Oscar Magocsi’s Space Odyssey




Toronto man terrified to enter UFO

Back in September 1974, Oscar Magocsi, (1928-2002) a Toronto resident at the time, had his first UFO sighting on a property he owned in Huntsville. Then in July 1975, he returned to Huntsville and saw the same orange glowing object, which landed nearby.

“Then I stood there motionless, soundless – just like I stood further away, frozen and breathless,” he wrote. “I was simply terrified to go near it…”

Finally, Magocsi pulled himself together and overwhelming curiosity took over.

“After some hesitation, I poked at its hull with my rubberized flashlight,” Magocsi noted.

He described the UFO as a grey saucer that was “25 feet in diameter, ten feet high from top to bottom, plus another two feet perhaps for the upper dome” with “three oval-shaped portholes” and “sitting on three ball-like protrusions.” He could see no seams or doors on the craft. Then to his surprise, a “three foot long horizontal crack appeared and widened into a closed-mouth like slot,” and eventually into a “man-sized doorway” with a ramp extending toward the ground.

When no aliens came out of the craft, he summonsed the nerve to enter it. Inside was “a curtain of yellow light, which had created the illusion of a wall…” This light illuminated the platform on which he stood. As he moved further into the craft, a “blue-green glow sprung up all around me, illuminating most of the interior.”

When the door closed behind him he said, “Sudden panic seized me; it was a wonder I didn’t have a heart-attack.” After inspecting the craft’s interior, his intense nervousness led to a sudden feeling of exhaustion. Then all out panic took over.

“Maybe I’d better beat it, I thought, before this darned thing takes off with me, or brainwashes me, or disintegrates me, or who knows what. Fear took over the spirit of adventure – in a hurry, I activated the door opener – and it worked! I scrambled down the ramp, retreating to the edge of the clearing like a frightened deer.”














Magocsi takes UFO ride around the planet

While mulling over his experience the following day, former Toronto resident Oscar Magocsi wondered if his own subconscious had somehow brought the UFO. In his excitement over that thought, he returned to the same site that same night.

“Calling the saucer. Calling the saucer. Please, come tonight. I am ready and waiting.” Magocsi concentrated on that message a few times and before long, he spotted a “faraway momentary orange blink very high up.” Then he realized that he was somehow communicating with the craft telepathically.

As before, the craft landed and Magocsi entered it with less fear this time. Rather than go into everything he saw this time, we’ll skip ahead a little. After concentrating on the though that he would like a ride in the craft, it sprang to life. Through an infrared porthole on the floor that could zoom in on the landscape below, he could see where the craft went.

“What a magnificent thrill it was to be inside an airborne saucer!” he wrote.

After flying over metropolitan areas including Toronto and New York City, the saucer zoomed toward Cairo and the pyramids, all tailored to his requested destinations. Once over the Great Pyramid of Giza, the craft seemed to be sucking up “a shiny bluish current” as if charging up before carrying on. The ensuing trip included stops over the Holy Land where he could see a “column of tanks” heading in the craft’s direction. When the tanks sent missiles into the air, the craft responded by putting up a force field, emitted “short bursts of bluish rays” and then took off.

The next stop was Tibet inside Red China in the Himalayas, where he left the craft at the wish of several monks who gave him protective clothing. He found himself in “some underground Tibetan monastery where the monks chanted for hours.

“After some time I felt floating bodily in the air, while being gently washed inside and throughout by a joyous tingling sensation. Later I even saw an impossible happening, perhaps due to a mild hallucination: the high lama’s body floated up slowly into the air and stayed there without seeming supports…”

Then it was on to see Machu Picchu, a “15th century Incan site” in Peru, then Mount Shasta in the Cascade Range in California and on to the CN Tower in Toronto. Many people have seen UFOs at Machu Picchu and Mount Shasta. It appears from Google Earth images, that there might be a portal in Mount Shasta through which UFOs enter and leave.

In December 2013, a man was traveling to the town of Merrill near Mount Shasta when he noticed “a pure, bright white…rectangular light emanating from a “pie-shaped” object. He also saw from two to four beings around the object that appeared to be working on the craft. When they turned and stared at him, he drove off but made a u-turn with his large truck and about three minutes later returned to find that the craft was gone.

However, he soon spotted a UFO with red and white lights in the sky that made no sound. It seemed to be headed for Mount Shasta about a mile away. He abruptly made another u-turn and headed in that direction. Once he reached a wooded area by “the Lava flows monument” his truck “lost power and slowed almost to a stop for no apparent reason at all.” On top of that he noted, “Most of my attempts to make calls or texts were stopped short by no signal in (the) area where the signal has never been a problem for me.”

