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here are much on the life and history and more from the planet UMMO - as they wrote in the "ummoletters" from the 60ths and later.

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 It is to remark some wordmistakes here as he is french. Numbers are footnotes.

 After having long thought, sixteen years after having landed on Earth, the UMMO's would have decided to diffuse thousands pages of texts. Those would have been composed in such a way that the contactees could not really understand them scientifically. So, the incredibility would have been maintained, without adding some false elements. We may compare this bribes of knowledge as pieces of a puzzle. The Ummits would have sprayed, here and there, some pieces, so that the probability for a man of the Earth, a scientist, to understand them is negligible (evaluated to one over three millions). With this precaution, they could have include some authentically information about their planet. We may judge to believe them or not.

Someone would had messed this game : me (it means the french scientist j-p petit)). They have admitted it, in a letter I received in 1992, and mailed from Ryad, Saudi Arabia (this people travels a lot). Ummits, in their calculation, would have neglected than a man of the Earth could own that they don't : imagination, which allows the player to reconstitute the missing clues. Anyway, the scientific informations given in the documents are not easy to use. One must have a large mathematical knowledge. General relativity is, as you may think, not understandable by every man. But working several years on the subject, I could transform these information into science, and give to the UMMO case scientific existence, afflicting the ufologist which are particularly allergic to my works, may be because it is now situated far over their competence.

How have reacted the Ummits in front of this new problem? During fifteen years they just said nothing. Since 1990, accepting the reality after the publication of a first book, they decided to write me personally. I will speak about that with more details in this book. These communications are situated on the scientific level. They give new clues to this strange "ape" that, against their probability calculations, somebody here hade been able to understand and to put together the pieces of the puzzle. I then participate to a new type of experiment. In fact, now, we are five, for four top-level scientists joined me.


Development of the contactees net.

As we said before, Sesma (picture) received, in 1967, masses of reports and read them loudly in his club. They were describing the everyday's life on this strange planet, the habits of its inhabitants, their social behaviour, their political organisation and their history. All that was mixed with information about the propulsion of their machines, the way of travelling over many light years, biology, their theory of evolution, and even their metaphysics.

The Ummits indicated to Sesma that they were not typing the texts themselves, but were helped by a stenotypist, paid by them, and living in the Spanish capital. He was mailing the letters to different persons, to addresses given by his unconventional "employers".
In the fifties, the Ummits took contact with the Earth, in circumstances we will describe later because they are very funny. They would have then traveled all over the Earth, in different countries ( including the United States, of course). After becoming familiar to our languages, they wished to communicate with us, first by phone, then through writings, which was less dangerous for them. To do so, a group located in Australia, near the town of Adelaide, would have modify a terrestrial type-writer machine to be able to command it by voice.

The Ummits are very clumsy, as they admitted shameless. As one of them wanted to drive a car, in Australia, he had an accident and died, they said. You may ask how these lubberly people could have develop such a technology on their planet. That has not been reached in one day.

We already mentioned that they are hemeralopic, living essentially during the night. The day, they simply sleep, like owls.
At the beginning of their history, they would have live in burrows, like rabbits. After, they would have build a complex underground architecture. On UMMO, the visible buildings, constructed on the floor, have essentially industrial or scientific functions.

As they arrive on Earth, what we will describe precisely later, they choose quite rapidly a semi-wild region, to avoid being discovered too fast. They found a little hill near the small town of Digne, situated in south of France. Naively, seeing all this constructions they thought to have landed near a scientific complex. They said to have been very amazed as they discovered that people were just living in these constructions.

One must read, in this report called "the first days on Earth", the anxiousness of these people, getting in touch with our floor, expecting immediate attack from Earth's inhabitants, rushing out from underground habitations.

The Ummits say to have built contacts with lots of other extraterrestrial groups. We may deduce that this way of living, like moles, is usual and that we may represent an exception on this point. We will see later why.

The texts give numerous details, sometimes flavourful, about the History of this hypothetical planet UMMO. Along their History they would have, as we did, developed a technology. At the beginning these people would have used their hands. But once day, came the invention where the use of manual capabilities was no longer necessary. Our technologies, with the emergence of informatics and robotics, converge in that direction. We also have voice controlled machines. Our robots become, slowly, intelligent 11.

