ONNEC at the Woodstock Festival


Omnec and her hippie-husband Stanley coupled to the old Tibetan teachings/Eck/ Paul Twitchell


her husband Stanley. Go 3min into this interview with him from sept2012, by click the picture up


Clip from p394, chap.9 in THE VENUS TRILOGY of Omnec Onec;

ĒStanley had tried several new (spiritual-) ways, but for me they all lacked the truth of the teachings I had known on Venus. I got sort of tired of following him through his different interests: like Buddhism, meditation, astrology, Edgar Cayce and some other esoteric teachings. I know that on Earth there have to be many different teachings because of the many levels of consciousness. Those Souls who are ready, but have not yet discovered the true teaching, eventually learn that the religions, occult paths, philosophies, yogas, and other spiritual paths are here as stepping stones that will eventually lead them to the true spiritual teaching.


After finding a book about Paul Twitchell, Stanley was once again convinced he had found my teachings, but when he told me about "Eckankar", I was not very interested, because he changed his spiritual preferences quite often. So I went to hear a lecture by Paul Twitchell, only because Stanley begged me to come. I had to take Tobi, who was just a toddier, and when she fell asleep I wrapped her in a blanket and put her under the table in the back of the room where the books were sold. She was just able to crawl and had the habit of untying people's shoes. I did not want her to disturb the audience when she woke up, so my attention was more on her than on the speaker in front. Not a word of what he said actually reached me.

When the lecture was over, Paul walked directly over to me, even though there were quite a few people who wanted to talk to him. He asked me if he could speak to me alone. Did he notice that I did not pay attention? I thought with a bit of a bad conscience.

We went to his hotel room for privacy. I didn't know what to think when he smiled and asked me to sit. "I know who you really are", he said, "your real name is Omnec Onec and you come from Venus."


I was speechless with surprise. "I have been studying in a monastery in Tibet for 15 years, receiving my initiations and getting permission to establish these ancient teachings in America. In Tibet, Rebazar Tarzs was one of my Masters. One time, he took me on a Soul Journey to Retz and to Teutonia. He pointed to you, a small girl at that time, and told me to remember you, as we were going to meet in the future. You would be playing an important role in helping me to establish the teachings." He explained his work in the States, writing books, sending out discourses by mail for home study, giving lectures and founding places where people could gather to study and meditate together.

 At first, l felt so ashamed for not listening to his lecture. But when he asked for my assistance in his work, I gladly promised to do whatever I could, having the baby to look after and working as a waitress. When I told Stanley, he was as excited about this as I was.

However, we discovered that we had to have several initiations by Paul in order to work for his organisation. He told us that this was necessary in the physical world as a spiritual preparation for doing spiritual work.

 Paul Twitchell was the first modern-day Mahanta or Living Master in the Western world. It means he has received the rod of power passed from the Ascended Masters to the chosen person. These teachings were to be taught by a living teacher familiar to the time and conditions of the people being taught.

The Ancient Teachings are the original truths that are the basis for all creation. They are the teachings of all advanced beings, physical and otherwise. Originally the Venusians were chosen to be the protectors of the truth, as they remained in harmony without any separation of their basic spiritual concepts. They also brought the Ancient

Teachings here when Earth was colonized by the first physical people.

Later, the teachings were hidden for protection from manipulation by the controlling forces that ruled Earth after the fall of Atlantis. This was before the birth of Christ. Later, Christ began to study in Tibet under the guidance of Fubbi Quantz, an Ascended Master who lived in a physical body at that time.


Paul Twitchell began to make these teachings publicly known in 1965 to rise the consciousness of people on Earth. This has been the goal of all Masters while on Earth and of course the forefathers of Earth people. At first, we had small meetings at our apartment for studying and meditating the Ancient Teachings. More and more interested people joined our group and finally we opened a small store front. It served as a meeting place for those who were interested could receive information and read or buy books. I used it one day a week to teach dancing to those who wished to join the dance classes. We even choreographed and filmed a group dance, which was shown at seminars. Then Paul asked me to prepare a dance depicting the Journey of Soul for a major event. Which I did very much nervous about how it would be received by previously fundamental religious people! However, it was very successful.

 Then Paul wanted us to be in charge of the Youth Group of Eckankar. We held workshops on acting, music, art and many other cultural topics that young people could participate in during the seminars. Very soon we were very well known in the Eckankar organization and we were travelling all the time. Paul and his wife Gail became good friends. They were very fond of Tobi, who spent more time in their room than in ours at the hotels.