When the craft Magocsi was in finally arrived back in Huntsville, the door opened and he knew the trip was over.

“I was on home soil again,” he wrote. “It felt good after all those faraway places and strange happenings, but also sad that the adventure was over.”

It was not, however, the end of his space travels.




UFO powers up at Pickering, Ontario nuclear plant

In August 1975, Oscar Magocsi would have the experience of a lifetime – one that would take him via a UFO into out space. Feeling more than ready for such a trip, he returned to Huntsville and attempted to summons them again. Within about 20 minutes, the craft appeared and landed.

“I felt triumphant,” he wrote. “I was proven right about the saucer’s coming, therefore I must have detected it by ESP.”

When the door opened, he quickly climbed the ramp and went inside.

“We lifted off and rose vertically. I sat down by the floor porthole, while the saucer kept climbing higher and higher, up to about twenty-thousand feet.”

After it flew over Toronto, it traveled on to Pickering. When it was over the Pickering nuclear power station, where it appeared to be powering up as it did over the great pyramid. Then Magocsi saw a “two foot high cube appear” that contained clothing and other gear. He knew that he must put them on. When he did, he immediately felt mentally and physically more aware.

“I was convinced that the belt and helmet were made for boosting my mental and physical powers,” he noted. “Therefore, an inter-dimensional journey seemed imminent.”

Being “re-energized” the craft then took off into space. “Briefly, I felt a tingling sensation from many parts of my body,” he wrote.

At one point, he could see a “spectacular nebula in the distance.” But then the craft came back toward Earth and more specifically, the Bermuda triangle. It went through some kind of portal and then suddenly shot up again into deep space.

“The saucer must have traveled terribly fast in that ghost realm of the vortex, to have covered such a great distance so soon.”

Magocsi then saw a huge flying saucer through one of the portholes.

“It was at least 100 feet wide and maybe forty in height, disc-shaped with a huge dome on its top, with myriads of multicolored lights flickering through its translucent hill. Must be some kind of mother-ship, I thought.” As he watched earth disappear from view, he realized that the mother ship was “in a suspended, half-way transit between dimensions.

Then to his surprise, the craft he was on entered the huge ship by “going through its wall!” The craft he was in had dematerialized and then materialized again and landed inside the mother ship a “circular hangar.”

Magocsi stepped out on the ramp and a “hidden door slid open in the wall.” On the other side of it yet another door opened and he went inside. He found a room with one wall of “slanted ‘glass’ window to floor to ceiling” that felt like Plexiglas. The entire construction formed a 15-foot high “pyramid.” This would be his quarters for a journey to another planet in an alternate dimension.

As he peered outside, he saw “magnificent mysterious deep space with earth and the stars in sight,” which he described as a very moving experience. He then watched as another craft drew near, disappeared and went through the wall of the mother ship as his had.

He soon realized that the other two sides of the pyramid had hidden doors so after he finished stargazing, he decided to explore the rest of the ship, if possible. He placed both hands on one wall and stepped into an airlock with another door ahead. What he found on the other side amazed him completely.

“I was in a tropical jungle of a greenhouse,” he wrote adding that it was dome-shaped with a 60-foot “diameter rock garden.” It had a 20-foot “rock wall reaching all around to the rim of the dome” with “a plethora of exotic plants” and pathways of “red sand and green turf,” as some benches and abstract sculptures. There was much more to this large space – far too much to relate here.

“Obviously, this place was the recreation dome for the UFO-nauts or their passenger guests,” Magocsi surmised.

As he wandered up a path, Magocsi wondered why he had not, as yet, seen either other passengers or the alien hosts. After a great sleep on an airbed in his room, he awoke, took a waterless shower and at breakfast – an assortment of “colored cubes.” When he peered out the window, he realized that the space outside was now full of star clusters, whereas before there were none. During this trip he had felt no movement or sudden accelerations and he heard no sound. Inside his room the air temperature, gravity, etc. were perfect for him.

“And all this comfort while madly hurtling through vast segments of space!” he noted adding that the ship must be traveling “several thousand times faster than light…”

Magocsi returned to the greenhouse, went for a brisk walk, exercised and then returned to his room for lunch and a nap. By evening, he looked outside and realized that the ship was headed of “a dazzling spiral nebula.” Space became filled with “great stellar dust clouds or cosmic gases, glinting and sparkling all around now.” He felt “faint tremors through the floor” and saw “sinisterly glinting purple dust-clouds” as well as “great light flashes of blinding magnitude.”


This glass and steel cupola on the roof of the Reichstag in Berlin, Germany is likely similar to the glass domed in areas on Argona but much smaller.