The Ummits' technology is situated at the horizon of ours. The first age of technology was pure mechanics. We learned building tolls, to hew stones, to sew clothes. Second step, with the invention of fire we developped chemistry. We transformed the food, we hardened the points of our arrows. Then we discovered metals and energy sources. We find oxydo-reduction, created alloys and learned to melt pieces and to forge them.
Third step: the nuclear. We only are at the beginning on this point. But it is evident that in some centuries, if we do not have crashed ourselves with our rotten bombs, we will develop production systems of unlimited energy, non polluting 12.

The Ummits would have reached this stadium since centuries. They also have no more pollution problems as they became masters in the art of nuclear transmutation. They know how to transform their wastes in neutral matters like helium.
They also say to have no problem in becoming raw materials. When they want to build a machine with such or such atoms, they do not look for them in nature, but would build them using the stones on the roads or the nitrogen of the atmosphere.
The Ummits possess, of course, computers, with a power which compared to ours, would look like abacus compared to a Cray-2. A set of computers would manage the whole planet, not only the production chains, but also the social net. This society reached, after an History, as muchturbulent as our, a perfect social stability.

In short, the Ummits would no more work. As playing tennis or golf would never occur to their mind, they no more have the use of their hands.

They also say that they have no real vocal strings, but quite primitive pharyngeal structures (what would give us a very nasal voice on the phone). This phonation organ would disappeared at puberty for most of the individuals 13. They would then be fitted with an amplification system constituted of two elements. The first, so big as a pea, would be implanted by surgery under the tongue, for all their life. The second would pick up the signal emitted by the first and would produce audible sounds. They would wear it hanged on their neck as a necklace.
By the way, they would transcode the weak sounds emitted by their organ in two ways. The deep sounds would be amplified to hold a conversation. The higher sounds would be changed in ultra.sounds, and would control their machines.
So, when a Ummits speaks with deep tons, he discusses with another Ummits. If they go higher in frequency, they speak to their computers or vacuum cleaner.

As they no more used their hands, the Ummits would have changed them into sensitive organs, through genetic manipulations.

Our skin is plastered of cells which are sensitive to infrared. This is not of use, except to avoid, at the last moment to be burned by a fire. For the Ummits, being with night habits, the infrared perception was at the beginning mostly important, like olfaction. They would have then developed it artificially and could, with the help of the skin on their hands, see pictures, more fuzzy than the one of the retina, but still reliable.

Corollary: their skin would be so sensitive, too sensitive so that they could not make some manipulations, as for instance pushing the button of an elevator. They would use therefore their "nodes of fingers", they mean the articulations.

That would explain why the Ummits would have equipped a writing machine with a voice control system, what could have produced a mess. Effectively, detected by the secret services on this country, they had, according to the texts, to leave their hotel room in a rush and have hidden their devices in a laundry basket, that happily no one discovered. They would have pick them back afterwards, with great fear.

A spy must take with him as less gadgets as possible, which could revealed his identity. A good killer kill with a kitchen knife or an electric cable, it's well-known.

The Ummits who came on Earth would be chosen beyond those who have a phonation organ not too degenerated. Whether the presence of sound emitter, on their clothes would be noticed. In general they avoid to carry hi-tech alien technology.

After this incident, the members of the expedition would have estimated that it would be more secure to hire the services of a stenotypist, more than hanging around with writing machines, equipped with system from another planet (some terrestrial machines would have been taken back on UMMO and modified).
They would then have some secretaries, in different countries, paid by them.


Landing of a Ummit vehicle at San José de Valdeiras, near by Madrid, in 1967.

The Spanish secretary sent lots of letters to different persons since months, as one of his "boss", called DEI 98, dictated him a letter about the arrival of three vessels on Earth. One of them should land near Madrid, some days later. The man posted the letter to several persons,a s asked by the guy.

Sesma and now half a dozen people received this mail. The landing area was not indicated with precision "for security reasons". The Ummits just gave a approximation of the latitude and longitude and some time indications.

Some contactees waited for the event at home. Some others, more enthusiastic, went on site with cameras, in case of a UFO sighting.

None of them could take photos of the vessel, which landed anyway in the suburb of Madrid, in San José moreover Valdeiras, as reported by the witness of this landing. The vehicles let large tracks on the floor which have been photographed.

