audiobook on this in mp3> and also in amr.voice

another book on the same theme -
"A Wanderer in the
Spirit Lands"

-By Franchezzo
from 1896


En vandrer i de åndelige land av ”Franchezzo” - Mottatt gjennom A. Farnese i 1896 -en meget lærerik beretning om livet på andre siden og hvordan hjelperne der virker

hele weboken over  samlet på link med noen bilder her

Extracts from the book
of the Brasilian wellknown medium Francisco Candido Xavier

Peter Richelieu; A Souls Journey - on Afterlife and astral-trips at night we do not remember

“Nosso Lar”

THE ASTRAL CITY  | video (for ipad-link) | mirror |

The story of a doctor’s odyssey in the Spirit World. | audiointro mp3 | audiobook

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part 2

original cover Cover design - by Ademir Xavier, Jr and Christine Fernandes.

audiobook on this in mp3 and also in amr.voice

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