This glass and steel cupola on the roof of the Reichstag in Berlin, Germany is likely similar to the glass domed in areas on Argona but much smaller.

After harrowing ride Magosci arrives at alien world

As the outside elements intensified around the mother ship, Oscar Magocsi’s room became quite hot and he was afraid that the ship might have encountered an enemy of some kind- that perhaps a battle was taking place.

“I was honestly scared,” he wrote but added, “suddenly, it was all over,” much to his relief.

In the morning, he looked outside again and spotted “a gigantic, semi-transparent spaceship,” which he described as “cigar-shaped” and “about one mile long!” He also saw a smaller disc-shaped craft heading toward it, as well as a planet. Then the door to his room opened, indicating to Magocsi that it was time to leave. Beyond the airlock, a single door led out to the disc he had arrived on.

“After I boarded and the saucer shut its door, we went ‘half-transit,’ then left the carrier through its wall.” Rather than flying to the cigar-shaped craft, the disc descended toward the planet below. On the way, he saw two suns but continued to descend to the planet’s dark side. When he saw “colored light points” coming into view he noted, “I was excited like a kid waiting for Santa Claus.”

As the craft moved even closer, Magocsi spotted “dozens of tightly but randomly spaced, gigantic ‘glass’ domes of varying shapes and sizes, fully packed with forests of towering spires and multi-level roadways. The domes were all interconnected with a maze of curving ‘glass’ tubes…” He described it all as “A most fabulously futuristic sight, also very dizzying!”

Magocsi thought he might finally meet his alien hosts here and that he did. He walked out of the saucer into a big hall. Since he saw no one – alien or otherwise – he stepped onto a “moving sidewalk” that took him to an elevator with no buttons inside. He went in, the elevator rose and then stopped. He then found himself in “a perfectly earth-like piano bar” where a red-haired female was singing, “I left my heart in San Francisco.” Then he noticed “a handful of normally dressed people scattered around tables.”


What was going on, he wondered. Then he heard a voice say, “Good evening and welcome!” He spun around to see the vaguely familiar face of a man with “penetrating green eyes.” He quickly realized it was the same person – a cabbie – who had driven him to a psychic fair in Toronto some time before his adventure began.

“Welcome to planet Argona of the Omm-Onn system, a member of the Psychean Federation Worlds,” the man said. “In case you wondered, Omm and Onn are the names of the twin suns. Now, what would you like to drink?”

Well, Magocsi was still stunned by all of that but accepted a gin and tonic. The man went on to say that his name was Argus, an alien Psychean who would be his host during his stay.

“Boy, oh boy!” Magocsi exclaimed. “I had rather expected google-eyed little green dragons with laser guns…”

“Oh, we got those kinds too, on some real faraway other star systems,” Argus replied.

At that psychic fair, he had also met a blond fellow named Quentin. He realized that he had not gone to that fair by choice, rather he was led to it.

“You seemed interested, so we dropped a few leads to follow up,” Argus said. “Since you followed up to the hilt, we decided to give you rides. The key is your own incentive.” It was all done for both their benefits, he added.

He asked Argus about the unmanned saucers and if they were operated “some disembodied, but live intelligence.” Argus replied that was true but it was not his intelligence at play. Rather he was human even though alien to earth but with “bionic modifications.” He also noted that such long and frequent trips to earth were too hard on Psycheans. They would suffer “bad side effects” caused by “painful vibration-lowering” to enter earth’s dimension.

Argus noted that the Psycheans “love to study” earth humans due to their “surprising inconsistencies” in thoughts and behaviors. He explained that he had “studied human affairs and as “Resident Psychean Coordinator” he was to host those willing to learn about them. That included aliens from other planets, including some in earth’s dimension who came there to work and learn.

“I was astounded,” Magocsi wrote. “You mean all these people are aliens?”

Argus replied yes and let him know that he’d soon get to meet some of them. He let Magocsi speak with the pianist who was actually a scientist and had studied earth ways on a planet called Nova Terra. Then Argus cut in. He told Magocsi that he should explore Argona, which he called “an experimental center for Applied Psychean Arts and Sciences.” He also explained that the domed areas were vital to survival since the two suns caused “extreme heat, humidity and storms.”

Magocsi was then showed his room – a “Florida-style hotel” that included a “garden patio and a swimming pool set in a lush tropical garden.” He immediately saw several men and women enjoying the sunshine effect poolside – all visitors to Argona. After dinner and a party that night, he was ready to explore the planet. He and Argus traveled by “mini-car” – a hovercraft – above paved highways with directional lights.