Figure 7. One of the traces left on the floor by the vessel, at San José moreover Valdeiras, photographied by Rafael Farriols and Antonio Ribera 14.

The press has been informed of this affair, which made the first page of all newspapers. Thirty years later, the landing of San José de Valdeiras is still discussed, like all UFO cases are discussed. Let's say it was the landing of an unidentified object with traces on the floor.


The feelings of the Ummits' secretary.

As he saw all this story, the secretary went into panic. Till now, he did not ask himself lots of questions about his employers. They were paying him very generously, and, in this time of unemployment, that was worth. But, having sent a letter announcing the arrival of a UFO, which really came scared him.

With a terrible fear, he sent, without revealing his identity, a letter to all the people to whom he sent the reports of the previous months.

This letter is quite amusing. The day before the landing of this "cosmic vehicle" (which would have simply picked up to members of the expedition: sir DEI 98 and miss YU 2, to bring them back home), the Ummits would have ask him to house them.

What they would have accepted. The story is here flavourful. Half a dozen Ummits would be arrived, at dawn. The wife of the secretary, had prepared a meal that the visitors refused, says the letter. They would have slept on the floor on some sort of foam, deposited with a spray, which would have evaporated in the morning 15.

The stenotypist and his wife would not have close an eye during the whole night. Through the window of the lounge, a Ummit, dumb like a fish would have sent little balls which would have flown in the neighbourhood's streets.

- Some monitoring devices, moving with MHD, would have explained on of the member of the group to their hosts.

This landing affair also destabilised the group of "the happy whale". Esoterism, yes, real flying saucers which land, this was no more acceptable at all !

In the mean time, the group became larger. Beyond its member were now the engineer named Villagrassa and the writer and journalist Antonio Ribera (picture down left). He was the perfect copy of Grouch Marx and had once written to the American actor, reproaching him to use his image to make money. Groucho, amused, answered him very kindly.

One day when the radio announced that a saucer had landed at San José de Valdeiras, Rafael Farriols (picture down) was in his car, not far from there with his wife Carmela. Naturally curious, he went on the site and found the engineer Villagrassa, completely disappointed with many cameras hanging on his neck.

- I knew they would come ...
- You knew what ? asked Farriols (pictured above).

Villagrassa told him the whole story that Farriols found very amusing, so that he decided to join the group of "the happy Whale", which was very shocked. Rafael wanted to know more and try baught the documents owned by Sesma. As he was very rich (he was the director of a Plexiglas factory in Barcelona) he was ready to give a big amount of money for this acquisition.

But Sesma got rid of his whole documents for a ridiculous sum, as if they were burning his fingers and ceased to showe any interest for this UMMO affair, preferring to limit his contacts with "Martians" and "Venusians".

Ribera gave a copy of all letters he personally received to a priest, the father Guerrero, a fanatic esoterist. As the news of the landing came to the public, the religious man became completely mad and began to speak to all journalist he met.

The newspapers said in this occasion:

- An extraterrestrian colony is living in an underground cave, in the Sierra of Gredos, nearby Madrid.

The Ummits went into panic and left Spain immediatly. If father Guerrero would not have revealed every thing the whole story would have kept the confidentiality wanted by the authors of the letters till the beginning. The landing affair would have been one more case in the swamp of UFO cases.

Believing the texts received by the Spanish several years later, the group of contactees in Spain would be a group beyond ten others dispatched all over the world. They would be particularly some in France, Germany, Italy, Australia, Russia, Canada, Zimbabwe, Denmark and of course the United-States.
The Ummits would have ask all theses contactees to be very discrete, or they would stop sending information, and their disciples would have obeyed their orders. The Spaniards received at the same period a letter from a Canadian contactees :

- Why do you have chatted about all that ? You perfectly know we have the instruction to keep quiet.

But they give no names or addresses. The Ummits say in the reports which came to the Spaniards long after the affair of San José moreover Valdeiras that they started a large disinformation, what we are used to now. One of their agents, or one of them, would have given to the press a camera film with very clear pictures of the vessel, flying in the suburb of the town, and which have been largely reproduced in the newspapers and in book related to UFOs.

Figure 8. The Ummits vessel as they were appearing on the photographs transmitted by an unknown person to the Spanish press.
The Ummits sign may be seen on the bottom side.


