Who are these Ummits ?

more of the UMMO -research from the french scientist JP.PETIT


history of UMMO

The production system on UMMO.

The sexual life on UMMO.

We are obliged to read cautiously what the texts say on the inhabitants of this planet, about their customs, their History. All that pass the best texts of science fiction authors. I received since 1990, numerous letters coming from different places in the world. They were fitted with a finger stamp, as the letters received by the Spaniards. The Ummits wear this stamp on their finger, wet it with ink, and press their mark on the sheet. Here is , for example, what was figured on one of the letter I received :

The letter is dictated. They do not write themselves, but uses the services of terrestrial stenotypists, paid by them. The signature-stamp is , as they say, the symbol of their planet.

Fig.27 The ideogram representing the planet UMMO.

Here is the general aspect of a UMMIT vessel, as described in the documents of 1967, completed by the reports received in 1993.
The cross section of the vessel would be of thirteen meters and a half. When landing, some retractable feet would get out from the side, fitted with large feet to avoid them to dive into a too loose floor. This landing gear, which would have left the prints photographed in San José de Valdeiras (seen previously).


Fig. 28 : The Ummit vessel. The passengers get out through a trap-door, visible on the bottom side.

The upper dome would not be the deck but would contain the energy source : a appreciable quantity of anti-matter, in electromagnetic levitation state.


Fig.29 : Longitudinal cut of the vessel, on the floor. The Tixiantropic jelly has been pumpedout in the space between the toxoid (habitacle) and the rest of the vessel.


Fig. 30 : During the flight in the atmosphere, the tixiantropic jelly fills the habitacle. It would maintain the passengers and would allow to resist to accelerations of 50 g.

During the flight in the air the vessel would produce a strong pulsed magnetic field. As it could produce some unwished effects on the body of the passengers, a hull made of a superconducting material would screen it perfectly. A superconductive hull is tight to variable magnetic field. All the sensitive components of the vessel would be then protected this way. The vessel would contain no electronic (which would be perturbed by these variable fields). The information would be transmitted through different way, including optical fibres (described in the texts of 1967). During the whole interstellar cruise, which would take place in the twin-Universe, the passengers would benefit from a artificial gravity created by a slow rotation of their toroidal habitacle. The effects of the Coriolis force on their inner ear (similar to ours) would be cleared by an implant.

Fig. 31 Configuration of the vessel during the cruising in the twin-Universe.

The travelling time UMMO-Earth would be in average three months. But the Ummits said to have travelled once two years long. The life function of the passengers would be then completely managed by some sort of diving suit , ultra sophisticated. The helmet would be fitted with a large screen, on which would be printed some 3-d pictures, with a very high definition (The eye could not see the difference between these pictures and reality ). The passengers would benefit of a whole environment which evokes our modern concepts of virtual reality. Let me remind you by the way, that all these texts are from 1967!!

The fact that the light speed is higher in the twin-Universe would allow a large reduction of the voyage time. But some "extracosmological oscillations" would act on the ratio of the light speed in our Universe to the one in the twin-Universe (which is a phenomena we try to write mathematically today). They would lengthen or shorten the travelling time. Some particularly good condition would have allow the Ummits to achieve travels to a distance of 2000 light years.

A quite pronounced "hyperspatial folding" in 1947, would have, as they say, caused a large flow of extraterrestrial visitors on Earth, some coming from distances of 400 light-years. Such "hyperspatial foldings" would be relatively rare. Their period would be measured in centuries. Generally, this phenomena would regulate the "UFO waves".

The Ummits speak of ethnic groups which came to visit us. In 1947 some visitors, with small size and a big head, would have been responsible of 80% of the sighting at this period. These people would have stayed four years on Earth. Then, their curiosity satisfied, they would have gone quietly home, completely disinterested of the Earth and its inhabitant. If we believe the Ummits, the extraterrestrial ethnic groups would know more or less each others. Some would collaborate, some others would avoid each other. The Ummits would have know, in their history, before joining the club themselves, their own UFOs. The reports precise that when the expeditionaries would have visited the Earth, they would have been inspected by a vessel, apparently fitted with a higher technology. Worried, they would have prefer to escape in the twin-Universe, flying to a relativistic speed. 

The Earth would be, according to the Ummits, a observation and experimentation field for numerous ethnic groups, which would have settled in refuges in different regions, as themselves, and particularly in the north American continent, while very advanced technologically. Three extraterrestrial type would be enough similar to us so that they can with no risks mix with the local populations. The others would be too different and would be immediately detected.

The MHD would be used for propulsion in the atmosphere. When the vessels would fly stationary near the ground, another device would be activated which would avoid a blow effect. As we, saw the matter of the twin-Universe would behave as a repulsive matter to ours. The vessels would be fitted of a device allowing their transfer in the twin-Universe. The Ummits, in a report of 1993, gave some details on this technique, but it would require some quite sophisticated theoretical physics concepts to explain it here. So, for the way the vessel is moving and guiding during its voyage in the twin-Universe.

But in short, when the vessel swaps into the other Universe, it would still be sensitive to the "presence" of Earth which became invisible for it. The Earth would then become repulsive : the weight of the vessel would be "inverted". By interleaving its staying in both Universe, the vessel would be submitted to an interleaving of attraction and repulsion, with a fast rhythm. This two effects would compensate each other and the vehicle would be in a state of anti gravity. The schemes of the figures 32, 33 and 34 illustrate this concept.


Fig.32 : The vessel is present in our Universe. It falls under its weight MG, M is its mass and g the gravity acceleration.

Fig.33 : The vessel disappears in the twin-universe. It becomes invisible for a terrestrial observer and is pushed away by the planet with a force -Mg.