He learned that many of the domes were “research laboratories and plants” while others were recreation areas and residences. They finally stopped at a large dome – the recreational area - entering via an underground tunnel. The took “moving belt walkways” and saw both humanoid aliens and “to absolutely unearthly. They came in almost all colors of the rainbow, ranging in height from about four feet up to seven.”

Another dome they visited was comprised of a number of rooms, one of which had “hundreds of tent-sized crystal pyramids laid out in concentric circles.” Argus explained that it was used for “power group meditation.” In yet one looked like a planetarium but was used for personal development. A person, Argus explained, could check his or her position on a “life probability path” and learn what their most favorable short and long-term decisions and moves should be. The ultimate purpose, he said, was to achieve the highest possible state of knowledge and heightened awareness.

The following day, a trip by hover car to the countryside included a domed area where people were practicing “self-induced levitation.” In another dome that generated and converted “psychic-type energies,” huge stone slabs were levitated into place. In yet another, people experimented with “vibratory resonance for pure harmony-theoretics of music, poetry, psychic states, mathematics, technologies, and who can tell what.”

Magocsi learned that on Argona, everything was automated so residents and visitors could enjoy the “maximum possible experience, enjoyment and growth.” He could not help pondering the situation on earth where there was poverty, ignorance and greed that kept the planet running in “a negative vicious cycle.”

The following day, Argus invited him to his study where he had a large screen to illustrate what he wished him to know. He talked about the dome with the astronomical features and explained that “the relative position of planetary bodies within a given solar system had a significant bearing on world events in respective sectors,” not unlike what astrologists attempt to determine today.

Her hit

He also told Magocsi that although earth has polluted air and water, it is also densely covered in “psychic pollution” that was directly affecting people’s lives, as well as motivation on a global scale. On the screen, he could see “heavy clouds of psychic pollution over areas like the Middle East, South Africa: many spots over India, the Far East; several spots over parts of Europe and the Americas” – places where there was hate, fear, violence, social unrest or even envy, greed, “cut-throat competition,” discrimination, hypocrisy and “crass materialism.”

When they broke for coffee, Magocsi spoke about the way of humans to create such misery and suffering “throughout the ages.” Argus explained that once humans advanced to the point where they did not have to worry about survival of the fittest, “teamwork and cooperation alone insured the further progress of civilizations.” It was certainly a great lesson that our world leaders should put into action.

Of course there was much more Magocsi learned that day but suffice to say that the Psycheans have been attempting to “help earth conditions to improve for a long time.” Argus noted, that earth will soon be entering a “much higher vibrational level” but since it is still functioning at such a low level, “the incoming vibrations of the oncoming cycle will clash with the psychic pollution suffused earth, causing a violent shake-up” that would include “political turmoil and devastating wars, even natural cataclysms.”

“We are also standing by with a vast fleet of giant spaceships to offer rescuing to as many people as we can, in case the feared large scale devastations leave no other choice,” he said adding that whatever happens on earth could affect even faraway life.

“We still want your people to learn the truth of our presence eventually, besides drawing attention to the fact that earth humans are not alone in the cosmos and are certainly not the most highly evolved. But for reasons already stated, it’s better to infiltrate the truth slowly at first, stepping it up gradually.”

Argus said they knew there were lots of UFO sightings and “sporadic contacts. There are many different kinds of UFOs coming in varying modes and shapes,” he said. “This is due to the fact that besides the Psychean Federation Worlds, there are many other stellar systems in this Galactic Alliance of ours with widely varying cultures.” No matter where some earth people might be taken and what they would learn, Argus said the main message is: “Earthman, change or perish!”

This is the message that Magocsi and others are trying to share with the world. It is also the reason the Psycheans gave this writer the go-ahead to write about all of this.

With that message made clear, Argus told Magocsi that he was to meet Commander Spectron before he left the planet.

“Bon voyage and peace be with you, brother,” he said.






Magocsi meets Quetzalcoatl

Oscar Magocsi was led into another suite where a tall blond haired man was there to greet him. He was shocked when he realized it was Quentin, the man he had met at the psychic fair at the Sheraton Hotel in Toronto.

Quentin explained that he was not a Psychean but rather a Spectron advisor from another dimension and his job was to arrange for suitable visitors to make the trip to Argona so they could learn about the Psycheans amongst other things. He further explained that Argus’ role as “staff officer of the Psychean Space Fleet Intelligence” was “mainly coordinating and hosting” after giving “security clearance to the proposed visitors.”