The group of Madrid and the group of Barcelona.

The human behaviour, facing such affair, is interesting, everyone finally, looking through with a different eyet. For a man like father Guerrero, reading these sheet produced a real mystic delirium. Sesma preferred to keep on with other dreams, less real and then less distressing. The Ummits, after a moment of worry, asked themselves whether they would keep on or not the Spanish experiment.

After many days, they found it to be a good way of studding how the public could react to some information about their existence and about the UFO problem in general. Contrarily to their worries, the affair went rapidly down and disappeared in the background noise of the Ufologist.

They began their mailings again. Beyond the addressees was now included Rafael Farriols, who would become the archivist of the case. This was a equilibrated man, with a solid sense of humour. Around him was constituted the group of Barcelona. In the members, a certain Barranechea, an old communist, and Farriols secretary Hiltrud Franz, whose nickname was Lou.

In Madrid where members of the first hours, Jordàn Peña, psychologist, the engineer Domingez and the physician Auguire. The affair went slowly during years. The reports kept on coming and Rafael was archiving them very precociously. I had contact with the affair at this period.

I became the friend of Ribeira and Farriols, I met the others at different occasions.
Pena(picture) was a strange and secret man. Domingez (engineer and electronician) and Aguire (physician) were believing to be elected. It looks like two clubs, distant geographically, which were meeting from time to time, to bring information in common. We will come back on the story of these nets afterward and on what happened to each of them.


Who is at the origin of Ummits reports ?

I (Mr.Petit) am writing these lines in 1995. The first documents have been received in Spain in 1966. This affair lasts since 29 years. Personally, I paid some interest, and also took an active part in it, since 20 years.

Who is hidden behind this fabulous story ? A group of funny scientists ? The intelligence services of some powerful country ? Or really extraterrestrians in flesh and bones ? Interesting question.

Let's discuss the first hypothesis. The one of a crazy scientist, unique author of all these text, is not credible, because the reports touch too different domains. Overall, the whole information is self-consistent. The different reports are connected one to the other. It seems to have a very strong underground logic.

This means that an interdisciplinary group should have been constituted with several crazy scientists, very tenacious, to have kept on this experiment during so much time 16. With which goal ? To be amused by some Spaniards, unable to understand a line of these texts ? This makes no sense. On the other side, as these texts are scientifically very productive, I can't imagine some scientist making such gifts.

The given indications, for instance in cosmology, were quite precise. They involved me in building an original model concerning the twin structure and the evolution of the Universe, which is something. These scientific works are not inconsistent deliriums, whether I could not have published them in high level revues, which have the reputation to be very cautious. Their implications are important. We will come back on them later. We explain, beyond other things, the large structure of the Universe and the origin of the spiral shape of galaxies. Our last work ( see the appendix ) identifies the matter of the twin Universe to the cosmological anti-matter. This building fits perfectly the informations presented in the Sesma book, in 1967. This anti-matter is enantiomorphic and owns an opposite time arrow.

A student in science could not have produce the keys concerning a new cosmological solution. In case of a "funny scientist", he would have to build this solution, achieve the work, in a relatively precise way.

Let me give you an analogy. The equation of general relativity are so complex, from a mathematical point of view, that it is impossible to give indications by just writing anything, by hazard. This is equivalent of give the first five numbers of a safe combinaison which would have seven numbers. If by manipulating the lock of the safe after many tries and efforts the door would open, this means that the one who gave the fisrt five numbers knew the complete combinaison. If the author would have given them by hazard, the safe could not have been opened. If one or several scientists are at the origin of the key-information, they would have already build the whole basic theory, very complex. In this case, why haven't they published immediately this work? In the scientific world, people do not make such gift, of such an importance.

This remark is also true for the hypothesis of a manipulation by some secret services. Some have given this explanation, involving ... the KGB, with the goal of "destabilising Spain and prepare the period after Franco". This is absurd for two reasons:

- The mailing of document continued after Franco's death ( I have received my last letter a week ago ).
- The falling down of USSR and the disorganisation of the KGB, in 1990, did not slow down the arrival of document and the funny telephone calls.