Fig.34 : Same situation seen from the twin-Universe. The Earth is here invisible, but its repulsive action is still in action


The micro-technology of the Ummits

The Ummit technology is entirely miniaturised (texts of 1967). These technologies are, on Earth, at a starting point, if one excepts the micro-informatics components which replaced the classical lamps3>. The side of the vessel would constitute a very complex set of elements which could contain to four thousands components per cubic millimetres. Its external face would be plastered with all sorts of captors, which record all sorts of information in a large frequency band.

This structure would also be able to repair itself. The maintenance would be performed automatically. During the flights in both universe, some micro meteorites may injure the wall elements. When a damage is noticed by the central computer, the XANMOO3?, this one would order the transport of a new element, toward the injured part, of a spare part. This part would be enveloped with a protecting jelly, transported through little channels, and placed automatically40.
All technologies on Earth are inspired from the living world. Our clothes are artificial skins. Our knife is a tooth and our glasses are additive crystalline lenses. In a same way, our computers execute, in place of our brains, some subordinate tasks. The progresses of robotics are the evident extension of this irreversible process.


The production system on UMMO.

The industry of this hypothetical UMMO planet is absolute fascinating. The authors of the documents pretend to have completely solved the problem of energy production, by direct synthesis of anti-matter. This "basic energy" would then be stored in production units.
When one want to produce any type of object, including something so complex as a vessel, no component would be assembled with hands. The Ummits pretend that their computers have quite huge storage capacities, not conceivable by us. The memories of this computers would be titan crystals, absolutely pure, cooled at the absolute zero. The information would be stored at the atomic level, through the excitation of the electronic layers of the atoms. To such a low temperature, these "excited states" have an infinite life time. The plans of any machine or device could so be stored is a reduced volume. Let's notice that our storage capacities today would have been not thinkable by the contemporaneous of Gutenberg. The machines would be assembled atom after atom, molecules per molecules, those being synthesised through transmutation of any basic material. Let us think at the way the Ummits have synthesised "in situ" the alloy for the arches of the refuge. They could copy any object, with a precision at the level of the atom.

On Earth, we use photocopy machines. When you introduce a sheet of paper in the machine you get perfect copy of your document. What would stupefied a man of the Renaissance is now a every day action. We already have three dimensional printers. These are tanks filled with a light-harden liquid. When its level goes up, step by step, a laser solidified this liquid (layer after layer). At the end of the operation we obtain a hard copy of the object, in three dimensions.

Fig. 34 : Realisation of a 3D copy.


We also can analyse the geometry of an object with the help of a ultra-sound scanner. Coupling both devices we may realise the copy of an object. But the copy is not identical to the original. It only has the same form, but is made of plastic.
The scanners evoked in the Ummits texts could analyse the structure of an object, atom per atom, and make a perfect copy, with the same principle, but at the atomic scale. The authors said that they copied so lots of work of arts they would have "lent", and would put them back then. Most of the time these objects would have been archeologic objects we would not have discovered yet (the Ummits pretend to be exceptional archeologists).
This set of techniques would have made disappeared, on their planet, the concept of work, and even the needs of energy, of raw materials and then pollution (the waste are transmuted into gas, as for instance helium). All that is quite logic and seems to be our technological future, if we can reach in time our "auto-regulation".

The evolution of techniques of the planet UMMO.

The Ummits texts contain some important Historical information. The Ummit History would have been as violent as our, even worse. This species would be hemeralopic. The primitive Ummits would have lived in underground galleries, like moles, going out at night and sleeping during the day. Their planet would be, during the day, so windy that is would not have been possible to build real roads. They would have been too often choked with sand. If we suppose that when arriving on Earth, these hypothetical expeditionaries would have already know the living condition of others neighbour planets, we are may be the only diurnal species in the thousands light year around!. The documents, when they refer to their entry in the terrestrial atmosphere, said they would have taken our roads an railways for channels. In other reports they say they never built real roads. So, how did they travel before being masters of the intra-atmospheric flight ?

With vehicles fitted with strange legs, they call "multilegs" :


Figure 35 : The Ummits "multilegs"

Their technology would have taken since the beginning, they admit, a resolutely zoomorphic direction.
At the first glance this machine seems quite funny. But when one look nearer, this system with artificial knees is quite astute. If its equilibrium could be perfectly controlled, this engine seems to be well adapted to a locomotion on all types of grounds, with a non-negligible speed. The texts indicate also that their communication ways would be adapted to this type of locomotion and then fundamentally different of our roads. The Ummits would have only stabilised the ground by injecting different components and by covering the surface with and gripping coating, without modifying the geometry of the floor. All this net of tracks would progressively disfigure the planet and its inhabitants would have decided to suppress it by digging a complex net of underground tubes for raw materials. The ground on UMMO would be today stuffed with canalisations dealing for the transport of raw materials and end products. The factories, the field and the orchards would be underground. This is quite logic if the climate is so hard (windy, low temperatures).

The Ummits seem to be ecologists to the backbone. The surface of the planet would have been strongly remodelled. The climate of regions located far from the coast would have ameliorated with a watering complex and reafforested. Some artificial rivers would have been dug. The animal species would have been systematically protected.

The text adds (we cite);

- The human could then get rid of one of the worth blemish which impeach its cultural progress: his distance to nature.

The housing and the everyday's life on UMMO.

The house described in the Ummits texts appears essentially functional. Believing the illustrations joined to the documents they would have an ellipsoidal shape, quite flat, fixed on some sort of peduncle. In short their houses look like mushrooms. The buildings would be coded with colours, depending of their function. Their aerodynamic shape would allow them to resist to wind coming from all directions.


Fig. 36 : The modern Ummit habitations.