Magocsi did not know it at the time but he was actually staring into the face of the famous Mexican deity Quetzalcoatl, also known as the feathered serpent. Quetzalcoatl was the “patron god of the Aztec priesthood, of learning and knowledge,” like the present day goal of Quentin. According to legend, “the gods and humans lived in harmony.” However, the god Quetzalcoatl saw that humans were being subjugated under certain other gods and was not happy about that. He decided to “adopt the human condition to share the knowledge and art that the deities possessed.”

This serpent-like deity was worshiped by ancient Mesoamerican cultures as seen in various temples and the Ciudadela complex in Teotihuacan. In the Valley of Mexico there is a Tlachihaultepetl (Great Pyramid of Cholula) - an artificial mountain 180 feet high and 1,300 by 1,300 feet at its base. From about 900 AD, the pyramid, which is the largest in the world, was a temple dedicated to Quetzalcoatl by the indigenous inhabitants, the Nahau. Mayan gods that were also feathered serpents include Kukulcan and Q'uq'umatz. The belief in Quetzalcoatl seems to be related to a belief in “a sky, Venus, creator, war and fertility-related serpent deity but according to historian David Carrasco, this “flying reptile” was “the patron deity of the urban center, a god of culture and civilization.”

There are various myths surrounding this god but it seems evident that he was widely known as “the inventor of books and the calendar” and “the giver of maize (corn) to mankind.” Some legends indicate that he was “opposed to human sacrifice while others describe him practicing it.” Various theories about this god are now expounded by New Agers due to Tony Shearer’s book Lord of the dawn: Quetzalcoatl and the Tree of Life (1971) and republished as Lord of the dawn: Quetzalcoatl, the plumed serpent of Mexico.

In an article entitled Was Quetzalcoatl An Extraterrestrial From The Pleiades? it notes that the Maya were “visited by a robed Caucasian man with blond hair, blue eyes and a beard by the name of Quetzalcoatl, who taught the Maya about agriculture, medicine, mathematics and astronomy.”

Although this sounds like Quentin, the difference in this write-up is that the author suggests that this ET came from the Pleiades. He also infers that the Maya were warned about a “bearded white man” who would arrive and conquer them.” The Book of Chilam Balam also includes that prophesy, the writer states and adds that Quetzalcoatl would return one day. The conqueror is believed to be Hernán Cortés, a Spanish Conquistador who invaded Mexico in the 16th century.

The writer also notes that “North and South American Indians, and South Pacific legends” also speak of a “white-skinned, bearded lord” named Quetzalcoatl who arrived “about 2,000 years ago.” According to Ancient American Foundation, this could be true. In the Book of Mormon it states: “And it came to pass, as they understood they cast their eyes up again towards heaven; and behold, they saw a Man descending out of heaven; and he was clothed in a white robe; and he came down and stood in the midst of them...”. (3 Nephi 11:8)

“The following quotations are indicative of what is said about Quetzalcoatl: ‘In all of America's past no figure is more exciting, more tantalizing, or more frustrating than that of the Fair God Quetzalcoatl”. (Irwin 1963:33) “Quetzalcoatl was a man of comely appearance and serious disposition. His countenance was white, and he wore a beard. His manner of dress consisted of a long, flowing robe.” (Ixtlilxochitl: 45)”

As far as Quetzalcoatl being in the South Pacific, that might be true as well. In a book entitled A South Pacific Odyssey: An Account of a 1957 Trip to the South Pacific, author Herbert G. Metcalfe wrote about a “Temple of Quetzalcoatl” that was found to have carvings of “serpent heads with plumed collars around the neck. Incidentally,” he wrote, “Quetzalcoatl was supposed to have been a golden-haired, white-skinned leader who came from the north and was worshiped as a god.”

It seems, therefore, that Quetzalcoatl (now Quentin) got around quite a bit on earth in the past.





Perilous trip through the ‘Great Chaos Barrier’ & ‘Plane of Shadows’

Quentin told Oscar Magocsi that he could now go back to earth and resume his life but he felt the Council of Guardians would want to meet him.

He explained that they are “the Elder Brothers of humankind in the realm of all these dimensions,” including that of earth. Magocsi said he would love to go.

“Glad to hear that,” Quentin said but added that the trip could be dangerous both physically and mentally. He told him he would undergo “some personality changes,” for the better of course and added, “You’ll never be the same.” He also explained that the Guardians, who exist in “soul essence,” are immortal beings who reside in a non-physical place. These benevolent beings exist along with the “Ascended Masters.”

Quentin noted that their “earth mission” must continue because there are other “ruthless aliens” who wish to make contact and some of them have “deadly powers.” He said that while the Guardians work with the “Forces of Light,” there are other hostile entities that comprise the “Dark Forces.” The Guardians have chosen to “guard us against destruction by the dark forces, to guide us on our evolutionary growths, to alleviate unnecessary suffering due to ignorance in the backward areas.”