When Paul told me he wanted me to publicly share the story about my origin I was very nervous. I should give my first lecture to about 300 people. You could hear a pen drop while I was speaking, the audience was really mesmerized by what I told them. After hours of the seminars I would sit in the hotel lobby and answer questions.


Paul asked me to write a book about my mission here on Earth and promised to publish it. At night, when everybody was sleeping, I would speak into a tape recorder. Later Rainer, a young man I had met in Eckankar, who volunteered to help me, would type it and ask questions later. He also organized an interview with a local radio station for me. The reporter was very open-minded, people phoned in and a crowd stood waiting outside to see me afterwards. And I received big sacks of mail. I had letters from all over the world, it was unbelievable. So we made cassettes of this interview and sold them through the mail for $5. This is how Wendelle Stevens, a retired air force colonel and well known UFO researcher heard about me.

 Stanley's mother Clara also heard the interview in the radio. She belonged to the Mensa Club, which is a group of people with a very high IQ. She called me to tell that they were discussing the possibilities and the logic of what I had said. She was so proud that she told them that I was her daughter-in-law.

After the radio show I was asked to appear on a local talk show. The TV show was horrible. It was called the Dave Baum Show on Channel 32. He had a small skit, making fun of and belittling aliens. It was a short play some students or young actors did before the show. He was out to ridicule me. He was pacing back and forth, asking all kinds of questions. "Where is your birth certificate?" and things like that. Finally he said: "Do something to prove that you are from Venus."

Calmly I said: "Iím here to share information, Iím not an entertainer. This is a waste of time and energy that I have to defend myself like Iím in court. It is like you had never been to Africa and had an African here. Instead of asking interesting things about their culture, you do like they don't exist. Ií d rather discontinue this interview, because I don't want to get into a conflict. It is beneath my dignity to be treated this way." Then I got up and walked off the show. He lost his job for treating me this way.

The producers were apologizing and all my friends congratulated me for my courage, but it was a shock for me. It was the first time that somebody tried to ridicule me, and I had to learn how to deal with that.

 One day, Stanley decided to attend the Woodstock Festival, a small town not far from Chicago. I had been to many love-ins at various parks in Chicago, where all the hippies would bring musical instruments, blankets, food, wine and dress outrageously. Some of them painted peace signs on their faces and everyone wore flowers and beads. They would spend all day until late at night singing, playing music and making friends. It was always interesting with a real nice loving atmosphere.

 Melitta our landlady lived downstairs and Stan and I in the upstairs apartment. Melitta loved Tobi as if she was her own child and she was glad to babysit, so that Stan and I could go to the festival.

 Stanley told me that Woodstock would be the biggest love-in and the blast of the century because many famous bands and folk singers would perform. Well, it was not like all the be-ins and love-ins I had been to. There were about 20 acres of land with a stage and sound system set up. It was part of a farm and permission had been given by the owner. People came from all over America! There were thousands of wild people.

We had brought food and sleeping bags. You could barely find room to sit down and spread your blanket. There were portable toilets, thank god! The music was good, I remember that Jimi Hendrix played a song about Sheila. I knew it did not mean me, but it was interesting and I felt important to Stanley. I did not walk around like I usually did for fear of getting lost. People were drunk, high and whatever. Some were naked, running around with painted bodies and beads. Some had sex in the open! There was pure abandon of any kind of normal morals.

Anything goes seemed to be the motto, except for me and a few other not so freaked-out Souls. Stan wanted to stay the whole three days or so. He loved to get high. I told him that I would only stay that day and night - so he could sober up and then I wanted to leave because it was too wild for me.

 Even strange guys would ask me if Iíd like to ball. "What was that?" I asked Stan. He told me that it was a hippie term for sex. My goodness, I thought, how can these strange men ask me such personal things in such a way! Stanley thought it was funny, but I did not! I did not sleep much because the party never ended. Music and everything continued all night, with people tripping in more ways than one. They stumbled over our blanket and sleeping bags, apologizing and saying peace and love. Always offering joints, wine and beer that was spilling as they danced and stumbled around. I do not know how Stan slept unless it was wine and pot.

 When it became light, I was ready to leave. Some people were passed out in heaps it seemed to me. Stan agreed and it took us two hours to find our motorcycle. Empty wine bottles and beer cans everywhere and people grabbing us to dance, hug or whatever. It was more than I was prepared for. I might look like a hippie but I could not really fit into such a way of living. However it was certainly unforgettable!

Omnec, Stan, Tobi, Zander & Masters



  clip from Chapter5 of book of Omnec Onec.
Regarding the level on which Venus supports life -
= is a higher frequency/ level/ consciousness, than here