The visible cupola of the top part would have a particular function. This would be a "domestic television", which would produce some 3D colour pictures on a semi-spherical screen with very high definition. This habitation would be able to retract itself in a cavity of the floor. The peduncle on which it is fixed looks like our old elevators. The house could also turn on itself. When going into the ground the Ummits would then close their curtains. This retracting allows also to the habitation to escape to hard weather conditions. The rotation would get the sand off the roof of the house, to evacuate all materials brought by the terrible storms of the planet coming from pressure gradients much more important than on Earth. The rooms inside would have no doors. The Ummit would be fundamentally gregarious, would absolutely no suffer of the promiscuity, no more in his habitation that in its vessels where twelve passengers are pressed like pilchards in a can. In the houses, some anti noise devices, which would create some sonic waves in phase opposition with the origin sound. This allows to make the silence in some rooms. In the illustrations one see empty rooms.

Fig. 37 : The architecture of the Ummits habitations.

The texts precise that no room hase a particular functions and that all may be transformed indifferently into a dining room or into a bedroom. So, at lunch time, some trap-doors in the floor go own, which allows the inhabitants to sit down. A matter would be pulverised on the floor, transformed into a table. On UMMO, "one would eat on the floor".

Fig. 38 : A Ummit during lunch time.

We see on this picture a man drinking a liquid food through a pipe connected to a device remaining the oriental narghile. The foods would be "calculated" on UMMO to bring all the necessary. The Ummits appear more nutritionists than gourmets. About the taste, they say that the Japanese cookery would be very near theirs. One would concentrate before eating, in silence, focussing on the good assimilation of the food. This belongs to the living rules allowing to escape to health problems. The texts precise that we underestimate considerably this aspect in the nutritional activities.

The glass, the fork and the knife would not be used on UMMO. The guests would disinfect their hands with a quite special wash-stand which would cover then with a thin film and allow to eat without being directly in contact with the food. In short, they would eat with gloves, which would be dissolved after the meal41. The foods like meat would be cut with a sharp electromagnetic ray, strong enough, and focussed to cut the flesh. A drawing is reproduced in the documents where it looks like a pencil.

The texts indicate that a no period in the History scene would have had the idea of inventing the fork and that this object would have amazed the expeditionaries a lot as they discovered it on Earth.

When one has enough energy and when one know how to transmute all the elements of the Mendeleiv table, why making storage ?

The Ummits house has then no cupboards. Its inhabitants do not buy anything. They synthesize on site their everyday consummation products, or receive them through a canalisation network. There are also no trash-bin as the waste would be transmuted into helium, which is a neutral gas, chemically inert, and breathable (the helium is the ideal nuclear ash). No toilets in the houses of the UMMO planet, also not in the nature, as everyone would be equipped with a cannula which transmutes their faeces into helium. Although they precise that they would be able to synthesize all the components necessary to their alimentation, the authors of the documents say that they prefer to eat natural products, meat or fruits. Those would be delivered at home after having been conditioned through canalisation, similar to our "pneumatic" pipes. Between each meals, one would wash his hands, this means one would change his gloves.

The meat food would not be cooked in fat, but prepared with different milks, rich in lipids. They would be coming from the milking of animals, as dolphins and giant bats, which would be equipped with a cerebral implant and would submit willingly to this operation. The clothes would be simple ponchos that one would slip on through the head, with two holes for the arms. The elegance would really the smallest worry of these people. These sorts of ponchos would have colour codes (flecks and geometrical figures) which would precise the function of each individuals.


Fig. 39 : The standard clothing.

They would be also synthesized and destroyed, the same for beds43 : there would be no washing machines in these houses. When they work or go on a stony floor, the inhabitant of the planet UMMO would pulverised a material on his skin which harden by itself. Semi-permeable, it would allow the transpiration to get through, stopping the rest.
When he comes back home the Ummit worker washes his feet: his "shoes" would be dissolved, with socks, in the tub.


Social structure of this hypothetical UMMO planet.

It would be totalitarian. In truth : the mental structure of these men, if they exist, seems so different from ours that this organisation would not be perceived as a constraint. The species would be gregarious at a very high level. The Ummit society looks like a huge human hive. Of course, it would have evolved along the time, but this gregariousness seems to be its major essential character.
Actually, the whole population would be under permanent control. The society would live in symbiosis with its technology and a network of 120 computing centers would deal with all activities. The Ummit people would have defined basic psycho-social laws considered as reliable enough so that the direction of public affairs (and private) could be left to the computers.

Reading these texts we have to think to "The brave new world" from Aldous Huxley and to the main principle always repeated in this remarkable science-fiction story :

Identity = Stability

Our planet is unstable because we are very different from each others. We find strong cultural differences from a region to another and between the individuals. These differences would be practically non-existing on the UMMO planet. Here, the parameters classifying two individuals would be essentially based on their mental and physical capacities44, with, by the way, only little differences from an individual to another (less emphasised than on Earth). One can't speak of a believing as their ideology would be entirely based on scientific pragmatism. They do not seem to be fitted with an extraordinary imagination. They would then all "believe" to the same thing, and would all have the same mental schema. None would ask questions as their society thinks to have brought definitely coherent answers to the essential problems, birth, the role of the humans on the planets, death, and after-death. The representation of the Universe presented is based on a scientific analysis. The History would have created no myths, no religions, as we have had on Earth. The inhabitant of this planet would have no metaphysics anxiousness : the problem would have been solved once for all, scientifically (the metaphysical conceptions of the Ummits texts will be the object of another book). Since the childhood, all would have learnt a coherent representation of the Universe, through a very strict education, based on a conditioning, which nears the hypnopedy proposed by Huxley.

All slips to this schema, not disputable while founded on scientific evidences, would be interpreted as a pathology and treated so.
However, some rare deviationists would appear on UMMO, manifested through delinquency. This may go to murder, consequences of encephalic malformations. One precision: on the planet UMMO, the delinquency would begin as one would slip a little from the standard model. If a strong reeducation cannot reduce this states, if the individual would be considered as uncurable, he would be then fully deprived of all rights. The Ummits government could then use his body, in particular for biological experiments45.