Some also pretend I am the author of these texts. Let me tell you at this point a funny story. Just after the publication of this book in France, where I decided to reveal the source of my works, a mathematician in Lyon wrote me these lines:

Dear sir,

The president of the University gave me your book, saying it was fascinating most of his students. He asked me, as I know general relativity quite well, to make a severe critic of it. I then read the scientific aappendix where your scientific publications are reproduced, and analysed them. I could not find any errors. These work are of great quality, and I want to congratulate you to have invented all this story about extraterrestrians to get the attention of people on this work.

Best regards.

This does not fit the hypothesis where I would have been the author of these texts. Effectively, they have been written in 1967, at a period when I was still a simple student. Sesma published most of them in a book the same year, under the title "UMMO, otra planeta habitado", which means " UMMO another inhabited planet"17.

If this mathematician of Lyon was right, I should have, as I was a simple student, to cosign all these key-scientific informations in a book written in a language I do not speak, and to published this work telling myself " I will use that in twenty five years, when I will be scientist ..."

What remains ? The hypothesis of an extraterrestrial origin of course. I know this may sound vertiginous, but it is eventually the most logical one


Other aspects of the UMMO affair.

The UMMO affair is not only a gathering of reports received by postage, or notes taken during calls. There exist reals anecdotic facts. Rafael Farriols owns, for instance, a magnetic tape of the voice of these persons. The affair goes back to the end of the sixties. One night, a man was driving on the road between Barcelona and Madrid. He was the signing clerk of the Rothschild bank institute. Suddenly, on the road's side what did he saw ? A saucer with some man beside it. Very helpful, he stopped, thinking "may be he has a breakdown" In such peculiar situations, the head of people are often having very ridiculous thoughts.

The man had a fully normal appearance, and was speaking in Spanish, pretending he was originated from earth, and that his ancestors have been kidnapped on a planet far away.

- But, asked the banker, you never thought of escaping ?
- Not at all. When I see what happens here, this does not incite me to come back.

Both went their way. The madridelenian went back home, driving normally, calmly, after having quitted the pilot of the saucer. At home, his wife was waiting for him. He told him the story. Suddenly he had terrible nervous shocking, and had a strong psychological break-down, began to cry, as if he was living all this emotional charge afterwards. He spoke about his adventure around him.

The press reported this affair, but this was a UFO story beyond lots of other. At this time, this type of happening where very usual on Earth. Some days after the diffusion of the news on radio, he got a phone call from a man with the voice of Donald duck. The man questioned him on his adventure and said frankly:

- We also are extraterrestrians, travelling on Earth, but we do not know this other ethnic group. We would like to meet you to discuss about that.
They took an appointment. In between, the protagonist of this story had been in contact with the group of Madrid. They all said:
- These are the Ummits ! This is their voices.

The day of the appointment, the flat was full. All were handing a list of questions they wished to ask to the travellers of the planet UMMO. Rafael Farriols was also there. Good technician, he equipped by hazard the phone with a mike connected to a tape. When you hear the tape they recorded this day, you can first hear the voice of the Spaniard, who tells his story with passion. Then the phone rings. He took the headphone, and said more slowly: Here they are.
Farriols recorded then a monotonic voice, nasal, which says.

- Que sus hermanos reunidos en su domicilio no formulen preguntas. Suplicamos perdon, senor, disconecto la communication.

Translation :

- The people joined in your flat should not ask any questions. Please excuse us, sir, I cut the communication.

This sentence is repeated three times.

Of course, any joker could have done that, pinching his nose. In the seventies, Antonio Ribera gave me a copy of the recording, and I let it analysed in the laboratory for phonetics of my University, in Aix-en-Provence. From these short message has been made a sonogram. In the abscissa, horizontally, the time. Vertically the frequency. It is the way of analysing voices or sounds, human parole or bird singing.
The specialist in charge on this analysis told me:

- This is not a human voice. Look at the frequencies, they are quite stable in time. We call it "recto tono". The frequency spectrum is quite flexible, and a man can't keep stable frequencies when he pronounces vowels. Here, this constancy is very remarkable.

The person who made these sounds has a relatively rigid pharynx. Or may be it is a human voice transcoded by a "vocoder".
I don't think vocoder were existing at the time when this voice has been recorded. Let's add, that the frequency spectrum was matching with the information given by the Ummits about their quite primitive phonation organ. The UMMO affair is full of such peculiar details ( and I will tell about all of them in this book). Let's speak now about some other aspects.