He explained that the core of the galaxy in which Argonus exists is called the “Great Chaos Barrier,” which is a spiraling space full of “monstrous electric storms” that have crippled many a spaceship that attempted to go through it. It was actually the faraway nebula that Magocsi had seen before he arrived. However, he added that there are “window areas” that ships can travel. An arm of the barrier had caused the electrical storm the mother ship encountered on its way to Argonus. He added that there are a number of windows in space, including one that opens into earth’s solar system.

Quentin said the spacecraft he came in would take him to the outer reaches of the Great Chaos Barrier where he would transfer to a “Phantom Ship” that would take him to the “eye” of the zone. Magocsi began the voyage in the saucer and then had to put on a special outfit complete with goggles. He was then propelled out into space in a “transparent bullet-shaped capsule” toward the phantom ship, which began its turbulent journey full of “raging infernos of gargantuan explosions, menacing swirling gas masses and billowing dust storms” and “ionized areas of a million creeping lightning bolts.”

According to the ship’s discarnate voice, it was headed toward the “Black Vortex,” beyond which nothing physical could pass. It was explained that ahead of the vortex was “a timeless and infinite” non-physical realm “wherein the Guardians and the Masters dwell on some higher planes.”

It was certainly a rough ride for all involved. As Magocsi put it, “many times I had to close my eyes out of sheer terror.”

When they reached the transfer point, Magocsi and other travelers were launched via their capsules in the vortex with their “phantom-skin suit to protect against radiation. When he reached a certain point, his capsule began to shake violently and then was pulverized; leaving him “free-falling” into what he had no idea. He felt a force that felt like it was crushing him and he was sure he would die.

“After a sharp pain all over, my body was suddenly gone, along with all bodily sensations. He was sure that something had gone terribly wrong. “So this was death,” he thought. “Then just blank and more blank.” Even though he realized that he could still see, he felt “great sadness, mental pain and depression.” All he wanted to do was end the process by willing himself to sleep so he would not last forever in that black void.

When he eventually awoke, he wondered how his essence and memories could still exist. No knowing how long he might remain in that state, he decided to concentrate on mental games and realized that his ‘mind’ was still functioning. In fact, he seemed to have much clearer mental acuity. With further experimentation, Magocsi realized that he still existed as “a globe of light”

Overcome by happiness, he focused on moving forward toward any other lights or constructs that might exist in the void. For a few brief moments, he detected two lights that seemed to exude warmth and friendliness toward him. Encouraged by this, he moved onward until he sensed a solid landmass below him. He found himself in a strange world that was somewhat earthlike and his body appeared quite physical.

“Wanderer, welcome to the non-physical realm,” he heard from somewhere. “Here, all appearances are just solidified thought forms…” it continued. After continued explanations, Magocsi was told that he must pass through a “Plane of Shadows” to get to the base of the “Mountain of Light.” Then he would have to climb up the mountain to meet the Guardians.

He began a long journey through what appeared to be a real world with such things as playful gnomes and fairies. There was also an eerie castle complete with a horse carrying a headless rider that barreled down on him out of nowhere, a “stinking swamp” covered with slime and “teaming with monstrous unearthly beasts, a boat carrying “hairy savages in stone-age outfits,” an earthquake, space aliens firing “energy beams” at him and more.

Eventually, he realized that he had created all of those things with his mind so why couldn’t he create items that would help him make it up the high mountain? That he did and finally, he reached his destination – a “crescent-shaped terrace” with a door in the rock wall that led along a passageway to a room with antique armchairs and a roaring fire.

Then to his utmost shock and surprise, a man in a monk’s robe arose from one of the chairs. It was Quentin!




Meeting the Council of Guardians

Oscar Magocsi realized he’d come through the Barrier of Chaos and had a harrowing journey in a world of his own making to end up meeting Quentin again. They sat down together and Quentin told him he was “destined” to be there.

“I suspected something like that,” Magocsi replied. “Who or what are you really?”

Quentin did not say yet, that he was Quetzalcoatl. He explained that he was a “Cosmic Traveler” who worked for the Guardians on a voluntary basis. Ever since Magocsi’s first UFO encounter, he was meant to meet them along with six other fellow pilgrims, including one woman from earth, he said adding that he had to go through the Plane of Shadows to learn more about himself by the way he responded to each problem along the way.

He asked Magocsi to put on a cassock with a hood and follow him through a winding maze of passageways up inside the mountain. Stepping out onto an open marble-floored terrace, Quentin said the festival was about to begin. He explained that it happened only twice every hundred years (earth time).