In principle, the young Ummits, conditioned from the earliest age, would not have rebel temperaments. The ideology shown in these texts is the one of a socialism46 sitting on solid metaphysics basis. Among all punishments, the most terrible would consist in putting the individuals, whatever his age, in a transparent cage, entirely naked. The Ummit would ignore shame, as visual perception would not be essential. The word "beauty" seems to make no sense to him. For a Ummit, a handsome woman should be good smelling and present a " good infrared signature". On Earth, if we want to punish someone, we put him in a jail or in a black cabinet. He is so deprived of visual information and confined in a reduced space. On the planet UMMO, that would be the contrary. The Ummit would not fear the obscurity : in the absolute dark, his infrared skin-sensors would give him a certain perception of the surroundings. On the other side, the privation of olfactive signals (one of his main sense) would cause a strong stress. Isolated in his glass-cage, out of his social mole-hill, dazzled by the day light, he would not feel good at all.

On this hypothetical planet, according to the texts, the man and the woman would, by principle, equal in rights. The age would give no privilege, particularly for hierarchical structures, very rigid. The one who would command would be the one who would have been judged as being the most competent, whatever his gender or age47. But, de facto, the Ummit hierarchy (government, parliament) would be composed only by 27% women.

The individuals, fitted since his birth of a certain number of physical and intellectual qualities, would have the possibility to develop them as he wants. He would be evaluated many times during his life, particularly at the age on 13 terrestrial years where his orientation would be decided. This is the end of the intellectual adolescence for the Ummit (while his sexual maturity would come later than for the humans on Earth). This is also the age where he should leave his family cell, entering some sorts of Universities where education complements would be given. The rupture would be real. After having being taken to his parents, he would be at this time completely taken in charge by the society and would have no more relationships to his parents.

From the affective point of view, the Ummits are nearer to animals as to humans. We keep privileged links with our progeny, during all our life. If these extraterrestrians exist, and are as they describe themselves, this attachment must puzzle them. A she-cat look with care after its youngs, when they need her. But when they are weaned and can live by themselves, she get disinterested. We don't see cats saluting its children some years later, after a minimal period of breeding, in the family cell. These beings would join the general termitary, would integer some sort of collective being.

In their mailings, the authors of the reports give them names, followed by number. But we may doubt that, if they are as they describe themselves, they own a real personality, in the sense we understand it. It would be for instance possible that they recognise each other with olfaction. The letters and the reports are all signed with a finger-stamp. Would it be the signature of a written document with the sweat of the fingers ? The texts describes beings which would behave, which would perceive themselves as cells from a body and not as real individuals. The belonging to a ethnic group seems to be for them a much stronger feeling than the feelings for their wife of momentarily for their children.

One perceives that quite well through the way they deal with us. In their writings they are very polite. But, under this politeness is a complete indifference for the individuals we are. The contactees seem to be before all guinea-pigs. Only the cephalic activity deserves their attention, and that would be also the case for me. Even if my correspondents are full of enthusiast for my "exceptional abstraction ability" they do not mean it with feelings. My brain interests them, not me. My private life, my worries would leave them completely indifferent.

If we are really in contact with an extraterrestrial ethnic group, these beings would understand us with great difficulties. It seems that they are, we said it, deprived of unconscious49 (no artistic or religious activities). They should observe with a certain stupefaction our phantasmagoric productions and our strange metaphoric language. The authors of the texts call a cat a cat, that's all. The poetry and the sense of humour seem to have no reality for them. You just have to read their writings to be convinced of that. If, on this hypothetical planet, some being have the function of psychologists, then they must be people looking to the encephals with scanners.


Extraordinary stories.

About this subject, I have a quite amusing anecdote to tell. Since fifteen years I am puzzling these people. Till now they never got in directly in contact with me, mistrusting scientists like the plague (as they are people susceptible to bring evidences of their existence). As I refused to refrain my interest for this affair, they finally wanted to know more about me. Therefore they transmitted us, through the Spaniards, an invitation to go to Madrid, in 1988. We accepted this invitation and were housed in the luxury hotel Sandvy.

The atmosphere of Madrid was quite strange at this period of the year. This was the period of the years when the birthday of Franco was falling. The streets were full of flags from the old dictatorship, yellow flags with swastika. In the streets,veterans of the Spain war were wearing their decorations and claiming for fascist ideas. The police surveyed this fauna from distance, ready to act if necessary. They brought big yellow vans with them with horses to control the manifestations.

Jean-Jacques Pastor with his moustache and his long hairs did not really have the head of a phalangist, and we preferred prudently to stay in our hotel, waiting for eventual Ummits. In case where we would have been taken in a demonstration and ask about the reason of our staying in the Capital, it would have been difficult to answer:

- We are here on the invitation of an extraterrestrial group.

Lou, the secretary of Farriols were calling us periodically, asking us for patience.

All what follows is only a testimony : mine. I could not affirm if all that really happen or if this was a dream.

At two or three hours in the morning I suddenly awoke up. I heard noises in the bedroom which was in front of ours, on the other side of the corridor, but I could make no gestures. My body was like gum and my muscles had no more strength.
The door opened suddenly and several men entered, which handed me quickly. They made me sit on my bed and pointed on object in my direction.
I then saw only blue, a blue indigo. I felt that these people were support me or I would have fallen on the floor. Then I collapsed.
After some time I was waken up at new with a sensation of cold on the neck. Being normally chilly, particularly during the night, I have the habit of sleeping with pyjamas. These people had taken down my pants and pulled up the shirt to my neck. I was seeing them very fuzzily as the room seemed to be lighted with lanterns. I was seeing them, but could not turn my head or my eyes. I could particularly not see what they were doing to my room-companion, Jean-Jacques Pastor. Suddenly, one of them noticed I was conscious. He did a gesture toward one of his companion and I felt again in unconsciousness. As I awoke up in the morning, I had a glance on my friend Jean-Jacques, which was in the other bed of the room. I had the impression that my ureter has been polished with sand-paper. As for Jean-Jacques, he had a terrible headache. We spoke about our impressions of the night.