In one of the reports, the authors speak about a phone conversation they had with a certain Theodore T. Polk, in Pittsburgh. He asked him why they call our planet OYAGAA, what they were translating "planet of the square". Next, a part of their reports, devoted to this affair.

- We knew the existence of your planet by receiving a radio emission, in 1949 (Earth time). We knew afterwards, that it had been emitted during some short communication try, from a trawler based at Bergen, in Norway. The message took fifteen years before reaching UMMO, distant of fifteen light years from Earth. It was emitted in 1934. By increasing the frequency of your radio emitters, the electromagnetic waves could then cross the gas layers of the Earth atmosphere. On UMMO we have big antennas flying in orbit around our planet. The received message was short : few ten seconds. Immediately, we admitted it was coming from intelligent beings, what surprised us a lot, as usually, life is not appearing around stars like your sun, with a gaseous envelope of a temperature of about six thousands degrees. Our sun Iumma, is colder: five thousand five hundred degrees only, and this is a general condition for all the inhabited planet we know.
Immediately we decided to send a first mission in direction of your planetary system. We tried without success to decipher your message, which was the alternation of long and short signals. At the end, one of us suggested that you tried to send us a theorem on the square. This is the reason why we call your planet the "planet of the square", which has evidently no thing to do with the real content of the message, as we understood years later. But the name stayed.

Reading these lines, I had the idea to localise Polk, in the United-States. This was not so easy, but I succeeded, thanks to friend living in Chicago. He was no more living in Pittsburgh, but in a suburb called Export. I called him on the phone.

- Hello mister Polk ?
- Himself.
- Mister Theodore T. Polk ?
- Yes it's me.
- My call will surprise you, no doubts. I am a French scientist and I call you to ask you if you did not received some phone calls, in the sixties, of people pretending to come from another planet ?
- What a funny idea !?!
- Let's change the question, have you received at this period calls from persons who had some difficulties to speak, with duck-voices ?
- No.

This looked like a false trail. The author of the document may had chosen this name by hazard. There must be a lot of Polk in Pittsburgh, given the large number of people living their, who have polish origins. I asked by hazard a last question:

- Does the planet of the square has some meaning for you ?

Polk lowered his voice and said:

- Yes, but I prefer not to speak about that on the phone.

I tried several times, through mails, to know more, but this was Polk who asked me questions, to which I answered. I told me simply that after this affair, he received lots of calls similar to mine, coming from different parts of the world, including Japan.

As I wanted to know more on the phone, he slept away:

- I thought a lot of time about writing you a letter, but I think this could have dramatic implications.

I could not know more. Polk, quite old, is dead today and took his secret with him. May be I fingered one of the member of the American net.

Other anecdotes refers to news items. The Ummits says, for instance, that after living two years in their refuge near Digne, they moved first toward Marseille, on the southern French coast, where I could not found their traces again, and went in different countries, Spain, Germany, and Australia. In each of these country, they say to have built quite large underground refuges. The one of the Sierra moreover Gredos, in Spain, could, believing them, house seventy people, when the one of Digne may receive only six and would measure four meters over height.
Apparently, their head-quarter would have been implanted in an underground base in Germany.
They would have thought less dangerous to fade into the population of large towns than to multiply the number of in and outgoing from their underground bases. So, as they wanted to settle in Spain, they would just have hired a room in the house of a woman, Doña Margarita Ruiz moreover Lihory, living in Albacete. This woman, who had been of the mistress of Franco, was belonging to the Spanish high-society. They have got her sympathy by curing some real diseases and other which were "imaginaries", by presenting themselves as Sweden physicians.

These Sweden would have then occupied, in her home, going out only night for security reasons. They would have arranged a laboratory in her cellar where they would have done biological experiments on animals ( at the beginning they thought about opening a veterinary hospital).
All that would have been perfect if the daughter of Doña Margarita had not done something they would not have foreseen and that had heavy consequences. She would have stolen the key of the room and would have inspected it during their absence.

The Ummits say that they were studying, at this time, some virus brought from their planet, which were not dangerous for the humans (because they consider to be human beings, even if they are genetically incompatible with us).
One the viral source brought from their planet would have become very aggressive to the human and the daughter of Doña Margarita would have contracted an infection. As she had plunged her arm in a tank and rubbed her eye, this infection would have damaged her hand and her ocular globe.