“A breathtaking beautiful vista met my unbelieving eyes,” Magocsi wrote. “The terrace overlooked a fertile valley, nestling among mountain peaks that towered into unseen heights.”

He also saw a crescent-shaped plateau “full of an incredible variety of flowers and bushes,” the scent of which rose up to the terrace. Marble steps led from the terrace down to the plateau. Down there he could also see “hundreds if not thousands of people,” also in monk’s cassocks. There were also other terraces with people on them so he decided to head down the steps. He turned to tell Quentin, but he was gone.

As it grew darker, about 50 “pastel colored, gently glowing and pulsing spheres of light appeared on the pillared terraces, as if sentinels,” he noted. “All live and powerful entities.” He knew they were the Guardians. The valley then filled with thousands and thousands of tiny points of light. Magocsi knew instantly that they were “live consciousnesses traveling in some astral mode” and were drawn to this great event. As well, larger lights appeared and he knew they were cosmic travelers in “energy form” who acted as “field agents for the Council of Guardians” just like Quentin.

Magocsi heard what he thought at first was some form of music but then realized it was the “ultra-rapid communications from all Guardians and travelers at once’ as they made speeches, gave reports and/or exchanged their concerns about various worlds. Then the entire mountain lit up, he wrote, “as if bathed in the golden rays of a rising sun.” After that, “seven mightily powerful beings” appeared and he realized they were the Masters.

“With the Masters’ arrival, I felt to be filled with fantastic buoyancy and triumphant farsightedness, as if all of a sudden many, many veils got lifted and I could glimpse into staggering multitudes of dimensions and realms of differing existences without an end. And each of these realms was teeming with infinite varieties of life… This sudden knowledge explosion of ‘megaton’ proportions nearly blew all the fuses in my mind.” He added that he felt an “ecstatic expansion of my consciousness, which now seemed to contain incredible cosmic ranges.”

Then a dazzling “golden-white light” poured down over everyone and everything and Magocsi was overwhelmed with joy. At that point, he realized it was one single entity of the highest being. At the same time, he felt he was being probed and analyzed along with humans of earth in general. It was somewhat unnerving until he realized the he and everyone else were just as important.

“We all belong to the same vast body of mankind, whatever the form, the realm or mode.”

The entire event finally came to a close and Quentin reappeared to let him and six other travelers know that the Guardians spoke with each of them and knew what stage of evolution they were in, as well as their potentials in the future.

“That’s why you were brought here bodily via outer space travel and elaborate molecular processes,” he said adding that they could always do so again through “astral and soul travel,” which could be mastered through meditation or other methods. He then told them it was time to leave and return home.

An ‘etheric diamond-shaped ship” arrived to take them back through the Chaos Barrier. The final leg of the trip was via the disc-shaped craft, which they could maneuver with a “natural mind-linking process with the ship’s driving intelligence.” The Guardians wanted them to learn this so they could pilot any such ship. As well, they learned to pilot larger rescue saucers and “Space Arks,” for the possible carrying of thousands of people if needed in the future. It was an essential part of “Operation Rescue,” Quentin said. Although they might not consciously remember this training, he said it could be ‘triggered’ at the appropriate time.

In an article entitled Invasion of Diamond UFOs seen around the world – Italy is hot spot it states that “UFO experts” are debating whether these crafts have “just visited earth by chance” or if they have been visiting and interacting with earth’s inhabitants “for millennia, inspiring the building of ancient pyramid structures from Egypt to Central America.” Based upon Macs’s experiences and what he learned about the Psycheans, the latter would be true.





The Men In Black and a UN meeting

In July 1980, Oscar Magocsi went to New York City to visit a “prominent UFO researcher.” One can only imagine his surprise when he left the meeting and ran into his alien friend, Argus, out on the sidewalk of Manhattan. Argus motioned Magocsi toward a parked Winnebago.

“My eyes followed the sweeping gesture of his hand,” he wrote. “I knew he meant the presence of the MIBS, the Men In Black.”

They saw a large black vehicle at the 5th Avenue intersection and another in the opposite direction on Madison Avenue. Argus told him not to worry because his mobile home was “a converted Ground Command Center, a virtual fortress.” He also pointed out a woman in a sports car whom he said was one of them and acting as “shot gun.” The driver of the Winnebago was ‘Buzz’ Andrews’ who also visited space courtesy of the Psycheans but you will learn more about that later.

In an About the Author section written in March 1980, Magocsi noted, “After all these years, my space friends still keep in touch. They have their way of communicating, plus monitoring people and events.” He added that he resolved to play his part to help the Psycheans in their earth mission by sharing his experiences with others. However, doing so has put his life in danger by the Men in Black. He said this “dark force” of hostile aliens use “psychological warfare against witnesses of UFOs in an attempt to silence them. As he began to write his book, the harassment began.