- Did they installed you a skull implant, I asked him ?
- Oh stop it , will you !

I received, years later, a mail where it was question of an encephalic analysis that would have been performed on my person, that night. Our brain would have been scanned, probably in order to understand how we were functioning. According to the Ummit schema, to understand how works an individuals, whatever he his, one looks at his brain with a scanner. Then they ask the computer to recognize the synaptic connections and to draw some conclusions.

If this affair was true, I really don't know was they had to do with my penis. If they wanted to make a urine analysis, it would have been simpler to ask me to piss in a glass. The days we had in Madrid, in this hotel, were punctuated with other peculiar events. There have been several meeting with contactees. Jordan Peña was playing the master of ceremony. At on point we were all gathered in a conference room of the hotel. There was here there couches, forming a U. A each angle were squared tables, on which people could deposit their glasses.

Fig. 40 : Jean-Jacques and me in the meeting room of the Sandvy Hotel.

The Spaniards were talking, as usual with volubility. Suddenly Jean-Jacques put his hand on his ridiculous grey hat, put on the table, but without looking at it. His hand gave a small rotation to the hat. His eyes were vague during this action. Then he returned to the conversation. I remeber that as if it was yesterday.

This anecdote seem to be armful, but had an importance on the day of our leaving. We were both in the plane bringing us back to France. The I asked my companion:

- It happened quit a lot a funny thing during these few days. But there is something which puzzles me. You see my suede jacket. It is new. Well, yesterday I found a small spot of paintings, colour ivory, fixed on my collar. I though I went under a scaffoldings in Aix, without noticing it.
- And then ?
- This drop of painting was dry and hard. I took it between my nails and tried to take it away from the lether. It was about two three millimetres large. But it was strongly glued. I then told to myself "more than making a hole, I will wait being back home". Then I will crash it with a pinch and everything will go away with a brush. But when I took my jacket in the bedroom some hours later, the drop had disappeared.
- Well, I had the same story. Same drop of painting on my hat, same colour, but six-seven millimetres large. I also tried to take it out, and pulled on it like a donkey without success. Then it disappeared as it came.
- Where was this drop ?
- On the front, as a third eye.
- I see what you mean: you had the camera and me, the microphone.
- Don't tell idiocies...
- Why not ? You know that fitting people with such gadgets is an customs for such people. Farriols saw one some sort of bean flying out from his bookshelves as he wanted to take a book. There they call them flies.

I told him about his strange behaviour, in the hotel lounge, suggesting he could now have a skull implant, which would allow to control all his gestures.

- How silly you were looking, when you turned your hat .
This disturbed him not too much.
- Anyway, If they now put such a thing in my head, it does not disturb me. And, as we came to Madrid on the invitation of the Ummits, we knew what we were exposed to. This belong to the adventure.

One year later some other strange events happened, but we did not paid attention. One day, as I was in my house, I felt quite asleep and woke up, several hours later with a nice scarf on the abdomen, near the belly-button, with a circular hematoma, as if one would have press my body to stop the flowing of blood.

The scarf was two centimetres long and was horizontal. Some days after the cicatrization was very advanced, and I went to show it to a friend surgeon. After having palpated me he said:

- That's curious. This is not superficial and this affect deep layers. The guy who did that cross the whole layer of muscles
- But what for ?
- No idea about that ...

The stories of encounters with extraterrestrians are full of such details. But as I had no catching on this aspect of the story, I decided not to pay attention to it anymore, and in fact, I forgot it quite quickly. There has been a last event, during summer 1990. I was then back to Rafael, near Barcelona. He is owning a huge ranch, on top of a hill, with a thoroughbred horse stall. On the roof of his house is fixed a metallic Ummit symbol. He owns a real zoo, with all sorts of animals, some deers, raptores, desert foxes, lizards, and a cagewith hundreds of tropical birds.

One night, as I was sleeping in one of the rooms, I have been awaked by a smooth light coming in the room. Before my eyes I was seeing two feet, quite small, wearing some sorts of slippers. My body was like wood. I could not move any members and told myself:

- Once again, these cretins are trying the same trick like in the hotel of Madrid. What will it be this time ?

Fighting against that would have been vain. I could anyway make no more gestures, as if my body would have been made of stone. I decided to relax. I felt then that one was putting something under my ear, a stick, may be, and that it was progressing in my head. It was tickling interiorly, from time time to time, but I could not say it was really hurting me. Suddenly, the impression of paralysation disappeared. The "stick" had been taken away. The "operation" was may be finished. My eyes were closed. The other idiot, with his slippers was may be still here, standing on the side of the bed. I said to myself: " if I throw my arm, very rapidly, in a running down movement, may be I could catch him". But I had no time to begin the gesture. As I tried that, I felt again paralyzed in a very unpleasant way, as if I had put my two fingers in the power plug. I then felt in unconsciousness.

As I woke up, I switched the light and looked to the time. It was 2h54 a.m.. As I told that to my wife, sleeping beside me she said:

- Well, look, the right side of my body is fully paralyzed. I can no more move my arm.

But this disappeared rather quickly.

Sometimes, people ask me:

- Don't you think you may have a cranial implant ? Have you already done a X-ray photography ?