The Ummits would have been astound by this unforeseen consequences 18. They would have been in different places that this young girl has frequented, could have localised the infected people and cure them with the help of pulsed ultra-sounds, by making exploding on distance the envelopes of the viruses. But it would have been impossible to cure this way the young girl, whose state became very serious. The situation would have been so serious the the Ummits living in Germany, and particularly the so-called YU-2, chief of the earth expeditionaries, would have converged toward Albacete to have a crisis meeting.

The Ummits would have estimated that to cure the young girl could in the end reveal their presence on Earth and would have decided to let her die. As doctors, they would have signed the "permission to dispose of the body ". Till this point, these facts are verified. The daughter of Doña Margarita deceased effectively in mysterious circumstances. The Ummits then decided, prudently, to cut away the infected body parts, namely the hand and the eye. But someone noticed that the corpse had been mutilated and the police began to investigate. The Ummits went away, and Doña Margarita was jailed and found guilty. The affair made a big noise in the Spanish town, as she was accused of having done some guilty practices on the body of her own daughter. She was finally disculpated, but died from sorrows some times later.

At this time the boy-friend of Dona Margharita daughter felt from a window and died. In the Ummits texts we learned that he would have entered the underground local and would have recuperated some devices there. The secret services of different countries, beyond these the CIA 19, were crawling in the region and would have taken contact with the young man. He would have uncarrefully tried to sell them the devices. He would have been then assassinated.
Secret services, CIA, murder, is all that just a gathering of news items divers, well exploited ?

In the eighties, we went to visit Rafael Farriols, in his splendid hacienda situated on a hill, near the town of Argentona, not far from Barcelona. He had accepted to let us photocopy hundred of pages, what we did. On the way back home, as I was driving, my friend Jean-Jacques Pastor, who was my interpreter in this affair (Although from Spanish origin, I am not speaking this language), read with avidity this new crop of information. Suddenly he had a surprise exclamation:

- Oh ! Rafael forgot in this bundle of sheets a report coming from a private detective he would have paid to inquire on this affair of the cut hand of Albacete.
- So what !?
- There are some letters following. Apparently, Rafael has not told him really on what he was inquiring. The man says to have investigated on site, the house of Doña Margarita already have be destructed. But he found many things by asking the neighbourhood. For example, as the house has been destructed, an underground laboratory has been found. It seems that there were large tanks with some animals body parts. There was even a horse-head !
- And then ?
- In the next letters, the detective says he used the contacts he had with the policemen of the city and tried to know more (detective are often ancient policemen). He confirms the presence of secret services during the affair, and the suspicious death of the boy-friend of the young lady.
- And ? ....
- The file ends with a last letter where he writes to Farriols : "I heard so many extraordinary things that I prefer to coming to you and tell them by word of mouth "

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ufo-conatcts english language



I de norske fjell-områder er det enorme fjellmassiver som "de" har benyttet som baser i århundrer/- årtusener - slik som i bl a Hessdalsområdet og over mot Oppdal, samt ellers i fjellomr i Norden og ellers i verden. Prossessen med å lage en underjordisk base er ganske "enkel" når man råder over den high-tech som disse har. I matr fra UMMO-kontaktene som skjedde først på 50tallet,beskrives hvordan de med "sten-skjære/detmaterialiserings-stråler" allerede første dagen etter sin ankomst kunne skjære seg inn i fjell og lage en skjult base. Dette skapte litt røk-utvikling og en tid var de redd at landsbyen i nærheten skulle oppdage dem pga av denne røkutvikling.

Et tenkt bilde eller snitt inn i fjellet der basen er utskåret er tegnet over (Rune i aug 2006)

Først "brennes" ut et hull som er stort nok til å bevege farkosten inn i fjellet og deretter brenner man ut det man trenger i selve fjellet, før man smelter igjen og slik lukker åpningen. Inn og utgang til basen skjer via teleportering/dematerialisering av farkosten og mannskap med en teknikk som blir for omfattende å beskrive her. Disse baser anlegges da på punkter der det naturlig eller kunstig er skapt betingelser for prosessen - via et såkalt "6-punkts-senter".