leader had already incarnated. He would free the world through the final battle in order to initiate The 'Thousand Year Empire' of peace and The Return of Christ.
This is how the Thule Society interpreted Christ's speech:

... "in about one thousand plus not quite one thousand years, you all (with this he meant 2,600 Essene disciples, who are Atlantean descendants) will be reborn together with Elijah to free the world militaristically". . .

The actual prediction was that His light workers dedicated
to His work would be reborn in approximately 2,000 years, shortly before His Return, together with Elijah, who at the
time of Christ was John the Baptist, in order to herald the imminent Return of Christ and preach the gospel of life again, thus announcing The Last.

In this secret revelation it was mentioned that the power
would be taken from the Hebrew Brotherhood. This related only to spiritual leadership, which would be given to an another country. However, the Thule Society indentified itself with the role of world saviour to free the world of evil and incorporated this idea as key statement of anti-semitic teachings. When this occult sect wanted to rid the world of Atlantean Freemasonry through World War2, they thought that a part of this secret prophecy would be fulfilled.

The fratricidal war of the two priesthood casts from Atlantis was rekindled before World War2, by the Thule Society.

The members regarded themselves as the reincarnation of Christ's disciples, who would lead the battle for freedom against the Hebrew lodges.

Yet these souls of the Third Reich were the other
Brotherhood from Babylon which had lost power, the Brothers from Agartha, who had lost their last high culture in Babylon to the Hebrew priests.

Thus World War II. was a continuation of the Atlantean fratricidal war and karma, because the largest secret is that in reality the Jewish and Germanic people emerged from a common Atlantean past.

Churchill and Roosvelt were the leaders of the Freemason Brotherhood, and Hitler was the leader of the Thule Society and honorary member of the Neutempler-Orden (New Templar Order)


With the prophecy that upon Christs return, the head of
the serpent would be crushed, it did not bear the meaning that the Freemasons and the Illuminati would be violently destroyed. It rather meant the return of the inner Cosmos, the Christ powers would topple the worldly powers through the overcoming of man's polarity.

When the Eagle, i.e. the Space Brotherhood, has landed,
there will be no worldly powers left, because from then on there will be only ascended and conscious humans living on earth, who have lived through the resurrection and are connected to inner truth.

Thus Christ's Return is the revelation of the planetary spirit in man, out of which he can read the whole truth himself and thus we can perhaps only guess that the Apocalypse to a great extent will take place in the minds of people and only partially in the outside world. The true light children and Christ's disciples were to be born much later and their
mission is rather to heal the Earth through the overcoming of polarity, than by waging of wars.

The Thule Organization believed then that the new 'Golden Age' had already begun and that Elijah and the great Atlantean Souls had already been born to free the world from the forces of darkness.

When Dietrich Eckart, Rudolf von Sebottendorf and his followers consulted several spiritual mediums, the name of the young officer 'Adolf Hitler' was mentioned to them through the Astral World.

Adolf Hitler's' occult past already began during his years of study in Vienna. He read Nietzsche's 'Super Human' (Uebermesch), studied the secret teachings of HelenaPetrova Blavatsky, St. John's Revelation and regularly he attended the lectures of Guido von List.

He was definitely a subscriber to the occult magazine
published by Lanz von Liebenfels which already glorified the racist madness, the male sun cosmologies, and the Aryan culture.


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Some translated on Norwegian from this book
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a long video on all parts were online pr.january 2022

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denne boken blir referert og drøftet i et timelangt  lydintervju/samtale med Stein Erik Høgberg  og det ligger på ALTERNATIVKANALEN   MP3

video on the esoteric of Nicholas K. Roerich and more hidden symbolism on the coming spiritual age

Third Reich - Operation UFO (Nazi Base In Antarctica) Complete Documentary - some of content in the book from top  here, is covered in this video up or bigger windowplay

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kort om Vril-selskapet/gruppen på norsk via Tore A

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deep  underground tunnellsystem inside earth - partly screened in the higher but "near" vibration/frequency of 5th level.

(more on claims on such ETsub-life below Sweden - as also said in the clear talk of the 'in the 50s radio transmissions from 'Borealis' to Rolf Telano'  in the book A SPACEWOMEN SPEAKS.)

some in audio from this book; The Forgotten Mysteries of Atlantis - Book front cover