I must admit, if this is the case, it is not disturbing me at all. Is all this story true ? Who can say that ? A witnessing in only a witnessing, even if Jean-Jacques and I we are quite sure about the drops of paint on my jacket and on his hat. That, we have not dreamed it.

In case where I would really have a skull implant, would it be detectable with X-rays? I do not know, and I really do not bother about it : my scientific work is too interesting so that I have time left to worry about that. By the way, I discovered years after the books of John Mack, Bud Hopkins and others, that described very strange and quite similar stories, that puzzled me. Did the things in Madrid really happen, or were they just dreams ? I don't know. I remembered a detail of the second story, the one in the house of Farriols. The guy who standed by my bed, I tried to grasp unsuccesfully, had very little feet, child's feet, I remember it very well ( but the fair haired man I saw in the Sandvy hotel was tall ). After reading the books, I remembered old childhood souvenirs, when I was ten. I had strange dreams at this time. Some night a strange creature used to come in my bedroom. It was small sized and had enormous white eyes. The rest of its body was covered by a black tight suit and looked like a hotel thief, except these strange almond like eyes. In fact I could not see the eyes. It looked to translucent glasses.
How a scientist can deal with such souvenirs ?

The Ummits and their society.

As it is described in the documents, the Ummits society would be totally egalitarian and private property would be a nonsense. This planet would be inhabited with officials. The individuals would occupy positions similar to the one of cells in a living being. There would be no privileges, no slaves. It would be effectively a communism, perfectly achieved, built on the model of an ant-hill. The deep expectation of all the inhabitant of this planet would be to feel totally integrated in the "social" body, and perfectly functional and reasonable. The technology has permitted to reach a comfortable way of life for all people, this would not be a hard way of life. The human cattle would be maintained constant with a strict control of births, the free procreation being of course out of question.
The individuals would be free to copulate according to their affinities, but before all procreations, one would proceed to a full evaluation of the two candidates. The procreation would be considered on UMMO as a functional activity and not as the result of mutual attraction.

If the results of the test are negative, based on psychological and genetic criteria, the two persons would be dissuaded to consummate the union. According to the texts, most Ummits would admit this verdict. On may see by the way, that this control system for procreation, submitted to the interest of the species, would completely replace the natural Darwinian selection. The human of UMMO would be "optimized" biologically and mentally. From the point of view of social peace, this is interesting, but there is no place left to creation and imagination. The planet UMMO would have realized a total symbiosis between the living persons and technology. The artificial mode of selection would let disappear some illnesses, corresponding to our genetic predisposition: cancers, heart weaknesses and all sort of affections. Even if the birth control id extremely strict, the procreation would be obligatory on UMMO. If one wants to avoid it, this attitude would be considered as pathologic. The individuals would procreate as soon as they reached their sexual maturity ( in order to get the best genetic material ). This maturity would come at the age of 16. And this law would suffer no delay. The texts say also that this rule would be considered as a law of nature, which would be general on all planets they visit. They would have been very surprized on Earth that so much individuals escape it.

The inhabitant of the planet UMMO would have the right to choose his activities in the society. But the management program would try to orient him in such or such direction, in function of his psychosomatic profile, his intellectual and physical capabilities and the needs of the planet at this instant. This hypothetical planet UMMO is really looking like an administration, with positions to be filled. One would then incite the individuals to go in empty positions, for the interest of the planet. If an individual refused the way which is indicated, he would be free to do it. But his life would be harder (all is relative).

Money would also not exists on UMMO. Like aesthetical feelings, the hoarding would be useless. One does not see the reasons why an individuals would refuse the way of living proposed by this system. But if that would happen, if he would choose an non reasonable behaviour, he would prejudice to the general interest, would follow a way which would not correspond to his capabilities and would have a quite uncomfortable living.

The idleness would be rigorously impossible on this planet, the management system would penalize immediately the lazy person. No one escape to this rule4:. The privileges would simply not exist, as for termites.

The main activities of the Ummit would be the following:

- He would participate to social tasks (three hours a day).
- He would raise his children.
- He would practice an activity, one could assimilate to meditation.

This third activity seems to be essential for his stability. He would connect him to the "planetary collective soul". This aspect of the Ummits social life would need a definition of the "metaphysical structure" of each planet. Some texts of 1988 bring a lot of precision in this domain. But, as it a too vast subject, we keep us the right to deal with it in another book. The result is that the "collective psychism" would be overtake the "individual psychism".

In the world of Huxley, the metaphysical anxiousness was treated with a drug, the soma, with no secondary effects. It would allow the individual to escape to all questions concerning his origins, the meaning of life or his future. The diseases would have eliminated with the progress of science. The approach of death would be announced by a rapid decrepitude. The soma was then administrated heavily, till unconsciousness. The Ummo formula is fairly different. The metaphysic world does exist and belong to the today's life of the inhabitants. Meditation seems to be their most important activity. When practicing that activity, it seems the inform this huge planetary brain, as if the behaved like human probes.

The UMMO planet appears like a democratic model, strongly hierarchic, as a ant-colony. Some individuals would be selected with care, according to their intellectual capabilities to constitute the government. This one would involve two hundred persons. This elite of politicians would receive a high education in numerous matters. Among these two hundred people, four would be retained to constitute the central government, the 116 others would be some sort of parliament. It would take care that none of the tetrarques has no influence on the three others. Their mandate last four years. If that would be the case, he would be immediately destituted and replaced. The system would not work with elections, but it based on an evaluation system, considered as scientific and stable. The texts precise that during a long period of the History of the planet UMMO, during the last four centuries (in terrestrial time), the emphasis would have been put on social sciences, this means the art of living in society. Some laws would have been found and introduced in the central computer which managed the whole economy and social life.