”In the past few years, I received many harassing phone calls from them. And lately, ever since the preparations for my UFO book’s getting into print, they stepped up the activities against me.” In one instance, he was confronted by “three MIBs in a black car that rattled me badly.” Then a few days later, “I found a threatening note from them inside my locked car.” On a late October night, three MIBs “attempted to assault me in a deserted downtown lot” and in February 1980, “a big dark car forced my car off the road.” Many witnesses before and since have been victims of this type of harassment.

Argus noted that he was in New York “trying to talk to some foreign representatives at the United Nations.” At the UN meeting that year, the primary focus was on women’s rights and international trade laws but a meeting was also held to discuss UFOs. Granada's former prime minister Eric Gairy

, who believed UFOs constituted a danger to humanity had lobbied the UN beforehand. A meeting then occurred in July 1978 that included a 3-person panel.

One of those three was United States Air Force Col. Gordon Cooper (1927-2004). In 1963, Cooper went into space on the “Mercury-Atlas 9 (Faith 7) spacecraft” and “orbited the earth 22 times.” According to reports, he ran into “mission-threatening technical problems” during the 19th orbit and lost power but took over the manual controls and set a course for re-entry. He had hoped to command the Apollo mission to the moon but was not chosen and decided to retire.

Cooper claims he had his first UFO sighting in 1951 when he flew over West Germany. In May 1957 while working at Edwards AFB in California, he saw a “strange-looking saucer-like” craft that made no sound either on landing or take-off.” He described it as “a classic saucer, shiny silver and smooth, about 30 feet across. It was pretty clear it was an alien craft."

Another panel member was Dr. Josef Allen Hynek (1920-1986) a U.S. astronomer, professor, and ufologist, who was the scientific adviser for the USAF’s Project Sign (1947-49), Project Grudge (1959-52) and Project Blue Book (1952-69).

“Mr. Chairman,” he said, “I have not always held the opinion that UFOs were worthy of serious scientific study. However, after serving as advisor to the USAF, he said, “I have been forced to change my mind.”

Dr. Hynek is most known for developing a “Close Encounters classification system,” as well as his years conducting his own research in to the UFO phenomena. Dr. Hynek went on to write a book entitled The UFO Experience: A scientific inquiry (1972).

The third and final member, Jacques Vallée, is a computer scientists, astronomer and ufologist who created the first computerized map of Mars for NASA. He saw his first UFO over his home in Pontoise, France in 1955. As a staff member of the French Space Committee in 1961, he saw a tape of a “retrograde satellite” orbiting earth being destroyed. At the time, no satellites could be launched from earth. He went on to conduct his own research and wrote a book called Challenge to science: the UFO enigma (1966) in which he wrote an Extraterrestrial Hypothesis. In 1969 he expanded on his hypothesis in his book Passport to Magonia: From Folklore to Flying Saucers.

This UN meeting led to a number of recommendations including a call to “member states” to “coordinate scientific research and investigation into extraterrestrial life, including unidentified flying objects.” As expected, there was no mention of any meeting between the UN members and an alien visitor.

Argus knew Magocsi would be in New York because the UFO researcher – likely Dr. Hynek - was monitored. The MIB had done so as well. As he spoke, Magocsi stared at the medallion on his chest. Argus then handed him a rolled up newspaper and told him not to open it until he was alone. Inside were five copies of “an illustrated description of the medallion” as well as copies of “a Great Lakes area map showing subsurface UFO base locations to confirm the long-existing beliefs about such bases held by the Northeaster, the Stratford and other group associates.”

Argus explained that the UFO bases “are at points of natural transit areas (star gates) into other dimensions.” He added that the nature of the Great Lakes acts as “a protective screen against psychic pollution…” He also noted that they have attempted to maintain that screen for the protection of the entirety of Southern Ontario.”

As well he told Magocsi that people would see the most sightings in this area at specific times of the year. He noted that the Psycheans have a million friends around the world, including UFO researchers who are worthy of consideration as contacts. Unfortunately, he added that only a few Psycheans are assigned to earth and for the most part, are kept busy with “thousands of military, political, news media opposition activities and issues on a global scale…”

He also noted that they had friends – “highly placed supporters” – that they hoped would be elected in the U.S. at that time and were in fact, involved in some “political lobbying.” He said he had to go to Washington to meet with a congressman and then to Texas “to help out with some coming disaster.” It is obvious that at least some people in the U.S. government are well aware of the Psycheans and the work they are doing.

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