This does not mean that the computer would be the master of this planet. It would only materialised the "regulation". On UMMO none would ignore the law, as all individuals could ask, at any time, for an advice, to know if a behaviour is correct or not. The (legislative, juridical and executive) powers would be completely separated. The juridical power would survey, without failure or compromission the good application on the general ruling. The executive power would take the decisions according to the principles of the legislative group (as for instance the decision to send a group of expeditionaries on Earth, and then to establish a contact). The legislative assembly would make the law evolving according to the evolution of society and of the directive principles. It would play to some extend the role of a "ethical committee". This system is on all point of view copied on the architecture of a living being. In our body, the cells do not divide themselves when they want, weather this phenomenon is called cancer. The behaviour of the cell population is directed by regulation mechanisms. If a part of the skin has been damaged, the borders of the scarf grow again, till the pressure appearing at the contact of both sides appears. The processes is then stopped. If a loss of blood is registered, the marrow begins to work and compensates it automatically. Each cell receives what is necessary to its functioning, in chemical substances and oxygen. If a set of cell hurts the general interest, this is interpreted as a malfunction.

The "thinking", the strategies are elaborated by specific cells called the neurons. These must benefit of a strong flow of oxygen, to be able to work. But no biologist would consider them as privileged cells. This whole set of cells allows this living being to accomplish his mission: to feed, procreate, to participate to the natural selection. The individual preoccupations are completely forgotten in favour of those of the whole animal. This one is immersed in a species, and follows its laws. There exists a cellular sociology, as well as a animal sociology.


The symbiosis man-machine.

As indicated before, the social, economic and juridical system on this hypothetical planet, would be placed under the control of a huge central computer, playing the role of a regulating nervous system. But the functions of this machine would go far over. Remembering the moral laws coming from a metaphysical model scientifically constructed ( precised in the texts4;), the inhabitants of the planet UMMO would have been progressively discharged of the "moral management" of their ethnic group, relying on their informatics system, intelligent, able to program itself. This is it, for an example, which controls the demography, optimises the biological evolution, and makes the prenuptial analysis. This does not mean that the whole Ummit society is entirely placed under the control of this fantastic machine, as for instance:

- No more think, the computer does it for you.

But this machine would give, at each instants, a prediction and decision set, that the general government, playing the role of an ethical committee, would only control. At all levels, when a decision has to be taken, the Ummit asks the computer. That's in the texts.

On Earth, we consult data banks. Doing that we subcontract our "memory-function". But the Ummits computers are able to program themselves, if they exists, and they would own a real autonomous intelligence. By submitting the "intelligence function", their conceivers would co-evolve with their machine, which would participate to their social behaviour, collective and individual. They would just have, at the begining, entered the "moral laws", which are the basis of all projects and decisions, and would optimise their evolution.

This would have numerous advantages : a social justice, a demographic stability, the health, which is not negligible. But the drawback would be a loss of of a certain mental independence. This symbiosis man-machine would alter all the perceptions of the man in front of all situations. The central computer, real brain of the planet, economist, lawyer, demographist, would be fully integrated to the personality of the planet4<.
Of course, this strict control system would make all slips impossible, as in the film of Kubrick, "2001 the space odyssey", where HALL, the board computer, wants to take the full control of a space station. But the inhabitants of this hypothetical planet UMMO, integrating so much the machine in their social system, would have made of him the helper, the host, but also the parasite of their thinking system.

If the UMMO case would really correspond to the beginning of a contact between an extraterrestrial ethic group and people of the Earth, this would explain certain disconcerting aspects. These would make sense if we think we are not confronted to a human society, but to a set of beings, living in symbiosis with their central computer. The machine is there in all Ummits texts. It integrates all the data, makes the analysis, the evaluations and draw an interpretation model.

Let's suppose that the UMMO case is not a scientists joke, neither a vast manipulation from secret services. In the fifties, a small group of expeditionaries would have then landed on our planet, whose goal is to study a mankind, made today of five billions individuals. All along this story, the size of this group would never have exceeded twenty individuals. How to analyse and to modelise a so complex object as out planet and our mankind, with few persons ? Answer : being helped by a huge intelligent computer, very active and performing. The texts evoke a landing of expeditionaries, in 1950, in the south of France, near the town of Digne. A too short expedition, the year before, would not have allowed to collect enough data. They would have been uncertain that their immune system could face to specific bacteriological aggression. On the other side, these being, as said in the texts, would now the laws of evolution in function of geographical data, this is something they could have foreseen if they would have collect these precious information. If the things really happened this way, these data certainly have been collected in priority, in the first hour of their settling on our floor. Recorded automatically by their computer, they would have received a quick answer :

- Yes you can without any problems venture outside your refuge without your protection equipment. Your immune system is compatible with this biotope.

That would have allowed then to walk freely in the atmosphere and to take contact with this young Shepherd, in the few days following their arrival, as described in the texts refering on the first days on Earth. In 1974, the Ummits network became strangely silent, during four years. A later report, arrived in Spain in 1978 and gave an explanation: The expeditionaries would have discovered that at his period that the probability of a nuclear war was 27%. They would have then left the Earth, abandoning it to its destiny. We must not believe, or not believe, at he presence of extraterrestrial expeditionaries on our floor, either to their fast leaving, or to the risk of a world war (even if we may think that the situation may have been possible, given the unresponsabilities of the governments).

But looking to the percentage, we may thought that it would have been given by a machine, which would have modelised the whole set of the behaviour of our planet. If these Ummit expeditionaries exist, they would be only data collectors. Their first task would have consisted in gathering some minimum linguistic data to allow their computer to start the analysis of the problem. With these basic information, it would have analysed, alone, a fast speed, the linguistic sets of our planet. If the brains of the Ummits would be better structures as ours, could it conceive all the grammatical and lexical elements, so quickly ?

On the opposite point of view, the computer which will be ours in some centuries could very well record in real time all speeches given on the planet. It would be able to make a semantic analysis, may be with a more performing logic that the one on which our machines are based today4=. Such a language-computer would operate with "tries-errors", following the principles introduced by Noam Chomsky (the generative grammar). The children are doing so, by creating the missing words and "testing" them in the adult world. Although we remarked the the Ummits texts are full of naive neologisms4> . Just a remark.

Would some human being, even in some ten years, be able to understand all the politic, economical, cultural and religious lever of a planet ? No. The role of the expeditionaries was to settle in key-points of the world some data recording systems. One of them would deal for the picking up of a huge radio and telephone communication. If the members of the UMMO network follow in real time the activities of numerous individuals on our planet (also mine, as it will be the case later) this is certainly not by listening directly to the conversations, or by analysing what I am typing now. Whether on of this member would have to be connected 24 hours a day on my telephone. The analysis of the psychology of men of the Earth could be based on their speeches and their writings, as on the encephalic structure, analysed neuron after neuron, with a scanner. Generally, the survey of the whole planetary activities, through a numerous number of individuals, or sample-individuals, would be performed by a machine. The understanding of our social mechanisms would then not be done through single discussions between the expeditionaries, who would exchange their impressions. The information could have been entered in the computer, which would have built a model of our society, with predictive capabilities. After some months or some years, the Ummits would have just asked their machine:

If the authors of the documents are authentic extraterrestrial expeditionaries, it seems then that in front of all situations, they would consult the panel of suggestion given by the machine, with some probability forks (which are always presented in the texts with an abnormal precision). This would explain by the way the all the psychological failures all along this story which would remain ununderstandable. That, even if a lot of contactees take them as they come, saying (like Lou):

- They certainly have good reasons to act so, reasons we cannot understand.

The sexual life on UMMO.

The genitals of the inhabitants of this planet would be the same as ours. The women would have no hymen, typical element of terrians. The copulation with terrians would be possible, but the texts precise that this union would give non viable monsters, particularly because of the large difference in encephalic structures". Anyway, such an union would be considered as forbidden, against the nature, based on their ethic norms. The children would receive a very detailed education before their sexual maturity. During practical anatomic work they could manipulate as they want some adult individuals which have momentally lost their citizen status, after any fault. We said before that the young would be invited to the copulation as soon as they reached their sexual maturity, and the copulation would be compulsory.

However this act, which is the starting point of a couple of parents, would be preceded by a series of prenuptial exams, very complete on the genetic and psychological point of view. Let's repeat by the way that this replaces the natural selection. The male would no more have to compete to conquer a female. One would no more spouse the richest or the strongest, as these concepts have no more meanings. But the authorisation would be given only if the analysis shows that the copulation would go in the way of the amelioration of the species.
We may understand then the reason why all diseases connected with genetic may have been eliminated, what is natural for "wild" populations like ours. On the contrary, by developing the pharmacotherapy and the genic therapy, we weakened the genetic capital of the human species, by perpetuating the existence of mutants which need a expensive assistance (for example: the haemophiliacs).

Such a position, based on the eradication may schock. They are not mine by the way. But the economical resources of our planet are not infinite. The funds we give to medical researches make us leave large parts of the population in a total lack in matter of nutrition and health.

We are very near, on Earth, to be able to access to some element of the human genetic, but as we ignore what are the goals and the laws of nature, there are big chances that our intervention in this domain will be more catastrophic than constructive (as if we would try clumsily to implant some culture elements in another one).

Anyway, in the human species, the natural selection phenomenon has been modified a lot. When en employer needs to recruit engineers and has to make a choice, he does not leave them in a place armed with clubs. He prepares some psychotechniqueal tests. When two candidates would present themselves, after having discovered their attraction, more olfactive and intellectual than visual, if a negative response comes, it would mean: "find another partner, your genotyps would not produce a performing product". As the couple would be formed, after the authorisation of this union, the first copulation and the defloration would be done during a ceremony. The olfactive impregnation would be essential and both partners would be ask not to wash themselves during the thirty hours before the unions. The infrared perceptions seem to play a important role during the act. The texts say that fellatio would be considered on UMMO as a current practice. The Ummits confess that, by them, the female would have masochists tendencies, considered also as natural.


The art on UMMO.

This chapter will be extremely short. The authors of the texts admit humbly that "in matter of sound organisation, shapes and colours" the men of the Earth are masters. As to the gardening, on UMMO, the key-word would consist in leaving the nature creating the decors, just by helping a little. The Ummit would not pay a lot of attention to the architecture of his planet which is essentially functional. It seems by the way, that he does not really understand what art means when he writes:

- The arts did not develop on our planet, perhaps because the photography techniques appeared very early.

This sentence shows a total incomprehension of the mythic functionality of the artistic activities on Earth. The arts existed before the humans invented the photography (see the wall paintings of the prehistorical men). To create an artistic activity, one must own an unconscious. But the authors of the documents seem not to have any. Then the author adds:

- Has been developed on our planet some sort or art based on the manipulation of perfumes. We have an olfactive sense much more accurate than yours, which allows us to detect thousands of different molecules. We appreciate not only the olfactive spectra created by our odours organ, but also their evolution in time

Mixing of odours would be similar to an accord and the evolution in time to a melody. On UMMO the "odours concerts" would be the unique manifestation which could be characterised by the word of culture.


The history of the planet UMMO.

The Ummits texts give some information on the history of this hypothetical planet. Here again, no way to verify, but this is a part of this huge file.
The presence of a magnetic fields, strong and variable would have represent a fantastic natural source of energy, that the authoctons would have exploited as soon as they had the mastering of metals.

The texts say that their archeologist would have found traces of first electrical devices from very old ages. If that is true, the first Ummit which would have build something looking like a solenoid must have had a nice electrocution.


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